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“[Alexandre Bissonnette] didn't wake up in the morning and say, 'Hey guys, instead of going to have a picnic or watching the Canadiens, I will go kill some people in the mosque.' It doesn't happen that way. Day after day, week after week, month after month, certain politicians unfortunately, and certain reporters unfortunately, and certain media were poisoning our atmosphere.”

- Quebec City Imam Hassan Guillet extends empathy to mosque shooter in moving eulogy

The Antifas

Things antifas do:

  • Punch nazis.
  • Counterprotest nazis.
  • Block routes where nazis plan to appear.
  • Guard demonstrations and speeches where nazis are expected to appear (yes, even the liberal, pacifist, centre-left ones. If nazis are expected to target a demonstration, antifascists will probably be standing guard. They’ve done so on many more times than you will ever know).   
  • Guard people who are expected to be targetted by nazis (refugees, undocumented people, transgender people, etc etc.)
  • Gather and distribute information about nazis so nazi’s can not shout ‘Heil Hitler’ during the weekend and be teachers, cops and politicians during the week. 
  • Raise awareness about the dangers of giving nazis a platform.
  • Gather and distribute information about political parties reproducing nazi ideas and media humanizing nazis. 
  • Work with neighbourhoods on strategies to stop nazis from recruiting in their neighbourhood.
  • Provide legal support to those who resist nazis.
  • Provide financial support to those who resist nazis.
  • Provide legal and financial support to those targetted by nazis.
  • Throw really cool parties to raise that money. 
  • Participate in movements against all forms of oppression. 
  • Lots of other stuff that prevents nazis from expanding their platform and gaining support. 
  • Pet your dog (okay, that doesn’t stop nazis in and way but it’s just soooooo cute).

But if you just wanna focus on the ‘punching nazis’ part that’s fine, we’re proud of the antifas doing that stuff too. 

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Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

A/N - Hoo boy, I’m nervous about posting this one XD OK, so - I happen to be a giant superhero geek, and as such, Superhero AUs are basically my crack. I’ve got a million of them in my head and they’re all pretty damn cliche, but I love them all the same. And this fic was inspired by one I randomly came up with one day after I had a) read a bunch of old-school Wonder Woman comics, and b) watched a FH video where Adam wore his glasses and a polo shirt and for some reason, I thought he looked like a hapless cynical reporter-dude. Be warned - this ain’t a serious fic, it’s goofy as all hell because I wanted it to be like an old 40′s comic book. Also, I just kinda love the idea of badass superheroines with non-powered dude love interests, so that informed a lot of this madness too. I hope that some of you folks out there can enjoy this and it’s not just my dumb, bizarre fantasy that only appeals to lil’ ol’ me.

Pairing - Adam x Reader

Warnings - Some violence (but no gore), guns, weapons, mentions of sex, use of the phrase ‘‘Golly gosh’‘, hapless handsome man with glasses

Word Count - 4, 712

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It’s cold outside… but the hearts of Romanian politicians are even colder. Just a few weeks in power, the new government intends to introduce an amnesty law. That’s damn handy, because a lot of the (PSD) politicians have been convicted of corruption, including the new boss Liviu Dragnea and the old one Victor Ponta. With this law, they will be free men. Again they show absolutely no respect for the Romanian people.

But we are no sheep, not anymore. Politicians: you have to represent our country, not yourself and your bloody bank accounts. So here we are, thousands of us. It’s cold outside, but we keep each other warm, we who really love Romania. You should listen to us, we did it before

Corruption kills!

Hai Romania!

I honestly can’t believe that Corbyn has managed to produce an actual left manifesto, with left policies and has ACTUALLY MADE LABOUR LEFT WING????? And has also managed to become a good leader?? Out of nowhere?? How????

