Leaked emails reveal Politico reporter made 'agreement' to send advanced Clinton story to DNC
Reporter Kenneth Vogel sent an advanced copy of his story to DNC national press secretary Mark Paustenbach in late April.
By Oliver Darcy

An influential reporter at Politico made an apparent “agreement”  with the Democratic National Committee to let it review a  story about Hillary Clinton’s fundraising machine before it was  submitted to his editors, leaked emails published by  WikiLeaks on Friday revealed.


 The email’s subject line read: “per agreement … any thoughts  appreciated.”

 "Vogel gave me his story ahead of time/before it goes to his  editors as long as I didn’t share it,“ Paustenbach wrote in an  email to Luis Miranda, the DNC’s communications director.

Bernie’s spring break blues
When Bernie Sanders will need college students the most, they'll be watching Netflix and partying.

“When Bernie Sanders will need college students the most, they’ll be watching Netflix and partying.”

This is what they think of you, of all of us. Please, you have to vote to prove The Establishment wrong. It’s the rising millennial vote vs. The Establishment and they’re still treating you more like a punchline than an electorate. PLEASE VOTE!

Sanders crushes Clinton among Democrats abroad
Bernie Sanders has won a primary of American expatriates whom Democrats invite to participate in the party's presidential nominating process.

Bernie Sanders has won a primary of American Democrats living abroad, according to a press release.

The group Democrats Abroad, which held a “Global Presidential Primary” earlier this month, announced the results on Monday: Sanders won 69 percent of the vote, compared to just 31 percent for Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic National Committee grants Democrats Abroad 13 pledged delegates, who will be allocated according to the results: 9 for Sanders, and 4 for Clinton.

According to Democrats Abroad, three of the group’s eight superdelegates are committed to Clinton, while one is committed to Sanders.

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Politico ranks Minnesota tied for best state

In the midst of a Minnesota winter, it’s nice to know you’re number one.

The national political publication Politico ranked Minnesota the best state of the union to live in Tuesday. Well, actually, they ranked two states at #1: The Gopher State and the Granite State, New Hampshire.

Last year, Politico ranked Minnesota the second-best state, behind New Hampshire. Minnesota edged upward this year based on improvements in employment, infant mortality and the obesity rate this year, the publication stated. Mississippi ranked last for the second year in a row (a slot which had previously earned the publication a letter of dissent from Mississippi’s governor).

The rankings are based on 14 separate criteria (note: weather isn’t one of them), including:

— per capita income (Minnesota is 7th, at $30,913)

— lowest unemployment (8th, at 3.7 percent)

— percent above poverty level (9th, at 89.5 percent)

— home ownership (2nd, at 72.5 percent)

— percent of high school graduates (2nd, at 92.1 percent)

— life expectancy (2nd, at 81.1)

— (fewest) infant deaths per 1000 births (5th, at 4.49)

— percent of obese residents (5th, at 22 percent)

— average 8th grade math score (4th, at 295)

— average 8th grade reading score (10th, at 271)

— GINI index (income inequality) (11th, at .45)

— lowest violent crime rate per 100,000 (9th, at 223.2)

— percent employed in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) jobs (13th, at 6.1 percent)

— “wellbeing” score: 4th, at 69.7

"I'm with her."

I don’t care if Hillary supported The North American Free Trade Agreement, when Bernie was against it.

I don’t care if Hillary supported the Iraq war, when Bernie was against it.

I don’t care if Hillary came out in support of same-sex marriage in 2013 (to gain more votes) after more than a decade of opposing it, while Bernie has been a STRONG advocate for the LGBT community and supported gay marriage for over a decade..

I don’t care if Hillary worked for Barry Goldwater, the man that was against civil rights, when Bernie was marching right behind Martin Luther King.

I don’t care if Hillary was for Universal Healthcare in 1993 and 1994, when she spoke as if Bernie was against it, while he was standing right behind her in FULL support.

I don’t care if Hillary defended a pedophile that raped a child, then laughed about the child’s case afterwards.

I don’t care if Hillary is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and takes money from super-PACS, Wall Street and Fossil Fuel industries with special interests and favors to payback that go against the best interests of Americans and our environment.

I don’t care if Hillary doesn’t know how to operate a computer and her incompetence put our country’s national security at risk, when she illegally used a personal email server at home.“

BREAKING: State department audit concludes "Hillary violated federal records rules through use of her private email server.”

It breaks down into these categories:

People who don’t care about America, vote for Hillary.

People who are angry at America, vote for Trump.

People who care about America, vote for Bernie.

The facts are the facts, let’s stop living in denial.