politics of beauty

Ok it’s done!

At first the text would have been,

Hailey: B.. B… Bendy what are you d.. doing??

Bendy: A polite gesture, for a beautiful lady. (And the scene would be them holding hands)

But ya this is the fanart/shipart I ended up making because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the idea of Prom even though I’m 11.

I uh don’t know what else to say….. boi! <3


It’s so coot! Thanks bud XD I could only imagine a dance >\\

When you are hurting remember
that a wilting flower has the power to disseminate seeds of life.
Fragments of broken mirrors will always manifest reflections of beauty

and the storm inside of you will find its calm.

—  //growing

Honestly imagine how cool it would be if everyone just stopped mowing their lawns.
After a few months we would have meadows and tons of bees and rabbits and toads and stuff. After a few more summers there would be trees, and eventually your neighborhood would become a forest. There would be so much shade. The air would be so fresh. You would see deer on your walk to school, we could save the Earth.

anonymous asked:

Hello i love your aaart ! Is it okay to request pastel goth Celes ? (I'm not sure if she was already requested. If she was, I'm sorry and then I'm requesting a Izuru pastel goth.🌸) Thanks in advance !😘

pastel goth celes is here! 


“You know, you don’t get to decide what I am.”

Sarah // my favourite new character from Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle (I love her and am always here for more badass resistance ladies! \o/)


If someone who isn’t black says “nigger” with a hard “er” at the end, they probably mean it as a racial slur/insult.

If someone who isn’t black says, “nigga” with an ‘uh’ at the end, they’re probably not using it as a racial slur, but as a way of saying “bro” or “homie”. So take a chill pill when you overhear someone saying that. After all, if you use it as a form of slang, everyone else is going to too. Whether you like it or not.