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When I was in 3rd grade, my mother carefully went over every single part of the Pledge of Allegiance until I understood exactly what it meant. She then let me decide if I was going to stand with my hand over my heart, and pledge my allegiance to a version of God I didn’t believe in, and words I didn’t feel were a completely accurate description of my country.

I chose not to stand.

And over the years I was hated and punished for it by teachers and students alike.

But I never stood for the Pledge of Allegiance again, and that was my right.

I firmly believe in standing up, or sitting down for you and your people’s rights and beliefs, even in the face of patriotism. If your country has done wrong, you do not have to pledge your love and trust to it until your country reflects the words of the anthem for everyone equally.

Patriotism is supposed to honor your right to speak, to protest, to be safe, and to believe if what you believe in to begin with. That is kind of the point of our anthem and our pledge.
Similarities between Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler

-Hitler blamed all his country’s economic problems on a minority group, the Jews, as well as on a few other minorities, such as the Romani. Trump blames all our country’s economic problems on a minority group, Mexican illegal immigrants, as well as illegal immigrants from South America and Asia. 

- Hitler announced in advance that he would round up and deport all these minority groups so that Germany would be occupied only by true citizens. In the 1920’s, he wrote the book, “Mein Kampf,” which clearly spelled out his plans for deporting undesirables. By 1939, it had sold over 5,000,000 copies. In the summer of 2015, Donald Trump went on network television in front of millions of people and has repeatedly announced that he will round up and deport all the “undesirable” illegal immigrants in this country and keep America safe for true citizens. 

- Hitler never said that he would kill those people he could not deport or what would happen when they resisted being arrested and deported. Trump has not said what he will do if other countries will not accept the 11,000,000 people he plans to deport or what he will do if these people resist being arrested and deported. Will immigration officials be ordered to shoot people who hide, run away or resist arrest? Hitler built walls around the ghettos where Jews were originally detained. Trump wants to build an impregnable wall between Mexico and the United States. 

- Hitler attracted huge crowds of enthusiastic followers who showed up at his rallies to listen to him rage about the Jews and assure his followers that he would be able to improve the economy, if he was given free rein to deport them. Trump has attracted huge crowds of enthusiastic followers who show up at his rallies to listen to him rage about illegal immigrants and assure his followers that he will be able to improve the economy if he is given free rein to deport them. 

- Hitler wanted to make changes to the structure of the German constitution in order to solidify his power and carry out his wishes. Trump wants to change the 14th Amendment to the U.S. constitution so that he can deport American born U.S. citizens and revoke their citizenship if they are the children of illegal immigrants. Many citizens of Germany, including German Jews, did not believe that they would ever be harmed because they had been loyal, law-abiding citizens and, in many cases, had fought for Germany in World War I. Many Mexican-American families in the United States, including those who have some family members who may have come here illegally, do not believe that their entire family could be deported, especially if most members of the family were born here and the children are now U.S. citizens. 

- Hitler and his military regularly confiscated the personal property, artwork, jewelry and homes belonging to the Jews who were rounded up. Trump has not said what he will do with the personal property, automobiles, and other items that belong to the people he rounds up and deports. If they cannot carry it with them and cannot quickly sell it for a price, it is most likely they could lose a substantial portion of their property or sell it far below fair market value. 

- Hitler routinely broke treaties with other countries, if he did not believe that the treaties were in the best interest of Germany. Trump has threatened to go his own way in international affairs, regardless of treaties, trade agreements with our neighbors and additional international agreements we may have with other countries.  

- Hitler was very willing to attack other countries, including using bombs on them. Trump has repeatedly said that he would deal with ISIS and other groups in the Middle East by bombing “the hell” out of them.

Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House
The CIA has concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system, according to officials briefed on the matter.
By https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729171040

say it once for the kids the back, a foreign country, a hostle foreign power was actively working to elect Trump President, we have a puppet President. 

Chance Encounters

A tiny Wolfstar AU based on this tumblr post. Written both because i wanted to and because it was requested by an anon and alrightevans.

There wasn’t anything more pathetic than sitting alone at a table for two in a restaurant. No, no, there was. There was doing it for the third time in as many weeks on what was supposed to be a fucking apology date for missing two others.

Sirius sighed, and resisted the urge to check his watch. He’d done that less than a minute ago. Bertram was an hour late. Also officially single if he didn’t turn up in the next thirty minutes. 

A polite cough alerted Sirius to the presence of the waitress.

“Are you ready to order?” she asked, and he could see the pity in her eyes.

God, was it that fucking obvious? Did he really look that ridiculous?

“Half an hour more,” Sirius answered. “My, uh… my date’s just running late. It’s traffic or something. He’s on his way.”

“I’ll come back later, then,” the waitress smiled, and moved off. Sirius resisted the urge to bang his head against the table. 

He was just about to cave to the desire when somebody- definitely not Bertram Aubrey- dropped into the seat opposite him.

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Chelsea Manning Is Running Out Of Time
If President Obama does not grant Chelsea’s clemency request before he leaves office, he is condemning her to a nightmarish fate.

anonymous asked:

that anger IS unfair and unjustified, though. Hate Romney if you want, but don't take it out on people who happen to be in the same political party. we don't all agree with him and lumping us all together into a group of anti-gays and such is what's causing this problem. It's like hating all muslims because of 9/11. It's incredibly insulting.