For the first time in forever we actually have a choice in this general election between left and right, not just right and “the same as the right but with a slightly more middle take on some of the policies”.I know labour are not going to win this election but I had given up hope that I could ever find a political party I could fully support, let alone that it could be Labour. Please do yourself a favour and read the labour manifesto, it made me happy cry

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hello! i saw on your 'about' that you watch a lot of tv shows- me too! i've recently finished a series (dexter) and was wondering if you have any recommendations? i enjoy crime/comedy shows like dexter and i think i remember seeing that you watch it too so hopefully you can recommend some similar shows. thank you!! :))

Hello! Yeah, I love Dexter!! I also really enjoy those type of shows; crime/dark humour/mystery so hopefully you’ll like my suggestions:

  • Hannibal- this is really quite gory but very cleverly written (with beautiful cinematography) and has an awesome crime/mystery storyline that focuses on relationships and people very well too. It also has the ‘crime fighters work unknowingly with serial killer’ aspect that I love in Dexter! 
  • Fargo- I’ve only watched season 1 so far but it is incredible!! The cinematography is stunning, the characters are so well formed, the storyline is gritty and gripping and it’s also got some great dark humour in! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone!
  • The Americans- this is 100% my favourite tv show of all time. It’s incredible and really doesn’t get the credit it deserves! It’s about 2 Russian ‘sleeper agents’ during the cold war- they’re in deep cover in America posing as a family (with their 2 kids who think their parents are travel agents) in suburban Washington. It shows both sides of the fight; Russian and American (the Russian agents happen to live opposite an FBI agent). The characters are amazingly portrayed with real depth and the storylines are incredibly clever. I honestly can’t say enough how amazing this show is!! Please watch it!!!!!!!!!
  • Santa Clarita Diet- this show is on netflix and it’s incredibly funny, heart-felt and kinda gory (which I like)! It’s about a suburban realtor mom who becomes a zombie and has to deal with the complications that brings. I can’t really explain it very well but Drew Barrymore is amazing in it (and so is Timothy Olyphant) so watch the trailer and you’ll see what it’s like. I watched it all in one weekend! 
  • Designated Survivor- this show started in 2016 so there’s not too much to catch up on (new episodes are put on netflix every week). It’s about a low-profile politician who becomes the president after a terror attack on the capitol building. It can be very predictable sometimes and quite cheesy but it’s enjoyable to watch, has some interesting twists, and is well acted too. It’s the kind of show that I try to watch in the background whilst trying to study but end up getting sucked in every time! 

21 things you can do now to organize in your own community, brought to you by some of our generation’s leading activists and organizers.

1. Get familiar with your elected officials. Take a couple of minutes to double check your elected officials, their voting records and public stances. Whether you agree with them politically or not, learning a bit more about elected officials can be an effective way to understand and humanize them. Find your elected representatives here. — Mallika Madhusudan

2. Call and meet with your representatives. Politics is local, so contact your elected representatives on issues that matter to you. Whether it’s a member of your local school board or your senator, here’s how to do that effectively. Document your meetings on social media, on a podcast, in video or in writing. What did you discuss? What did you learn? How did it change your opinion or make you see things in a new way? Elected officials regularly review phone calls from constituents to get a sense of how they should vote. So this absolutely matters. Make your voice heard. Literally. — Mark Kogan

3. Lead a protest at your representative’s local office. Hashtag protests might get us likes, but they rarely change policy. Remember, most elected officials are not savvy on social media. So if you really want to make your voice heard, gather a group of friends and lead a protest outside your elected official’s local office. Call your local television station before you do so and make sure they bring their cameras. Alert reporters at local media companies and make sure they write about it. Even a group as small as 20 people can make a big difference if they are vocal and get attention. This kind of pressure becomes impossible for elected officials to ignore. — Mark Kogan

4. Run for office. There are over a half million elected officials in our country, and elections happen every year! Check out the new site RunforOffice.org or RunforAmerica.us to get started. Maybe it’s for your school board, town council, neighborhood commission or something else. Running for office is the highest expression of citizenship and one of the most important contributions to our system of self-government. — Nick Troiano

5. Take action every day. Sign up at www.FightTrump.co to receive a single action you can take every day. For example, this week you can call members of Congress and read them excerpts from Breitbart stories to protest Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon to the White House. #FightTrump will send you actions you can do every week, every month and after Jan. 20, when Trump actually takes power. Get involved. Act. — Mark Kogan

