polka dot tote

Polka Dots All Day Everyday

Style inspiration for wearing polka dots through fall

Is there any cuter way to dress up than by rocking polka dots? The pattern is timeless and grows on you more and more! Just because we’re seeing less sun now doesn’t mean you have to quit on the bubbly pattern. This fall, try wearing polka dots like the styles below.

This one is a must have! The sheer front with the polka dots spices up the outfit to just the right amount. Layer it with a button-up cardigan or a denim jacket.

Polka Dot Yoke Silk Jersey Top

You can’t go wrong with polka dots and ripped denim! Adorable casual wear for a day at the mall or even for a dinner date with friends. You can class it up by using stiletto heels and a casual coat.

Polka Dot Jeans

Champagne Taste Cape Blazer - Ivory

Peep Toe Platform Pumps

With the fall season here, nothing seems more comfy than wrapping yourself around in this blanket-like sweater!

Townsen Poka Dot Sweater

Wear polka dot tights with your preferred shorts or skirt to make your outfit look fab!

Polka Dot Tights

For days when a little bit of sunshine sneaks in, there’s nothing better than these red polka dotted glares! Get ready for people to stop and stare!

Squared Polka Dot Sunglasses

Last but not least, classic black-white contrast to go with all your fall outfits!

Polka Dot Tote

Which polka dot fashion piece did you like most? Keep us in the loop!

(Main photo by Wantering Insider Northern Style Exposure)