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Career Day

You guys asked for it so here it is. This may be the fluffiest thing ever. AU where Oliver is a Kindergarten teacher. 

P.S. You can blame @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline and @nightkeepyr for this!

“One, two, three…”

“Eyes on me!” twenty-three little voices chanted back at him.

Oliver smiled as all of their faces looked up to where he stood at the front of the mat. He bit back a smile at their rapt attention. They were only kindergarteners so he knew it wouldn’t last long.

“Okay, friends,” he started. “Who remembers what special thing we have happening this week?”

Hands shot up in the air as all the kids vied for him to call on them. “Abby?” he called.

“Career week!” shouted a little girl with curly brown hair.

“That’s right,” he confirmed. “This week is Career week which means we will be having special guests coming into our classroom to tell us about their jobs. This morning, Sarah’s Aunt Felicity will be coming in and talking to us about computers.”

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Summer Nights Stuff Pack

Collab between Coliswonderland and Awkward-Pixels

A small stuff pack best for Summer nights of romance, when the sun’s going down and love fills the air. This pack includes 6 new meshes in our Summer Nights palette.

4 Belted Dress Variations
🌸Lace Top
🌸Polka Dots

2 Maxi Dress Variations

2 Shorts and Tank Set Variations

All Hairs in EA Colors

🌸Ponytail Hair AF (Child version available)
🌸Short and Messy Hair AM
🌸Long Wavy Hair AF

Download Summer Nights Stuff Pack [Here]

All mesh credits go to @coliswonderland for her amazing work :)
Also if there’s anything wrong let us know, this is our first stuff pack so consider us inexperienced


Recoloring is encouraged but please link back to the original work

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Summer Loving (Part 1)

Originally posted by seabasschino


Summary: reader and the female Avengers book a holiday house for the summer. But, due to complications the male Avengers have accidentally double-booked the house and they have to share. It’ll be a summer to remember.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, slight Steve x Reader at first

Word count: 1244

Warnings: swearing, arguments, feisty reader ;)

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