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So, I tried loves. My mom is still in the ICU but she is getting better. I hope to update more this coming month. ALSO. I have a comic con coming near me and TOM FELTON is gonna be there. So stoked! Anyways, enjoy.

“Now just to warn you, my brother is going to be there,” Newt explained as he and you were walking up the steps to his family’s house 

“and he’s very, well let’s just say persistent” you stop and stare at your Hufflepuff friend. 

“Newt, If I can handle some crazy magizoologist who risks his life every day and gives me Anxiety everytime he steps out of the apartment, I’m sure I can manage some egoistic man” you reply. 

Newt smiles at you and turns around. Newt walks up to the door and knocks. You noticed how tense he was and so you grab his hand to try to calm him down. 

It was a platonic thing you did but if you were honest, you wanted to do so much more than just hold hands. It was no secret that you had feelings for your best friend. 

Newt however, was too oblivious to notice anything. Or maybe he was just too caught up in his own feelings to notice yours. Newt was about to pull his hand away when the door opened. 

“Newton! so great to see you. I haven’t heard from you in ages,” his mother stood in front of the two of you, wide smile and warm demeanor.

 “Come in, and you must be Y/n” she says turning towards you. 

“it’s lovely to meet you Mrs. Scamander” you say politely. 

“It’s nice to meet you too” she replies. 

“Please, sit down and make yourself comfortable” she calls walking into another room. 

She returns with Newt’s dad next to her. 

“Nice to meet you Mr. Scamander” you say holding out your hand. 

His dad shook it and sat down across from you and Newt. You and his dad strike up a small conversation when a new presence enters the room. 

“Y/n, I would like you to meet Theseus, my brother” Newt says with a hint of annoyance in his voice. 

You stood up and walked over to him. 

“Lovely to meet you Theseus” you say politly.

 “It’s my pleasure Y/n, my brother never said how stunning you are” Theseus says flashing a bright smile. You smile back, not wanting to be rude. Unfortunately, you don’t notice Newts jaw clenching. 

“I’d love to get to know you better Y/n” Theseus says. He puts his hand on your arm and leaves it there a bit too long. You give him an awkward smile before moving away from him. 

“Um, sure” you reply. You turn around and look at Newt. He is looking at the ground and clenching his hands. 

“Newt, would you like to come with us?” you ask, hoping he would say yes. 

“Oh I’m sure my brother would be fine on his own. Maybe he can go visit the hippogriffs” Theseus cuts in before Newt even opens his mouth. 

Theseus takes you hand and leads you outside. Newt is boiling with rage at this point. How dare his brother comes and steals you away, looking at you like nothing but an object. 

Newt stomps his way over to the counter and pours some firewhiskey. He chugs it all and stares with discontent at the door. 

“Newt, you’re going to explode the door if you keep looking at it that way”. Newt turns around and sees his mother. 

“Mum!” Newt yelps in surprise. 

“Newt, would you like to visit the hippogriffs. They always did make you feel better when you were a kid” She says. 

She looks at her son with concern. She always knew that Newt felt inadequate to his brother. She loves both her sons equally but couldn’t help but hurt for Newt. 

“I guess” Newt mumbles. 

He walks out to the enclosures and sees some hippogriffs. 

“Hello there lovelies. It’s me Newt. I’ve missed you” Newt coos. 

He takes time brushing and feeding each one. He feels at home, in his element. he almost forgets why he was upset. 

He walks back into his house covered in feathers and some dirt. He has a dopey little smile on his face. He walks over to his mother and hugs her. 

“Thank you mum, this is exactly what I needed” he whispers. 

“Hey, Y/n I know we just met but, I am entranced by your beauty. Would you like to go to dinner sometime?” Theseus asks. Newt’s face falls and his anger returns. Before you could answer Newt walks over to you. 

“Theseus. Can I speak to you. Please.” Newt says dangerously low. He practically drags Theseus from the couch to the hallway. You follow them but stay behind the wall. 

“What’s your problem little bro?” Theseus asks. 

“My problem is that you always take everything I love away” Newt growls. 

“Really Newt? Still so childish. Thought you would have learned. You take what you want” Theseus scoffs back. You begin to turn a crimson red from anger and embarrassment. 

“Theseus you have known about my crush on Y/n for years now! How dare you come in and try to charm you way into a date only to break their heart” Newt practically yells. 

You peak your head around the corner and see Newt seething with rage and his hand clenched. Ready to punch. 

“Newt! Don’t hurt him” you squeak out. Newt whips around and stares in horror. 

“Y-Y/N! I um, I can explain um” Newt begins. 

“Newt…” you say softly. 

Before you could say anything else Newt bolts. He runs out the back door towards the hippogriffs. You quickly chase after him. You take a step bback when you enter the hippogriff barn. 

It was so, well, so Newt. It was outdoories but had a sense of comfort. Hell it even looked like Newt’s case. You hear mumbling come from one of the stables. 

You slowly walk over, careful not to disturb any of the hippogriffs. You look in and see Newt sitting next to a baby and its mom. He is holding the baby and brushing its feathers. 

“Hey” you say. 

Newt looks up and so does the mother. You bow and keep eye contact with the mom. It soon bows back and lets you closer. 

“Newt, why did you run out on me?” you ask, staring at the baby. 

“Because i made a complete fool out of myself” Newt murmurs. 

“No, you didn’t Newt” you tell him. You two sit in silence for a bit. The baby hops towards you and you stroke its back. 

“Did you mean what you said? That you love me?” you ask breaking the silence. 

“No.” Newt answers quickly. 

Your face falls and your heart drops. Newt looks over and frowns at your expression. 

“oh” was all you could manage out. 

“Well, isn’t that what you wanted to hear? I mean my brother is far superior in most aspects.” Newt says with his head down. You scoot closer and bring your lips to his cheek. 

“Newton you are a silly man. I’ve had feelings for you for years” you whispered in his ear. Newt bolts up and scares a couple of fwoopers in the rafters. 

“P-Pardon?” He stutters out. You roll your eyes and stand up. 

“You would think someone as smart and handsome and amazing as yourself could see how much I am in love with you” you say. 

You aren’t sure where the sudden confidence is coming from but you’ve been waiting to say this for ages. A giddy, childlike smile makes its way onto Newts face. 

“Do you mean it?” Newt asks. 

“Of course I do” you peck his nose before taking his hand and leading him out of the barn. 

Newt is too shocked to say anything. Before you could enter the house Newt spins you around and slams his lips onto yours. 

“I love you so much. I can’t believe you actually feel the same way” Newt giggles out. You wrap your arms around his neck and bring your faces close. 

“You silly little Magizoologist. How could I not fall for you?” you reply. Newt’s eyes are filled with joy as you enter the house. 

“Thank you so much mum for having us but, I think it’s time we go.” Newt says. You and Newt leave hand and hand, this time as lovers. 

However, you both missTheseus in the corner with a hidden smirk on his face. 

“Bout time they got together, don’t you think” he says looking at his parents. 

Imagine Ivar VS you

Request: What about if he is the king of the army and he need to get married to win a battle or the war against someone and then there is the girl.
Note: What about I make this a series? I maked it the other way around, she has the army and needs his help. All those awesome requests I get, don’t know where to start.

Your horse did his part in the small battle you had at hand, he galopped over the deads, the slicky ground while he tried to keep his stand over the soldiers that came at you. They all wanted you, as the princess of this kingdom you claimed the throne. But you weren’t that ordinary kind of princess, you were fully in armor, your father equally suited galoping on the other side of the field, smaching his sword through the rebels that tried for days to take over this kingdom. They came from a larger force, you knew there was somewhere a much bigger army waiting to attact and if felt like you were just playing their games. But there was nothing you could do but only defend your lands, the kingdom where you would be one day be a queen. You pulled your horse to a hold and looked around you. Most of your men were still standing, the enemie dead or running. One brave man tried to get to you but your sword hitted his throat before he could swing his sword up to you. You clenshed your teeth and pulled back turning your horse around to look for your father.
‘Princess, he is here!’ Some of your soldiers yelled. You turned your head back and looked over to your fathers horse that galloped away. You kicked your legs into yours and he started to canter to your father, surrounded by his loyal men, bleeding from his chest. You jumped from your horse and took your helmet of, your long hair fell loose over your shoulders while you dropped on your knees besiced him.
‘Father.’ You begged. You may be so tough, this broke your heart.
‘You need to lead this country my dear.’ He choked in his own blood. You stroke his forehead and shook your head.
‘I can’t, please, I still need you.’ You whispered into tears.
‘Make an alliance, fight the enemy together. You are a queen now Y/n, make your father proud.’ And than he breathed his final breath and leaved you alone in this world. How did you need to find a alience if everybody was chopped down our assambling behind your enemy?