It’s nowhere near as bad as hating Muslims because of 9/11 because that’s hating an entire religious group based on the actions of a few awful people, and that’s just the quickest possible explanation why

You need to take a step back a bit and examine how bad this “prejudice” actually is

You’re not going to be demeaned or oppressed or hurt for your opinions so don’t even begin to put your struggles on that level.

Mitt Romney is anti-gay, yes, and he’s anti-a-lot-of-things too! A lot of the Republican party is. And it’s not fair to assume that every single Republican is a terrible person. I’ve said that much.

BUT the Republican party has caused a lot of people a lot of really, really awful problems and I must reiterate; it’s not good to hate others and it’s especially not good to hate a whole group of people. But sometimes people are people and act on that anger. They speak up and they say mean things because they’re tired of being treated poorly. That’s human nature and if you have it within you to not give into that urge, then good for you! If you do give into that urge, it’s fair.

But you’re PROBABLY not going to be oppressed for your opinion. You’re PROBABLY not going to be discriminated against to the point where it affects your daily life. You’re PROBABLY not going to be hurt for it. This isn’t about race or religion or sexuality, it’s about politics. At the very worst people will be mean and angry. That’s not a good thing but it could be far, far worse.

I’m sorry if this is a lengthy and heated response, but your comparison at the end there bothers me. 

EDIT because I was tired and didn’t proofread this at all and I forgot to make a vital point: It’s highly important that you don’t group people in with each other and assume that everyone shares the same opinion. Mitt Romney being an enormous wad doesn’t make every Republican ever an enormous wad THE END

a-nightmare-in-black-and-white replied to your post: Oh man… I’d like it if people would stop talking about Mitt Romney and respect republicans.. It’s not like we dont have feelings.

It is important to treat everyone equally and respectfully. That’s precisely what the Republican party isn’t doing. If you are going to support something that upsets or hurts other people, you ought to remember that pain begets pain.

I disagree, that’s not the best way to go about it

You reap what you sow but blanket statements like that just alienate you further from people

Yes there are a lot of bigoted jerks in the Republican party! No arguments there. I know a lot of them. But while pain begets pain, kindness begets kindness too.

You can’t reach a mutual understanding if you assume that everyone in one political party is a heartless scumbag and they deserve to be treated as such

Not to put words in your mouth, that’s just an attitude I see in a lot of people

I think that people deserve to be treated equally and respectfully, no exceptions. You can crack jokes about people and still treat them fairly and that’s where it’s important to draw the line.

anonymous asked:

Just a thought, if people justify blasting the Republican Party for being disrespectful and not treating people equally, then how is discriminating against them and calling them scum and the like helping the situation at all?(。-_-。)

Okay last thing I’m gonna answer about this

I know I said it’s good to treat people fairly with no exceptions and I stand by that. I’m always going to treat people to a certain standard of human decency and that’s my personal stance on it

But there are a lot of people who are entirely justified in their anger and resentment and to tell them otherwise is just disrespectful

Bigotry in the US government has hurt a LOT of people and if they want to vent some of that anger, that’s A-OK and nowhere near the same level of discrimination that they probably face

It’s good not to be hateful though! I definitely don’t encourage harboring hatred for others. But for a lot of people it’s very personal.

tldr, I agree that it’s counterproductive to continue a cycle of hate but it’s not okay to tell people that their anger is unfair or unjustified

If you have a guest room, spend a night or two in it. There may be problems with the room that your guests will never tell you about.

Sometimes the bed can be uncomfortable, an annoying light protruding into the room, there can be a bad draft, or a random electronic noise. Your guests will be too polite to alert you.

For those complaining this is just rich problems, this doesn’t have anything to do with that. I’m broke and my guest room is my living room with a foldout couch. Good hospitality is by mentality, not wealth.

anonymous asked:

I don't mind jokes about republicans, but when it gets to the point where people start acting like we are all horrible people that it really hurts, and in fact, that's why I haven't actually told many of my friends that I'm a republican. I legitimately AM afraid they will judge me and try to change my opinion, because that's what a few of the friends I HAVE told have done. I rarely make political jokes at all, and yet there are still people who will severely dislike me just for what I think.

Yeah you see? That’s why blanket statements are hurtful

I won’t speak for you or assume to know where we agree or disagree but it’s important to remember that not everybody in a political/religious group is exactly the same

Anyway my advice would be to be open about your opinions but listen to your friends if what they have to say is reasonable and not hurtful

Even if things get a little heated, as long as the arguments are fair then it’ll be okay

Don’t worry about it too much

Thorgy’s Elimination

Y’all, Thorgy is good but please chill the fuck out. She did really well in some challenges, and did okay in some others, but she went home fair and square. She deserved bottom two this week, and Chi Chi lip synced the house down, so I don’t understand why people are pissed at Ru… like it’s season 8 – why is this still so confusing? Whoever does a better lip sync stays.

Also fuck all y’all tearing down Chi Chi calling her cheap and whatnot – your blatant classism and racism isn’t cute. Chi Chi is broke and does the best she can with what she has – that’s what drag is fucking about. Watch Paris is Burning for starters – often times it was about how queens could pull something together out of nothing (and stealing but that’s not the point). She is so creative and talented and has shown us that on multiple occasions. The point is that Chi Chi has also done very well this season (reminder: she won a challenge and Thorgy didn’t) and deserves a shot just as much as Thorgy does. You can be upset that Thorgy is gone, but stop pretending like Ru made a mistake.