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Chili Williams, born Marian Sorenson, wearing a polka-dot bikini appeared in Life magazine, 1943. Over the next few months she received more than 350,000 fan letters. She quickly became one of the soldiers favorite pin-up girls and was nicknamed ‘The Polka-Dot Girl’. / image and text source: Grapefruit Moon on eBay

Weight loss. Or, lack thereof.

Okay, gang, let’s do this. Let’s write an honest and open post about my weight loss. Or, more precisely, lack thereof.  

In the past being disgusted with how I looked in the mirror drove me to take the required action to change something.  I’d cringe when I saw myself in reflections or photos, and in turn that would drive me to eat better and get my bum on a run or to the gym.

Today, at thirty two, I don’t have that same distaste for myself. In fact, I’m rather confident in my own skin.  Yesterday I spent the day at my apartment’s pool (which can only be described as Vegas in Detroit. Proof in my Instagram story: Lizclaire_ ) strutting my stuff around in my not-so-itsy-bitsy-tiny one-piece red polka dot bikini bathing suit and didn’t give two f*cks about what people thought about my jiggly thighs, or tummy. 

A., has noted many times he likes me for me and doesn’t think I need to change. I’m confident and comfortable around him too.  It’s a huge win for me, and I am thankful I’m at a point in my life where the number between my toes is just that, a number. It doesn’t define anything about me or the way I live my life. 


Because there’s always a “but.” 

The other day I was walking up stairs and my knees hurt. Wait, what? Because of my weight? And my dresses which sit around size 14 are too tight on my waste and it’s annoying me SO MUCH.  Especially as I have a wedding in two weeks and have soooo many perfect dresses for it, but they don’t fit. UGH.  (ps wedding guests dress suggestions welcome!). 

Each day I tell myself I’ll do better, and then I walk into my office’s breakfast and have a chocolate croissant (<– this may or not have happened this morning).  I keep telling myself I’ll start the My Fitness Pal app again, but then never bother to open it, and I keep telling myself I’ll exercise, but then sit on the rooftop of my building and drink wine (<— may have happened last night). 

I need that burst of motivation I used to get naturally.  I need to get my oomph back. I need to get healthier and fitter and not have sore knees(!).  So in the spirit of blogging about weight loss again, here I am, vulnerable to the Internet, in the hope that I can hold myself accountable through regular updates, honesty, and holding myself accountable. 

So… Operation Lose 10 lbs:

  • My Fitness Pal: 1,800 calories a day
  • Walk an average of 10,000 steps/day each week
  • Run/sweat/move at least twice a week
  • At least one update a week on this blog (with numbers and honesty)

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big beautiful day by pwr bttm and sarchengsey!!!! :^D

listen to the song here

little bit of body image issues of different sorts in here, including a character thinking they’re too big and also what could be read as a transphobic remark. Very light and fluffy overall, though.

They’re driving up the California coast in the middle of summer, and Blue has had enough.

“Pull over,” she says, and Gansey immediately does so, no questions. Henry, on official DJ duty, rises one well-crafted eyebrow at that, but decides teasing her girlfriend about how closely she listens to her other girlfriend is a silly endeavour when she could lean over and kiss Gansey’s cheek instead.

“You’re cute,” she says, and enjoys Gansey’s blush.

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Limerence: part 6

Summary: When Summer begins Y/N leaves her school life and escapes to Cousins Beach, the only place she has spent every summer of her life. Not only does the beach house mean home away from home but her favorite people are there. Lilah her mother’s best friend and her sons, Bucky and Steve. Y/N has been having a crush on Bucky since forever she hopes this summer will be different.

Bucky Barnes x reader (Modern AU)

Word count: 1,237

Warnings: None


Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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Sorry to bother you! Could you continue the one bout Adrien not being able to swim?

No bother at all!


He couldn’t believe he was dong this. 

Adrien paced his foyer nervously, swim towel gripped in hand and flip flops echoing in the large hallway. Plagg floated next to him, a teasing smile on his face. 

“What happened to Ladybug, hmmm?” he asked, his eyes twinkling. “I thought you liiikkkeeeed her?”

