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The ‘Alt-Left’ Only Exists To Liberals
Intellectual dishonesty: avoiding critically honest and comprehensive approach to a matter because it may introduce an adverse effect on…
By Devyn Springer

My Latest: On the myth of the “Alt-Left,” identity politics, and liberalism. 

The conflation of the left with liberalism is a method of neoliberalism in the preservation of capitalism. It is within this conflation of leftism and liberalism, whether subconsciously through lack of proper political education or purposefully for the obfuscation of their own centrist positionality, the liberal creation of the “alt-left” is part of the historical assault on the left by those willfully apt to compromise with fascism. This conflation, or equalization if you will, of the left with the alt-right — or, as most leftists refer to them, neo-nazis — illuminates the dedication to inaction that is so deeply inherent to liberal politics.


To claim an “alt-left” is to position something as “alternative” to a main framework of larger ideology. However, this logical progression falls flat when examining what exactly this particular “alt-left” is alternative to: the center.To whom does the “alt-left” exist? Liberals, who sit at the center, comfortable in their inaction and collusion with the right. Liberals, who Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously described as preferring “a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice.” The “alt-left” is not a problem, James Wolcott, because it does not exist. If anything, liberals operating under the framework of neoliberalism, more dedicated to capital than protecting the lives of the marginalized, are the biggest problem to my liberation as a Black queer socialist warrior. So please, continue to cheer ‘go, State, go[sic]’ as you vilify the only functioning piece of resistance in a country built on the degradation of my ancestors, and is sustained through my exploitation.


Trump just banned EPA employees from posting on social media

  • Trump has instituted a social media ban for employees at the Environmental Protection Agency, the AP reported on Tuesday.
  • EPA employees are now banned from posting updates on social media or giving updates to the press.
  • News broke on Monday that the EPA is under orders from the Trump administration to freeze its grant programs, which include funding for education, water testing and air quality monitoring.
  • The Huffington Post reported on Monday that it’s unclear whether the freeze will be indefinite. Read more

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The Social Sciences summarised:

International Relations: “The international system is in anarchy”
Political Science: “Power is always in flux”
Economics: “Supply and demand”
Psychology: “Sex, childhood, and trauma”
Sociology: “Relationships are subjective”
History: “Unless it’s written, it becomes anthropology”

@lanadelrey: Climate change is real my friends. Our future children and our future children’s children’s well-being depends on acknowledging that scientists need to be supported and heard.
There’s still so much to learn, but aside from that- we don’t want to go backwards from where we are today and deny facts that we already know to be true.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but if you wait for too long then no amount help will be able to change irreparable damage done. (Fact)
A march for science is completely unprecedented especially now when we’ve made such leaps and bounds over the last 20 years. But that being said no one has ever doubted that we need to continue our advancement health and environmental research until recently.
I don’t know how important the truth is to you… But to me it matters the most. That’s why science is so cool, because the facts are real whether you believe them or not- and that’s what makes it the most important thing in the world to support-because it will continue to give us the answers we seek and the extra time we want.

I just think it’s important to remind everyone now and then that Albert Einstein was a communist which is good because communism is good.

Ps source is in the upper left corner of the image, I recommend reading it. It’s good.

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Tumblr discourse is as problematic as the things it wants to police. There is no such thing as a person being 100% pure. People do "problematic" things sometimes, but that doesn't mean they can't learn from it. There is always alternate and different interpretations to issues. Nothing is black and white.

Tumblr can best be described by a post I saw once:

“Oh, boy, what complex adult issues are the middle-school kids going to lecture me about today?”

This place is a hellsite for actual discussion of legitimate serious topics and seeing things beyond a wider scope than “my view is correct.” Half the posts about a very complex issue with several viewpoints are addressed like, “Remember to always (insert behavior) or you’re just as bad as (insert name of badly-behaving group) okay? uwu” 

Imagine having a debate with someone who actually spoke in a way in which you could hear the uwu emoticon in their voice. That is painful.

The internet gives everyone a voice and a platform, and people who are undereducated about real issues, refuse to see all the sides of things, are incapable of being objective, and are just woefully immature can still be seen as having more of an authority to their voice than far more qualified people, because they write well enough to trick thousands into believing they’re older than they are or more educated than the average person. And there’s no transparency to get a sense of who the person is or how young they are on Tumblr, because even the most inexperienced 14-year-old can pose as a 22-year-old college student studying political science and social mechanics.

