“there is no history of trans ppl existing more than 30 years ago” uh jsyk in ancient Philippine mythology, one of the rice gods named Lakapati chose to identify as neither man or woman..  in pre-colonial Philippines, there were priestesses called “babaylan” “catalonan”, “baetan” and “baliana” who were literally trans women.. they were not just religious leaders, they were also equal in status to political leaders.. stop erasing lgbt folk in history Perhaps


centrist/conservative neoliberal logic: if you support policies like universal healthcare, raising the minimum wage, and ending tax loopholes that benefit the 1% then you must take a vow to live in a cave and stop participating in society, otherwise you’re a hypocrite. advocating for people less privileged than you and for policies that will potentially raise your own taxes is wrong.

but if you’re a neoliberal centrist/conservative and don’t support policies to end inequality and want to maintain an unjust economic system that punishes women, poc, and the most vulnerable in society then you somehow have the moral high ground over people who actually want to change the status quo.

Tired of the old “your problem doesn’t affect me, therefore it’s not real” game? Try one of these fun alternatives!

  • Your problem is real, but since it doesn’t affect me it’s not important
  • Your problem is real, but first let’s talk about this other, more urgent problem that neither one of us can meaningfully engage with
  • Your problem is real and important, but I’ve framed it as a subset or consequence of a problem that does affect me, so the best way to address your problem is to focus exclusively on my problem
  • Your problem is as urgent as you say it is, but I’ve decided that it’s an inevitable consequence of humanity being intrinsically awful, and I’d lose Enlightened Cynicism points if I actually tried to do anything about it
  • Your problem is awful, but I’m reluctant to act on it because of some purely hypothetical consequence that I have no evidence is even a thing, yet am firmly convinced would be worse than the status quo
Humans are space orcs, eh?

I’m new to this, but I love what I’m reading in the feed lately, so, trying my hand!

Some ideas:

What if the greatest diplomacy problem in dealing with humans is that they seem to lie about past events constantly, even to someone who witnessed the same events?  Then it’s discovered that humans have recording devices of all kinds– security cameras, diaries, mp3– and the problem becomes clear.  Humans lie, but not that badly.  The poor, fretful creatures just have a species-wide brain defect.  Kindly aliens take to recording every event and encounter they can, then preface every diplomatic meeting with a record swap so the humans can brush up on what actually happened and the aliens can get some insight into what the humans have been falsely thinking happened.  Ambassadors to Earth get supplementary training in how to handle people with memory impairments, and human ambassadors to other worlds start hiring aliens– ANY aliens– to be their assistants.  Everything smooths out after that.

Religion.  Aliens intellectually understand how religion works and that there are different kinds, but they don’t really “get” it.  The biggest confusion regards whether the humans, who do seem to have some sort of empathic abilities at least, are actually communing with incorporeal beings/forces… and if so, why some humans seem able to commune with more than one, while other humans not at all.  Notable scholars have decided that the rituals and paraphernalia have nothing to do with the beings or forces being communed with, but muddied the matter by suggesting that the rituals may be important for a human’s ability to commune.  Alien non-scholars, eager to accommodate this new species and prove that space is nothing to be afraid of– nobody wants a repeat of the H’j’g’rcxin Xenophobia disaster– simply treat any and all religious requests as vital necessities for their human guests and crewmen.  Accommodation becomes so ordinary that when the first religious argument erupts between an engineer and a navigator, the biggest shock is that one of them objects to the other wearing a turban, something which does not affect work performance in any way.

Styling.  Alien species each have their own primary sense that they rely on, and when they find out that humans primarily rely on sight, well.  Reliant on sight means that surface patterns and colorings are particularly important to them, right?  They will have evolved to be individually distinctive in appearance?  New human crew are automatically assigned a mentor from another vision-reliant species, so someone will be able to tell them apart until the auditory and pheromone labels are attached to their uniforms.  Then Abby comes to mess with a new haircut and sparkly chapstick one day, and the mentor has no idea who she is or how she got aboard.

