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*Me on my Catholic upbringing:” “Horrible, mostly. Just loads of lectures from old priests about The Bible and Hell and condoms being bad and whatnot. And me wondering why the communion wine wasn’t stronger. I had a miserable time of it.”  *Others* “We literally got sexually abused.” *Me* “Now I feel ashamed. And, if I’m honest, grateful I wasn’t an altar boy.”

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since you're taking prompts... you should write something scandalous with retired figure skater turned lit professor viktor >:)c (- ren xoxo)

i love this prompt, @renaissancefic​! shout out to @lookatthesetreasures​ for helping me with euro lit & my friend camille for the setting.

There had been plenty of speculations on what would come after figure skating for the Living Legend, Viktor Nikiforov. The most popular and commonly-agreed upon outcome was that he’d continue coaching, taking up the mantle left by his coach, Yakov Feltsman in Yubileyny Sports Palace; the younger skaters had been excited at the prospect of studying under him, especially now that his husband had retired, too. Others enumerated ideal jobs for someone as young as Viktor, barely even in his mid-thirties: modeling, acting, and a few even guessed that he would get into politics.

Viktor had the spotlight on him ever since his junior days, up until he’d gone up to the senior division, but less so. He had, of course, consistently stood on the podium with less consistent skaters, but, before his five-year golden streak at the age of twenty-two, nobody really knew what he did outside of competitive skating, besides taking care of his poodle. No one knew, besides Yakov and Lilia, that he’d taken on an undergraduate degree in comparative literature, focusing on European literature. So when Viktor and Yuuri disappeared from figure skating, hardly on any magazines and shows either as models or actors, the last place they’d expect to find the couple was in a coastal city in Wales. Viktor had breezed through his master’s and was now on his way to a doctorate, while Yuuri juggled his own study and teaching children in a small ice-skating rink that was a thirty minute walk from their rented home.

Viktor had to admit, the solitude offered by anonymity was comforting. He grazed the halls of the Arts and Letters building of the university and caught less than five turning heads. With each step, he appreciated the high, pointed arches of the windows leading up to the beautiful vaulted ceiling. The place usually looked intimidating and imposing, but the stained glass colored the rough-hewn stone walls and columns so brightly in the morning, which gave his path to his first class a sort of airy and delicate feel that reminded him of stepping onto the ice for a performance.

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i know a lot of people were upset last time net neutrality was jeopardized and tumblr gave it so much attention, because that hadn’t given other “more important” social and political issues the same spotlight. but i dont think people understand, if these laws are put in place like the corporations want, we might not be able to protest on the internet. It will be monetized just like tv. a regular person might not be able to access tumblr or twitter, and independent website built to further social and political causes. They are trying to take away our main tool of communication, and suck us dry in the process. This effects our abilities to bring up and spread the word about things the mainstream media wont cover. I remember, I didnt hear about dapl /once/ on the news. only through the internet. I and many other would never have known if these laws were in place. This effects /everyone/

Kevin Cage of Spotlight Saga presents…
A Rewind Review of the final episode of Quarry on Cinemax whose cancellation was just announced yesterday. As you’ll see in the language of this article, I personally hold the show in high regard, even including it the Top 5 #BestOf2016 series we ran. Cinemax, who is owned by HBO claims they are revamping the network that is just now gaining a good wave of steam and building a respectable library. The Knick was also a groundbreaking series that recently received the axe from the same network, yet Strike Back that last ran in 2015 is already getting a reboot. What say you, Cinemax? We are incredibly disappointed by your decision to cancel this incredibly thought provoking Crime Drama set in a very real to life 1972 Memphis. Michael D Fuller, executive producer and co-creator of the show (along with (Graham Gordy) is a huge inspiration for me and for ‘Spotlight Saga’, inspiring me to include a more honest approach to political standpoints, something at the time I was very afraid to use in my writing. The following article was written shorty after the end of Quarry’s Legendary 8-Episode run. Going forward, as much as I am frustrated with Cinemax, I think it’s important to focus on the positives here and follow & support both Fuller & Gordy in any future projects or endeavors they may have. Thank you, Fuller. Thank you, Gordy. You have earned more than a few lifetime fans.