You looked out of the window to the burning torches that lighted the walls in the dark. Since you father died two days ago you didn’t do much than stay in your room, mourn over his dead while the enemy regathered his troops. You knew this kingdom was weak, more weak than it ever was before. Somebody knocked on your door but you still gazed outside until they knocked again. ‘Princess?’ Somebody asked.
‘Yes, come in.’ You reacted rather short. Two soldiers came in, they bow and walked a little closer.
‘Sorry we have to disturb you. The counsol needs you presents. It is rather urgent business.’ They announched. You only nodded and they walked out again. You stayed there for a few more minutes, looking out of the window again and you thought by yourself what you were doing here. The people needed you, your father would want you to go on instead of crying over his dead body. So you embraced your inner queen and walked out of your bedroom, head up, strong hearted, the queen you meant to be.
‘Counsol.’ You greeted them all with a soft smile before you sat down aside the throne your father always sat on. Nobody reacted on it and they respected your wishes while they greeted you one by one. ‘What was so urgent you needed me here present?’ You asked with a smile, hiding all the inner emotions you felt rather than swallowing them.
‘A scout came in today.’ The army commander began.
‘And?’ You asked.
‘We have some bad news I’m afraid princess.’ Your fathers right hand advisor began. You nodded and looked down to the nerves in the wooden table. And when you looked up your eyes showed a little more strenght.
‘We had already our fair share on bad news and we managed it anyway. So, bring it on.’ You said with a soft grinn. They all smiled intensly, glad to have this kind of a princess back. You grew up as an only child without a mother. Your father always learned you a great deal about fighting and defenses. He maked you to his image and you were proud of it. He always loved you deeply, a love you would carry with you until the day you would die.
‘Certain high places are gattering forces. You have the richest land and they are leading their armies together, join forces to take us down.’ The commander began. That was something you saw coming, for weeks now. Behind your borders there was a hugh amount of rich soil, soil everybody wanted. When you looked to the commander you saw he wasn’t finished.
‘And?’ You asked.
‘Princess, those pagains arrived again.’
‘Vikings.’ You hissed through your teeth. You stroke your finger over your lips, thinking in how many ways this could go wrong. ‘How many?’
‘It’s a large army. They arrive a couple of hours ago.’ The commander answered. You nodded and looked around in the room.
‘Are they with enough to keep this kingdom intact?’ You asked not far after.
‘You thinking of making an alians with them?’ Your fathers advisor began shocked. And he wasn’t the only one, the others looked at you in disbelief.
‘I don’t see another option. If we can make this alians we have a bigger army, we can win. There isn’t anybody else around to defend us, not this far south. We are out of options here, the facts are there,’ you pointed to some roll the commandor had in his hands. ‘we know for sure now. If they come we loose, with those vikings, we may stand a change.’
‘But princess,’ the advisor on the left of you began. You looked aside to him, he looked a little troubled.
‘Speak freely.’ You encouraged him.
‘Those vikings are under the command of Ivar The Boneless.’ He announched. You clenshed your teeth, looking the other way. That cripple had already so much fame on the other side of this land that you grew sick of it. Even this far south the stories about the great commander whispered through the trees. And from all of those men it was him who came a shore. It was completly still for minutes while you tried to think your way around this one, but their wasn’t. You stroke your hands through your long hair and looked back up to the commander.
‘Ready the cavalry.’ You announched. Let’s see how big and famous that Ivar was.

You were with little less than twenty riders. They strongly advised against you go to the beach to confront those vikings, certainly with you becoming a queen. But you did, despite the fact it was the middle of the night. Your soldiers and commander drove around you, like a shield for your protection while you closed in on the camp. You saw a big campfire, a lot of tents, a lot of ships to.
‘Riders!’ Some of those men yelled.
‘Enemies!’ If they saw twenty riders as an enemy than they weren’t that experienced as you thought. They build a shield wall in no time. Your eyebrows went up, impressed by how fast they handled this treath.
‘We need to speak to your leader.’ Your commander annouched. There came no reaction, only a strong silence flushing over the camp they had. The waves rocked over the beach, the wind whispered something through your mind before you finally saw some movements.
‘Hardly an enemy.’ One said. You looked to the white horse, before a chariot, walking to the shield wallt that immidiatly maked room. So this was him? In the darkness he was hardly just a man, not some god like they always said he was. His eyes were the only thing that lightened up in this kind of darkness, a piercing bleu shade that went right for your commander. ‘We just arrived and you come already with your surrender, I’m impressed.’ He nodded approvingly. You didn’t say a thing, you just stayed in the back, observing that man. He didn’t even look at you or the others, he only had eye for your commander.
‘The queen likes to discuss certain terms.’ Your commander said politly. Ivar chuckled, looking over to his men like your commander said some kind of joke.
‘I don’t do terms. Didn’t you here about me out here?’ He asked with a threatening voice.
‘Yes and it’s hardly what I imagined.’ You spoke for the first time. He jerked his head around, looking for you so you maked it for him a little easier and walked your horse into the light. His jaw dropped, impressed by the fact that a woman was in full combat gear. It took hem hardly seconds to take his astonishment under control.
‘What did you imagine?’ He asked with a titled head. You felt his eyes go over your body, amused, still stunned by the fact you were a girl.
‘Not much to begin with.’ You smiled sarcastic.
‘You look like a lot of fun. Maybe i do need to listen to that queen of yours.’
‘I’m the queen.’ You reacted, giving him a smug grinn before you turned to your men. ‘Take him.’ You commanded. Ivar just sat there, holding his finger up to his men who where already eager to attact.
‘Let her,’ he whispered, looking back to you. You only looked down on him with the same kind of cold look he had. ‘let’s see how badass you are when I sneak into your head.’ He tapped his own temple and smiled darkly.


Request: Can you do an imagine where liam has a crush on y/n and the pack come(s) by y/n’s house and find out that her family is abusive? ~Anon

Liam had had a crush on you forever. Everyone knew that.Ever since you patched him up when Hayden punched him was head over heels. Sadly, he hid this a little to well, leading you to believe that he just thought of you as a friend. You were okay with that, sure you liked he him too, but you just thought you were friends and you weren’t going to push anything. besides, you didn’t want to ruin your current relationship.

Being friends with Liam meant you got to learn about werewolves and all the other creatures around Beacon Hills as well. It was crazy and quit frankly, tiring. Every other day there was something wrong. A stray Chimera, a new werewolf, weird half dead past pack member, it was all happening.

It was after one of these events that you decided to go at the wrong time. Your parents were home. You didn’t notice until it was to late. You had stepped in and once they heard the door open, they were on you like vultures. First it was verbal, as always. Calling you names on the way to your room and grabbing your clothes before you could close the door. You looked at them with all the strength you could muster, trying to hold your ground. It had no effect on them as they dragged you out into the open Living room with only lawn chairs in it.

You fell to the ground when they let go, causing all fo the books in your bag to spread across the floor.

“Great Expectations?” Your mother laughed as she picked up the book you were currently reading. She looked you right in the eye as she tore out a few pages and threw them in the fire place. How am I going to explain that to the teacher? You thought. Oh how many things your parents broken for you. You couldn’t keep count anymore. You were getting sick of it and the only thing that kept you going was graduating and getting out of this town, finally.

“You know Y/N, we only do this for your own good. the world isn’t a ncie place” Your father explainged, sitting down in one of the two lawn chairs that sat against the wall. Next to it you saw the booze that they must have been drinking. When you got a wiff of your mother, you knew it was true. She did happen to smell like Tequila.

“I know” you whispered, trying not to glare over at them, starting to gulp the bottle away again.

“What was that?” Your father yelled, making your mother start to get up,

“Nothing, “ you stated, picking up the books still on the floor and not ripped up before heading to your room. Your were thankful that it didn’t go any farther today, like it usually did.

Once you got to your room you closed the door. You locked it with the small blue saftey lock you had bought. Nothing much, but still better than onne, you thought. It wasn’t long until you heard a knock at the front door and you hoped to good that it wasn’t the friends your parents were talking about a few days ago. That is, before you heard the familiar footsteps of Liam and Mason.

“Uh…Hello Mrs. and Mr Y/L/N” Mason greeted them, politly.

“Is Y/N here?” Liam asked, softly, looking around the room. you peeked out of your room hoping that Liam would catch your eye as your parents quickly were engulfed in conversation with Mason. Once you made eye contact with Liam he knew something was wrong. Why is she hiding?

You pointed to the window and then to your room, wanting him to talk to you through the window.

“Yea, and we just wanted to give her her jacket, she left it behind in the library” Mason explained kindly. Liam agreed, putting it down on the samll table in the kitchen and started towards the door. Pulling Mason along with him gently

“Wait, what about-”

“it’s fine, she’ll find it, we have to get going” Liam said, gruffly, almost commanding Mason to go with him, which he complied to do, but it still worried him.

“Well it was nice meeting you!” Mason called back as your parents rolled their eyes and started drinking once more. But when the door closed they got up and went to your door, and grabbing the jacket that the boys had brought.

“Oh Y/N” They hissed into the hall. it made your skin crawl and try to put on your lock faster, also trying not to make a ruckus. While you were doing that you heard a small pine cone hit your window. It made you glance back to see Liam in the tree, looking confused and worried. You held up a finger telling him to wait a minture which he did. It just gave you more time to worry. Your parents were coming towards the door and you could hear their footsteps echoing off your door.

“Your little friends came by” they sang, finally coming to the door and jiggiling the handle, finding that it wouldnt open.

“Oh, she’s gotten smart” you father said, impressed.

“Not smart enough” your mother chuckled as she went to go get a hammer. You felt your heart thump harder in your chest and yoru palms start to sweat. It wasn’t until Liam hit the window again that it brought you back to reality.

You looked back at him, wided eyed and frenzied, he looked just as scared as you and that’s when you rembered he could hear everything. You felt your heart sink into your stomach. Especially when the footsteps came back.

“I’m giving you a change baby” You mother said sweetly  before continuing, “Open this door” she offered,   “Or I’ll knock it down” she seethed. Your heart skipped a bit as you heard the thing she was holding hit the floor. It sounded heavy.

Liam hit the window again, motioning for you to open it, which you did, quickly running over to it. He grabbed your arm and tugged you out to the tree that he was on.

“Liam,” you pleaded, but he just shushed, probably looking for the fastest way to get out. When Mason came crashing round the corner of the block he jumped out of the tree, making you scream into his chest, holding on as tight as you could. You heard the smash of your door breaking and thanked god that you weren’t in your room anymore. Instead, you looked up to see Liam still holding you, running to the car. He looked like he wasn’t even trying to carry you, and you felt yourself melt into his arms when he set you down in the car and yelled at Mason to drive as fast as he could.

~ A/N Thanks for reading this guys! So Sorry I haven’t been on in forever! School I tell ya! Anyways, I’m aiming to have more time now to right so please expect some more imagines and stuff on the way!!

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Hello Could you possibly please do a kol imagine where you have been kols Bestfriend forever and when you get hurt standing up for him he realizes that he loves you and just a whole bunch of fluff and maybe a lil crazy kol please?

Hi! I would love to write a fluffy imagine about Kol. Hope that you like what I wrote for you and it is what you imagined. :)

“Crazy about you.”

Kol Mikaelson - (Y/N) One shot/Imagine
Word count: 1.079

  • (Y/S/C) = (Your Skin Color)
  • Requests are still open and you can always check out my Instagram @diariesstydia
  • I know the scene I am describing in which Kol is in danger never really occured but it’s a imagine/AU/One shot so I doesn’t really matter, okay?