Word of Stabby the Space Roomba spreads, and soon every ship with a human captain or sufficiently high number of human crew has a Stabby.  Names vary, but most of them are Stabby.  One ship becomes low-key known for sending out broadcasts of Stabby McStabberson, son of Stabberson, son of Stabber, and its adventures stabbing juice boxes in zero-G.

Aesthetics.  Humans have a bewildering tendency to open starmaps or sneak into the scientific observation module at odd times, including with a mate or offspring, and just stare at open space.  Not even particular stars, although they like to study and talk about particular stars and clusters at times, but just, the whole of space.  Why do they do it?  Nobody knows.  Humans behave as though intoxicated during these times, but productivity lowers dramatically if they are barred access– if barring access even works in the first place, given humans’ seemingly endless ability to get into places where they aren’t supposed to be.

Fire.  Due to different atmospheric content, inability to heal from burns, or just plain never needing to cook their food, no alien species has ever utilized fire as a tool.  When humans say that learning to use fire may have been the start of their civilization, everybody believes that the humans are just talking a tough game to make up for their lower technology level, or– once they learn about human hierarchies– to compensate for a perceived lack of political status.  Then a human sees a catastrophic explosion on a hostile planet and laughs.  Then another shushes panicking engineers and smothers an accidental fire with some garments.  Then another builds a bonfire out of dead plantlife and a shredded religious document to warm an injured alien crewman after xir endothermic suit is punctured and the planet rotates away from its sun.  Humans– soft, cuddly, pack-bonds-even-with-inanimate-objects humans– are comfortably in control of the most terrifying force of disaster the galaxy has ever known.  Aliens stop being surprised that we nearly made ourselves extinct so many times in history.

“Why does your larval stage look so similar to your mature stage?  How do you know when a human is old enough to leave the Pit of Offspring?  Or to mate?”

Context: the party of the pink bear is at a tavern looking for info. The party is in a different world from their own, so they have no basic knowledge of the lands layout or how status or politics works as of yet. The paladin approaches three stuck up nobles and imitates their snobbish way of speaking in order to be accepted as one of their own.

Noble: “Oh, how marvellous to run into someone of TASTE around these parts, wouldn’t you agree?”
Paladin: “quite so, quite so, Ms…?”
DM: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh shit let me just real quick, uhhh, how about Esmeralda… von…. Koppenspiel? KOPPENSPIEL yes
Koppenspiel: “Esmeralda von Koppenspiel, pleasure to make your acquaintance, my dear-”
Paladin (ooc): will you ever be prepared for a session?
DM (ooc): for all you know, she has memory issues. … Also, no.
Koppenspiel: “So where, pray tell, do you hail from, my dear? I cannot imagine you being from around such a boorish and crude place as this…”
Paladin: “Oh, you’ve probably never heard of it… its a small country to the east. Anyway-”
DM: Roll Deception, dude.
Paladin: *crit fails, of course*
DM: The funniest shit is that you have 7+ charisma modifier. Rolling at least a 13 would most often get you where you wanna go-
DM: the nobles don’t believe you and look in between themselves in confusion.
Koppenspiel: “… surely, you jest? There are but two kingdoms on this continent, and they are currently at war… If you do not hail from OUR land, then that must mean you are-”
Paladin: “OH NO NONO no I’m not your enemy- I’m just like you, merely one look should be able to tell you that, no?”
DM: … Roll for it.
Paladin: *rolls 13, amazingly enough, just after the DM named that number*
DM: so you’ve gained the nobles liking, but they still don’t know where you come from, and that’s sorta a big deal to them-
Paladin: “My dearest von Koppenspiel. I did not wish to be rude earlier… but are you quite serious when you say you do not know there are THREE countries on this continent?”
*DM and the rest of the party goes wild*
DM: I’m telling you right now, dude. This is a HIGH AS FUCK deception roll. This would be like telling an Australian there’s a second fucking country on their entire continent.“
Paladin: *fucking rolls a Nat 20. Cus of course they did. and everyone fucking loses it*
DM: von Koppenspiel is blushing. She cannot believe she went through her entire life not knowing of a third country. Her companions turn on her and claim to know all too well where this country is. …. *starts typing on computer*
Paladin (ooc): what are you typing?
DM (ooc): I’m googling if it’s possible to hack roll20 and manipulate the rolls
Paladin: “you simply MUST come visit me in the summer, it is simply BEAUTIFUL then!”

doctor-freak  asked:

Why is it that fascists have identified themselves as socialists so much in the past?