Kevin Cage of Spotlight Saga reviews…
Quarry (S01E08) Nuoc Cha Da Mon
Airdate: October 28, 2016 (Cinemax)
Ratings: Premium Cable/Streaming - Nielsen is Guessing!
Score: 10/10 (An Extremely Rare Perfect Score)

**************SPOILERS BELOW***************
*Poltical Views do NOT represent Spotlight Saga*

Well, I asked for it… Basically begged for it, I even considered taking a day off work to just sit at home and watch it. Now, I’ve finally watched it, and I feel…changed. 'The Vietnam Scene’ let’s us peak into the PTSD origins and Mac’s time at war, as well as providing a provocative theory on just what we might have been doing over there in the first place… Losing lives on both sides, our veterans returning home to a chorus of boos, met with thick walls of human disdain, and stop signs in every direction they turned. Single Camera, long take shots can be risky. Just look at Daredevil, a show that successfully used them in S1, then overused the same hallmark shots in S2. They simply cannot be your whole show, because one continuous 'sequence shot’, particularly those that surround an upsetting action or disturbing sequence linger with the viewer, like the shots themselves linger on the situation at hand. In this case, a raid in Vietnam 🇻🇳 on a village with mainly fisherman, women, and children… Innocent lives lost in a war that in the end meant nothing but death, heartache, and terror.

Of course that asshole of a captain commended Mac (Logan Marshall Green) and praised him to The Broker (Peter Mullan) at the end, 'He’s a good soldier.’ Yup, cuz he does what he’s told without hesitation… Like firing the first shot without thinking, snowballing a cascade of death and chaos, topping off the whole experience by throwing a grenade into a covered pit that contained a toddler… A toddler who we are shown blown right out of the pit into fucking pieces. That’s one thing that Quarry never does, shies away from violence, from the money shot… And it never feels exploitative, it just feels like that’s the reality, a reality that the viewers should not be protected from. And so it goes… The Broker is no vigilante, tho he does give the people that he employs the benefit of small 'in-between’ jobs that make them feel like they are doing good in the world. It’s a game of chess, and he is Bobby Fischer in his prime, and a patriarch of the 70’s… A king of a dirty unferbelly ruled by the almighty dollar and poppy fields as far as the eye can see.

The day I wanted to take off work, just so happened to have three or four people at the bar discussing Vietnam. Of course, right? I immediately throw Quarry in the mix and of course, none of them had heard of it… Unsurprising, considering how hard it is just to obtain Cinemax, thank god for Amazon Video now! We discussed the length at which protesters treated the returning war veterans; Picketing, spitting, throwing objects, screaming and shoving homemade signs in their face… As if the soldiers ever had a choice in the matter. You enlist, You’re drafted, you’re trapped, you’re owned, and just like Mac… If you are a good soldier you do what you’re told like a goddamn robot, a machine without empathy, and then when you return home you have nothing. PTSD? In '72? Here’s a pamphlet. 'Be glad the man has his legs and his arms,’ the man at the VA tells Joni (#JodiBalfour) when she desperately seeks help for a man she cannot save herself.

So there you have the people in control of our government, sending our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers over to fight a pointless war. Then you have the rich men, the patriarchs, who are able to come through and buy a slice of the action… A poppy field… A goldmine just waiting to make the rich man richer. And then you have protesters, mainly uninformed Regular Joes who only see the picture that’s painted before them, like the SJW’s today that picket and march through our major cities furthering the divide they claim they are trying to stop. Oh yes, that’s the truth of the matter, a truth that blind rage and ignorance stop people from seeing.

There is something inherently terrifying about the parallels of Vietnam 🇻🇳 to the wars and thousands deployed in countries like Iraq 🇮🇶 Iran 🇮🇷 Afghanistan 🇦🇫 Pakistan 🇵🇰 Kuwait 🇰🇼 Bahrain 🇧🇭 Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 Syria 🇸🇾 Yemen 🇾🇪 And I could go on and on and on, places we have no business being, places that our country backwardly depends on for oil, or countries that have militias and terrorist organizations just sitting on oil fields holding them captive to prevent the chaos countries like ours and others have caused attempting to police the world and secure access to natural resources, while they themselves use the guns we have directly armed them with to oppress their people and then line the pockets of people like Hillary Clinton’s with hundreds of thousands of dollars. No, I am no sympathizer, both sides make me sick. The whole thing makes me sick. Mostly, the human race makes me sick. A long time ago while living in San Francisco, I realized that the most beautiful and pure people are mostly at the bottom sleeping in the street or struggling at a minimum wage job, while the ugliest and ruthless people are at the top inviting a lucky few up to share in a night of debauchery, caressing their insecurities with thoughts of becoming their protégés or possible arm candy while their young and their beauty is still intact.