“I do!” Adrien snapped, looking up at the kwami with a pout and adjusting the drawstring on his trunks. “I just…really needed Marinette to come help me with my swimming is all. I can’t fail gym class of all things.”

Plagg rolled his eyes. “Right. That’s why you went and got your hair all fancy even though you’re going to be getting in the pool in five minutes.”

The doorbell rang and Adrien shot a glower at the floating cat. “Just shush, Plagg, and don’t let her see you.”

For once, Plagg listened to him, darting away (probably to the kitchen for snacks) while Adrien went to open the door. 

Marinette stood there, glancing down at her phone in her hand. She had a skirt around her waist over her bathing suit (red with black polka dots this time) and a towel tossed casually over her shoulder. She glanced up when Adrien answered, a small smile crossing her face. 

“H-Hey Adrien,” she stammered, wrinkling her nose ever so slightly. “Ready to um…practice your strokes?”

He gestured her inside with a hesitant grin and led her down the incredibly long entry hallway into his father’s sun room, where a pool sat gleaming in the sun. Marinette’s jaw dropped and Adrien winced, shutting one eye in embarrassment. “Sorry,” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. “I know it’s really extravagant to have a pool in my house.”

She turned to look at him, her face filled with disbelief, and then she pressed her thumb and pointer finger to her eyes, clasping the bridge of her nose. “You’re telling me,” she finally managed to say in exasperation, “that you have a pool in your house and you never learned to swim?”

Adrien glanced down with a wince. “I uh….yeah. Like I said, my dad doesn’t really swim, and none of the maids are allowed to associate with me, per dad’s orders, and my mom….”

He trailed off, his voice cracking ever so slightly as he stared down at the sparkling water. A gentle hand settled on his arm, drawing him from his trance, and he turned to find Marinette looking at him with a sad smile. “Sorry,” she apologized. “I didn’t mean…”

“I know,” he cut her off with a shake of his head. “It’s okay. Let’s just…get started, all right?”

Marinette nodded and they descended the steps leading to the pool deck.He kicked off his flip flops and glanced away respectively as Marinette slid out of her skirt, tossing her bag and phone onto a table. 

“Okay. So we worked on floating at school, and I think you have it down pretty well,” Marinette stated, hopping into the water without hesitation and gesturing Adrien in. “So we can work on basic strokes today, and I can help you tread water.”

Adrien swallowed and climbed down the ladder into the shallow end shakily, wading over to Marinette and rubbing his arms. “In….in the shallow end, right?”

Marinette looked at him with a thin smile. “Kinda hard to do strokes and tread in the shallow end. We won’t go too deep though, I promise.”

He winced and followed her nervously towards the deeper end, around six feet, and when he realized he couldn’t touch the bottom anymore, Adrien lost his confidence and backpedaled until he was standing again. “Marinette,” he choked out. “I can’t, okay?”

She had turned to stare at him, her eyes gentle, and she paddled back to him instantly. “Okay,” she murmured, drawing him into a hug without even thinking about it. 

Marinette was startled to find that Adrien was actually shaking in her arms, and she rubbed his back soothingly. “Adrien…did you…did you have a bad experience with water or something?”

He flinched against her and tightened his grasp on her shoulders. “Yeah,” he whispered after a long time. 

Marinette nodded and backed up slowly until they were back in the four foot area, her grasp never faltering on the blonde haired boy. She leaned her back against the chilly tiled wall and shut her eyes. “Wanna talk about it?” she murmured. 

He stiffened against her and Marinette almost retracted the statement, but he murmured the answer into her ear before she could. 

“My…my mom. We used to go boating and she….there was a storm and….”

Marinette swallowed hard and tightened her grip on him, stroking his hair gently. “Okay,” she said softly. “Okay. You don’t have to say anything else. We don’t have to keep doing this.”

“Yes I do,” Adrien whimpered against her shoulder. “If I fail this class, my dad is going to be so angry at me. He barely let’s me hang out with Nino as it is, and he doesn’t…he doesn’t even know you’re here right now. I need to do this, Marinette.”

She took a deep breath and pulled away, studying him carefully. “Okay,” she finally answered. “You said you trusted me?”

A small smile flickered on Adrien’s teary face and he ran a shaking hand through his hair. “Yeah.”