Because fascism arises most prominently in times of capitalist crisis; crisis screws over the working class, filling them with a deep political anger at the status quo. Socialism was a prominent movement throughout the western world in the early 1900s, and it represented a real outlet of change for many people. Fascists latched onto this rhetoric in order to absorb the disenfranchised into an ideology that appeared, on the surface, to support the working class. This is why fascism is often difficult for laypeople to pin down politically – fascists alter their rhetoric depending on who they’re trying to absorb, and it all conceals a deep desire to reinforce the capitalist class structure when the economy is in crisis and there’s widespread social unrest. In practice, fascism is a capitalist ideology – disempowering unions, crushing strikes, cultivating racism and sexism and nationalism to divide the working class, elevating a “natural set of elites”, abandoning even the pretense of democracy, etc. – the ruling class adapting to different conditions and using more overt rhetoric to defend the system of capital accumulation.

Kira is an interesting character in the ST phenomenon, as she is openly and deeply religious, but neither fool nor fanatic. She attends the Bajoran temple on the station and has a shrine in her quarters for meditation; she ahd an Orb experience, heightening her sensitivity and spirituality…

But she does not try to force her beliefs on anyone, and is opposed to such efforts in religion or politics…Whatever the status of religion in modern science fiction generally, and in Star Trek, for Kira, it is a source of strength and comfort, and her fellows respect her perhaps in spite of it, but it doesn’t interfere with their relationships.

—  Frank W. Oglesbee in “Kira Nerys: A Good Woman Fighting Well,” Extrapolation 45.3 (2004).
I’ll Be Good - Part 22 (End)

Masterlist -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 21

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – Your future after the dangerous decision you made on the rooftop, and an unexpected glimpse into your past when Natasha peaks into the file she found.

Warnings: swearing, violence

Word Count: 3911 (welp I didn’t even try to keep this short… Oh well.)

Author’s Note: I cannot believe this is the end!!! Bittersweet! I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the file piece… But I’m just going to go with it. Maybe one day if inspiration strikes I’ll revisit that part in another way… teeny sequel or something, I don’t know. Anyway, hopefully this gives everyone closure and you enjoyed reading my first fic! Yay!

For the second time in the few months since you’d first run into Natasha again, you woke to a screaming pain radiating through your shoulder as you returned to consciousness. The steady beeping of the heart monitor increased as you became more aware of the pain crying out all over your body.

Your side continued to ache where the Commander had slipped his slender knife between your ribs, but now the pain radiated over your torso with every breath. A dull ache rippling beneath a pattern of deep bruising. Exhaustion held an entirely new meaning. Every muscle ached when you slowly tried testing a few of them, checking for mobility. Finding yourself mostly free you tried to will yourself to move, hoping that if you sat up more, the shrieking pain in your shoulder would subside.

As your eyes fluttered open, Nat immediately jumped up from her chair in the corner, silently stepping closer, her sharp eyes flashing over to the crumpled form beside you. You glanced down to your side to find Bucky, dead asleep, a mess of tangled dark hair covering his face and creeping over your blanket. His head rested on crossed forearms beside you on the hospital bed and you bit back a small grateful smile, knowing how exhausted he must be. It was clear from the thick scruff on his jaw and the fact that he could fall asleep in such a precarious way, that he hadn’t left your side, not for days.

Days. You’d been here for days…

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Free speech isn’t given, it’s taken. That’s why liberals have the totally wrong idea of it.

They imagine that, under liberal democracy and capitalism, the public realm is a horizontal playing field where all parties have equal power to speak and be heard. The reality is an uneven playing field made up of hills and holes in the ground. Some groups – because of money, political clout, societal status – are up on hills, with disproportionate access to the channels of speech. Others, because of societal and institutional exclusion, are down in the holes.

