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American Politicians as members of a (dysfunctional) Family:

Obama:  the cool dad - has dealt with bullshit from his in-laws for far too many years but still tries to endure the reunions the best he can. No one appreciates him until they realize how much they need him.

Bernie Sanders: chill af hippy grandpa - roasts the other side of the family during the entirety of the reunion, and loves every minute of it. super liberal and talks to the teen members of the family like he’d talk to any adult. He just has this charm about him that makes it hard for anyone to hate him.

Hillary Clinton: the successful great aunt - worked on a school board her entire life and gets a bunch of leadership awards. A try-hard people pleaser and will change opinions to get the majority to like her. All her in-laws are secretly jealous of how well she’s managed all these years at being independent and successful, so they try to find any insecurity she has and give her a hard time about it. Despite working with kids most of her life, she’s never known quite how to talk to them. she tries to open discussions with the younger family members about outdated memes (she saw them on facebook once).

Donald Trump: racist jackass uncle - comes around every few runions to flaunt his money and push his close-minded agendas. everyone knows he’s broke and no one’s willing to invest in the projects he pitches at the family BBQ. Always makes negative comments about black people, Mexicans, and middle easterners, but if you try to call him out he’ll say him? racist?? he’s only stating the facts! you’re the racist for suppressing his opinions! constantly makes creepy comments to the teenage girls in the family and shames them if they don’t look “presentable” to his tastes. remarried more times than you can count, which is no surprise when his favorite pastime is objectifying women.

Ted Cruz: weird second degree cousin - Rarely comes to reunions. When he does he never stays long, and never says anything coherent. Always looks like he’s having a bad time/is in pain. Everyone in the family is convinced he’s a serial killer.

you know, sometimes I get offended when my mom calls me “weird” but then again, I have to remind myself that most seventeen year olds don’t listen to Italian singers while doing their homework crying out STAMMI VICINO!! at the top of their lungs  


When Misako tries to wrap the shoot up even though Shuta’s turn hasn’t happened yet.

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What is your grandma saying?

omfg there were so many topics they argued about in the past hour, but the biggest ones were immigration and abortion and my grandma is pro choice and hates the muslim ban/believes it’s unamerican while my mom is a tr*mp supporter so u know how she feels about most topics 

A friend of mine and I were talking over breakfast, after our little earthquake incident a few days ago, about the super volcano that lives under Yellowstone National Park.

Now if it blows, are you, as mostly citizens of the good ol USA willing to take one for the team, ie the team being the rest of the world?


I will never get tired of watching this. <3

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We have a test on German politics on friday and I feel unprepared as hell, because literally our teacher has taught us nothing and we had to do everything ourselves.
Also, I studied almost nothing during winter break because I had too much to do during christmas, new years eve and my birthday yesterday. Being 20 years old feels not the slightest bit different to 19, except maybe the realisation that I still have no idea how to adult.