TL;DR: Tumblr was a mistake. Its replacement needs to come soon.

anonymous asked:

Question about your views on discussing economics: Do you think it's okay for people not studying economics academically to discuss and promote ideas through independent research and speak from an authoritative position? For example, I like to read about and discuss socialist style welfare programs and Keynesian employment programs and their effects of GDP, wages, and standard of living but I study political science. Is that kind of cross over a no go in your mind?

You can do whatever you want, some theory doesn’t need the math. citing other people and shit who already did the work is probs fine. but like if someone was to come at you for it, which is unlikely, you’d have a hard time backing up a lot of what you’re saying without the math. 

social sciences really need a stronger math background tbh … imo but like the way our academic system is structured that just ends up excluding a bunch of people from being able to have a voice on issues they face. BUT IN A PERFECT WORLD a lot more math would be included.

But like, no one’s going to take you seriously anyway, so it doesn’t matter what you do. Like until you’re already a respected academic no one cares what you’re saying usually. and even then if what you’re saying is too far from the norm they’re still not going to give a shit. So go wild. 

Which is shitty because you miss out on hearing from a lot of the people who actually face issues being discussed, for instance my sociology department was like 80% rich white men? lmao… who taught classes on like … race, gender, class ……………………… you can see the problem lmao. 

What I meant about the economics thing though is just edgelords pretending to use math to discredit people when they’re discussing ideology, when they don’t know what they’re doing and the math they’re doing is fucking preschool compared to real economics.

What the Ilvermorny Houses study in college

Thunderbird: Biology, Ethnic Studies, International Relations, Music, Global Studies, Archeology, Photography

Pukwudgie: Nursing, Non-Profit Management, Peace/Conflict Studies, Social Science, Human Resources, Psychiatry, Social Work

Wampus: Journalism, Political Science, Gender Studies, Military Technologies, Strategic Intelligence, Physics, Athletic Training

Horned Serpent: Chemistry, Education, Philosophy, Mathematics, Classical and Ancient Studies, Medicine, Astrophysics


ID #22403

Name: Eve
Age: 14
Country: Australia

my name is evie and im really awkward and shy until you get to know me and then im crazy. the first times we speak i might be a bit shy but after i get to know you i could talk about anything.

Im in year nine and my favorite subject is history. I also love politics and pretry much all social sciences. I love greys anatomy, shadowhunters,friends and riverdale. I love crime shows and dramas. I like pretty much all music exept really electronic over produced stuff. I love reading to and i love tmi and hp.

Id love to have more people to talk to and i love the idea of talking to people from different countries

Preferences: um i dont really have any preferences just as long as you arnt a bigot or homophobic or racist age, gender and all that dont really bother me

Beatrice Webb (1858-1943) was an influential sociologist and economist in England. She was one of the founders of the London School of Economics, as well as the Fabian Society, and coined the term “collective bargaining”.

She was a strong proponent of socialist principles, and made important contributions to politic and economic theory. In 1932 she became the first woman elected as a Fellow of the British Academy. Unfortunately, she died before she could see the Welfare State set up by the Labour post-war government, a development towards which she had worked her entire life.

I ate them like salad, books were my sandwich for lunch, my tiffin and dinner and midnight munch. I tore out the pages, ate them with salt, doused them with relish, gnawed on the bindings, turned the chapters with my tongue! Books by the dozen, the score and the billion. I carried so many home I was hunchbacked for years. Philosophy, art history, politics, social science, the poem, the essay, the grandiose play, you name ‘em, I ate 'em.

I made this studyblr a few weeks ago, and have yet to properly introduce myself, so here goes!

