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LGBTQ activists are throwing a queer dance party outside Mike Pence’s house

  • At the end of this week, Mike Pence and his family will be moving out of their temporary residence in D.C.’s Chevy Chase neighborhood and into the posh Naval Observatory. 
  •  Before he leaves, one group is going to give him one good look at the queer side of America he will soon have to represent.
  • Over 700 people have confirmed their attendence to the Queer Dance Party at Mike Pence’s House.
  • The party is a protest action organized by WERK for Peace and DisruptJ20, designed to send a message to “Daddy Pence” that “homo/transphobia is not tolerated in our country,” according to the event’s Facebook page. Read more

When legendary anarchist Emma Goldman said “If I can’t dance, then I don’t want to be part of your revolution”, she meant that any overturning of oppressive social relations which denies joy, beauty and self-expression doesn’t liberate anyone.

Not, “Alright, the way to smash the state is to get all of your friends together, cover each other in glitter, fetch a technicolor rave tricycle, go and throw some really radical shapes at the fuzz, and wait for capitalism to implode.”

Unreadable, George Washington x Reader

Prompt: 7. “Wanna bet?” + Washington Drabble (which turned out to be way longer because GWash is 10/10 - except for the slaves)

Words: 682

Author’s Note: Washington is my favorite to write now.

Warnings: Washington is characterized as hella smooth. He probably was never this smooth.

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A ball commemorating the soldiers currently serving in the revolution usually meant three things: alcohol, elegant gowns, and you being immensely intimidated by the parade of soldiers in the uniforms that had seen battle and carnage.

Usually you stuck to the people who got you there in the first place: The Schuyler Sisters. Currently, your arm was looped through Peggy’s, who politely refused many dance offers in favor of finding a possible suitor for you.

“Lafayette is rather charming, is he not? Why not just one dance?” She pleaded.

“I believe he’s rather enamored with the curly haired woman in the corner.” You joked as he strode over to her, offering an arm for a dance.

“Right…Well…Oh! There’s General Washington.” Your eyes immediately landed on the lost powerful man in the room. 

The mere sight of him had your hands clammy. How was someone supposed to act in this man’s presence without looking like a stuttering mess? You could tell he was in a deep discussion of business with one of his soldiers. 

‘He’s a commander.’ You reminded yourself, ‘He’s always talking business.’

“The general is quite good looking, is he not?” Peggy teased, noting that you had yet to stop desperately dazing at him, “Doesn’t surprise me that you would fall for the most unreadable, powerful man in the whole country. I expected nothing less.”

“I have not fallen for him. I am simply…interested.”

“Which is a greater reaction than you have given to the last thousand suitors I have pointed out for you. This is a win. I’m sure if you keep staring like that he’ll definitely fall for you.” She unhooked her arm from yours as a waiter walked by with a tray of full champagne flutes.

“I doubt General Washington has time to dance with anyone, let alone me.” You chided, accepting the glass she offered you.

“Wanna bet? He’s on his way over.” Your head snapped back to where he had been standing, to see he had disappeared and was now making a beeline towards you, graciously brushing off anyone who tried to stop him on his way.

You desperately looked over to Peggy, who gave a sly shrug of her shoulders before taking the flute from your hand and taking her leave right as the general stopped in front of you.

He was much taller in person.

“Excuse me. I caught your eye from across the room and had to make your acquaintance. George Washington.” He took your hand and placed a gentle kiss on your knuckles

You gave your name and curtsied. He offered his arm for a dance, and you forgot how to breathe.

“You’re awfully light on your feet, General.” You remarked as he swept you into your first of many dances that night.

“And you are quite breathtaking.” He replied, noting that many of his men had stopped to admire the woman who was currently dancing with their commanding officer. He pulled you closer, and his men immediately got his message.

You spent the night chatting, laughing and dancing. He spoke of his command and upbringings. You spoke of your favorite novels, which you suggested he read.

“Not that you ever get breaks.” You teased him.

“For you, I will make time in the days.”

By the end of the night, your feet ached and you were completely and utterly drunk with his presence.

“May I write you?” He asked as you rejoined the Schuyler sisters.

“I would be heartbroken if you didn’t.” You breathed, unable to imagine another day where he wasn’t holding your hands gently in his and looking at you with that much light in his eyes.