A classic tale, boy and girl are best friends and fall in love, yet still don’t want to admit it. Since you have been best friends forever - literally forever - with Kol Mikaelson, you always thought that it was a cliché and some bullsh*t, until it happened to you too.

Originally posted by unstoppable-girl-5

As long as your memories go back, Kol Mikaelson has been your best friend. Never did you leave his side, even in his darkest moments as a vampire. Never did he leave your side, even when you turned off your humanity. You both needed each other and you were like peanut butter and jelly.
But it was only recently when you started viewing your best friend as something more. You wanted to kiss his lips and you wanted him to hold your hand.

You watched Kol being tied to a chair while Damon stood in front of him when you walked into the Mikaelson’s resident in Mystic Falls. Since the ‘Mystic Falls Gang’ had found a way to kill every member of the Mikaelson family they have been a constant threat. Even if you weren’t a member of their family, they also still threatened you as you were almost as old as Kol himself. Kol had bitten you when you were incredibly sick and almost dying. And eversince you had been along his side - except for when Klaus stabbed him, of course.

“Damon, please, stop this,” You yelled as you went to stand in front of Kol with your back turned to him. His brown eyes were filled with hope but also a lot of fear. After being immortal for so long, it was a terrifying idea for Kol to be killed.

“Why would I listen to you?” Damon asked, playing with the White Oak stick in his hands. 
“You are as much as a Mikaelson as all of them,” he said. “Hell, you are as much as a threat to us as Klaus is. Everyone knows you, (Y/N), because of all the demonic things you have done. Sounds like a Mikaelson to me.”

You sighed and rolled your eyes. People who didn’t want to listen to you when you politly asked you annoyed you.
For serious, Damon was right. In your behaviour you were as much as a Mikaelson as Klaus. When something didn’t come your way, you made sure it eventually did, and when people hurt your loved ones, they could except a tornado coming their way.

“Don’t say I didn’t ask, Salvatore,” You said and after that you attacked the blue eyed guy. You tried to grab the white oak from him but before you could, you felt a piece of wood pearce through you. After that, you slowly slipped away of conciousness and the last thing you saw was a shocked and completly broken Kol.


- Kol’s P.O.V. -

Know that feeling when you feel like your whole has crashed down? That was what I felt when I saw Damon stab a piece of wood straight through (Y/N). Not until this moment had I ever thought about how it would feel to see her hurting like this, to see her lifeless body laying on the floor. It was heart breaking and I hated it, but what I hated more at this moment was Damon Salvatore.

While Damon was still feeling epic about flooring one of the eldest vampires, I got loose of the knot Damon had tied me in. Damon then immediatly got out of his ecsatsy but it was too late. Before he could react, I had already snapped his necked. 

“You should have listened to her,” I said to the cold body of Damon. Over the years I had learned a few things about (Y/N). First of all, don’t hurt or threaten the people she loves. Second, don’t ignore her threats and as last, she was never to be underrastimed.

I pulled out the wooden stock still sticking out of (Y/N)’s body. The grey color on her skin turned back into her lovely, (Y/S/C) color but she still didn’t open her beautiful eyes.

After I had sat myself down next to her body on the floor, I layed her head on my lap. All I wanted to see right now were her eyes. I wanted to see her beautiful smile again which I had known for so long. Everytime I was around her, she had this constant smile on her face which came through to her eyes. How I loved her smile and her eyes, how I loved everything about her. 

“(Y/N), I staked the asshole for you,” I started telling the still lifeless, cold body laying on the floor. 
“He should have known to not cross you. He should have listened to me when I said you would come for me because you always do. Everytime I get myself into trouble again, you are there to help me. You are my guardian angel who never leaves my side. So please, don’t leave me, (Y/N).” I swolled a big brock of emotion. I needed to stay strong and think that she is going to come back but that it’s just taking a bit longer then usually.
“Please, (Y/N), I need you. I need to tell you how I feel. I need to tell you how my heart beats faster everytime you flash your smile at me, how lovely you look when you the sun shines on you,” I said and in that moment I realised that I had fallen completly, truly and madly in love with my best friend. I had fallen for her without even fully realising I had.

“To be honest, Kol, it kind of looks like you are about to cry in this sunlight,” I suddenly heard (Y/N). Never have I felt this relieved or happy in my life. She was alive and wasn’t planning on leaving me.

Before I said anything, I bowed down to her with my face and pressed my lips against hers. My heart was feeling even more happy when she started kissing me back. She felt the same way and I couldn’t be more grateful.

“By the way, Kol, thank your for staking Damon,” (Y/N) said to me as we broke our kiss and she began to sit up and sit in front of me. How terrified I had been to never hear her jokes again, to never hear her lovely voice again.

“Everything for you, love,” I said and a smile grew on her face when I called her ‘love’.
“Thank you for coming to save me, everytime,” I thanked her and she answered by crashing her lips into mine once again. A sweet yet passionate kiss which explained that we both had fallen madly in love with each other. Cliché but true.

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When hyumen cum home frum werk, they sumtimes bring fud back. One day dey brought a cheezberger! I politly ask "Can I haz?" but dey said "No, bad kitty!' and threw me off da table. can u beleeve?


Crush (Part 4)

“We look like that kind of couples that always seem nice and relaxed but in reality they are evil bitches” Sammy comments letting out a little laugh “Like on those movies, when they come and ring the doorbell with smiley faces, the housewife and the man who is always working on a company, they bring a tasty cake, and then boom, they kill everyone and everything” he scoffs “I love it” 

I roll my eyes “Shut up” I say closing the car door behind me and fixing my dress  “it’s nice to bring a cake, they took the time to prepare something and had the detail to invite us to their house, we couldn’t come here with empty hands” I argue 

he laughs again “oh, I am not talking about the cake, darling, I am talking about your look, you look like you came from a housewife’s magazine” 

I gasp, because I know he is being mean, and I am kind of offended by his fashion police attitude. “Hey! you said the dress was fine before we left the apartment” 

“you said blue dress over the phone, I never thought you had that thing, if we didn’t have that little time to leave I wouldn’t have let you cross the door in that ” he scoffs, opening the back of the car while I balance the cake on one hand and my purse in the other “you are lucky I am such a great friend and I know so well” he says pulling out my black leather jacket from the back at handing it to me “this would help a lot, honestly” 

I sigh “thanks, I appreciate it” I say leaving the cake on the top of the car and purse on the floor, quickly sliding the jacket on “I am so nervous” I comment, throwing the last topic away “I can’t believe I am finally going to talk to him and sober” 

“I am excited” he says, almost ignoring what I said “you are going to speak face to face with your crush and that crazy bride, and I am getting laid” 

I furrow my eyebrows and look at him confused “Wait… I don’t get it” I say “is Calum coming?” 

he chuckles pulling on his jacket “Hell yeah he is, do you really think I was going to expend the entire night saving you from uncomfortable moments, and not having any reward for myself”  he says “he is your man’s best friend, and he’s smoking hot, I am taking him as my reward” 

“oh my god” I throw my head back a sigh heavily “I honestly can’t believe he is gay, and I cannot believe that he has a thing for you”  

he rolls his eyes “is not a ‘thing’, I am not planning to have anything with him, is just sex” 

I nod, not believing him “you are a lightweight, I know it” I state “plus, I thought we agreed that we were done with men, it was a promise Sammy” I pout taking the cake again from the top of the car and walking towards the door. 

“I know” he shrugs “but is just sex, honestly” 

I sigh and nod, he can do whatever he wants, I know that is just impossible to try to mom him around, I just give up. 

he takes gives a last look at himself in the little mirror on the car and rushes to go by my side, by the time he is already standing by me I am already ringing the doorbell and waiting for a response and also praying for it to not be Luke or else I will freak out in a matter of seconds. 

“My hands are shaking” I whisper to Sammy. 

he acts fast and whispering a quiet “I got it” he takes the Cake from me so I didn’t drop it by accident.

I hear steps insides, and I try to detect if they are either boots or heels, I also try to guess if there are more than two people inside, hopefully, we weren’t alone and they also invited their friends over (except for Calum that was invited by Samuel). the door opens and a big fake and desperate smile appears on my face, but after seeing who is the one at the door it softens and it turns into a real smile. 

“(Y/n)!” he exclaims opening the door completely “Oh my god! look at you, i can’t believe you are here, you look fantastic! Wow” 

“Luke!” i cheer and smile even more at his exciment “You are… taller” or should i say more handsome than ever? 

“Give me a hug!” he says walking just a couple of stairs down, wraping both arms around my small body and pressing me against him. i take advantage of this little moment between us and as i hug him back, i take a deep smell of his kind of familiar scent, that bring me so many memories from the past and makes me want to go back and change everything. 

Once we separate, i take a look at Sammy who is fully checking out my ex-best friend and clearly enjoying the view. “Luke, this is Sam my roomate” i introduce him, making him snap out of his thoghts. 

“And best friend, and personal stylist. Nice to meet you” he adds with a smile extending his hand, now they were politly shaking hands even thought Luke didn’t seem comfortable at all with Sam’s presence, maybe he is jealous i came here with a boy? or maybe he is not very pleased with the fact that Sam is my current best friend?. these are the kind of question that would never be answered. 

“Nice to meet you too” he responds, and now backing up a bit from his place, he give us some space for us to come in the house “You guys come in, suit yourselves, mi casa es su casa” 

Sam takes my hand and guides me inside, and I can’t help but open my mouth in surprise, if i said the place is big I would be lying, it’s huge and absolutely beautiful, i just can’t believe what a beautiful place my eyes are seeing. a loud bark almost makes my heart go out of my chest, and as soon as i hear it Sam and i turn around, and as an instinct i hide behind Sammy to protect myself, i get scared so easily. 

Luke laughs “Don’t worry” he says “This is Petunia, she doens’t know you it’s her who is scared of you” he clarifies, reaching down to scratch his dog’s head. “she doesn’t bite” 

i sigh in relief and stop hiding, i am so nervous, i feel like anything could blow up my heart at any moment, this is not good. “Arz is upstairs, she is getting ready” he says while placing himself in front of us.”you guys like wine?” he asks politely and we both nod in response “uhh cake” he says taking the cake from my friend hand and taking it to the kitchen, leaving us temporarily alone. 