 - my name is lauren

 - this is a sideblog, i follow with @cchasingthesun 

- i’m a sixteen year old junior in high school

 - i have an 8 class schedule, and i’m taking apush, ap lit, honors chem, honors spanish 3, pre-calc, gym, elections (which is, you guessed it, about the 2016 election, but these days its about current us politics), and an independent study for writing 

- i want to go to school for either political science or social work 

- i’m on my schools life of a student, justice committee, diversity club, and youth & government

- i work at an elementary after school program four days a week

- i dance three days a week

 - i’m going to poland over april break and am attempting to learn some basic polish 

- my work ethic and study habits both leave something to be desired and thats why i made this blog, on a journey to improve both of those things

 some of my favorite studyblrs include: @memoirs-of-a-high-school-student @gaystudies, @apricot-studies, @intellectus, @studylustre and @stvdy-ing

Rooted in Violence

Whether Liberal, Conservative, Meritocratic, Socialist, Libertarian, Fascist, Minarchist, or the g**d**n Divine Right of Kings—ALL statism rests and relies upon a false premise that it’s okay to hurt people to get your way, and to take their sh*t to get what you want.

The steadfast refusal to confront this truth is the singular reason we, as a species, have not evolved beyond such barbaric ideas, and realized the goals for peace and prosperity that, as individual human beings, we near-universally hold.

Ideal Majors For the Signs
  • Aries: Medicine, Law, Public Relations
  • Taurus: Business, Journalism, Sociology
  • Gemini: Foreign Language, Creative Writing, Film
  • Cancer: Music Performance, Early Childhood Education, Art
  • Leo: Political Science, Social Work, Literature
  • Virgo: Economics, Animal Science, Theater
  • Libra: Communications, Marketing, Advertising
  • Scorpio: Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Human Development
  • Sagittarius: Psychology, English, Religious Studies
  • Capricorn: Accounting, Computer Science, Anthropology
  • Aquarius: Engineering, Environmental Science, Nursing
  • Pisces: Education, Music Theory/Composition, Design
careers for the MC (midheaven) signs
  • *your midheaven sign indicates what your career or "life path" will be and defines your social standing & reputation.
  • Aries MC: seeks self-employment, military, athlete, politics, police force, fire fighter, mechanics, engineering, pilot, architect, medical field
  • Taurus MC: hands-on job, banking, artist, musician, finance, real estate, agriculture, landscaping, business, chef, interior designer
  • Gemini MC: sales, the media, teacher, writer/poet, journalist, artist, musician, interpreter, radio/TV host, fashion designer
  • Cancer MC: teacher, nurse, social worker, artist, pediatrician, counselor, culinary arts, politics, psychologist, historian, architect
  • Leo MC: government, actor, management, film director, CEO, performer, musician, artist, fashion design, teacher, sales
  • Virgo MC: researcher, writer/poet, librarian, farming, healing, teacher, scientist, mathematician, banking, secretary, industrial designer
  • Libra MC: decorator, image consulting, artist, model, entertainment media, judge, counselor, journalist, politics, diplomacy, public policy
  • Scorpio MC: researcher, psychologist, crime investigator, social sciences, police force/military, banker, politician, hypnosis, actor, therapist, lawyer
  • Sagittarius MC: athletics coach, journalist, photographer, filmmaker, actor, writer/poet, pilot, politician, flight attendant, religious positions, teacher
  • Capricorn MC: farming, real estate, accountant, banker, stockbroker, manager, CEO, politician, lawyer, scientist, archeologist
  • Aquarius MC: social work, activist, astronomer, astrologist, photographer, filmmaker, pilot, scientist, engineering, graphic designer, artist
  • Pisces MC: artist, performer, musician, healer, writer/poet, filmmaker, anything spiritual, veterinarian, coast-guard, psychic, medical assistant

a message for our mostly woman-dominated community:

i’m so glad to see so many girls who aren’t afraid to be smart, and aren’t hiding that part of themselves to fit in.

i know when i started middle school, i got so many messages that being smart was a man’s social niche that i started spending copious amounts of time on my appearance and only talking about more stereotypically feminine things (not that there’s anything wrong with them! i just felt forced to like them) so that people would like me. i stayed away from all of the boys and social circles who talked about science, and politics, and kept myself relatively uninformed because even then i thought that those were “mens’ topics.”

that’s total nonsense!! you can be a girl and do stem!! you can be a girl and do economics, or politics, or law, or neuroscience, or countless other academic subjects!! here in the studyblr community, i love that we don’t limit ourselves. i see so many smart, hardworking, outstanding women on here and that means the world to me. here’s to my female studyblr role models.