polka dot shots

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Could you do a Supernatural scenario with DeanXchunky!quirky!Reader, please?

Of course dear Anon!~ Thanks so much for the request and enjoy!

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Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: DeanX!Chunky!Quirky Reader

Word Count: 743

Warnings: Mild body insecurity

He couldn’t take his eyes off you. Even now, just simply researching in the room, you were doing the little tapping thing with your foot as you bobbed your head from side to side. It was fucking adorable and he loved it.He can still remember the first time he met you, on one of the cases they were working and your entrance was nothing short of ‘graceful’.

 He chuckled a bit remembering the way you busted through the wooden door, clad in a polka dot dress, shot gun in your hand.That was an interesting night and honestly, with you it was always interesting and he wouldn’t have it any other way.“What ya laughing at over there Dean-o?” Said man looked up to see your smirking face, your attention all on him. 

“You remember the first time we met (y/n)?” You let out a boisterous laugh, nodding your head. “How could I forget, holy shit, I still remember the looks on your guys’ faces!” You both laughed at the memory.It was true, Sam’s was in shock while Dean’s, well, he was a mixture of feelings and admiration was among them as he watched you beat the demon’s ass single handily.

 “That was the night I started falling for ya sweetheart.” Your laughing abruptly stopped as soon as the words left his mouth. “Dean…” This was the first time you’ve been so quiet, in the three years you’ve been traveling with them and right now it scared him a bit.“It’s true (y/n), I saw how confident and full throttle you were and not only that, you’re so interesting, you have all these fucking adorable quirks that make me want you even more.”

Letting out a small laugh, you looked up at Dean who was sporting a serious look which was rare. “I just- I just always thought my quirkiness and body turned you away.” You looked back down at the papers you were digging through as a pair of rough hands started to rub your thick legs softly.

“You kidding me? Your quirkiness saved our asses so many times…remember that run in with the demon back in Nebraska, you confused the hell out of the damn thing with all your references you were spouting out and that gave us time to jump it.” You snorted a bit, remembering the look of confusion on the demons face as you kept shouting Star Wars and Anime references. 

“Okay, so I’m a complete dork, your point?” Continuing to rub your legs he continued, “My point is, you’re unique and your body? Oh honey, I adore it, the way you’re so confident in your walk and the way you choke demons with those succulent thighs of yours…damn (y/n), where were you all my life?” 

“So, you’re absolutely fine with being with a big and quirky gal like myself?” His hands started ghosting up your wide hips, rubbing small circles into them. “Of course, who wouldn’t want to be with a beautiful and unique girl?” Scoffing, you clasped your hands on top of his, “Smooth line Winchester.” Sending you a wink, he gripped your hips more tightly. “Not as smooth as you are darlin’.” 

Slipping your arms around his neck, you pulled him closer until his face was practically in your lap. “You’re lucky I love you too.” Bending down, you placed a simple kiss on his forehead and got up as Dean sat on the floor with a dopey smile on his face.

“Come on hun, since I was the droid you were looking for, I think I deserve a little date. How about some dinner and a movie, there’s a new Marvel film I wanna see and I’m sure my darling boyfriend wants to go with me, right?” 

Hearing him scramble off the floor, he was by your side in an instant making you grin. You were surprised by invasion of soft lips on your own as hands slid around your soft middle, pulling you into a toned chest.

The kiss, being short and sweet, took your breath away for a moment as he broke it and went to grab the keys to the Impala as you stood there for a moment a bit flustered. A huge smile broke out onto your face as you continued to get ready.

 You were glad you never changed and stayed true to yourself, your big, quirky self and it turns out, Dean’s glad you did too.