Just added these Ladies of Liberty to my brand-new Etsy Shop

Ready to send as a postcard or to display as a print! 

Inspired by the women’s march, these are also perfect for International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th! I wanted to design a postcard with a positive/inspirational design for everyone out there making their voices heard!

Free speech isn’t given, it’s taken. That’s why liberals have the totally wrong idea of it.

They imagine that, under liberal democracy and capitalism, the public realm is a horizontal playing field where all parties have equal power to speak and be heard. The reality is an uneven playing field made up of hills and holes in the ground. Some groups – because of money, political clout, societal status – are up on hills, with disproportionate access to the channels of speech. Others, because of societal and institutional exclusion, are down in the holes.

Liberals and right-wingers maintain the mystique that the hills and holes don’t exist however. And this enables many up on the hills to use their platform to push others further down into the holes.

So no, don’t ask the state to ban or regulate speech. That sets a dangerous precedent and enables state censorship to be used again us.

But, at the same time, don’t entertain the fantasy that free speech is actually possible under liberal democracy and capitalism.

That means using every opportunity we can – other than asking the state to ban things – in order to knock down some of those hills and drag ourselves and others out of those holes.

—  Eoin O'Connor

Laurel for perseverance, a torch to light the way.

Some ladies of liberty. 

Sketched this on Saturday, the turnout of the Women’s March was so heartening. 


There is one thing that is keeping me calm in all of this insanity. Throughout my life, there’s never been anything my dad couldn’t fix. Cars, appliances — I’ve seen them taken apart to their pieces before coming together to make something greater than their individual parts.

Growing up in Pittsburgh, I learned to be proud of both the city and myself for being human melting pots. Irish, Ukrainian, German, Swiss, polish, Austrian, Scottish — the branches of my family have proudly documented our history, including those ancestors who came through Ellis Island. I often wonder if, while passing by the Statue of Liberty on her arrival to the land where “the streets were paved with gold,” my 16-year-old great grandmother could imagine that her grandson-in-law would some day repair Lady Liberty’s crown with his own hands.

Thirty years ago, when I was an infant, the Statue of Liberty was refurbished for its 100th anniversary, and my father handcrafted the windows in her crown. Windows through which millions of us have looked upon the harbor where our ancestors arrived. The windows through which you can look down and see the poem which declares our national values, that declares we are better than what is happening today.

Read more here: Her dad built the windows for the Statue of Liberty. “So ain’t nothing gonna shake that crown”

I relate to Padme Amidala because I too:

- Find Anakin’s flirting mildly uncomfortable and kinda sad

- Am openly disappointed in my government

- Would risk my reputation and political status for 2003 Hayden Christensen

- Actually try to get shit done

- Dedicate 97% of my income to high fashion

- Am going to give my children matching names

- Try to will myself into death every time a boy rejects me

I do not relate to Padme Amidala because alas:

- She is the perfectly warmed strawberry poptart and I am the burnt crumbs that collect in the dredges of your toaster that your mom shakes into the trash every six months

Sequel to this 


a crusty old white dude asking you invasive questions about your reproductive choices: the Earth Experience™.