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Down the Whiskey Goes - Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1802

Warnings: Language, angst, fluff

Beta: @crazy-chinchilla7 (Thank you so much lovely.)

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All you could see was black, but around you, Dean’s voice echoed through your head. He kept shouting, “(Y/N)!? (Y/N/N)! Come on, get up. You need to wake up.” He sounded desperate, you tried so hard to open your eyes to see, but soon his words started fading and everything was gone.

Your eyes fluttered open to see a ceiling fan spinning above your head. Slowly started to look around the room you were in, trying to place your surroundings, but you couldn’t recognise a thing. You tried to open your mouth to call out to Sam or Dean, but it was too dry to make a sound. You sat on the bed coughing up a storm when Dean came rushing into this mysterious room and quickly kneeled by your side, placing a hand on your back to help soothe you.

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Outfit choosing

Once a month, Eren and Levi get to choose each others clothes for the day. The rule is that whatever the other chooses you must wear it.

Eren always chooses the silliest combinations such as a polka dot shirt paired with bright orange leggings and a pink cravat.

Levi usually makes eren look smarter and neater than usual by making him wear his clothes. Downside is that Levi’s clothes are too small for Eren so he waddles around like a penguin all day, scared too bend over in case the trousers rip.

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"Is that my shirt?"

Robert raised an eyebrow as his husband entered the room, the blue polka dot shirt he was wearing oddly familiar. “Is that my shirt?” he asked, realising he recognised it because it usually hung on his side of the wardrobe, not because he spent his life picking it up off their bedroom floor, like he did with most of Aaron’s clothes.

Aaron grinned at him, shrugging as he walked past to turn the kettle on, clattering mugs about as he replied. “I’ve got a meeting, haven’t I? You’re always banging on about how presentation is everything, figured I’d dress like a posh twat today and see if that helps.”

Robert rolled his eyes. “I don’t dress like a posh twat,” he defended himself, glancing down at the jumper he was wearing that day, the dark navy material adorned with elbow patches.

Okay, maybe he did, a little.

Aaron set a cup of tea down in front of Robert, settling into the chair beside him. “What are you doing today anyway?” he asked, practically sinking into the kitchen chair as he drank his tea.

Robert couldn’t reply. Aaron so rarely wore shirts, it felt like an absolute novelty to get to sit and look at him now, the immaculately ironed shirt an almost strange sight on his husband, so different to his usual choices of black and grey.

And his arms.

Whatever it was about the shirt, it accentuated every inch of muscle that made up Aaron’s arms, arms made strong from years of pulling and drag metal up at the scrapyard.

Robert’s mouth was practically watering as he spoke up. “What time have you got that meeting at?” he asked, tea long since forgotten.

“Eleven, why?”

Robert glanced at his watch, a grin on his face as he watched the hand tick over to nine. “Because,” he said, grabbing Aaron by the front of the shirt, enjoying the wide eyed look on Aaron’s face as he leaned in, brushing his lips against Aaron’s in a barely there sort of kiss. “You wearing my clothes is a big turn on for me, Mr Sugden.”

3 Billion Dollars - G Dragon Mafia!AU [Part 5]

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t go exactly the way he hoped.

Genre: Maybe fluff, most likely angsty

Warnings: Death, swearing, mentions of kidnapping I think

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8}

A/N: Sorry for not being able to post anything lately, we had lost power due to 60 mph winds. I hope you like it! This one is a long one. Also, update on the Playlist Scenarios; Tumblr Girls will be posted tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to finish it by today. Sorry again for the delay and I hope you enjoy! 

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Ji Yong knew you saw those girls. He knows that you’ve seen worse, but the feeling of anger and annoyance showed up when he thought of it. He tried protecting you for so long. He didn’t know how you would handle it. He still doesn’t know how you’re currently handling it. You were really quiet in the car, which wasn’t exactly unexpected, but he did expect for you to cry way more than you did. He was worried about you. He doesn’t want you to get hurt.

He looked down at the bodies on the ground. Blood slowly dripping out of the hole in their heads. There were four of them. Two topless hookers and two idiot men. They knew that someone important was coming. Everyone knew to be on their best behavior, but nope they decided to ruin not only their name but Ji Yong’s image on you.

“Hey, it’ll be okay. Trust me.” Seunghyun said, knowing what’s bothering him. Ji Yong shrugged, thinking of your face as he killed your brother. The pure shock and pain that filled your eyes. It was hard for him, but it’s not like he hasn’t killed before. “I know. She’ll have to move on sooner or later.”