She gripped his shoulders in her hands and squeezed gently, making the boy blush like she usually did. “Good. Then don’t worry. You’ll be all right with me. I promise, Adrien. I know you can do this.”

He nodded slowly and she grabbed onto his hands, pulling him out towards the deeper end and not even flinching when his nails started digging into her skin. “It’s okay,” she said, keeping the stutter out of her voice with amazing calmness. “I’ve got you. We’re going to work on treading, okay?”

Adrien bit his lip and locked eyes with her, giving the smallest of nods. “Okay.”

“Just kick your feet like you’re riding a bicycle,” she instructed him.

He glanced down to find her doing the same thing, and he slowly began pedaling his legs against the water, finding that he rose up a little bit out of the water if he kept up a steady pace. 

“Good,” Marinette breathed. “Okay, I’m going to let go of one of your hands, all right?”

Adrien’s heart leapt into his throat, but he swallowed his fear and nodded, fingers shaking as she pulled her left hand away from his right one. “Okay, now move your hand like you’re wiping a table off with a washcloth.”

He managed a weak smile. “Wax on, wax off?”

She looked surprised by the rather corny reference, but grinned. “Exactly like that.”

Adrien focused on moving his arm and legs together, using the motion to keep calm, and he didn’t even realize that Marinette had let go until she was directly in front of him, doing the same motions. 

His mind froze for the briefest second -no one is holding you, you’re going to drown-but the miraculous smile that Marinette was giving him kept him calmer than he could ever remember being before and he kept going, a smile sliding onto his lips. 

“Marinette,” he gasped out.

She instantly reached over and grabbed his upper bicep without thinking. Adrien felt his face flush with a warmth that had nothing to do with the heated pool, and he glanced at the girl gratefully. 

“I…you didn’t have to hold onto me,” he clarified. “I…I did it, Marinette.”

She looked startled, but grinned back at him. “Yeah, you did. I’m really proud of you, Adrien. Do you want to keep going, work on some strokes?”

His face paled at the thought and Marinette chuckled softly, helping him doggy paddle back to the shallow end and over to the ladder. “Okay, okay,” she giggled, climbing out after him. “We’ll take a break.”

He turned to her and pulled her into a bone crushing hug, nearly making the girl pass out in shock. “Thank you, Marinette,” he whispered. 

Marinette relaxed a little and returned the hug, her arms covered with goosebumps from both the sudden chill of the air and the fact that the love of her life was hugging her yet again.

“No problem, Adrien.”


Well that turned out more heartfelt than I meant for it to. 

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For the Summer Scramble, would you mind adding Azama and/or Izana to the encouraging pregnant F!mu come out onto the beach because she's self conscious prompt?

[Yaaas my boys!!!!]

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Azama: “Oh, come now, darling!! Won’t you join me? We’re all waiting for you!” You heard your husband say as cheerfully as ever. But you wouldn’t listen. Of course you wouldn’t.

Not with a growing baby inside you that made your stomach look like it was about to pop at any second. The polka-dotted bathing suit Azama allowed Mitama to choose for you.

“That’s the problem.” You replied, turning to get the side view- which wasn’t any better. “The last thing I want anyone to see me in is this.”

“Please.” You could hear the scoff in his laughter. “Mitama and I won’t laugh! We’ll be perfectly civil! Right, Mitama? …Mita? Oh, well, I guess you only have to worry about me. She’s knocked out again, that sleepy little panda.”

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Sonamy kiss #19..? Maybe there was an argument or something.. idk you're the miracle worker here x)

19Forceful Kiss

Sorry this took so long to answer. ^^;


