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I was always kind of "ehh" on Chris but then I followed his twitter and I was like HOLY SHIT THIS MAN IS ACTUALLY SUCH A GREAT PERSON

I adored Chris anyway, but his Twitter is great. It’s either him being passionate about politics and social issues, him being excited about football or space and science, or him talking about wanting to go to Disneyworld. He’s a gift honestly, such a good dude.

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I was a huge bb fan before they had that hiatus after E and I eased up a bit, and let me just say, looking at the fandom when I'm out of the bubble is so disappointing, not only because of the jokes on seungris expense but by how they treat other fandoms & groups. And especially in response to like exo or especially BTS winning and the political issues with yg. It's like, only bigbang can win and discussions that are even slightly negative especially involving gd must be shut down.

elitism is extremely toxic. im sure you can see it through several fans who joined in the peak of yg’s success (2014) where they came into amazing charts and achievements and many rode off this. its interesting because they’re in that bubble where they often refuse to acknowledge that there are other groups who will do well at the same things if not better.

its also funny because i wonder once gdybtop are in the army then where will these fans pull their charts and achievements from, because we all know after seungri’s last solo they didn’t give two shits and daesung is the 2nd most ignored by fans anyways. im wondering if they’ll pull a blond seungri 2.0 in the coming years where they pay attention to him for a few minutes then drop him once he’s not doing what they want out of him. 

because despite being in several fandoms you happen to notice amongst your main the most. because back in the day you could say your piece and have fans agree or disagree without causing a fight. nowadays, god forbid you speak a bad word against any of the four oldest members and you have a rampage in your mentions. its funny cause these fans ive come across are claiming bigbang are kings and that they’ll forever remain at the top but if thats the case then why shove these charts into ppl’s faces? is insecurity a really big thing in this fandom? 

because if we’re claiming to be this relaxed ‘not giving a shit’ fandom then why fight against army’s, exo-l’s and others. because i very well know that last year it was fighting against exo fans and now its against army’s and its like if you claim bigbang are kings or some shit then you shoudn’t need to be fighting other fandoms to prove your point. watch someone come and say “don’t judge vips like that!” but you’re all fine judging other fandoms based off of certain things that are yet to be proven true? lmao ok

but then again who am i to say something right? because like ive said many times before - the opinion of a seungri fan somehow never matters. because watch a fan come into my ask and tell me off for not being “loyal”. i didnt know i had to be up their asses 24/7. apparently criticism isn’t allowed and even if ppl don’t like it they somehow dont know what a block button is and press send instead.

A teacher wore a Black Lives Matter pin to class. Now, he is banned from this Clovis school
A substitute teacher who works for the Clovis Unified Unified School District was told he cannot work at Clovis West High anymore, one day after wearing a Black Lives Matter button to class. Clovis Unified says he violated a policy that requires teachers to be politically neutral, but the American Civil Liberties Union contends those policies are problematic.

This story is going to be making the rounds. 

“They said [wearing the BLM button] was a violation of their policy of being neutral regarding political issues, but I don’t consider it a political statement. It is a moral statement,” Roberts said. “I was very surprised because I didn’t think it was a violation of anything.”

The substitute teacher cuts right to the heart of the matter. But I want to quickly address “neutrality” because it’s a constant topic in my teaching career. As somebody who teaches reading and writing classes, whether it’s lecturing in philosophy and literature to university students or teaching composition and English literature to high school students, an imposition of neutrality would make it impossible for me to teach a class.

Many like to kid themselves but, socially and politically speaking, no “neutral” position exists. To teach parents and students that one can cultivate and manage a neutral environment is dangerous for many reasons. Neutrality abolishes freedom of expression and a constructed right to individuality most Americans claim they dearly support. Furthermore, no critical thinking exists in neutral spaces; on the other hand, teaching becomes a matter of students memorizing more authoritative positions than the ones they and their communities may hold and repeating those positions as demanded by an always unexamined higher authority who is testing simply to check a proper response will be given upon demand. 

You might think you appreciate such control, but control has its limits. For example, no higher order critical thinking skills such as synthesis, context(ualization), and evaluation can be practiced in such an environment. Examples of the three kinds of thinking cannot be illustrated. Neutrality demands submission to a narrow authority, no matter the reasons. 


1. Neutrality is often invoked when people seek a polite and civil public space in which to work. Should we decided we need a civil space, we should cultivate civility that doesn’t rely on neutrality.

2. Imposed neutrality permits people with power to insist their positions exist outside of the public sphere in a special zone that should not be seen nor considered.