“Wow” Sam whispers to me “you are really shaking, calm down” he says squeezing my hand a bit to calm me down. 

“I can’t” i whisper back to him “Sammy did you saw him? he looks so handsome” 

“Oh yeah he is” he says like it was the most obvious thing in the world “But you have to calm down, and stop being so nervous otherwise you could-” 

“Oh my godness!” a loud voice fills the room, and once again, it scared me “you’re here! you look gorgeus!” my crush’s girlfriend is now walking downstairs as fast as her heels let her and she throws herself at me, wrapping me in a really tight hug. 

“Hello” i say awkwardly hugging her back. “You look great!” 

and it’s true, she looked fantastic i almost felt undressed she was wearing a tight black dress that suited her long black boots, and her make up was heavy. it suited her really well, i could feel Sammy’s jaw drop as she gave him a short hug as a greating. 

“No way” Samuel says, still impressed “is that an Armani dress?” 

she smiles at him and gives a little turn on her heels to show up the dress. “oh yeah it is” she states “Tonight felt like a good moment to wear it”  

“Wow” Sam sighs looking at me with wide eyes, and yeah, i know, that things cost like one thousand dollars, more than Sam or me can acommulate in a month. 

“it’s fantastic” i say smiling like it wasn’t as much of a big deal. “you look very pretty” 

our conversation doesn’t seem to continue, Luke comes in the room holding a fancy tray full of glasses of wine for everyone, i almost feel ashamed for drinking in front of him after what happened the last time, i don’t want to do something stupid because of the alcohol again. 

“Oh look who’s here” he smiles to his now fiance and kisses her forehead smiling, letting her take a glass of wine to herself. “You look incredible” 

“You look so handsome tonight” she says and then they kiss. i can feel my insides twitching when their lips make contact, and being able to watch it so close to them made me wanted to push them apart. This is what Jealousy feels like, nothing to be proud of.  

The start mumbling things to each other, so quietly that Sam and i can barely understand, he kisses her repeately and she smiles sliding her hand behind his neck, on this exact moment they are literally being the most disgusting and cheesy couple i have ever seen,but the thing that burns the most in the back on my mind is how much i wish for him to be as disgusting and cheesy with me. 

“Nice house” Sam says, interrupting they little excessive PDA moment. they separate from each others personal spaces and turn to us. 

“Pardon?” Luke says being a little too distracted by the moment. 

“I said: Nice house” Sam says one more time “Have you lived here for long?” 

Luke let us take our own glasses of wine and set the tray down, sliding an arm around his fiance’s hip. his head shooks and he looks around his own place “No, we just moved here like.. what? two months ago?” he looks down at Arzaylea. 

she nods, taking a sip from her glass “Yeah, a month and a half maybe” she confirms “I can’t wait to show you the house!” she says looking at me with a smile and cheering while talking. 

“This place is really big, you’ll love it” Luke adds “and there is this room, (Y/n), it remind me so much of you, you will love it, i swear” he says wiggling his eyebrows. 

“Uh, can i show her now Luke?” Arzaylea says looking at Luke with a smile. 

“we got all night babe!” he says letting her go just a little so then he could take her free hand. “Are you guys hungry?” 

i open my mouth to respond, but before any words could come out of my mouth, once again, Sam speaks before me, saying a Clean and clear “Yes we are” so then him and Luke were walking to the kitchen leaving us, the girls, behind. 

 i try to walk behind them, just to evict an uncomfortable moment with the crazy bride, but the moment i take one step forward, she touches my shoulder making me stop “Hey”  she mumbles “i am so glad you came” she says with an honest smile “Look at him, he looks so happy! (Y/n) seriosly, i am so so greatful” 

“it’s nothing” i smile, trying to not reflect on my face my very deep true feelings “i was missing him too, honestly, it will be great to catch up with him” i say. 

“fantastic!” she says “and by the way” her voice turns into a whisper “i just wanted to tell you that i haven’t said a word to him of what you told me the other day” she clarifies with a more serious look “And if at any moment you feel uncomfortable, just…” 

“It’s fine” i say interrupting her “don’t worry about it, i swear, it’s fine”

she is about to say something else but our names are called from the kitchen and we snap out of our conversation. 

“Alright” she breathes and smile “This is going to be a fun night!” she cheers and takes my hand, Emanating excitement all over herself. 

oh dear

i bet this night is going to be… pretty interesting. 

The moment Calum walked in throught the front door, with a bright smile on his face and a pack of beers between his hands, i could notice Sam’s eyes brighting up and looking at his next hook up with a look that said “i am about to do you good”, because, yes, that’s literally what Sam’s eyes reflected at that moment. 

and since then i’ve been technically ditched by my bestfriend, who was too busy trying to get into this guy’s pants while I was sitting in the backyard listening to one of the countless conversations i have not pay attention to, sipping on my 3rd cup of wine and being to distracted by my own thoughts. 

“i always wanted to have an outdoors wedding” the crazy bride says, continuing a pointless conversation that has been going on for almost an hour “indoors is nice but you don’t get as nice pictures, if you know what i mean” 

Luke chuckles and leaves his cup down “What if it rains?” he say jokingly

“Or if there’s not sun at all?” Calum adds 

she shakes her head and shush him “There won’t be rain at my wedding and the sun will come out, Don’t be negative” she groans sipping on her cup 

Luke laughs and rubs her back softly in a sign of support. i couldn’t help but lead my eyes to him on the moment he touched her, but i was pushed out of my thoughts the moment Sam placed a hand on my shoulder. 

“You’re out of it” he mumbles in my ear, waking my up from my daydreams. it almost scares me since i was so distracted, i never saw him moving from his place. “(Y/n) stop acting weird, and i would advice you to stop drinking that we don’t want you to get drunk again” 

“im sorry” i sigh shrugging “i promise i’ll stop, it’s just-”

“Hey! Sammy” i hear Arzaylea call my best friends name. the name Sammy sounds in my head a thousand times after that, i am the onlt only one who calls him Sammy. “You know about makeup and that stuff, do you?” 

he shrugs “I am an expert” he says and i nudge him. 

“Wanna see my dress selection and give me a second opinion?” she says winking at him and getting up her seat bringing her cup along. 

“oui oui” he says smiling and letting her lace her arm with his and dragging him inside the house. 

“i’ll come with you guys” Calum says finishing the cup of wine and walking with them. he’s been following Sam the entire night, it wouldn’t surprise me if they both ended up at the apartment by tomorrow’s morning. 

What left just two of us, Luke is smiling at me while moving on his seat, we haven’t had the chance to catch up just the two of us in the entire night, i don’t even know if he has been waiting for this moment but i was pretty nervous know that i had him technically all for myself. 

“Is your friend an fashion expert?” he raises his eyebrows with a smile 

i shrug and nod “He kinda is, he studied some weird a career about fashion in college” i say moving my seat closer to his place “i don’t think i know anyone who knows more about this things than him” 

he nods “that’s great” he says “you meet him there?” Luke asks “i mean, you couldn’t have meet him in Australia, since he is..”

“We were in the same class, yeah” i nod, interrupting him “we were together in drama, that’s where i meet him”

“That’s pretty cool” he says smiling “Did you do Fashion too, in college?” 

i shake my head “not really, i tried photography and because of the whole art thing he had too be on the drama class, i hated it but hey! it actually wasn’t that bad” 

he nods “you meet someone special” he says sweetly 

i shrug “Sammy is a very nice man” i smile “it’s kind of a shame that sometimes he’s too gay to function” 

Luke holds his look at me, and breaks to laugh, just like im doing right now, he catched my pun in no time and as expected he would laught about it like he used to when we were friends. 

“Mean girls” he says still laughing “wow, i didn’t remember that movie” 

“What?” i frown and look at him still not believing it “We used to watch that movie all the time, at my house!”

he is still laughing at my past comment but somehow he still manages to comment “We don’t really watch that movie anymore, Arz doesn’t really like it, so…” 

my smile almost drops but i manage to not say anything and seem chill “Aw i see” i shrug “good thing we’ve seen it like a thousand times, right?” 

he nods and get up his seat, going to the small table near him and setting down his drink. he walks up to me and indicates me to get up with a simple hand motion and says. “wanna see something cool?” 

i get up looking at him a bit weird not understanding why he suddenly wants us to go somewhere else “sure” i nod. 

he guides me through his gigantic house, talking while we walk as if we were in a museum, showing me some of the rooms that crossed our way and just saying random stuff that he could think of. He leads me to the very last floor of the house, and we walk through a small aisle that leads to the only room the floor, i guess is that attic, but why is he taking me there?

“i wanted to show you this room, you’ll love it” he says “We don’t go here as much, but for some reason, it reminds me of you a lot” 

He thinks of me 

the first thing that i do is smile and when he opens the door, i almost seem speachless. there is this beautiful window that was not as big but on a perfect size to a beautiful view of the gardens around the house, the walls were covered in rows and rows of books and there was a nice chair just beside the window, for anyone to sit and read. 

“Wow” i sigh and walk in the room “Luke this is so cool!” i say walking by one of the bookshelves and  “Since when do you read though?” i ask curiously, looking at him with a smile while pulling out of the books, which happened to be one of my all time favorites ‘Pride and predujice’ “a classic huh?” 

he smiles back “the majority arent really mine, Arz reads a lot, so we just took the room and bought a bunch of books, she always comes and takes some” he speaks, walking even more in the room “i love this view though” 

i nod “it’s very nice” 

he suddenly walks on by the bookshelf and picks on a big thick book, that didn’t seem much like a book, i think it is a photo album. 

“This is my favorite part” he says, and the second he opens it, a picture of both of us came out, we were probably like 14 years old when that picture happened, i was dressing in a cheerleader uniform and he had the normal school uniform. i was innocently smiling for the picture Liz was taking while Luke rolled his eyes sucking on an ice pop and making a peace symbol with his hand. 

