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The Story of Us

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✮ Chapter Four: Bay Window ✮

Word Count: 3719

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After catching the bus home that afternoon Riley is ecstatic to find a large parcel on Jed’s doorstop addressed to her.

“My clothes!” Riley exclaims as she scoops up the box and carries it inside. Riley marches right past Jed and upstairs to her room where she excitedly rips open the box. Riley’s face drops when she sees it’s contents. One by one Riley pulls out each item and tosses them to the side. Overalls, a floral jumpsuit, flared denim jeans, a yellow maxi dress, a denim vest, a polka dot dress, a paisley print dress, a skirt, a dress, a dress.

“Ugh,” Riley angrily tosses the box upside down and some coloured converses and sandals fall out. The brunette kicks the pile to the side and decides to call her mother.

“Riley?” Topanga answers, “Finally we hear from you!! How was your first day at school? How are you?”

“Just fantastic.” Riley says sarcastically, “I love that in the middle of high school you’ve sent me 2000 miles away to live with a stranger. I love it here! I never want to come home!”

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“We are rehearsing a scene and here you are, flirting with me.” Part 2 (Sebastian Stan x reader)

Request: The one where the reader is filming the Civil War movie and Sebastian keeps flirting with her when they have to rehearse a fight scene together.

Warning/s: Cutesy stuff.

Author’s note: So here it is. The one you have all been waiting for. Part 2 of “We are rehearsing a scene and here you are, flirting with me.”. This was really cute, you guys. I’m telling you. I hope you all like it! And send more requests that you want me to do :)

“I don’t even know why I had accepted his invitation on a date.” (Y/N) said to Elizabeth and Scarlett on the phone as she paced back and forth in her room. 

“Um, I think you agreed to go on a date with him because you like him as much as he likes you.” Elizabeth told her. 

“Yeah, I’ve seen your eyes follow him everywhere he goes on the set while filming. You got it bad, (Y/N). Oh, and don’t forget the incident that had happened yesterday.” Scarlett said, laughing. “‘Why is it that somehow you always end up in between my legs every time we do a fight scene?’” she mimicked, laughing harder.

Elizabeth laughed along with her. (Y/N) groaned in embarrassment and hid her face on her hand. “Oh god, I didn’t know what came over me to do such a thing. It was so embarrassing. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.” She said. 

“Oh please, if you hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t be going on a date with Sebastian tonight; who is, by the way, the one person who you are totally crushing on about ever since. This is just the universe telling you to thank them for what had happened.“ Elizabeth said, still chuckling.

(Y/N) sighed and shook her head. "Ugh, fine. Maybe something did come out good after that embarrassment of mine.” she said. She looked up at the clock on her nightstand. “It’s already quarter to 7 and he said that he’ll be here by 8. I have yet to find the right outfit." 

"Do not worry, sweetie. Your fairy godmothers are there to save the night. We’ll be there in a sec.” Scarlett told her before ending the call. 

A few minutes passed and the two women arrived in her apartment building. “That was fast.” (Y/N) told them when she opened the door, letting them in. Scarlett helped style (Y/N)’s hair and makeup while Elizabeth picked out a dress for her to wear. 

When the process is done, (Y/N) stood in front of the mirror to see herself. Her hair was curled and cascaded down her back, her makeup was kept light but with a touch of smokiness in her eyes, her dress was a simple dark blue short-sleeved dress with white polka-dots printed on it that stopped just by her thighs. She put on a creme-colored cardigan on top and simple black shoes on her feet. 

“So, whatcha think?” Elizabeth asked, slightly bouncing on her spot next to Scarlett. 

(Y/N) smiled. “I love it. Thank you, guys.” she said and gave them a hug. 

A knock on her door echoed all over the place. Scarlett and Elizabeth beamed at the sound of it. “He’s here!” The two squealed in excitement. 

(Y/N) shook her head at them and chuckled. She walked over to the door and smoothed down her dress and grasped the handle. She took a deep breath before opening the door. Sebastian looked up from the ground and looked at her, smiling. “I’m here to escort a really pretty lady tonight and — woah!” He said as he took in her appearance, looking at her from head to toe. Sebastian smiled at her. “Wow, you look really beautiful. More than usual." 

