senior year au where bad boy muscle thug JOE BIDEN ends up on the prom committee with honor roll hottie BARACK OBAMA. In an unlikely friendship, Barack unlocks Joe’s passion for justice while Joe discovers there’s more to Barack than a 4.0. On prom night, Joe takes on malevolent bully DONALD TRUMP while Barack leads the rest of the school in a night of hilarious high jinks. Is Barack having too much fun to notice Joe’s heroism? Does fightin’ Joe remember how to love? Find out when the lights dim for the last dance…and their eyes meet across the crowded gym.

Great News For Ketchup: Political Scientists Say That The Outcome Of The Presidential Election Will In No Way Affect Ketchup

With Election Day fast approaching, citizens everywhere are bracing themselves for an uncertain future. Fortunately, no matter what happens, there’s at least one truth that voters from both sides can hang their hats on: Political scientists have confirmed that the outcome of the presidential election will in no way affect ketchup.

Whew! What a tremendous relief!

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Donald Trump speaks Hindi in cringeworthy new ad

In a new campaign ad, Donald Trump attempts to court Indian-American voters. In the ad, Trump wishes viewers a “Happy Diwali,” vows to defeat terrorism, praises Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and then speaks in Hindi. Twitter users, obviously, flipped out — with one comparing Trump to Indian movies.

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Republicans get nothing done. We have a representative government where millions of people are represented by one person. Republicans put themselves, and their party, before the people they serve.

Imagine getting nothing done in your household, even though your home needs constant daily upkeep, then bragging about it. That is the GOP.


This is fucking epic. Because, usually these rap battles are made with great respect for both parties but they absolutely destroyed him with nothing more than depicting him exactly like he is.


Clinton campaign manager John Podesta apparently thinks Eric Garner’s death was justified

John Podesta, once believed that police actions were justified in the chokehold death of Eric Garner, according to an email published by Wikileaks.  Podesta apparently disagreed with a widely held opinion that New York police Officer Daniel Pantaleo had acted excessively. Erica Garner tweeted in response to the email.

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“Turkey is using Iraq, Syrian and the refugees crisis as a threat against Europe and the US so that they remain silent and turn a blind eye to this policy of genocide. Internally Turkey is razing kurdish cities and towns to the ground, murdering People and suppressing dissidents to create an empire of fear where Society is silenced.The aim us to crush all Opposition and eliminate Kurds who are resisting. In this way the state wants to impose a genocide across Northern Kurdistan, like it did in the 1915 Armenian Genocide and the 1938 Dersim Genocide. This is Erdogan and the AKP’s solution to the Kurdish question. Therefore rather than waiting for a savior, resistance, struggle and victory is the only way.” - PKK (x)