“No way!” i exclaim loudly, looking at the picture with wide eyes, i could not believe what my eyes were seeing. “Look at your hair, look at my ponytails” i laugh hardly “where did you get this?” i look at him amazed

“Mom” he simply says laughing at my reaction and handing me the book. 

“Wow” i sigh and turn the page, another picture with me on it pops out, this time with a most younger version of me and sitting next to the one and only Jack hemmings, who was smiling at the camera along with me and holding a deck of uno cards between his hands. “oh my goodness” i laugh “this is amazing, you brother did not actually look homeless in this one” i joke and nudge Luke. 

“Hey!” he laughs and fake glance at me. 

“you know it’s true” i laugh, turning another page “oh, how many memories”

he nods “That’s why it’s my favorite” he says and walks to closest wall, leaning on it, while looking at me “i’ve been spending a lot of time here lately, brings so many memories, it’s amazing” 

i nod “i can see why” i smile “these pictures are pure gold”  

i keep looking at the pictures on the book, surprisingly, i appeared in many of them, and i couldn’t help but bring all of these memories to my mind, also it made me realize how much time i used to spend with Luke, there were so many pictures and memories that almost disappeared in my mind. 

“i miss those times” i say with a hint of nostalgy in my voice

“Me too” he says with a weird smile. Arzaylea was right, he is really feeling homesick “Listen (Y/n)..” 

oh no, that start couldn’t mean something good. 

“Yes?” i say awkardly. 

he sighs “i know things between us are a bit awkard, since well, you know..”

the kiss, i complete in my mind and let him continue. 

“But i was wondering, if maybe you’d like to go out sometime, just the two of us, to catch up, we haven’t seen each other in so long, i need to be with someone that i..” 

“Yeah, i get it” i say interrupting him, but i cannot get myself to say yes right away, after all of this time of trying to not talk to him and get him out of my life, he comes to me again and thanks to this i will most likely never get him out of my mind “Luke, i mean, i am very glad that we got to see each other again, but aren’t you a bit mad for what happened at the party?” 

his eyes widen a bit and he shakes his head “i am not really mad about it, i guess you were like really drunk and i know how impulsive you are when you drink so… we can just forget that happened and move on, (Y/n) i really fucking miss you” 

i never expected him to miss me, honestly, and the truth is that, i miss too. i dont wasted any time and my weak inner side dominates me, and the second my mouth all i can say is. 

“Do you wanna go for coffee tomorrow?” 



“Hello handsome!” A woman went up to Thor at one of Tony’s famous parties. It took Thor a few seconds to realise he was being spoken to. 

“Hello.” He said politly.

“This party is boring…Want to get out of here?” She asked in his ear, leaning her body against his side. He looked down at her wondering what she meant - he thought the party was brilliant! But when she winked at him, he finally clicked. He was about to open his mouth to reply when something in the corner of his eye caught his view. Looking up, he caught you looking at the woman on his arm with a jealous gaze before turning away.

“Do not touch me again.” Thor said sternly, shaking off the woman.

(Only a short one I’m afraid.)

I think your house might be haunted | Draco Malfoy

just-antiyou asked: a draco x reader au where draco went home with her for the holidays and they hear a noise and he thinks her house is haunted so when she goes to check it out he gets all worried and protective? Thank you!

Pairing; Draco x reader

Warnings:  none

“Are you sure you want to come?” You ask your boyfriend as you both step off of the hogwarts express.
“Yes (Y/N) i’m sure, i want your parents to get to know me a bit better, maybe even like me a little” He sighs at the end.
“They do like you Draco” you start “They just dont really know you” you add as you spot your parents at their car as you get out of kings cross.
“Hi” you smile hugging your mum and dad leaving Draco stood awkwardly behind you.
“Hello Mr and Mrs (Y/L/N)” He says politly causing you smirk.
“Please, you can call us by our names Draco” They both smile back.
Once you reach your house your parents announce that they are going out for a meal with friends and wont be back untill late meaning you had the house to yourselves. You walked upstaires showing Draco your room for the first time. It was quite a bit smaller than his but he seemed to find it exiting looking around at all the photos and notes you had around. He picked up a photo of you both and smiled at you sweetly
“So, what do you-” you got cut off by a loud bang coming from the attic.
“What was that? I thought your parents left” Draco says as you both look at each other.
“I dont know” you say begining to get a little frightened.
“I think your house might be haunted” Draco says in a scared toan causing you to laugh.
“My house is not haunted” You say causing him to roll his eyes at you.
“How do you know?” He says walking closer.
“Shall i go and check it out?” you ask your curiosity getting the better of you.
“No! what if its dangerous!” Draco says pulling you back before you can walk out of the bedroom.
“I’m pretty sure i can handle what ever it is babe” You smirk loosening his grip.
“I’m pretty sure you can’t lets just um, lets stay here” he shruggs causing you to sigh and begin to walk towards the door again.
“Fine! But let me go first i dont want anything to hurt you” He exclaimes walking out ahead of you.
You both make your way to the attic Draco infront holding out his wand, you had told him multiple times this was probably not necessery.
“Stay back (Y/N)” Your boyfriend said protectively looking around.
Suddenly he put down his wand and looked at you with a raised eyebrow. “I think i found the culprit” He says with a hint of annoyance in his voice.
You walk cautiously over to see your fluffy cat lying next to a smashed vase.
“What are you doing up here!” You say in a light voice picking the fluffball up off the ground.
“See? I told you the wand wasnt necessary” You laugh at the look on Draco’s face.
“Well.. It could of been something dangerous” He says kissing your forehead and glaring at your cat. “What ever you say” you smile kissing his lips.

I hope this wasnt too bad!!

-Melissa x

New Butterflies

Could you write one where you used to date this guy (could it be devin sola? if not then just a random guy) and he cheated on you a while back and now your with ashley and you meet devin on warped and he wants you back but you can’t because your with ashley? sorry if this is confusing

You giggled quietly as Ashley tucked on your hand, pulling you along with him. The sun was shining brightly and it was uncomfortably warm, but you still couldn’t stop the happiness that built inside your tummy, like millions of butterflies were dancing in there.

The giant terrian on which Warped Tour took place was crowded, not only with fans but also a lot of band members of various bands.

“Ashley, where are we going?”, you laughed as you stumbled behind him. “I want to show you something”, he babbled quickly in excitement.

It has only been a few months since you were dating, mostly because you had some trust issues when you first met him, but he was patient and waited, earning more and more trust with each passing day. Your life was full of colors and happiness, excitement and love! It felt like in one of those romance movies you never really liked because they seemed so unreal, but now you felt like you were in one of them.

“(Y/N)?!”, you stopped abruptly as soon as the oh so familiar voice reached your ears. Ashley turned around confused, still holding your hand in his. “Why did you stop?”, he asked and raised an eyebrow at you.

You shivered slightly as you turned around, ignoring Ashley’s question which he didn’t like at all but suddenly, it was like the world stopped for a second.

Dark blue eyes stared back into yours and you immediately knew who was standing in front of you. Devin Sola. Bassist of Montionless in White. Your ex.

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Christmas Lights Keep Shining On

Well, I wrote this fic very quick (hey that rhymes lol) so I’m sorry for my bad grammar mistakes. :D  I wish you a merry Christmas, or as we in Germany would say: Frohe Weihnachten! 

Summary:  Nobody should be alone on Christmas, so you decide to invite a sad Steve Rogers to accompany you to your family dinner.

Warnings: None 

“Yes Mum, I’m almost on the road… yes, I just have to finish the last pile.” I laughed a little with my phone jammed between my shoulder and ear and tried to lift the giant file up the desk. “See ya Mum, bye.” I hung up the phone and sighed deeply. Since no one wanted to make the report of our last mission in China, it was my job getting it done in the last hours before Christmas.

Everyone had better things to do and had left a long time ago. Everyone except me. Stark took Pepper on a vacation somewhere in Europe; Clint celebrated together with his family. And so on. The tower was practically empty; people mostly were here only to finish off the necessary stuff before they could go too.

I was in a hurry to leave the tower and get home before the blizzard could hit New York. But nevertheless I was happy because- What would Christmas be without snow?

So I signed the last paper, put on my boots and coat and was about to leave, as I suddenly turned around and headed back.

“My keys.” I muttered annoyed. I couldn’t leave without my keys.

I entered the common room and grabbed the keys where I had left them on the table, as I noticed the lights of a TV shining on the walls. I carefully glanced around the corner. A tall blonde man skipped through the channels without really paying attention. He looked sad.

“Steve?“ I asked surprised and looked down at a frame in the dark, covered with blankets. He lifted his head in confusion, but his eyes lightened up as he saw it was only me.  “(Y/N), what are you doing here? I thought you were long gone.” "Actually I was about to go. What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you celebrate Christmas instead of watching TV all night?“

I leaned against the wall and chuckled, but Steve just gave me a thin smile and shrugged his shoulders. “I used to love Christmas, but that was a long time ago.“ His sad, piercing blue eyes looked directly into mine and caused butterflies to dance in my stomach and my cheeks tinted lightly pink.

I tried to ignore the fact I always felt like a stupid school girl around him, though I really had a big crush on him since a while. I wasn’t afraid of beating up enemies during our battles or getting myself into danger, but I always got nervous when I was around him.    

He was my captain, nothing more and even our friendship wouldn’t change anything about that. Only Natasha knew my feelings about him, because it was simply impossible hiding secrets from her. At least, she didn’t tell anyone.

"I thought you would…well you know.“ "With who?” Steve replied and sighed and stared at the TV again.

A silent oh escaped my lips as I realized he had nobody with who he could spend Christmas Eve with. Even Sam wasn’t in town. And I just stood here with my scarf and woollen cap and didn’t know what to do at first, as he looked towards me again.I really didn’t want him to spend tonight totally alone, that would hsve been horrible.

“I know what to do.” I suddelny said. "I mean, maybe you would like to come with me. Nobody should be alone on Christmas.” I grinned, but I held my breath and bit my tongue. Did I really just asked Captain America if he would like to join me on my family dinner? But Steve laughed and turned off the TV a few moments later. “You are the nicest person I have ever met.” He stood up and I even got warmer underneath my coat as I noticed he wore simple jeans and a button up shirt, which showed all the perfect features of his muscles.