(Y/N) blushed and chuckled, saying, "Thank you, Sebastian. You look really nice, too." 

Sebastian smiled and held out his arm for her to take. "Shall we proceed to our date?” he asked. 

(Y/N) nodded and held his arm. “We shall.” she said. 

“Goodluck, you two! Love you both!” Scarlett and Elizabeth called out from (Y/N)’s room as the two walk down the hallway. 

Dinner was really nice. Sebastian brought her to this restaurant that had opened up a few days ago and ordered a nice meal for them. All throughout their date, he was a gentleman. Before deciding on what to choose, he would ask for her opinion and always ends up choosing what she has decided on. While eating, the two of them talked about everything that comes up in their mind. And of course, Sebastian slipped in a few flirty remarks like a pick-up line that (Y/N) found really corny but still laughed anyway. There was never a dull moment between them. Sebastian even had the nerve to bring up what had happened on set yesterday, onto which earned him a hit on the shoulder by a flustered and laughing (Y/N). 

After dinner, the two decided to have a stroll on a nearby park. There, they talked about their childhood; how they grew up, what their parents are like, if they had siblings, their favorite memories, etc. 

“Are you enjoying our date?” Sebastian asked while they were walking on the sidewalk of a quiet road. She figured that it must be late that’s why the area is quiet and peaceful. 

(Y/N) smiled at him and nodded. “Yes." 

Sebastian grinned. "That’s good to know. I’m glad you are enjoying yourself.” he said. A comfortable silence grew upon them. She glanced at him through the corner of her eye to look at his features. His jaw was defined, his hair was tucked behind his ears, he had a soft and happy look in his face, and his eyes were looking down on the ground. The softness of the look on his face sent a slight flutter in her heart. She wondered if she was the reason behind it. 

Unknown to her, Sebastian had done the same right after she looked away and focused on the road. He looked at the way her hair slightly bounced while she walked, and the way her lips slightly perk up while she looked at the ground. He wondered if he was on her mind that made her do that. 

“Hey,” Sebastian said, breaking the silence and stopped walking. She turned around to face him. “Do you wanna dance?” he asked as he moved towards the road. 

(Y/N) looked around. “Here?” she asked. 

Sebastian nodded and held out his hand. (Y/N) looked at him in curious disbelief. “You do know that we are not supposed to dance in the middle of the road. A car might pass by and we get run-over.” she told him. 

Sebastian shrugged, not caring a thing or two. “I don’t care. At least, I’ll die happily with you in my arms.” he said. 

(Y/N) laughed and shook her head. “Geez.” she muttered, feeling her heart flutter. Sebastian smiled and shook his hand slightly for her to take. She looked at his hand before giving in. She reached out and held his hand, joining his side.

Sebastian guided her to the middle area of the road and stood in front of her. He was taller than her by two or three inches so she had to look up at him. He smiled and held up their intertwined hands to shoulder level and placed his other hand on the small of her back. She placed her hand on his shoulder. 

“I feel like we’re in a really cheesy yet romantic movie.” She commented, earning a smirk from him. 

“Romantic?” He asked, smirking. 

She chuckled. “Don’t get any ideas, Stan.” she said, onto which he chuckled. “There’s no music. How are we supposed to dance?” she asked. 

Sebastian smiled at her and started dancing, swaying to the silence. “We’ll make some.” he murmured. 

It was silent for a while. Both of them were just standing there, slowly swaying in circles on their spot. Sebastian started humming a tune of a song that sounds familiar. When she realized the song, she smirked up at him and gave him a look. He chuckled at this and mouthed a 'Just go with it’. 

“And I will take you in my arms,” he sang as he gently dipped her. She chuckled at this. “And hold you right where you belong.” he slowly brought her back up, bringing her closer to him. 

She closed her eyes and leaned closer to him, resting her temples on his jaw as she listened to him sing the song. 

“You are singing the song slightly out of tune.” She whispered, her breath slightly fanning the exposed skin of his neck.

Sebastian chuckled onto her hair and whispered on her ear, “This I promise you.” 

