As you’re probably aware, the coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, has now been found in countries all over the globe. This is an understandably disconcerting moment for many, but there are steps we can all take to help mitigate the effect on our communities.

COVID-19 is spreading, but misinformation and disinformation are spreading even faster. The most responsible thing you can do is protect yourself from both the disease and false information. Being prepared with facts and data instead of assumptions and fabrications will help inform how you can best prepare for COVID-19.

Here are some resources you can trust:

  • WHO provides daily updates surrounding COVID-19’s spread, infection rate, and general influence on our society. They also provide a very handy FAQ section, where you can learn more about how to protect yourself and your community. 
  • Every day Worldometer updates its website with the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in each country that has been affected. Worldometer has been rated one of the best free reference websites by the American Library Association, and for good reason: it lists every single one of its regular sources here, and lists the source of every COVID-19 update at the bottom of the COVID-19 page. 
  • Your local health department will often have the most up-to-date information specific to your immediate area, including how to proceed if you believe you may be showing symptoms of the virus. If you live in the United States, you can find the contact information for your health department by visiting the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO).

There’s another thing about this news that a lot of places are not talking about: the toll on one’s mental health, especially if you are someone who struggles with anxiety. If you find your concerns about being prepared are crossing a line that affects your mental health, please consider reaching out to a loved one who can guide you to help, a mental health professional, or an organization set up to help those in need.

Here are a couple of organizations you can trust:

  • Crisis Text Line is free, 24/7 support. Just text 741741 from anywhere in the United States. The Crisis Text Line will connect you with a trained Crisis Counselor. 
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (@namiorg) offers free support and resources for those who are struggling. NAMI can be reached Monday through Friday, 10 am - 6 pm EST at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) or by email at info@nami.org.

Take care of yourselves, Tumblr. Wash your hands well and practice keeping a safe distance from others. Head on over to @world-wide-what for a refresher on what fake news looks like and how it spreads. Pass those tips onto others when you see them accidentally spreading false information. 



This is very important, please do not ignore this.

Watch the video till the very end please (the end is when the explosion goes off.)

I live in Lebanon and the fiercest explosion went off in the midst of Beirut today, killing off an ungodly amount of human beings (more and more people are dying as I write this) and injuring up to 5000 people whose cases are immensely critical. Today,, at approximately 6 pm, hospitals were completely torn to shreds, people have been buried underneath fallen buildings, fires have been ignited almost everywhere, blood staining the streets in an excruciating manner, in addition to people that flew and fell to the sea due to the impact of the explosion. And it is certainly worth mentioning the millions upon millions’ worth of damages what with buildings and cars and stores. Plenty of people are missing, it’s an overall mess that is quite frankly very traumatizing.

What Lebanese people have been undergoing in recent times:

Lebanon has been going through a major economical decline that grows worse and worse by the day. The prices have heightened and the salaries remain the same, scarcely anyone has the capacity of affording basic needs anymore. There has been an unfolding revolution the past year, and the lebanese society has been protesting against the humiliation thrust upon our lives due to our miserable excuse for a government, and though the streets bled with thrashing, screaming citizens fighting for their utmost basic human rights, that caused mere to no change in the way things go around here, in fact, it only made it worse. We’re being provided with, metaphorically, a droplet’s worth of water and nearly no electricity, a pregnant woman has even passed away recently due to a heat stroke (as there were no means of cooling off)

What caused the setting off of this explosion?

The ignorance, heartlessness, and overall brutality of the government and the people in control.

A critical amount of chemicals (2700 tons of ammonium and other nitrates) were left inside a ship along the port of Beirut, and though the people in charge of this transaction were warned that heat and perspiration have the capability of destroying the whole of Lebanon in ode to a massive explosion, they refused to do anything about it and left the chemicals in there for years on end.

Up until, surprise surprise, the explosion went off and devestated Lebanon almost entirely.

I don’t have much followers, and I know that this post isn’t going to magically heal what is unfolding in this, priorly gorgeous, magnificent country, but I truly hope with all my heart that you find it within yours to spread awareness on this topic so that it would be more widespread,, so that Lebanon gets the aiding it deserves and the people from outer places slap the ‘big bosses’ awake, or at least pressure them into resigning, whatever it takes to make this place sufferable, tolerable, somewhere you can picture yourself residing in.

Lebanon is a place of infinite traditions, diversity, creativity, joy, and love. Most of the people here are open-hearted and wholesome. We all deserve far better.

My heart aches for the people that have passed away today, and I shall pray for the ones stuck in hellish suffering.

This is important.

I can’t believe the first time I ever see my country trending on tumblr is because of this devastating explosion. We are not okay. Lebanon was already going through unprecedented hyperinflation, poverty and corruption among many other humanitarian crises. Petitions have little to no effect here and donations would probably go to our corrupt government. This is suffocating.


My prayers go to the people of Lebanon, the country has been suffering from an economical crises and corruption. No one deserves this. Please spread awareness, check on you friends and family who live in Beirut, so many lost their homes or are injured. DO NOT joke about the situation or share videos with victims in them it is extremely disrespectful given the severity of the situation (the vibrations were felt in Cyprus and smoke could be seen from rural Damascus). Also, nobody cares about your political biases right now, focus on those affected in the meantime and discuss this later.


anonymous asked:

What do you mean by late stage capitalism?

It has become a bit of a meme now, but I use it in the socialist context of the word. Marx theorised that capitalism is inherently unstable and will eventually destroy itself, the term was then used by thinkers and economists to point out actions by corporations which demonstrates that capitalism is destroying itself. The term was coined by economists but later popularised as a socialist term during the Occupy Wall Street protests.

We see signs of this break down right now, with wages stagnating at record lows meaning that workers, particularly Gen Z and Millennials, can no longer afford what is being produced and are then being blamed for ‘killing’ industries. We can’t afford to own property or even to have children, therefore we end up without any sort of stake in a capitalist society - which is essential for capitalism to function. A system where even a significant minority feel they have no stake in society is a system which cannot continue to function. Militant policing and media propaganda can only keep the people placated for so long.

We are very likely heading into yet another financial crash and recession, which will be used as yet another excuse for austerity and the further transferring of wealth from the poor to the rich. This is an incredibly self-destructive act on the part of the rich, but they will do it regardless, as they always have. The hope is that rather than the working classes being manipulated into blaming each other yet again (immigrants, people on welfare, people of colour etc.) the public will begin to wake up to the fact that rich are at fault and the current system is not working, and begin to demand an alternative which works for us.

An explosion went off in the capital of Lebanon, further pushing that region into economic instability as the world marches on. 70 people are dead with deaths on the rise and 3000 have been injured, not to mention the now plethora of homeless families/individuals. I do not see anyone stating they “pray for lebanon” like they did for countless european countries. It seems activism and compassion hit a hard stop when it comes to any issue that involves Arabs and The Middle East. Our existence has become a debate, our “homelands” a thing of the past. Stand in solidarity, share #PrayforLebanon, speak up, donate. The Lebanese people are asking for compassion from humanity, I urge you to find a way to help and give a lending hand.