6. Understand your local and state voting processes. Registering to vote is not as easy as it sounds — particularly for certain demographics, those without access to driver’s licenses or those without easy access to online or mobile registration. Investigate how people different from you experience voting. Learn about the challenges they face, such as voter suppression and disenfranchising regulations. — Shreya Ganeshan

7. Construct local monuments. When the Berlin Wall fell and so many countries were freed from Soviet-style communism, some of the first actions they took were to bury the dead, lay flowers at important public spaces and consecrate the public spaces that were now sacred sites for new democracies. Communities in profound political transition need to mourn. What are the sacred spaces in our communities right now — those that remind us what democracy means and why we will fight to keep it alive? How do we consecrate them and make them into places where we can all continue to meet and remember why we care about this country so much? — Szelena Gray

8. Fight to reform our political system. The operating system of our democracy needs an upgrade. Many of the structural incentives work to push us apart rather than bring us together. Support groups that are working to reform our political process. For example, FairVote is working on redistricting reform, Electoral College reform and voting reform. Some of these reforms can start at a local level. — Nick Troiano

9. Meet your fellow Americans. Try to meet and hold discussions with people unlike you. Get to know your fellow Americans. Strike up pen-pal connections or organize Skype and FaceTime chats with folks in different communities from your own. Focus on discussing tough issues and getting to know what is important to one another. — Mark Kogan

10. Move your money. Donating to worthy causes is an important way to make change. But if you don’t have a bunch of money to spare, commit to changing the way you spend the money you do have. Support black-owned businesses. Or consider moving your bank account from a large bank to a community bank or credit union. I recommend Amalgamated Bank. — Joelle Gamble

11. Commit to national service. Serve your community and the country by participating in public service. Participate in projects that emphasize community building and recovery. You don’t have to join the military or AmeriCorps: Find a local community project or state effort, meet people and help improve the lives of the people around you. — Mark Kogan

12. Make a plan for civic purpose. Check out Pathways, a nonpartisan civic leadership program. It’s a unique approach that provides a space where people can identify, plan and make moves toward their civic purpose. The idea is that people have to identify and own their decisions themselves, not be persuaded what to do. It’s intentionally nonpartisan and uses methodologies from several fields to design a program structure that is as empowering as possible. — Alex Torpey, Pathways program director

13. Disrupt the two-party duopoly. Both parties are over 150 years old! They no longer represent most Americans. We’re the generation that has revolutionized virtually every other industry, and it’s time we did the same for politics. A majority of millennials are political independents who consider themselves “fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” The Centrist Project is organizing this movement. Get involved and help shape it. — Nick Troiano, Centrist Project executive director

14. Exit your bubble. Diversify your news sources. Use an aggregator like RealClearPolitics for daily opinion pieces across the political spectrum. If you’re conservative-leaning, get a subscription to the New York Times. If you’re progressive-leaning, get a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Recognize that your social media feed is likely an echo chamber and proactively work to challenge your thinking. — Nick Troiano

15. Learn from work being done globally. There is incredible work being done overseas, which provides valuable insights that can be applied to doing better community empowerment in the United States. So much “development” at home and abroad ignores the agency of a particular community. Organizations like Spark MicroGrants do really amazing jobs at being authentically community driven. — Alex Torpey

16. “Bring us together.” Richard Nixon adopted this slogan during his campaign after his aides saw a teenager carrying a sign with those words during a rally in Ohio. This should be the message we bring to every elected official after 2016. Bring us together, please. Make this the next political sign on your lawn, the next branded message on your social media profile — just make it the next thing you ask your elected official to do. Because it is the single most important thing for any of our leaders to do now. — Szelena Gray

17. Rebuild the Democratic Party. Go join that Democratic town committee you once joked about being a retirement home, and get your friends to come. Find your state offices and ask them for a calendar of events. Recruit the bravest, smartest people you know to run for local office. Or maybe you should run. Challenge elected officials in both parties to do better. Swamp their offices, jam their phone lines, list your demands. — Frank Chi