His gaze flicked down at my baby blue snowman sweater. “Nice outfit.” Steve noticed and I looked down at me. "No, not really, but thank you.“ I stuttered ashamed and ran my hand through my hair. It was a family tradition that we all had to wear one of my grandma’s knitted pullovers on Christmas Eve.

“You wouldn’t want to hang out with an old man like me, do you?” “I would love to.” I replied and tried to ignore the goosebumps caused by the way he smiled at me. “I was about to visit my family.” I grinned innocently. "Your family?“ he repeated irritated. Truth was, I never told a soul that I had just been a simple girl from a small town before I had joined the Avengers.

Nobody should know, so my family was safe. It was dangerous and I should have broken contact with them, but what would I be without my beloved family? “It’s quite a big family. They’re loud, they sing and eat a lot and I’m sure they would welcome you with open arms. But I understand if you would rather not- sorry, it was stupid to ask.” I wished the ground would open and swallow me up.  “Actually, I would really like to accompany you.”

“You do?“ I asked and he nodded.

I watched him getting ready and put on his coat and the red white and blue scarf Stark had given him earlier. Ready to celebrate Christmas with me and my family. Was this real? “Sooo.” He began shyly. "Wanna go?“ "Yes Captain, uhm…Steve.“ I said and an amused smile showed up my face, as I accepted the arm he offered me and we hooked together.

My fingers clenched around the wheel as I stared outside though the snow. We finally made it safe to the place I called home and we drove pass all the colourful christmas lights along the street. One shining more beautiful that the other into the cold night, while Bing Crosby’s White Christmas played in the radio.

I smiled, because I knew it made Steve think of the good old days.

“You’re not nervous, aren’t you?” I asked and looked at Steve from the corner of my eyes. He just sat there next to me and watched the snow fly against the window. He took a deep breath. “A little.“ He answered truthfully. "What if they don’t want to invite a stranger?“

"They are going to love you Steve, don’t worry.“  In fact I was more worried about him meeting my weird family.

“We’re here.” I finally said and stopped the car in front of a house with snow on the roof and smoke coming out of the chimney. A very ugly snowman stood in front of a bright shining Christmas tree. Warm light came though the curtains and was reflected by the sparkling snow. “So this is your secret.” Steve leaned a little closer to me to have a better look at the house. I held my breath and nodded. “This is my secret.“ I repeated. "When I close my eyes, I can already smell my favourite cookies in the oven.” I sniffled, like I could actually smell them and made Steve chuckle. “Steve?” "Yes?“ I licked my lips, still holding the wheel. "I should probably tell you something before we go inside.” He seemed a bit worried about the expression on my face. “Tell me.” He said softly. "It’s stupid.“ I giggled, but then I became more serious. "My family does not know about me and what I do. Not about you, nor the Avengers. They think I work in the hospital and live a normal life without… fighting aliens or evil robots.” I confessed meekly. Steve shook his head in amusement. “Really?” "Oh, yes. I forgot. Captain America is always honest.“

We made our way through the higher getting snow towards my parents house and Steve held the front gate open for me. “Doctor (Y/L/N), is there anything more, I should know perhaps?” he asked jokingly as we finally reached the door.  “I have two overprotective brothers and a grandma who will offer you so much food, until you can’t take it anymore.” “Sounds great.” He said encouraged, while I rang the bell and immediately heard loud barking reply from the inside.

“Granny!” "Pumpkin!“ My grandma cheered as she opened the door and found us waiting in the snow, whilst keeping the exited dog back inside. She hugged me with a plate of cookies in one hand. “How glad I am you came and- helloooo, who’s this handsome young man?”

Her eyes became big behind her glasses as she noticed Steve, who waited patiently behind me.  “Steve Rogers, nice to meet you Ma’am.” He introduced himself and offered my surprised granny a hand. “Well, just call me grandma darling. How wonderful, you want to celebrate with us tonight. Come in, come in, or you two get yourself a cold. There’s enough turkey for everyone.”

I gave him a meaningful look as we followed her inside.

“Merry Christmas!” I yelled and ran into the living room, where my whole family sat together and suddenly turned around. “(Y/N)!” was the answer and I saw my little niece running towards me. “Oh my goodness, you are even bigger than I remember you.” I twirled her around and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Steve stood right next to me and I laid my hand on his shoulder as soon as I put my niece down. “Hey, everyone. This is Steve- Steve, these are the (Y/L/N).” "Merry Christmas.“ Steve greeted and he politly shook everbody’s hand.

I noticed they were all wearing a similar embarrassing sweater like me and it didn’t take long for my granny to hand Steve in his own sweater. “Now, you’re part of the family.” She told him, while he pulled it over his head with a bright grin. “Thank you very much.” He looked down and couldn’t help himself laughing as he saw the ugly white and red reindeer pattern on his sweater.  

I laughed too and clapped my hands, but I really asked myself how he did that, still looking incredible attractive, even in one of my granny’s sweaters.

“(Y/N), never told us she had a boyfriend.” My brother eyed him from top to bottom. “Josh, we are not- we are colleagues.“ Steve and I both blushed. Josh lifted an eyebrow, but finally grabbed Steve’s shoulder and welcomed him too.

He got treated like a real family member and we laughed together, we spent a great time with each other and definitely ate too many cookies. 

  “So you work together with my little sister in the hospital?” My other brother asked and Steve choked a bit between a bite of delicious turkey. "Yes, I do. Great work…helping people is what I do."   "Hey, maybe you could take a look at the odd mark on my back afterwards.” “Uuuhm.” Steve stammered, but I intervened before he could lift up his sweater to show it to him. "He’s not that kind of doctor, Steve is a psychiatrist.” I told him a bit panicky and ignored Steve’s awkward stare.

“I am?“ he asked quietly, but then cleared his throat. “I am.” I smiled at him, couldn’t keep back a chuckle and so did he. Our fingers touched underneath the table and there they were again. Butterflies, stronger than ever and I got lost in his bright eyes.

"I’m happy to have you at my side.” His words became more and more quiet in the end.  I didn’t know for how long we had stared, but definitely long enough for everybody to notice. Then my brother cleared his throat and made them all grin. “If you two are done flirting, could you give me the gravy please?”


"You are really full of surprises.“ Steve said as we finally had a moment for us alone. I chuckled. “You surely think I’m totally crazy, do you?” "You want the truth?“ he replied and my heart sank to the floor. I knew he wouldn’t like it. He took a strain of my hair between his fingers. “I saw you fighting against aliens and robots like a badass, you saved my life more than once-“ “That’s not true-“ “Yes it is (Y/N).” He sighed.

“I didn’t think I could possibly like you even more than I did already. Tonight proved me wrong. I can.” I repeated his smile. "I like you too Steve, very much.“ "Thank you for inviting me.“ “Thank you for being here.” But my smile suddenly froze. "You’re not telling anyone about my double life, you have to promise me. I trust you, but I have to be sure my family is safe.” Steve seriously nodded. “Of course I do, I promise.” “Thank you.” I involuntarily laid my hand on his chest and felt his muscles underneath the fabric of his new reindeer pullover. I pulled it back a bit embarrassed. "I- I need some air.” I said and took a step away from him. “Mind if I join you?” He smiled and I nodded happily as he helped me putting on my coat. Gentleman that he is.

The cool winter air hit me as he followed me outside. I heard my family laughing about something and they started singing a lightly drunken christmas song. "Last Christmas I gave you my heart…”

The blizzard was over, there were only a few sparkling snowflakes left from the storm, which had covered the whole garden with fluffy white snow. It seemed like we were right in the middle of a fairytale and I could barely breathe at this sight of the beautiful garden. I left footprints behind and stood at my tiptoes to catch a snowflake with my tongue. Steve stood right next to me and I saw little clouds coming out his mouth as he breathed out. The wind blew tiny snowflakes in his hair and the snow was reflected in his eyes. It made them shine even more intense blue than they already were. That’s when I noticed how close we were to each other.

"Steve?“ I whispered.

"May I kiss you?“ He whispered back and for one moment, our world stood still. Snowflakes stopped falling down from the sky and the only sound we heard was the humming bird heartbeats between us. There was nothing more than a simple yes that I could say. His hands wandered down to my hips, while his gaze flickered between my mouth and my eyes. Our lips, only one breath away.

Until suddenly a huge snowball hit us right from out of nowhere. I could only look in the direction it came from and recognized the bunch of cackling neighbour kids before Steve threw the both of us behind a tree into the snow. I landed on top of him and looked up, shocked. “Sorry, that was a reflex.” He gasped, but I giggled silently. “They have to pay.” I said and put a determined smile on my lips.

“That means war Agent (Y/L/N). You attack them from the right, I’ll give you backing from the left.” “Yes Captain.” He helped me up and I prepared a snowball, while he did the same. “Ready?” I asked. "Ready.“ He gave me a last bright grin before I hit the first kid with my snowball and the fight started.

They screamed and ran in different directions, tried to defend themselves, but to be honest, they didn’t have a single chance against two Avengers. 

*****   MERRY CHRISTMAS   *****

“Fred, i love it!”| Fred Weasley imagine

I believe it was @newtscamandersniffler who requested this quite a while ago..

You put down your book sighing to yourself happily. You couldnt concentrate on the words due to the many happy and exited thoughts that filled your head.
You were spending the christmas holdays with the Weasleys after being invited by your two best friends and you had loved ever single moment so far.
You longed nothing more than to live like the Weasleys, they were so homely  and welcoming, not judgemental and so so accepting. Unlike you’re own family who had only let you come here so they could get rid of you for awhile.

You were different from the other pureblood, rich slytherins in your family.

Thats why Fred loved you so much.

He loved how brave you were and how you wouldnt let anything change the person you are.

