polka dots nail design

imagine harry, head of the auror office:
- going into work with brightly painted nails of various colours, with designs ranging from polka dots to sparkles
- laughing at the compliments his co-workers give him on his colour palette and design choices
- attending an important meeting/delivering a lecture with said painted nails and a briefcase decorated with stickers, ranging from brooms to quaffles
- smiling at the messily scrawled drawings left in his briefcase
- sighing when he realizes the paper being used is an important report
- forgetting hair-ties around his wrists from helping lily with her hair and walking around with them all the time
- giving them to people who’d forgotten one while out in the field
- receiving multiple howlers when he has to work on his birthday, of his family shouting their disdain at him being gone and wishing him a good day
- walking around with suspicious marker/pen stains on his nice shirts, hands, and face
- forgetting about the smiley face drawn on his cheek one morning
- being confused at the smiles he gets on the way to and at work
- only realizing when he sees himself in a window
- leaving it there for the rest of the day
- just- harry potter loving his family ok?