Sonic looked down at the floaties that Amy had picked out for him. He was gonna look ridiculous wearing these; but at least they provided him security once they got into the water. Not that he was even more willing to tag along with Amy to the beach, where she would be giving him some swimming lessons. Was it really necessary? Personally, he didn’t think so. Try telling that to a stubborn pink hedgehog, though. It was only yesterday when he gave tons of excuses as to why he shouldn’t be taught how to swim. To his horror, these pitiful pleas went by deaf ears as she dragged him to a local store for swimwear. When morning came, Sonic prayed desperately for a severe storm. He was gravely disappointed when he opened the window to be greeted with a sunny sky. There was no dark clouds forming. It was a beautiful summer day. He cursed under his breath and paced around his home, That was when an idea came to him… he could pretend he was sick! Sonic grinned proudly and quickly grabbed some tissues, balled them up, and scattered them across the living room. Most of them were near the couch, and he soon gathered some blankets and found a thermometer. He used the oldest trick in the book and held it underneath the lamp next to the couch, until the temperature had risen dangerously high. Pleased with the results, he held it underneath his tongue and plopped down on the couch with the blankets wrapped tightly around his “sickly” body.

He heard her footsteps approaching the door before he heard her calling “Soooonic~!” Taking note of his sickness, Sonic slowly inched his way toward the door with a used up tissue in his fist. When Amy saw his face, worried washed over her when she noticed his condition. “Sonic! Oh my… what happened?” His scheme was working. 

He sniffled, and faked a cough. “Ugh… hey Amy. I think I caught somethin’.” Sonic hung his head low, trying to show he was disappointed that he couldn’t join her at the beach today. “Guess I won’t be swimmin’ with ya’ after all.” Sonic couldn’t help but admire his little act infront of her. Dang, he was good.

“Aww… well, if that’s the case..!” Amy’s face suddenly beamed. This worried Sonic, somewhat. What was she up to… now? “I can stay here and take care of you!” She took his hand, and led him back to the couch while Sonic was screaming inside. Think of the positives… you get out of swimming, today. He reminded himself as Amy picked up the balled up tissues that Sonic had “used” before she dropped by.


Sonic enjoyed some of his favorite t.v programs, while Amy fixed himself some soup. Part of him wished she would just leave him be. The soup would only make him feel even more hotter. The door to the other room - that lead to where Tails’ usually worked on his projects. Poor kid must’ve been up all night again. When he saw Sonic he arched an eyebrow. However, before he could ask any questions concerning Sonic’s condition, Amy returned with a bowl of fresh soup and a glass of warm tea on a tray. “Oh! Hi Tails!” She acknowledged her twin-tailed friend, and sat up the small table to place the tray on.

“What’s going on?” From what Tails could tell, Sonic did not appear sick to him. He was perfectly fine yesterday, so how could he have gotten sick just out of the blue? It quickly dawned on him what Sonic was doing. 

“Sonic’s under the weather so I’m taking care of him!” Amy proudly explained, now facing her friend with her hands on her hips. Was she enjoying this? Neither Sonic or Tails wouldn’t be surprised if she was. 

“But… he’s just fine, Amy.“ He caught a glimpse of Sonic waving dramatically from behind Amy. He stepped toward the side to get a better idea of what Sonic was trying to tell him. He was now holding his index finger against his lips, telling him to keep quiet before his scheme was ruined. 

“Really? Because he said that he had a bad fever.” She reached for the thermometer, looking at the numbers. Sadly, it had cooled down already so it had dropped down to 0 degrees. She looked to Sonic. “Mind if I check again? Open wide, okay.” Sonic’s face begun to pale as she brought the device closer to his lips.

He raised up his hands, preventing her from bringing it closer. “I told ya’ it rose up to 100 degrees, -” he regretted speaking when Amy took the opportunity to check his temperature. Sonic fidgeted, feeling quite uncomfortable with how close she was and the fact his little act could be proven as a pathetic attempt to escape from going swimming. A minute passed, and Amy checked the thermometer. It read a healthy temperature. “Eheh… what are the odds! My fever is gone!” He chuckled nervously as Amy’s face begun to grew red with rage.


An hour later, and a quick checkup went by and Sonic soon found himself wearing the floaties and the inflatable ring around his waist. Amy had changed out of her casual clothing. She was wearing a familiar red with cute polka dots bathing suit, Sonic couldn’t deny it looked great on her. Heat rushed to his cheeks and ear tips as he dwelled upon this thought. Feeling her hand grasp for his own wasn’t much help either. He tried his best to avoid from gawking at her, and stared down at the sand that tickled at his feet. However, panic quickly settled in once they reached the shoreline and the water teased at his feet. He gripped Amy’s hand tighter. “Uhh… do we have to do this?” He stammered, his ears pinning tightly against his head. He sounded like a wuss but he didn’t care right now. Amy knew his fear of water and she never judged. She merely just wanted to help… despite his disapproval of the whole idea.