Liberals and right-wingers maintain the mystique that the hills and holes don’t exist however. And this enables many up on the hills to use their platform to push others further down into the holes.

So no, don’t ask the state to ban or regulate speech. That sets a dangerous precedent and enables state censorship to be used again us.

But, at the same time, don’t entertain the fantasy that free speech is actually possible under liberal democracy and capitalism.

That means using every opportunity we can – other than asking the state to ban things – in order to knock down some of those hills and drag ourselves and others out of those holes.

—  Eoin O'Connor
An Introvert's guide to dealing with extroverted personalities

SUBMITTED by anonymous


- Don’t let them boss you around. Whether it’s literally your boss, a spouse a family member or a friend, ExTJs naturally take control over things and more often than not….people. Especially introverts because they make less “noise” so to speak. It’s not always meant as a bad thing, in many cases they think they’re doing you a service. But let them know that you have your own ideas and thoughts, they can very responsive to that.

- Show confidence. In regards to the last point, they will especially be prone to walking over you if you look lost or doubtful. Again, not necessarily bad in their eyes, they may think they are helping you. But if you show you have quiet confidence and can stand on your own two feet, they will respect that. 

- Respect their lavish lifestyles. Te-doms are often naturally successful at life, mostly in academics and business. And likewise they also LOVE to show off their success, through materialism, appearance, social status etc. (especially ENTJs) It’s not always shallow, it’s really what they like. Realize that in many cases, they actually…..did work really hard to earn that stuff. So check to see if your disdain about this isn’t actually the jealousy bug.

- Listen and appreciate their advice. Te-Doms are just really good at helping you out if you approach with any kind of problem. But yes, they do have a tendency to talk about you as if you were them. Keep that in mind.


- Understand that they have a hard time with “reserved” individuals. This is the bane of all ExFJs. They like to communicate, get you out there, and sometimes force you into uncomfortable situations. Understand that not only do they mean no harm by that, it’s actually because they have an interest in you, otherwise they wouldn’t bother. Be open minded while at the same time reminding them that you like your personal space. 

- They like to talk. If you have to deal with an ExFJ and hope that the two of you will just stay quiet, tough luck. Prepare for at least minimal conversation. 

- Respect everything they openly share. Pictures of kids, food and various events and messages flooding your Facebook wall. This is especially a strain for IxTx types, but understand that yes, ExFJs do indeed like attention, that stuff also means something to them. Either validate it or refrain from criticizing it.

- Be very careful with humor. The raunchy and offensive type of course, especially if it’s about something or someone that really matters to them. Fe usually hates that. I once replied with a joke on an ENFJs’ political status on Facebook. That was the last I ever heard of her. Keep it more PG and light-hearted with ExFJs. Many other types will appreciate your R-rated humor. 


- They are intense! You have been warned. If you like peace, quiet and taking it slow, then by all means stay away from them as even ISxPs may find them overwhelming. If you want a good time however, they are your go-to people. 

- They know what’s “in”. Look no further for fashion advice or what’s trending. Many extroverts are keen on this, but none like ExSPs

- Speak directly. Metaphors, being passive-aggressive and worst of all “you should know…” will drive them absolutely up the wall. Yet at the same time they’re really good at picking up on you so… You got something to say, say it clearly and quickly, that’s their communication style. Don’t mice words, especially with ESTPs.

- Do not lecture them about being impulsive. Chances are they already know that or they don’t care. Either appreciate that aspect of them, offer advice or stay out, but being a disciplinary parent to them will not work.


- They are mentally stimulating as well as exhausting. You INxPs may be able to keep up with them but for you other introverts, be prepared for rapid-fire questioning and topic shifting. But by all means, you can halt them when they open up a topic or debate that interests you. Just be prepared that this said topic, will also be dissected quickly on all fronts.

- Respect their flight of ideas. As an introvert, you need time to process things, they don’t. Do NOT tell an ENxP “Hey…weren’t you supposed to do what you said you would do?” Unless it was a contractual commitment or something of that nature. That irks them. Ideas are fun for them to shoot out, but follow-up can be another issue altogether. When they are serious about something, you’ll know, don’t worry. Actions will speak louder than words.