“Well, I can’t have that.” He placed a final kiss to your hands before taking his leave, nodding to the sisters as he passed.

“You said he was unreadable, Peggy?” You asked on the carriage ride home, after they had drilled you with countless questions. She nodded, a smug look on her face as she believes she had set the two of you up, “He’s my new favorite book.”

ID #49827

Name: Line
Age: 17
Country: Germany

Hey erveryone, I am looking for someone to write snailmail or wathsapp with. I want to improve my english and get to know new people. My mainsubject in school is psychology and I am also really interested in politics and history. My hobbys are watching documenterys :) , EATING ,Taekwondo, binge watching series with friends, reading,traveling, listening to a lot of music, and of course, dancing around really akward and pretending I am in a music video. I am also collecting postcards from all over the world. so if you are also a little bit weird and you want to talk about movies, series, food , politics , philosophy:) or improve your german, feel free to contact me.

Preferences: 17+

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Pearl and Mystery Girl Headcannon

First time MG sees Pearl about to throw down with evilness or monsters and she’s just like “ExCuSe ME YOU WANT TO FIGHT MY TINY PERFECT GIRLFRIEND?! I WILL RUN YOUR ASS OVER WITH MY NICE SHINY MOTORCYCLE”

Pearl Hi-key loves it. MG knows. 

Greg is stunned by how much she looks like Rose, he tries a little flirting, nothing serious, for old times sake. 

Pearl is trying to be polite cuz they danced and sang and bonded and shit but she’s interally freaking the ever loving fuck out because not again. NOT. AGAIN. But its so important to Steven that she and Greg get along….fuckfuckfuck she’s blushing and stammering and she wants to flip but she’s resisting and Steven just looks HORRIFIED 

MG just kinda looks him up and down, real chill, and goes “Thanks but I prefer conscious configurations of light”

Pearl blushes

Greg is confused. 

MG clarifies. “I like putting my mouth on Pearl’s mouth. Alot.”

Greg is no longer confused. There are no more flirting attempts. 

Garnet ships it so.fucking.hard. 

MG and Lapis chill at the mall in sunglasses popping bubblegum. Everyone thinks they are badass hoodlums until Pearl and Steven rush over to show off a cute dress. And Pearl’s talking loud and fast about how she knows she doesn’t technically need to buy clothes, she can form them with her gem, and it probably would be too silly to get it, and MG just leans down and plants a little kiss right on Pearl’s pearl before leaning back and nodding. “It looks cute. You could wear it to my parents’ on Sunday.”

Amethyst dislikes her alot first. She’s the punk rock rock, who is this poser? But they like alot of the same music, so they chill with Greg and jam, and go to concerts. They get on good terms, till one day there’s this argument between Pearl and Amethyst and Amethyst just turns to MG and is like “Pearl only likes you because you look like Rose! Beautiful Rose that never gave her the time of day! You are a substitution!”

Amethyst immediately wishes she hadn’t said that, would do anything to take it back, cuz Pearl just crumples like a paper ball, crumples on the floor tears pooling in her eyes as she sobs “that’s not true, it’s not true, I swear…”

MG was really chill, leaning back on the wall scrolling through blogs. She didn’t really care that much about the fight or the comment. But Pearl is crying. Pearl is hurt. Her happy little ball of cheerful sunshine and outer space logic is sad. Heads will roll. 

MG scoops up Pearl whose desperately trying to deny it, to say how she cares for MG because she’s MG, not for anything else. MG knows, she just pets her head and shushes her. Then she glares at Amethyst. And Rose never glared like that. 

“Tiny purple punk rock. Not cool. Don’t involve third parties in your fights, and she was right, you’ve been really reckless lately and that’s dangerous. Do not make my small alien bird baby cry again or I will curb stomp you. I like her because she’s Pearl. Pearl likes me because I’m me.”

Pearl laughs a little because she is NOT a bird thank you very much

MG dyes her hair green the next day. Pearl sees it and spends the rest of the day reciting lyrical poetry about it

Finally MG is like “Dude just say its sexy” but she’s laughing because it’s sweet and genuine and Pearl. 

Pearl sighs. “It certainly is. But more than that. I believe….I believe the word would be ‘beautiful’.”

