politics of beauty

When you are hurting remember
that a wilting flower has the power to disseminate seeds of life.
Fragments of broken mirrors will always manifest reflections of beauty

and the storm inside of you will find its calm.

—  //growing

Honestly imagine how cool it would be if everyone just stopped mowing their lawns.
After a few months we would have meadows and tons of bees and rabbits and toads and stuff. After a few more summers there would be trees, and eventually your neighborhood would become a forest. There would be so much shade. The air would be so fresh. You would see deer on your walk to school, we could save the Earth.

Don’t feel stuck.

This is all temporary.

Work towards the things you want in the world, give them the power to be realized.

Let mindful actions be your guide that you might see through the cycle of cause and effect.

These things, these cruel things of the world around us, cannot be allowed to fester inside you.

May you have the strength to turn your suffering and hurt into a searing sacred fire that will remove all obstacles in your way.

Don’t believe the lie that you can do nothing to change what is going on.

Do not ever let them strip your power from you.

Be mindful, awaken, for you are an unstoppable creature.

You can change this world.

You will change this world.

You are.

I weave these words with power, that this will come to pass.

Like, no offence to disney, but I just found out that the old sleeping beauty adaptation I used to watch as a child is on Netflix and

starts out with lower class women spinning threads singing about hard work and diligence

king has only twelve golden plates, so he doesn’t invite the thirteenth fairy, the one of diligence, to his daughters birthday celebration cause “a princess doesn’t need that gift”

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