“Ji Yong, come here for a second.” Mr. Kwon said. Ji Yong nodded and walked towards his father. Mr. Kwon was talking to three guys at the time. All of which looked like they had been through the worst things you could imagine. They were covered in sweat and dirt, and one of them was bleeding. Mr. Kwon didn’t seem too happy with what they said, despite the smile he gave them. “Yes, dad?”

“Now boys, please repeat to my son what you just said to me.” The boys stood in fear, nodding their heads at uneven, fast speeds. One of the boys went to open their mouths, only to have a hand clamp their mouth shut. Someone else spoke up. “They got away sir.”

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OKAY I'M ABOUT TO GO DO MY EXERCISING. But what about Harry be extra appreciative while getting head ;)

I feel like this comes to getting morning head. Again, something that we’ve discussed many times, and it never seems to get boring..

He. is. so. sensitive. His hips are shifting under you as you slide your mouth over him slowly, but only his tip, so you can flick your tongue over his slit as you stroke his shaft. Harry’s hand grips the bed sheets and his knuckles turn white. He starts panting and pops his upper body on his elbows, so he can look at you in all of your glory.

“Yeh feel so fuckin’ good” he says, biting his lips. You look up to him with your hollowed cheeks and suckle his pre-cum leaking cherry red tip. “Fuck” he whimpers as his arms start to shake, and he’s trying his hardest to keep himself up, just so he can see all of you. The way your hair is sprawled messily down your back, the way you wear his pink polka dotted shirt loosely on your body, and the way your feet are wrapped around each other.

“Yeh look so pretty with yeh mouth suckin’ m’ cock”

“Jus’ like tha’”

“Please do it again, love”

“Don’t stop”

But, you want him to keep praising and begging, so you don’t listen to him. You trace the prominent vein on his cock up to his tip as your other hand gently cups his balls. His tummy tenses up and he grips your hair, trying to keep eye contact as you sink your mouth on him fully, but he fails and his eyes roll back as his mouth falls open, a moan leaving his matching wet cherry red lips.

Fic: Room in your Heart for More - Chapter 1

Here’s a little fic I’m working on while waiting to post my OFBB. Right now it’s only planned to be about five-ish chapters, but we will see where the muse takes me. :) Thanks to all my cabin-mates in Camp NanoWriMo for being so encouraging. 

Story summary: 

Army vet Oliver Queen returns from overseas to find out that he has a 5-year-old son. He is fighting for custody, but is struggling to prove he is a fit father. It’s especially hard because he really has no idea what he’s doing. By chance he meets single mother Felicity Smoak, who swoops in like an angel to help him become comfortable in his role as a father. Felicity is recovering from her a recent trauma, and as a vet Oliver is able to be the support that she needs. Together, they learn to open up their hearts in ways they never thought possible.

Read Chapter 1 on Ao3 or below.  Hope you enjoy! (I don’t have a beta on this one, so I apologize for any errors).

Chapter 1:  Kids should come with an instruction manual

His years in the military prepared Oliver Queen for many things – but one of them was not how to deal with the screaming five-year-old in front of him.

It was his day with his son William, so they had taken advantage in the break from the constant rains to come to the park.

“It hurts, Oliver, it hurts!” William cried, holding his leg with a cut knee. New to the parenting business, Oliver had no idea what to do in this situation. He had no Band-Aids. Hell, he didn’t even have a tissue to wipe off the blood that was now dripping down his son’s leg. Should he carry a screaming child through town back to his loft? Should he go to the public restroom and try to clean it up there? It was moments like these that made him feel like a completely inadequate father.

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Toddler Shenanigans

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Rating: Everyone

Characters: Bones, Reader, Daughter, Sulu,

Summary: Reader is at the end of her rope. She is stressed and is dealing with depression and needs a break from being mom. Bones pulls some strings and saves the day, then is a fantastic husband. Just fluff and happiness.

Warnings: depression mention, emotional breakdowns, couple argument, stressful, temper tantrums, toddler time! UNEDITED

Tags: @yourtropegirl

Author’s note: Just another part of my parenthood series. I may end up making a series for kirk as a parent too, but I haven’t decided. Also, what should I call this series because these random parts are starting to bother my ocd.

 Part 1   Part 2

As you sat at your desk in the quarters you shared with your family, Violet was rummaging through a random drawer. She had just reached the 16-month-old mark, and had started to walk. In other words, she had become a handful. Over the past year, you have gone from an engineering officer to a communications officer. Back at the academy you had insisted on having a double major. Most thought that you were insane for wanting additional work, but it made you extremely valuable to the enterprise. After the birth of Violet, and after your maternity leave, you had requested a job transfer. Leonard had convinced you that being down with Scotty all day was going to put him in an early grave. Captain Kirk saw the request and did something even better, he gave you a job you could accomplish from your quarters so that you could spend all day with your daughter.

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