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A Little Lesson in Pretty Presents

Authors’ Note: Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day, fabulous readers!!! We couldn’t let the day pass without paying a visit to our favorite Papi and his  muñequita. Take a little trip with us time before the twins were born. See Violetta wanting to do something nice for her father… and Rafael’s reaction. Special shout out to @yourtropegirl, Violetta’s number one fan!!! @vintagemichelle91 and I hope that you all enjoy!!!

          “Well this is a surprise!”

           Leaving his desk and dropping his yellow legal pad, Rafael rushed to the doorway to greet his girls. Natalia glowed, her baby bump just visible under the flowing lavender top, her cheeks still kissed by their time in the Hamptons. Savoring her taste for a few seconds, her lips mingling with his, he soon turned his attention to Violetta.

           And right away he noticed her pout.

           “Muñequita?” he asked. “Why do you have such a sad face?”

           His daughter stayed silent as he slipped to his knees and took her into his arms. Violetta returned his hug, but her weak embrace did absolutely nothing to put his mind at ease.

           “What’s going on?” he asked, looking up at Natalia.

           “Your daughter and I were shopping,” she said.

           “My daughter?” he asked. “Should that make me nervous?”


           When she failed to finish the thought, he saw a small plastic bag poking out of Natalia’s purse and turned his glance back to Violetta.

           “Is that something for me?” he asked with a smirk.

           “Sweet pea?” Natalia started. “You said that Papi needed to know.”

           Worriedly, his eyes flickered between them. What did he need to be aware of? Was there a repeat of the Christmas incident when Violetta went wandering in search of her hippo? He made a mental note that if that was the case, he would keep calm this time around and not send her into tears with ill-chosen words. Waiting, wondering what else it might be, Violetta finally sucked in a deep breath and rolled her eyes before extending one small hand towards her mother.

           “Okay, Mami,” Violetta said. “I show him.”

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The Emmy lead actor nominee, known mostly for rocking a hoodie onscreen, has become a breakout style machine working with Ilaria Urbinati: “He’s willing to take risks. It’s about trying to find the best version of that.”

1) “This was the beginning of our love story with color,” says Ilaria Urbinati of the green and black Calvin Klein ensemble and gray suede Louis Leeman oxfords Rami Malek wore to an AFI luncheon in January. “This was the first look we ever put together, and we did it all the day before the event, so there was no time for any alterations." 

2) Malek sported a classic Dior tuxedo for the Golden Globes, his first black-tie event with Urbinati. "I thought it was timeless and that he would look back and feel good about it in 50 years,” she says. “The navy shade gave it that extra-special something that Rami likes to have.” He accessorized with a Montblanc watch and cuff links.

3) The actor accepted the lead drama actor award at the Critics’ Choice Awards in another Dior knockout. “It was his idea not to wear a tie,” explains Urbinati, who says the tux was tailored to perfection for Malek. “Rami and I both loved how sharp that silhouette was. It’s very modern, very sharp and just feels so clean.”

4) “He fell in love with this Ovadia & Sons tuxedo, but it was an entire size too big,” says Urbinati with a laugh. The double-breasted tuxedo with a shawl lapel was cut to size just in time for the SAG Awards. “The trick to wearing that jacket is to hem it so that the body of it is short; that keeps it from feeling like 1980s Wall Street.”

5) Malek stepped out in a wine-hued Calvin Klein suit, Jimmy Choo shoes and vintage Fred Leighton timepiece at the Spirit Awards. “We both felt like this was a good representation of our work together,” says Urbinati. A navy tie was added to anchor the look and to make the purple feel more masculine.

6) Malek tells THR this white-and-black Zegna tuxedo he wore to Vanity Fair’s Oscar party was one of his favorites. “You touch it and you know someone put some work into that,” he says. Adds Urbinati, “A cream suit can look really old-fashioned, but on him it was almost futuristic-looking.” Malek’s shoes were Johnston & Murphy.

7) “This All Saints floral button-up referenced 1990s movies like True Romance and Romeo + Juliet,” says Urbinati. For a TV Academy gala in June, Malek added a polka-dot DHA 1 pocket square to the ensemble. “The khaki Calvin Klein suit really grounded the look,” says Urbinati, adding, “Rami is adventurous enough to let me play." 

8) Malek paired a Valentino suit and striped T-shirt with white Kurt Geiger sneakers for a Mr. Robot press event. "Rami wears that sailor shirt look in his own life, and I just thought it was a cool way to incorporate it into a suit,” says Urbinati. “I have been able to try more new and unusual things on him than I have with any other client.”

Gentlemen, Top 10 What to Wear for New Year’s Eve

Let’s make sure you end 2013 looking hella GQ. We’ve picked out the Top 10 must-have items for your outfit on New Year’s Eve below. Tweet us and tag us on Instagram @Wantering in your party pics so we can take a look!

1) Saks Fifth Avenue Paisley Bow Tie

2) J. Crew Ludlow Tux Jacket

3) Alexander McQueen Stripes & Skulls Tie

4) Howlin By Morrison Four Eyes Cardigan

5) Topman Two-Button Slimfit Tweed Blazer

6) Apolis Polka Dot Pocket Square 

7) Brera Eterno Chrono Watch with Leather Strap

8) Maison Martin Margiela 11 Brass Ring

9) Life/After/Denim 5 Pocket Cords 

10) Topman Textured Dress Shirt

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