Just last week, less than a month to go in his final term, Obama abolished the 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot’ policy, a policy that helped save thousands of Cuban 🇨🇺 lives and helped build the great city of Miami that I call home… This done in the spirit to 'normalize relations with our one-time foe.’ While abolishing this policy *COULD* indeed do just that, hidden behind that very controversial and well known policy; Another policy, The Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program, was also nixed. That lesser known policy allowed the opportunity for Cuban Medical Professionals to come to the US through other countries to earn residency, citizenship, and jobs. A sneaky move, one disguised as a way to strengthen the relations between The USA 🇺🇸 & Cuba 🇨🇺. Just one of many examples that not everything in the painting is portrayed as it should be or relaid to the public highlighting the big picture as a whole.

This is a man who promised us CHANGE, but the majority of these promises of change were broken. Under the Obama Administration more Whistleblowers were jailed under the Espionage Act of 1917, imprisoned, or forced to seek asylum, like Snowden in Russia 🇷🇺 and of course famous Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, who is literally living in an Ecuadorian 🇪🇨 Embassy in London 🇬🇧. Then today Obama grants clemency to Transgender Whistleblower Chelsea Manning, shortening her 35 year sentence to end 3 decades early in May of this year, 2017. Why, Obama? A PR move to distract from other last minute changes and to surge an approval rating on the way out? Something to think about, especially when he was so adamant about putting those that expose our government’s truths, lies, and nasty cover-ups behind bars or strand them in foreign countries that don’t exactly provide the same freedoms.

Meanwhile last year was the first year that I was forced to pay taxes, and not just because I’m penalized for seeking affordable medical treatment for cash, and not pumping money into the Insurance Industry, the failure of Obamacare. All of this happening, and a rich white New York female actress named Lena Dunham tells the world that she’s never had an abortion, but she wishes she had. WHY?! Meryl Streep uses an acceptance speech to rile up SJW’s. And to add insult to injury, she says an art form and sport older than her 50x over, MMA and Combat Arts are not really arts. WHY?! God bless some of Meryl Streep’s performances, they are truly cinematic gold, but that doesn’t automatically make her the High Queen of all Art, deciding what earns that prestigious label and what does not.

I try and promise myself that I will not get political in my reviews, but honestly when I write emotional parallels I seem to get the most responses. And because of great television series like 'Quarry’ that most definitely gets my stamp for my list of #BestOf2016 TV Series), they inspire me to put my ideas out there, my life stories, my origins, my secrets, my heartaches, my tales of happiness and tragedy… Because of series like 'Quarry’ I am more honest with you than I am with anyone else in my life. It’s scary to put these very personal, private, and passionate views and experiences out there. Like I said, the one rule I try to set for myself is try to keep politics (or at least pick and choose my crusades and battles) out of it, and to treat those with opposing opinions with respect and class… But here we have a moving, haunting portrait of political injustice, and it’s inspiring. It’s hard to stay quiet when there is so much injustice surrounding us, so much ignorance. I have literally seen people I love with all my heart throw away meaningful, lifelong friendships over this sham of an election on both sides.

I am not a conservative. I am not a liberal. I am a man who is happy with very little… I have a slice of paradise in a city where I am very much the minority. I’m happy living life one day at a time, living a quiet life and practicing different forms of artistic expression, over the years learning that my gift is worth a bit of money, but still getting the hang of making it the center of my universe. I’m no hired hitman, but I’ve abused this body with serving, bartending, and even go-go dancing… At one point I was literally working day shifts serving tables in Miami, getting off at 4 or 5pm, then driving to Ft Lauderdale, dancing without my clothes at night until the early morning, trying to catch a few low-paying DJ gigs in between.

Like Mac, we all have our demons, demons that many of us will never quite shake. We can defeat them, learn to live as harmoniously as possible with them, or let them destroy us slowly. Quarry is a vivid and honest tale of political injustice, racial divides, struggling human beings just trying to survive in a world where the odds are stacked up against them, a tale of broken men and women, the moments that make us feel alive, the moments that haunt us, a tale of a human being struggling with their sexual identity in a brutally violent and unaccepting world, one that is engraved and hardwired into them, broken egos, and a tale of how people can easily be turned into puppets with the almighty dollar and a simple plant growing from God’s green earth.