18. Go home more often. This Thanksgiving, remember that even one’s own family members and friends might be outside your political-thinking bubble. Acceptance and change can be hard without any exposure but might be easier coming from a loved one. Are you a transplant to a city from a small town or rural area? Do you work on this every day but your family in the suburbs doesn’t think about it much? Visit your family, visit other people’s families, share what’s important to you and organize within them. We need to show our representatives that we value compromise and coming together. —  Adrienne Scott and Brenna Conway

19. Stay woke. Rhetoric can persuade and mislead. As a new administration takes hold, there will be a flood of talk about what will and will not come out of Washington. Our job is to pay attention now, not a few weeks before the next election. Politicians can make promises and change stances. But actions speak louder than words. Learn who is being put in charge of government, research their background and see if what actions they talk about actually align with the change you hope to see. Sign up for listservs and updates from organizations who care about government accountability. Follow organizations who have a mission of fighting for the communities you care about. — Joelle Gamble

20. Challenge others to keep caring. A lot of people are really upset right now — far beyond individuals who are generally politically engaged and even beyond those who generally vote. Keep bugging your friends, family and neighbors to stay engaged. When you do something political or issue-driven, bring someone along. — Dominic Russel

21. Activate your skill set and leverage your expertise. Are you a creative in advertising? Design the resistance. Are you a developer in tech? Create technology for organizers. Are you in entertainment and work with celebrities who are outraged? Make sure they amplify the voices of those on the front lines. We shouldn’t all be doing just one thing. We should all be doing what we are best at. Moments like this require us to ask what we are experts on and how we can maximize our skill sets and our networks to make the most impact. — Frank Chi

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Qui-Gon mane is certainly luscious however it presents some unique difficulties for missions–especially when your missions devolve into the utter mess Qui-Gon’s often do.

1.  Qui-gon does NOT appreciate the looks he’s getting. You would think saving someones life deserves a little—just a little!!!–gratitude and respect. But it appears he Jedi dignity is as dead as that bounty hunter. Ugh politicians. 

2. Qui-Gon hasn’t even seen a fresher in weeks. It was okay right up until the guerrilla fighters efforts to capture himself and the last member of the royal house doubled and then tripled. Unable to halt their wild flight  through the country for anything, Qui-gon quickly lost patience with his unwashed hair. The Princess was very helpful with her comb and the strange braid a godsend in keeping the greasy strands of hair from touching his face and unable gather every plant particle he encounters. 

3. Qui-Gon is rather fond of this style and ignores his tiny padawan’s giggling effortlessly. 

4. Once again Qui-Gon and padawan have been living rough off the land and confounding the war party baying for Jedi blood that’s hunting them. This has been going on long enough that the local tyrant has grown bored and offered to open talks. It’s probably a trap. However he is a Jedi peace keeper and has a duty to preform. He does what he can to clean up before setting off.

5A Pirates. A blaster. There is nothing more to say because this fight is OVER. 

5B “oooooooohhhh M A S T E R!”

6. Obi-Wan hates this mission.  HATES IT. Ugh he hasn’t bathed in a week, and he is far more upset about that than the HUGE gundark baring down on him. Whatever, it just doesn’t know its dinner yet. 

So Tired of This But Unfortunately Not Surprised

Philando Castile was shot and murdered while his fiance and daughter witnessed the whole thing. The man committed no crime. The gun he had in his possession was legal because he had a permit for it. He informed the officer that he had a gun permit so why was this man killed?

The officer who murdered him was found not guilty. It’s sad because I’m not even surprised. It keeps on happening over and over, a cop kills someone, gets indicted and gets away with murder.

Those in powerful positions like politicians and law enforcement don’t show any empathy unless it’s someone that works with them gets shot or killed.

People keep on talking about we should be united but there is still division between people whether we’re categorized by our finances, occupations, neighborhoods, races, nationalities, religions or genders.

The politician who was shot this week is in critical condition and all these politicians are asking people to pray for him and his family but where were those politicians when people they don’t know are murdered by cops or by other acts of gun violence?