“It’ll be just fine, you know I won’t let you drown, Sonic!” The determination in Amy’s tone frustrated Sonic so much. He might as well get it over with though, after that little act he pulled not too long ago. Encouraging him further, Sonic inched slowly toward the water until it came up pass his ankles.

“Okay, I’m in. Now can we go?”

“Nope!” Amy grinned and tugged at her arm, pulling him further out into the ocean. The waves rushing towards him caused him to bristle in fear, so he held onto Amy’s hand even tighter. They finally came to a halt once ocean floor was unreachable because of their short height. “Here we go.” She smiled at Sonic who refused to let go of her hand. She tried to wiggle it free because it felt like would go numb because of Sonic’s strong grip. “Sonic, you’re fine. With your floaties on you won’t go under. I promise.” Now that her hand was free, she took this chance to swim around the distressed hedgehog. She seemed to be quite talented. “Now… on with the lessons, shall we?” She approached him and pulled at his inflatable ring around his waist, guiding him along. “Kick with your feet.” She instructed.

With the lack of support of the ocean floor underneath his feet he felt quite sick, but her soothing instructions and her presence somewhat calmed him. He didn’t say a word, or complained once Amy gave him some simple instructions. To Amy’s amazement, he started to kick with his feet… slowly trailing along. She soon loosened her grip on Sonic’s ring so he could do this on his own. It was a slow learning process but Amy was patient and determined enough to try. He did panic when Amy had let go but he soon realized how helpful the inflatable kept from going under. He started to demonstrate what she had instructed with ease.

Unfortunately, just as Sonic felt relaxed with swimming with Amy it was soon replaced with fear as a huge wave struck him. He didn’t grip at his inflatable quick enough, by the impact of the wave he had been forced out of his security ring. He flailed dramatically before Amy reached him and encircled her arms around his waist. Sonic clung tightly to her, his heart now hammering deep within his chest from the fear of drowning he had almost experienced. “Sonic… calm down. I’ve got you now.” Amy sighed and rested her head against his own, trying her best to get him to relax again. “Freaking out like that only makes your chance of drowning even bigger.” Whoops, that wasn’t the best advice to offer despite how true it was.

Sonic shook his head. “Nope. Nope. Nope! We’re done here. I don’t know why I even came along in the-” Amy’s lips pressed against his own, ending his whole rant. The kiss lingered as if the two didn’t want it to end, making Sonic forget where they were until a fish brushed against his leg. At least he wasn’t freaking out anymore, though. When they broke the kiss, they stared back at each other… completely speechless for the longest time.

Amy was the first to break the silence, looking awfully smug as she said: “You were saying?~”


i hate these two

The Signs as Stereotypical People at the Beach
  • Aries: The really tan, attractive lifeguard.
  • Taurus: The 'cool' teenager helping a little kid build a sandcastle.
  • Gemini: The two best friends in cute bathing suits that walk along the shoreline but never go in the water.
  • Cancer: The little kid pretending to be a mermaid.
  • Leo: The white dad who let's his kids bury him up to his neck with sand.
  • Virgo: The really pretty one that, even after going out and getting pushed around by the waves, still comes out with perfect hair looking like an ocean nymph.
  • Libra: The little granny who wears one of those big, floppy hats and a polka dot bathing suit.
  • Scorpio: The group of really hot, muscular joggers who you see like ten times. Will they ever stop running? Are they just trying to make sure everyone sees how hot and athletic they are??
  • Saggitarius: The mom lounging in her chair watching her kids make sandcastles and reading a book, has a whole beach bag full of snacks and juice pouches.
  • Capricorn: That one person that is all the way out in the water where all the huge waves are.
  • Aquarius: The old guy in a straw fedora and swim shoes that stands where the water only reaches their ankles and watches as the boats go by and the little kids play.
  • Pisces: The little kid lugging around a boogie board two times their size, whose parents are constantly trying to keep them from going too far out in the water.