I found it very fitting that before the last sequence of scenes Mac goes to cast his presidential vote. Unfortunately it always comes down to the lesser of two evils… Republicans or Democrats, but both are evil and wicked in their own individual ways. To #VoteLibertarian or Green is unheard of (though this idea is changing and becoming more of a reality now, thank god) and for many years I considered the act 'throwing away’ my vote, but with the candidates becoming increasingly hard to differentiate the pros and cons… Maybe it’s time that everyone starts voting Libertarian, Green, some sort of other growing Independent Party… Or like Mac, just write in the late, great Otis Redding. My Step-Father has taken to the practice, and he’s right… If you can’t beat em’, don’t join 'em, vote for somebody else, ANYONE. Ive been told this is a problem in all countries, so on a worldwide scale I’m not sure if even Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump was even the hardest decision a voter has had to face… We had it easy, The Philippines 🇵🇭 had to settle for Rodrigo Duterte, a MADMAN who encouraged the people of his country to hunt down and murder people suffering from the disease of addiction.

Somethings gotta give, the division I see in our world today frightens me, but most of all it saddens me. For now, here in the US, what’s done is done. We must allow things to play out as if the world 🌎 was our television series. Stop the division. Stop the hate, on BOTH sides… And let’s take things as I have learned to live, one day at a time. Being unified if things go wrong will be a lot better than being a nation torn apart. Maybe the future will surprise you, maybe it won’t… Just hold on to your empathy and everything will be alright. It’s the only thing we have left. We have to do better.

to all the “fans” who are salty for jungkook being in the spotlight can politely suck a fat sweaty ball :))))))) when it’s any other member, it’s fine. but as soon as jungkook gets thrown into the equation everyone goes off. do us all a favor and L E A V E. you’re not a fan of bts unless you love and support them all equally

but don’t forget its your right to do whatever you like // a mix for dancing in the car or alone in your room

dog days are over - florence + the machine // cape town - the young veins // g.i.n.a.s.f.s. - fall out boy // the city is at war - cobra starship // his girl friday - the academy is… // fall into these arms - new politics // spotlight (oh nostalgia) - patrick stump // vampires will never hurt you - my chemical romance // you can make him like you - the hold steady // why not me - alexander rybak // everything’s magic - angels and airwaves // i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance - black kids // porcelain (feat. alph-a-bit) - patrick stump // never been in love (feat. icona pop) - cobra starship // 20 dollar nose bleed (feat. brendon urie) - fall out boy // she’s the prettiest girl at the party and she can prove it with a solid right hook - frnkiero andthe cellabration // magnolia - the hush sound // 1234 - feist // heartbeat - jjamz // no shows - gerard way // square one (the like cover) - jjamz // don’t wake me up - the hush sound // mini monster - jake mckelvie and the countertops // catch me if you can - the like // keep on keeping on (feat. brendon urie) - travie mccoy // coming too - jake mckelvie and the countertops // just you wait - william beckett // harlem - new politics // planetary (GO!) - my chemical romance // young folks - peter bjorn and john // our story’s already been told - william beckett // young veins (die tonight) - the young veins

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art room: a mix for the art room & getting your creative juices flowing

1. chocolate - the 1975 // 2. skinny genes - eliza doolittle // 3. let’s dance to joy division - the wombats // 4. foundations - kate nash // 5. horchata - vampire weekend // 6. the banjolin song - mumford & sons // 7. go outside - the cults // 8. shorty don’t wait - a great big world // 9. all the pretty girls - fun.  // 10. house of gold - twenty one pilots // 11. harlem - new politics // 12. (if you’re wondering if i want you to) i want you to - weezer  // 13. pas de cheval - panic! at the disco // 14. maps (cover) - the fray // 15. grace kelly - mika // 16. zak and sara - ben folds // 17. spotlight (oh nostalgia) - patrick stump // 18. rill rill - sleigh bells // 19. flaws - bastille // 20. new perspective - panic! at the disco // 21. chloe - emblem3 // 22. forest whitaker - bad books //


Cartier’s  Love Bracelet.

There is meaning behind the creation of Cartier’s bracelet. The bracelet was inspired by a chastity belt; hence the reason why it is secured together by a screw. It represents the permanence and indestructibility of affection. 

Designer Aldo Cipullo designed the Love bracelet in 1970. The bracelet’s inspiration, a chastity belt, is fitting for the time in which it was created. Women in the 60s and 70s were in the national political spotlight. The Feminist Movement enabled woman to participate in politics, obtain education and associate as equals amongst men. Sex laws were abolished and women began to have a prominent voice within society. Thus, Cipullo’s two-pieced bracelet, which was originally only sold to couples, echoes the sentiments of the new women’s rights that emerged during the era. 

Even though the bracelet has been in existence since the 70s, it seems to have recently taken on a new wave of popularity. The bracelet’s versatility makes it a staple piece. It comes in three shades of gold – white, yellow and pink – and can be lined with diamonds (if your wallet permits). Cartier’s Love bracelet starts at $5,575 and only goes up in price depending on size, additions and engraving.