It’s sickening that these politicians are talking about unity and peace now but dismissed the families whose children were kit by a mass murderer in Connecticut or the people of Chicago who deal with gun violence on a daily basis.

I’m so sick of the hypocrisy.

Weapon XX: Part 2

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.5K
Warnings: Swearing, killing, mention of sex/sexual acts (not happening to the reader), mentions of torture, 


Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Y/L/N: Your Last Name

Part 1

Hydra was the organisation that had bought you from Ajax. They were pleased with what you had shown them after you had mutated, and the fact you were a woman made you more desirable to them. You could easily charm over government officials, and no one would suspect you were deadly.

It had been 6 months of intense training. Learning how to be silent and lethal, and learning how to carry yourself like a lady, so men would take notice. You were learning new thing about your mutation too. You heal quickly, not instantly, but quick enough that you didn’t need to worry about cuts and fractured bones. Hydra had a few ideas of how you could use the green slime that ran inside you too. It acted like an acid, and while it didn’t instantly burn through human skin, if it was ingested, it would kill your victim instantly. They had made you special weapons, knives mostly. But also some handguns with special bullets, that when laced with your acid slime, wouldn’t melt instantly. They were training you to become a deadly assassin. And you’d never felt more wrong.

“Do not touch!” Mrs. Popov swats your hand away. She was the woman that was assigned to you, she was teaching you how to talk, walk and act like a respectable lady. She was also teaching you how to perfect the skills of makeup and hair.

You quickly drop your hand from your neck, where your control collar sat. It often caught your skin and pinched, which was uncomfortable and distracting. The moment that Hydra had purchased you, they fitted you with it. It was thin and dante enough to pass for a thick chocker necklace, but it was much more than for show. It monitored everything. Your vitals, your location, and best yet; it was remotely hooked into your brain. You could receive messages from the organisation, and receive an electro shock, if you disobeyed.

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I advocate burning the Confederate flag as it Flys over the capital of SC. Not my original idea but I support the concept. If you, in conversation, disagree with a white supremacists they call you
“ N¡<<€ r L0¥€ r. ”
No one likes to be called that and the act of burning that racist banner will earn you that title. It is about time we who strive to overcome racial prejudice within our selves make this such proclamation. That will tell the politicians to stop playing to our weekness, stop playing to our fear. The story does not shock or surprised me but I am glad it is reported. Keep digging Guardian, keep digging press. And BURN THAT CONFEDERATE FLAG to ash

Sherlock!AU (RP with @therealnoblesse)

Three weeks, Akira thought sourly. That was the time limit he gave himself before he either killed himself or the cinnamon-haired boy in front of him. His new flatmate.

It wasn’t as if the teen had said or done something to make Akira dislike him, but Akira wasn’t very fond of the idea of sharing his living quarters of the last two weeks with someone, a perfectstarner at that, especially considering that the russet-eyed teen was probably being made to move in with him as an excuse to keep a close eye on him, the problem child on probation for assaulting a politician (let’s forget to mention that said politician was drunk and trying to molest a young woman when Akira had intervened, shall we?), and that was enough to grant him second place in Akira’s shit list. First place was for the blasted politician Akira was there in Tokyo because of to begin with.

Six weeks, he thought then. He kinda owned both Sojiro-san for letting him stay at his second apartment for a significantly lower price (though still high enough that Akira had to start working a few part-time jobs to afford it, what with his parents not giving him money and all) and Nijima-san for helping him both during and after the trial (pretty sure he’d be in juvenile hall, hadn’t it been for her intervention), and they had both been quite adamant about this Akechi boy moving him with him.

Oh well. He’d play along and see where this would go in the end. And in any case, he couldn’t carry around guns, but he was pretty good at handling knives, so he’d be ready if things turned sour.

“My name is Akira Kurusu, I’m a newly-transferred junior at Shujin Academy and I’m currently on probation for preventing a drunk politician from molesting a woman.”


Brexit: Donald Tusk 'keeping door open' for Britain to stay in EU despite talks

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, has said he still holds out hope that Brexit can be reversed, despite official talks starting this week.