MG blushes hard core and hides her face in Pearl’s shoulder, hugging her. She’s been called badass, punk, sexy, but beautiful…that’s a first. 

Pearl makes MG a stud earring using scraps from the war and the volcanic heart of the temple’s core. MG loves it. 

Pearl tries to learn slang. She does not suceed, and will turn to MG after winning Mario Kart, or stabbing a monster with her spear and say “Was that ‘punk rock’?!?” 

MG just smiles and says “Very punk.”

MG gets shit for dating an alien. Pearl’s response is along the lines of “I saved this planet, and technically have lived here for 5,000 years. So I’ve been here alot longer than you.”

The shit talking stops.

MG loves to watch Pearl train Connie and Steven and Stevonnie. Mostly because her girlfriend is a goddamn boss. 

Pearl doesn’t like to talk about the war. But alone in Pearl’s room, floating on the water and listening to smooth jazz on shared headphones, she’ll admit little things. It’s easy for people to forget prim and proper Pearl is a rebel, a renegade, and a wanted criminal. (MG finds it kinda hot really)

Amethyst introduces MG to Vidalia and they hit it off big time. Vidalia paints MG and Pearl and gives it to MG, small enough that she can carry it around. It makes her smile like a sap all the time.

MG likes tattooes, but never knew what to get. So she gets a swan, pearly white and made of water, with a rising crescent moon behind her. Peaceful, strong, beautiful. Just like her Pearl.

Pearl doesn’t sleep, but she’ll stay with MG and play with her hair, clean her clothes, straighten up the house, and leave post it notes hidden for MG to find later. 

Pearl has to regenerate, MG flips out and is an angry crying mess for days. When Pearl comes back she nearly sends her back with a bone crushing hug. Later she realizes Pearl’s made a little alteration of her own. It’s her own kind of tattoo, blending in with her skin perfectly. It’s just a few words and some scribbly lines. The words say “My Mystery Girl” in perfect cursive. 

When she asks about the lines, she explains its Gem writing. She blushes and says she’ll translate later. 

Pearl considered ended things with MG incase the Diamonds come and she gets hurt. MG sees this coming and threatens to kick Pearl off the motorcycle for being stupid. She’s with her till the stars fall down. 

Pearl is adorable in MG’s flannels. It nearly stops MG’s heart. 

Pearl checks that MG got enough sleep, has eaten three meals, has hydrated, and wears a helmet and thick pants on the motor cycle. Steven teases Pearl is more like a Mom than a girlfriend, but MG’s never felt so loved.

Yellow Diamond kidnaps MG to lure in Pearl and shatter her. Pearl comes in, dancing with swords, bruised and beaten but looking fucking TERRIFYING. When she saves MG she has a soft smiling and kisses her hand like a knight to their lord. 

“We had an agreement. Together till the stars fall down.”

MG cries. It’s okay, Pearl’s crying too.

MG thinks its hilarious that Pearl can lift her with one hand. 

Pearl finally admits the words in Gem are “I pledge my life to the brightness of my life” with the human “My Mystery Girl” underneath. 

Garnet has grasped more slang and whispers “OTP” quietly with a big grin whenever they are around. 

Peridot uses MG as a human ladder to get to high shelves. MG is amused. Lapis is jealous. That’s HER little green space dorito. 

MG loves it and starts calling Peridot “little green space dorito”

For Christmas, Steven gives Period a T Shirt with it. 

MG loves Steven and lets him braid her hair and do her lipstick and ask about her piercings. They dance to music videos together on the couch. Pearl thinks its too cute to tell them to stop. 

They manage to fuse. And its nothing like Rainbow Quartz. She’s pale, big, and beautiful with short wild hair that changes colors in the light. She’s got three eyes, all of them are pink, and piercings in her lips, ears, eyebrows and tongue. Four arms, two legs, and a wicked smile. Her weapon of choice is throwing knives made like minispears. Meet Mystery Pearl. 

‘He’s lying to you’: why I held that sign up behind Nigel Farage | Seb Dance
My frustration came to a head during a European parliament debate over the Trump travel ban. It’s time to call out those who feed on a diet of hate
By Seb Dance

(For those outside the UK who have so far been blissfully unaware of Nigel Farage: he is a far-right, racist, xenophobic, bombastic, Trump-worshipping cockwomble.)