My Favorite Door Last Night
  • Me:Hi! I'm Alicia from NYPIRG, the New York Public Interest Research Group. We're New York's largest environmental and consumer group and -
  • Person:Oh, that's ok, I'm not an environmentalist. (condescending, obnoxious smile)
  • Me:Oh, that's ok. You don't need to be an environmentalist to be concerned about your drinking water, you just have to be human. Hey look! You qualify!
  • Person:*glares*
  • Me:*continues speaking without any hesitation*

Best explanation of the true danger and horrors of global warming I’ve ever come across. Only 11 minutes long. 

The thing about The Wallstreet Journal is it’s a great news source, but it gets reeaalllyyy difficult reading articles that are obviously opposed to a great thing. Like the ban on free plastic bags in Los Angeles. It’s a great, great thing. But of course this dude is all worried about what he’s gonna use now to pick up after his dog.

Idk, newspaper? It’s not that difficult to think of a replacement.

Then he tries acting as though he cares about the environment by crying “but what about the water usage increase when people have to start washing all their reusable totes? :( ”

Yeah bc that’s so much more damaging than the 1,000+ years it’ll take for harmful plastics to degrade.

So I’m reading this article called 10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know, and I’m at #2:


Sorry, but I have to refute that statement. I’ve traveled to Ireland, Scotland, England, Spain, Italy and Mexico and I was hated on everywhere just for being American. People would spit on the ground in front of us, called us “stupid American cunts!” and generally just thought we were stupid (ex: I go in for lunch at a place in London and order some chips, meaning fries, and the guy hands me an actual bag of chips. No, I knew the difference, if I wanted crisps I would’ve asked for them, thanks.)

The world hates us.

I hate us.


“Although recently Bayer celebrated its 150th birthday, few people know about the dark history Bayer ranging from manufacturing poison gas (known as Zyklon B used in the gas chambers of Auschwitz) to producing mind alerting pharmaceutical drugs that can cause death.

The board members of Bayer Company are responsible for creating Federal Reserve and are well-connected with the Rockefeller’s and the second largest shareholder in Standard Oil. Few board members of Bayer were arrested and tried for their crimes against humanity during Nazi’s, however, as we see today, other members of its board continued the same agenda of Bayer’s mass chemical poisoning.”

Found out how fucked up Bayer is today, click the link and read on they even infected thousands of people with HIV once by using HIV infected blood in their medicine.

worldkelser asked:

I felt I was going mad. Thank you.

I couldn’t believe that wasn’t sarcastic!! I mean in my head, as I was reading it for the first time, I was saying it with sooo much sarcasm, because how could anyone really think that? Then it was like wait. What? What am I reading? 

Anyone who thinks corporations are doing our society any kind of good needs to watch The Corporation

Actually everyone should watch that documentary if you haven’t yet.