The senior politician said he had been asked by British friends if there was a way to stop or reverse Britain’s exit from the EU.

Mr Tusk said: “I told them that in fact the EU was built on dreams that seemed impossible to achieve.

“So who knows? You may say I am a dreamer but I’m not the only one,” he added, quoting John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

His remarks came hours before EU leaders meet in Brussels to discuss terrorism and security.

But Brexit is also likely to dominate, with Theresa May set to update her European colleagues on the future for EU citizens living in the UK.

The two-day summit, Ms May’s first outing with EU counterparts since her lacklustre performance at the general election, follows four days after Brexit talks officially began.

EU leaders have gained renewed confidence after pro-Europe Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the French poll last month.

Speaking at a news conference in Brussels, Mr Tusk said the EU is “slowly turning the corner”.

“We are witnessing the return of the EU rather as a solution, not a problem.”

He continued: “The Brexit negotiations started three days ago. It is a most difficult process, for which the EU is well prepared.

"You can hear different predictions coming from different people about the possible outcome of these negotiations - hard Brexit, soft Brexit or no deal.

"Some of my British friends have even asked me whether Brexit could be reversed and whether I could imagine an outcome where the UK stays part of the EU.

"I told them that, in fact, the European Union was built on dreams that seemed impossible to achieve. So, who knows. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

Mr Tusk’s suggestion that Brexit could be stopped, reversed or watered down, followed similar remarks made by the newly-elected French President, who told Ms May at a joint news conference in Paris last week that “the door remains open” for Britain to change its mind.

“Of course the door remains open, always open until the Brexit negotiations come to an end,” he said, when asked if Britain could yet stay in the bloc.

Today (June 12th) is my grandparents’ 63rd wedding anniversary. So I’d like to extend a shoutout to my grandmother, who’s gotten a few less shoutouts than my late grandfather on this blog. (Love you Papa.)

So here’s to you, Didi, sitting right next to me and looking very pretty and happy. Thanks to her for always supporting the LGBT+ community, working with her church to increase acceptance, writing letters to Obama and her local politicians, donating to certain causes, dedicating several hours of her week to working with organizations to support people with mental illnesses and disorders, supporting Black Lives Matter, and currently sponsoring a refugee family and helping drive their children to school and get them settled with jobs in America. I love you.
Top Filmmakers Call for Korean Government to Come Clean on Blacklist
Filmmaker Kim Kim-duk (“The Net”) this week called for the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) to reveal whether it is providing or denying funding according to a government blacklist. Last week politician…
By Sonia Kil

Filmmaker Kim Kim-duk (“The Net”) this week called for the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) to reveal whether it is providing or denying funding according to a government blacklist.

Last week politicians clashed with government over allegations that some 9,473 artists were on a blacklist, being operated by the right-wing government of President Park Geun-hye.

Among those understood to be on the list are leading filmmakers Park Chan-wook, whose “The Handmaiden” opens this week in the U.S, Lee Chang-dong (“Poetry”) and Ryoo Seung-wan (“Veteran”) and actors Song Kang-ho (“The Age of Shadows”), Moon So-ri (“Handmaiden”) and Jung Woo-sung (“Asura: The City of Madness”).

They may have offended the Park regime by protesting against the government’s handling of the Sewol ferry sinking supported the opposition Minjoo Party’s Moon Jae-in in the presidential bid in 2012; or supported Park Won-soon for Seoul Mayor in 2014. Local government intervention to silence discussion of the Sewol ferry was also at the root of the two year dispute that wracked the Busan festival.

Korean newspapers recently published a transcript of conversations which appear to show the at the Arts Council of Korea chairman saying “There is a list [of artists] that should be denied support.” The president’s office is also known to have sent the list to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Kim Ki-duk said that KOFIC should reveal the shortlisted nominees for the agency’s funding round and the jury members behind the selection. His latest application was rejected in August.

“At this time when the alleged ‘blacklist of dissenting artists’ is at the center of controversy, KOFIC should disclose the lists in order to prevent misunderstandings,” he said via email.