The two of them danced until the song was finished. Both of them had their eyes closed as they enjoyed the feeling of being in the other’s arms. Sebastian slowly guided the hand he was holding up to his neck and wrapped his arms around her waist as she did the same on his neck. (Y/N) was feeling her heart beating really fast and butterflies fluttering all around her stomach. Sebastian was feeling the same way. 

Unfortunately, their moment only lasted for a while. A distant car horn was heard from behind and when they turned to face it, the car was driving fast towards them. (Y/N) let out a scream as she and Sebastian ran to the sidewalk before they were hit by the vehicle. Sebastian stared at the retreating vehicle while (Y/N) burst out laughing. 

When they arrived at her apartment, the two had happy smiles on their faces. They stopped in front of her door and (Y/N) turned around to face him. “I really had fun tonight. Thank you, Sebastian.” she told him. 

Sebastian smiled and rubbed the nape of his neck. “Me, too.” he murmured. 

The two of them locked gazes. (Y/N) watched as Sebastian slowly take a step forward and reach out to place his hand on her cheek. She swallowed as she realized that they were both leaning in slowly. Sebastian paused for a while when their lips were brushing against each other, giving her the chance to pull away. But when she didn’t, he goes for it. 

Sparks flew by when their lips touched. Their hearts and butterflies were fluttering all around as they kissed. When they pulled away, Sebastian leaned his forehead against hers as they catch their breath. 

(Y/N) smiled at him as he did the same. “Wow….” she breathed out. 

“Wow….” he repeated. 

Sebastian caressed her cheek and smiled. “Goodnight, darling.” he said as he placed a kiss on her lips. 

(Y/N) giggled and rubbed her nose gently against his. “Goodnight, you flirt.” she said. 

Sebastian chuckled at this and released her from his embrace. She opened her door and walked in. She closed the door and leaned her head against it, grinning. 

“(Y/N)! You’re back!” (Y/N) was startled by Scarlett’s voice behind her. She turned around and saw her and Elizabeth sitting on her couch with the TV on and a bowl of popcorn in between them. “How did the date go?”

(Y/N) grinned and ran excitedly towards them. 

Meanwhile, Sebastian fist-pumped the air and did a happy dance when the door closed.

Author’s note: Feel that The Notebook vibe? By the way, the song is called This I Promise You by N-Sync. I found a really nice piano version of it in YouTube. If you wanna hear it, you can find it here: Song

What are the Top 8 Printed Dresses You Need for Summer? One of these has cats on it.

Floral. Graphic. Gingham. Polka Dots. Stripes. CATS.

This summer printed dresses are totally in and we’re really excited to wear the bold and beautiful colors designers are splashing on them. If you’re afraid to wear a new print or think that it’s too much, start with a print that’s limited to two colors. If you love to cause a scene, try something really busy and bright. If you just don’t care what people think, go for the cat print!

Here are the Top 8 Printed Dresses trending on Wantering this week.

1) ModCloth Pull Up a Cherry Dress in White, sizes S to 3X 

2) ModCloth The Story of Citrus Dress in Orange, sizes S to 3X

3) ModCloth Adore Country Dress in Navy, maxi dress in sizes S to 3X

4) ModCloth Good Enough to Eat Dress with summer treats! sizes XS to 4X

5) Urban Outfitters One and Only X Urban Renewal Collared Babydoll Dress, sizes S to L

6) Urban Outfitters Staring at Stars Tie-Dye Knit Halter Dress, sizes XS to L

7) Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Blanc Tee Dress with stripes, sizes XS to L

8) ModCloth Hooked on a Feline Dress, sizes XS to 4X

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Photo Credit: Cover image Harper’s Bazaar and Lucky Magazine


Big Girls Don’t Get Mad (…They Wear Plaid)

Just like Sally Draper, Kiernan Shipka is an introspective, inquisitive ingenue with guts and girlish glamour in spades. The Mad Men channels a contemporary Lolita draped in Oscar De La Renta’s baby blue gingham sweater, Fendi’s floral-print dresses, Marc Jacobs’ polka-dots and Miu Miu’s angsty school-girl chic (Kiernan is frequently photographed in the label and adore’s their signature glittery shades) for Marie Claire’s April issue.