You suddenly began to wonder what the twins were up too, you hadnt seen them or been pranked in a good few hours, which was really unlike them so  you stood up walking up the hall to the twins room.
You knew it was wrong and you wished you hadnt but as soon as you heard your name leave Fred’s lips, your ear was against the wooden door.
“No George! Dont be stupid i can’t get her that, she’ll hate it. She’s rich, she’s used to brilliant things, it has to be special” You heard Fred speak.
“You dont actually think (Y/N) cares do you? She’ll love what ever you get her” George replied.
“Of course not- its just got to be special, you know how much i like her” Fred sighs.
Not wanting to hear anything else you walk back down the hall as quickly as your legs would carry you.
Fred liked you.
Fred liked you.
Fred liked you.
You couldnt get the words out of your head.
“Something special”
“It has to be special George!”

No matter what, you couldnt stop replaying the convosation.

The next week flew by quicker than you would like. Things had been awkward between you and Fred, not for him obviously because he still thought you were compleatly oblivious.
It was now christmas eve, well it was technically christmas day seeing as it was 4am and you hadnt slept yet.
You couldnt help feel nervous.
Was Fred going to confess his feeling to you with this “something special” ?
You didnt even realise how it had happened but before you knew it, golden rays of sunlight shone through your window and in what felt like seconds, you heard shouting and footsteps.
“ITS CHRISTMAS!” Ron shouts barging into the room that you and Ginny were sharing.
Ginny sat up with a huge smile on her face, running out of the room after her brother.
“Its now or never” a small voice spoke into your head.
Having a wash and getting dressed, you made your way downstairs smiling to yourself as you took in the exiting atmosphere. The Weasley children were laughing, and Hemoine had already arrived. There was a fire burning and Mrs Weasley was already busy in the kitchen.
Making yourself visable, your friends all greeted you with hugs.
“Hey, can i see you alone?” Fred asks politly, your cheeks turning red.
“Yeah, sure”
Pulling you into another room he handed you a rectangular parcel wrapped in red and green christmas paper.
“I didnt know what to get you so i uh- i made you something but if you dont like it i understand” he scratches the back of his head.
“I’m going to love it Fred” You smile sweetly peeling off the paper.
Inside was a book, a book full of pictures of you, Fred and George, Notes you had passed eachother during class, any memory you could think of stuck upon the pages.
He had wrote little things here and there and suddenly your eyes filled with tears.
“(Y/N)?” Fred says with a worried toan.
“Fred, I love it” You say with a huge smile forming on both of your faces.
With out thinking, you rush forwards pressing your lips onto his.
It takes a moment for him to realize what was happening before he kisses back, wrapping his arms around your waist before he pulls away, both of you breathless.

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Forbbiden Love.  (Michael Clifford Imagine)  WARNING:  SMUT

  My fingers gently grazed over the soft petals of the roses while I admired the fine detail, a small smile rested upon my lips. 

  “They’re beautiful, madam.” I heard Michael say behind me.

  I turned my head and found my servent, well my best friend. The word servent just didnt suit him no matter how much it went without situation. 

  Michaels family had been in service to mine for over 40 years, quite natural that he would be working for me. 

  “Thank you. I planted them myself. I’ve always loved flowers.” I replied. 

  “I know, madam. You talk about them quite often.” He politly stated, puting his hand behind his back. 

  I stayed silent, looking back down at the roses. 

  “I think we should go in now, lunch should be served soon.” I nodded in response then turning to link my arm with his. 

  He and I both walked to the castle, chained together by protocal. I mustn’t ever walk alone without having some sort of physical contact with him, not that I was complaining. I admired everything about him. I looked up at him, looking at his flawles features. His beautifully colored hair, perfectly structured jaw, and mesmerising green eyes were enough to make me scream. 

  His eyes soon met mine and he sent me a small but friendly smile. I turned my head away from him, blushing. 

  “Michael, don’t do that. It makes my face hot.” 

  “Sorry love, I won’t look at you anymore.” he grinned.

  “Oh you know that’s not what I meant.” I swatted at his arm, a laugh escaping from his beautiful pink lips. 

  He and I grew a close relationship over the years. I tried my best not to make him do a lot of work but he always insisted, reminding me everytime that it was his job and that he never really minded. 


  “Yes Ma’am?” 

  “Have you ever though about leaving? You know, just stopping and running away from this?” I questioned, my mind filling up with possible answeres. 

  “When I first started working here, I wanted to. But I’ve come to love this place and working and being able to spend time with you.” He smiled. 

  The blood rushed to my face making me even redder then before. 

  “If you had the opportunity, would you leave now?” 

  He was silent before answering. 

  “No, not unless you wanted me to. Perhaps you’ll keep me around longer then my term.” He looked down at me. 

  “Is that what you want? I won’t make you do it unless you really want to.” I told him seriously. I could never do that to him. 

  “Yes, even though its not my decison or place, that is what I want.” he said, opening the doors to the castle. 

  If that’s what he wants the exactly what he’s going to get. I love him and I can’t even fathom what would happen to our relationship if he left. 


  I lied on the bed, wide awake unable to fall asleep. I was lost in my own thoughts and dreams until the continuous tapping noise coming from my window dragged me out. My body quickly jerked up, head turning straight to the window. Who is that? I swung my legs over to the end of the bed and walked swiftly and quietly to the window. Only God knows what she would do to me if she found out I was up this late. I opened the window only to find Michael looking up at me with his green eyes, soaked from the rain. 

  “Michael?” I whispered.

  “What.. What are you doing here at this hour?” I hissed, terrified of the consequences for him if any guard were to see him out of his living quarters. 

  “I wanted to see you, madam.” he smiled brightly. 

  This boy was going to kill me in the long run. 

  “Well come up here, and hurry before anyone sees you.” I said, flicking my hand upward. 

  He climbed up the tree and into my bedroom. 

  “Oh Michael, what were you thinking? Do you knwo what would have happened if you were to get caught.” I said, holding the sides of his cheeks with my hands, looking deep into his eyes. 

  “I know.. I just really needed to see you.” He spoke, eyes looking at my lips. 

  “Go sit over there and I’ll get you a towel.” my feet padded across the room and into the bathroom, fetching a towel. 

  “Here.” I spoke, putting the towel over his head. 

  I noticed his body was shivering a bit. 

  “You need clothes, darling.” 

  Michael always had some type of clothing in my room just incase he was needed after his hours if there was some kind of emergency. 

  I grabbed him a pair of boxers, a plain t-shirt and some sweatpants. 

  “Thank you..” He said, almost mute with his head down. 

  “Michael, what’s the matter?” I lifted his head up gently. 

  He looked at me with eyes filled with an emotion I couldn’t read. 

  “Michael, tell me what w-” I paused. 

  His lips were pressed to mine and I couldn’t move. 

  “I-i’m sorry.. I don’t knwow why I did that..” he panicked. 

  I smashed my lips against his. I  felt his body freeze then return the kiss as his arms pulled me closer. The feeling of euphoria washed over me like a tidal wave. His tongue licked my bottom lip, begging for permission to enter and after a few tries I finally let him in. His tongue explored every inch of my mouth causing me to moan and him to smirk at his achivement. My fingers found their way to his hair, tangling themselves in his colorful locks. 

  I was in a trance, his lips taking my mind off of everything. I wanted him, all of him. 

  He picked me up making me wrap my legs around his torso, and walked to the bed and lied me down gently. 

  He detached his lips from mine and placed them on my neck, biting and sucking on flesh. I moaned quietly, careful not to wake anyone else in the castle up. 

  “Will you let me take care of you tonight?” he sat up and looked at me. 

  I nodded rapidly. I could already feel my panties becoming damper by the second. 

  He nodded and pulled my satin night gown over my body revealing my brest. My nipples hardened from the cool air. 

  “So beautiful.” he spoke, lowering his head and taking my breast in his mouth while kneading the other. 

  “Mmmm, Michael..” I moaned much louder then I intended. 

  “Shh darling, or I won’t be able to continue.” I quickly covered my mouth with the palm of my hand, silencing myself. 

  With every kiss sparks were flying. This is what I had dreamed of for so god damn long. Michaels long finger looped the thin material of my panties and gently pulled them down,throwing them into a pile of clothes. 

  “Darling, you’re so wet for me.” He purred in my ear, dipping his finger in between my folds collecting thr moisture. 

  “Please Michael, I don’t know much of this teasing I can take.” I begged. 

  Within seconds his clothes were thrown on the wooden floor and his naked body was hovering mine. 

  “Michael.. Hurry.” I demanded, impatient and throbbing. 

  Without any warning he slid into me, making me take in a sharp breath. 

   As he started moving my moans were impossible to keep in. He covered my mouth with his large hand. I dug my nails into his back, not to deep so I didn’t break the skin. 

  He groaned in my ear. 

  “Fucking hell.” he growled in my ear. 

  My mouth was in a constant ‘O’ shape. The amount of pleasure I was feeling was indescribable. He pounded into me hard and fast, the constant smacking of our bodies was a delicious sound that I just wanted to continue to hear. 

  I wrapped my legs around his waist making him fill me up completly. I moaned in his hand, letting him know how good he was making me feel. My walls clenched around his large member adn he groaned quietly. 

  “Darling, I dont think i’m gonna last much longer.” 

  “Me neither.. Oh god. Michael i’m so close.” 

  With a few more sloppy thrust Michael and I rode out our highs together. 

  “Fuck..” he moaned one last time before pulling out and laying beside me. 

   I whimpered from the loss of contact. 

  “This is wrong.. So wrong..” I heard him whisper and frown falling onto my face. 

  “We can’t be together.. It’s in my rules of my term that I mustn’t have relation with y-” I silenced him by giving him a small but meaningful kiss. 

  “Michael, I don’t care about the term or the rules..” 

  “I love you.. And I don’t want you to feel like you did something wrong..” 

  “You love me?” he said, astonished. 

  “Yes, I love you but if you don’t love me back I completly understand too.” I said, tearing my gaze awy from him and to my hands. 

  “I’m so glad you said that because I’ve loved you for such a long time now and I didn’t know how to say it..” He lifted my head up. 

  I smiled brightly, glad that we shared mutual feelings. 

  “Stay with me.. Don’t ever leave me.” He spoke, burrying his head in the crook of my neck. 

  “Michael. now that is something I would’t dream of doing.” I smiled. 