3. Issues with neutrality in public discourse appear when problematic power structures seek ingress and foundation in social activities. Notice how political correctness is bad when invoked against class, race, and gender struggle. The substitute teacher in the story at the link is considered problematic for illustrating his morality with a silent badge that reminds of a social movement calling upon Americans to recognize the dignity of an oppressed class of citizens. However, the moment the interests representing the traditional social order win privilege to represent all Americans in government, political correctness is suddenly and ruthlessly demanded on behalf of the old social order. Private interests, such as corporate media, raise little fuss because a more obedient social order (the free market) benefits their short and long term interests.

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Just anything you'd like, it's interesting no matter what you post honestly

it’s not even fun anymore 

like i’ll post politics or social issues and i’ll get 30 messages telling me they liked my blog better when it was about astrology

and then when i reblog astrology stuff, i’ll inevitably get questions asking me who i voted for or if i support the electoral college and it’s kind of useless, this isn’t my blog anymore, it’s not fun anymore

At the Last Minute with Peppermint Mocha Toonami Summary! Intruder 3 ends with new intern?!
  • DBZ Kai: The Cell Games continue! Wait what. Goku pulled a kamikaze, killing himself, Cell and King Kai. This worked great at first and then Cell was all Surprise Bitch. Which was annoying. Then Trunks died and Vegeta went berserk with grief and Gohan attempted to protect him from dying. Why Goku
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure! Everything is Overdrive. Everything. Poco, the smallest adventurer, has a flashback to his sis telling him not be afraid to do things. He decides after this that he will indeed do something very dangerous in order assist the badly dressed Jojo. The Baron may die.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The shirtless pilot teenagers are wearing clothes because this is Alaska. Kudelia continues with political intriques. Carta Issue arrives because she wanted yet another ass-whoopin’. Mika, in snowy Alaska, manages to have no chill at all.
  • Hunter x Hunter: “Faster is better, right?” no you murderous child. Not always. The besties learn more about Nen and other various En’s. They have their Aura’s released from their nodes in an attempt to skip a months long training montage. This works pretty well. Killer Clown says hello.
  • Shijrbivdgxuivjk is about special eyes (my brand!) and stealing eyes from your siblings as is traditional in your psycho clan. Itachi decides to tell Sasuke about the past. This takes a while but explains why he left Sasuke alive. He then asks for forgiveness.
  • One Piece of Adventure continues as Moria still uses Oars as his personal Zord. Luffy, in the meantime, is lost, but meets some nice people who want to put shadows into him. Luffy did not agree to this exactly but they happily hold him done and stuff him with shadows. Then they give him a sword!
  • Man of the One Punch is now a rerun so people went to bed. Genos informs his sensei that in order to become a  hero with a fan base he has to take and pass an exam. They do it together because bromance. Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask says hello. Genos packs his life into a backpack and moves in with Saitama.


Ok that guy has to be using some kind of gel in his beard. Why he wants his beard to look like a shonen protag, I do not know.

Tfw you passed your midterms but are dead inside


Lubaina Himid: Navigation Charts Exhibition at Spike Island, Bristol. 20 January to 26 March 2017 | Free Entry

Lubaina Himid was a pioneer of the Black Arts Movement in Britain in the 1980s, which offered a forum for black artists exploring the social and political issues surrounding black history and identity.

Spike Island’s exhibition — a collaboration with Modern Art Oxford and Nottingham Contemporary — focuses on migration, labour and creativity, longstanding concerns for Himid. Anchored by Naming the Money (2004), a spectacular installation of 100 life-size, painted figures that has been shown only once before in its entirety, the presentation brings into dialogue major works from the past 25 years, honing in on Himid’s theatrical use of cut-outs, colour and pattern.


Just got my copy of Pitchfork’s Music and Politics issue I have an illustration in- so happy to be part of this issue with so many important articles and amazing artists. Thanks Jessica Viscius for including me

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Anti-LGBTI North Carolina law drives over 700 jobs away
The resulting boycotts due to the HB2 laws have accounted for an estimated $400 million loss since it was implemented in March this year.
Why marginalized communities should care about Standing Rock and the DAPL
The Dakota Access Pipeline is yet another incident in the long and brutal history of physical and cultural genocide against "othered" bodies.
The South Korean govt. is trying to gather and control private information of the citizens, much like how the FBI tried to make Apple gather iPhone users’ private information.

the 새누리당 (a political party in south korea) passed the law so currently the politicians from the 더불어민주당 (another political party in south korea) are doing a filibuster to stop the law from being passed, so please go watch the live stream or at least have it play in the background if you can.