- Religion and politics are NOT off limits! This is sacred and personal to you? Though luck, ENxPs will put it on the table sooner or later. ENxPs will most likely bust you open and ask all the details of your personal life, sometimes even moreso then Fe-Doms. So either be ready, embracing of that, or let them kindly know what’s off limits. 

- They have a “geek” side. Especially ENFPs. Respect and appreciate that and please don’t knock it. “You’re too old for….” will absolutely bring out their anger. Dom Si and Fi are usually good at respecting that because they know about sentimentality, but other introverts need to thread lightly. 

Note that many of these points are also valid for extrovert on extrovert. But this was written for all introverts’ processing downtime and reservations vs. extroverts’ rapid assessment of their surroundings and better ease with people in mind. 

If one of you extroverts want to do the opposite guide, be my guest.

Checking in

Tumblr is a great place I feel to voice my concerns with my life, my career, the community, and more. It’s a place where I know a lot of my fans will never go, but the ones that are here are the most dedicated and supportive that I can have, and for that I am so greatful. So I just wanted to give a check in with you guys as recently, I’ve gone somewhat social media quiet. Well… I’ve gotten quieter.

Now I’m not very political nor do I enjoy being involved in politics or any situation there involved, but I will say something that eats away at me every day and that’s the current state of YouTube and how it harms it’s creators more and more. And while that’s not a very political statement, the current status quo of YouTube, the current popular trends, and the current popular creators makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t mean to call out any specific creators, because in my mind it’s not about any one person. It’s about the type of content that diminishes the entire point of YouTube by creating a certain culture that I can only describe as … anatagonistic culture. Creators purposefully attacking other youtubers, wither they be friends, family, or significant others only for the mere existence of boosting their careers. It’s a never ending spiral of negativity designed to fuel the careers of creators involved while reinforcing the idea to their audiences that “Hey - being an awful person will get you far, as long as you have a scandal to go along with it”.

I don’t blame them or shame them by any means - it’s in fact genius from the business stand point that I totally respect. But what it does for me is make me feel inadequate or stupid. Youtubers, no matter the size, friendship, or circumstance, will always compare each other to one another, and it sucks. It’s something I try my best to never do. But it’s very disheartening to make the content you want to make or the videos you really care about, only to see your content get pushed to the bottom of subscriber feeds because there’s MAD beef about so and so happening right now. At the end of the day, I think what bums me out isn’t that these people are more famous than me or my peers. But that there’s not really content there so much as it’s hype hit pieces for people to salivate at while the other portions of the community struggle with ad demonetization, content ID claims, subscriber feeds not working, and videos about Spider-Man sleeping with Elsa to make her have a baby while hold 15 fidget spinners dabbing while listening to Gangum Style but every time the word Gangum Style is said , the first 5 minutes of Bee Movie is played.

TL:DR -Jirard yells at cloud.

My silence on social media as of late, and really even my own Patreon, twitch, and Game wisp discord’s, comes from a place of not having the energy to voice my concerns. Mostly because there are worse things going on in the world other than youtube hypocrisy. But my silence does not mean I don’t appreciate you guys the fans. It’s the exact opposite. I appreciate every single one of you. I just don’t want to talk about what’s on my mind because talking about it makes me feel worse as a human being. It starts debates that never end well. It starts wars and protests. It’s all that shit. Besides - that’s why I have a therapist who can make fun of me when I overact when someone tells me to suck less ;P

In the end? Thank you for listening. Know that I love you, and I hope that you are doing well, each and every day. And while I don’t say this enough, you made a difference in my life, and that’s why I make videos every week - to continue to try and make a difference in yours.


Don’t Leave, Stay

the one where Y/N thinks the only thing Harry wears is Gucci, Harry proves he can actually cook, and Nick is growing more creative in his match-making. . 5.7k

A/N: I enjoyed writing this. It’s a bit based off of some of my TFLN series, which you can check out here if interested. The simple interactions speak the most to me, as I believe they do for everyone. I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much, anon, for sending this in! You’re right, it was cool. xx.

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