Fuck some customers

So im a chashier at a stp&grocery store w blue shirts. Im on my feet all shift and the gel inserts in my shoes dont help. So i make a slight noise when in pain and then sigh when i change the foot i shift my weight to because it relieves the pain. Every other customer has understood, but this one fucking lady(on the warpath from the start) got pissed. (Side note: i wear a they/ them pronoun pin cuz i am trans) she looked at my pin, looked at me and goes “oh IM sorry, am i an INCONVENIENCE to you MISS!?” So i politly said. “No ma'am, and im not a miss.”

She got angry and looked at me with this evil look “you ARE a miss, and mhmm, sure.”

I was so ready to slap her. But i stayed polite and changed the subject to her change and recipt and warned ger about the recalled items she might have at home.

Then she got angry and wanted to retyrn something because she has recalled items at home. I cant do returns at my register, you have to go to customer service. She gets angry so i call one of my managers over. He tells her i cant do it and she has to go to customer service. She makes this face at both of us and says “fine” and walks away and complains to customer service that i was a bitch.

Like fuck off!! Im in pain, im not gonna hide it for you. Im not gonna stay in pain cuz it might be convinient for you to not hear me sigh. You try standing for 4-7 hours straight with only a small 15 minute break. You try dealing with customers being bitchy and angry cuz of chip cards and us not having enough of a product. You deal with your coworker calling you TRA**Y!!

I hate people.

He Worries About You Going Out Alone

‘But Zayn I need new a dress for tonight!’ You whined to your boyfriend Zayn 'No! Y/n I don’t want you to get brothered by the paparazzi’ Zayn said 'Zayn you don’t have to worried about, I’m a big girl and besides Y/Bff/N will go with me’ you said to Zayn. Zayn looked at me for the longest time 'hmm…fine!’ Zayn said 'Thank You!’ You said then kissing him 'Just be careful Y/n the Paparazzi can be rough’ Zayn said 'yeah, Zayn i’ll be careful, I got to go’ You said grabbing your coat and leaving.
Your P.O.V
I picked up Y/Bff/N and we went to a cute little boutique.
As me and Y/Bff/N were walking I saw a couple of Paparazzi behind us I started to walk faster into the store 'scary’ I heard Y/Bff/N say 'yeah’ I said looking at some dresses. After a couple mintues of looking I found some dresses and went into the dressing room to try them on as I was trying them on Y/Bff/N came in 'What the fuck?’ i said 'there is some girls asking for you!’ y/bff/n said 'really?’ i said 'yeah, you should just pick a dress so we can leave’ Y/bff/n 'ok’ i said Y/bff/N went out of the dressing room and you took of the dress that you wanted and went to go pay for it, as i was out of the dressing room i saw a bunch of girls, I smiled and went to the cash register 'thank you’ I said then leaving the store 'bye Y/n!’ one fan said, You waved after you went the Paparazzi were surrounding you and Y/bff/n 'shit’ i whisphered. I put my head down and started walking to my car 'Y/N! Smile!’ one guy with a camera said, finally we made it to the car 'thank god!’ Y/bff/N said 'I know, Zayn was right’ i said as we drove off. i went into the flat 'hey babe’ Zayn said as he kissed my cheek 'you were right’ i smirked 'of course i was’ Zayn winked 'whatever! I got the dress’ i said 'that’s good and i’m glad you’re safe’ 'thanks’.

General P.O.V.
You and Niall were shopping around London for his day off, as we were in a store for sports i got bored 'Niall? Can I go to Forever 21?’ I said making a pouty face 'eh I’m not sure Y/n and will go there iin 10 minutes after when I’m done paying for these’ Niall said 'ugh! Ok’ I said, Niall smiled when he wasn’t looking I dosed off to Forever 21 without no bodyguard, I thought nobdy would reconize me as I was looking around I noticed some girls whispering close to me, it didn’t brother me so I just kept looking around, than suddenly I felt a pat on my shoulder I turned and saw a bunvh of girls surronding me I gave a nervous smile 'can I have auotgraph?’ one asked 'uh, I’m s-sorry I can’t right now’ I said politly 'What a bitch!’ one girl said i looked down and got whati needed and went to the cash register I handed her money and left as I was about to leave the store all those girls were surrounding me 'uh e-excuse me’ i said 'NO!’ one girl said as she pushed me to the ground 'HEY!’ I heard a familar voice they all started screaming 'Niall!’ I said in relief I got up, 'Niall can you sign this?’ the girl who pushed me down said Niall gave a dirty look and we walked away 'Y/n I told you to stay with me’ Niall said I tell he was mad 'i’m sorry Niall I justed wanted to go alone because I know you would be bored’ I said 'it’s ok, how can I stay mad at you’ Niall smiled 'just don’t wonder off like that again you could of ask one of the bodyguards to come with you’ 'next time, Niall’.

Tonight was the night me and Harry go out for a Movie, just to keep things fun as we were in the Threatre in our seats waiting fior the movie to start 'do you want anything for the candy counter?’ I asked 'uh I’ll go Y/N’ Harry said 'No, Harry I’ll go!’ I said to Harry getting up from the seats 'Y/n I don’t want you to go’ Harry said 'awe, it’s ok i’ll be fine’ I said and walking away. I know Harry was worried about me going somewhere without him because of fans and Paparazi but I know I can handle it, while I was waiting in line I heard a couple of girls whispering and I heard one of them say my name, I didn’t care so the line was moving and it was my turn 'What can I get you?’ the person said 'uh can I get, Large popcorn and..’ I heard those girls behind laughing i ignored them 'and 2 medium pepsi and 2 Kit-Kat bars please’ I said 'ok’ the person on the resgister said 'wow! someone eats like cow!’ i turned around 'excuse me?’ I said 'you don’t have to eat all those things think about people who are starving’ one girl said 'there not for me’ I said 'than who are they for!?’ 'Me!’ I heard a familiar voice say it was Harry the gitls were so speechless 'Bye!’ I said grabbing our stuff 'you showed them!’ I laughed 'Totally!’ Harry said

Y/n’s P.O.V.
Liam didn’t like when I go out or wonder off alone without him or a bodyguard but I went out by myslef plenty of times and I was ok
'Liam! I’m going out to get some coffee!’ I yelled, I heard his footsteps coming down 'I’m coming with you!’ Liam said coming down wet with a towel on 'Oh my god!’ I said and started laughing 'what?’ Liam said his Towel fell off 'hey it’s not like anything you seen before’ Liam joked 'well you stay and bathe and I’ll buy you a bagel’ I said leaving. Starbucks was just a 5 minute walk as I was walking into Starbucks I got a call from Liam 'yess?’ I said into the phone I looked around to see some Girls looking at me I gave a weird look 'Y/n! I don’t want a bagel!’ Liam whined 'and be careful there some hateful girls’ Liam said 'I’m ok, Liam there is only a little bit of people here anyways and no bagel?’ I said 'well ok be careful and no bagel i want a cake pop’ Liam said 'ok, I’ll be home in 10’ I said and closing my phone. 'Hello what can i get you?’ the peron behind the counter said 'uh I’ll just have a Passion fruit punch and 4 cake pops please’ I said and handedher the money as I was waiting sitting down on a table a girl came sit with me 'hi’ she said 'hi’ I said and smiled at her 'so your with Liam from One Direction?’ 'uh yeah i am’ I gave a nervous smile 'he was so much better with Sophia!’ she spatted 'Y/n?’ the person yelled and it was my order I got up right away 'thank you!’ I said i quickly ran out and went straight back to the flat and I noticed when I walking the girl I was talking to and her friends were following me 'shit’ I whispered when I was outside me and Liam’s flat i was relieved and saw Liam shirtless smiling at me, I smiled back and waved when suddenly I felt someone turn me around I felt a sting on my cheek 'OW!’ I yelled and i was about to fall suddenly i felt someone catch me it was Liam 'get away!’ I heard Liam say to the girl who slapped me 'Liam Listen It wa-’ 'SAVE IT!’ Liam cut her off 'lets go Y/n’ Liam grabbed and went into the flat 'Thanks Liam i should of listen to you’ i said feeling my cheek 'does it hurt?’ Liam said asking about my cheek 'Yeah a little’ I said, Liam kissed my cheek. i smiled


Ever since Louis and Eleanor broke up 1d fans thinks it was me who broke them up which wasn’t true so now I can’t go anywhere alone without Louis or a Bodyguard it kinda sucks, when Louis was on tour we were skyping we were talking about how I can’t go anywhere without him or a bodyguard which wasn’t needed 'awe. I’m sorry Y/n I just don’t want you to get hurt’ Louis said 'it’s ok’ I gave a weak smile to him 'well i think I should go to bed now, i’m tired’ I yawned 'well ok goodnight babe’ Louis smile 'Love you!’ I said 'Love you too’ Louis said and closed the computer i went to the washroom when I was toilet I had my period 'crap’ i said i looked into the cupboard I got a pad and that was the last one when I was done I was about to call one of the bodyguards but then it would be awkward, I thought what the hell nobody would notice me then I got my coat and went into my car to go to the shop, when I walked I looked threw the stores and saw the section for woman needs as I was looking I saw some girls looking at me 'Wow! In pictures you look way prettier!’ one girl said, i ignored her and went to the register and payed for my stuff as I went out those girls were following me to the car 'Slut! You were the reason why Louis broke up with Eleanor!’ one girl said then punched me to the ground 'Slut!’ a girl said and left. I started to cry i went home. The Next Day i looked in the mirror my cheek was puffy and red i touched it and it hurt i cried, i heard the door open 'Y/N!’ I heard Louis’ voice, I got scared put my hand on my cheek I went down stairs to see Louis 'LOUIS!’ I yelled 'hey babe’ he said, 'whats wrong?’ he asked 'nothing’ I looked down then he moved my hand from my cheek he gasp 'what happened?’ Louis said softly 'nothing, i fell’ 'doesn’t look like it, Y/n tell me the truth!’ 'well after our call…I got my period and i needed some pads and i went to the store some girls were following me to the car and one punched me and called me slut’ i said looking down 'oh, Y/n’ Louis pulled me into a hug 'how come you didn’t call one of the bodyguards?’ 'because it would be to embarrassing’ 'i’m sorry Y/n’ Louis said 'It’s not your fault’ i said .