Rebellion in Rogue One

I love that they showed so many ways to rebel against a fascist Empire, both in the sense that it was a realistic portrayal of the things that people do in desperate situations and in the sense that it showed you all the ways you can resist like

  • You’re a brilliant scientist being told to do horrific things? Run the fuck away. They track you down and threaten you and your family? Pretend to give in and then find a way to blow it all to shit from the inside. Do not collaborate. Do not collaborate.
  • Rebels who do dirty things to win and have been doing dirty things their whole damn lives like happens in real life
  • Rebels who have lost their way and become extremists like people do in real life
  • Very real infighting about how to fight back, what chances to take, whether to fight or wait
  • You’re just a fucking cargo pilot (or a Stormtrooper) and a nobody and maybe you’ve been given orders but you are an individual with a moral conscience so when you see a chance you take it you do not continue to collaborate
  • You think it’s easy to ignore the suffering if you keep your head down, it’s easy to see the Imperial flag flying if you just avoid looking at it, and maybe you’re disillusioned or hurt but that’s not an excuse and you realize this is a cause worth fighting for, worth dying for
  • You know you’re about to die a terrible death in a fucking hallway but you still get the intelligence out because the cause is bigger than you
  • You do not collaborate.

I fucking love this movie.

“Identity politics” aims [to] convince us that the only real political issues are those of straight white folks. - Cameron Esposito

When ppl in power don’t reflect ur demo, they can deem basic needs as “special interest” needs. - Cameron Esposito


Chelsea Manning: to those who kept me alive all these years, thank you
When I was afraid, you taught me how to keep going. When I was lost, you showed me the way...
By Chelsea E Manning

1960s Civil Rights Era, Bob Adelman

For those unfamiliar, Bob Adelman was the iconic photographer behind many of the thought-provoking, historical photographs of the Civil Rights Movement. 

A photographer and protest marcher, he spent a considerable amount of time fighting for justice and equal rights. His images capture groundbreaking moments, such as student sit-ins, Freedom Riders, the March on Washington and other significant events in Black history.


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What being pro choice really means

- wanting better sex Ed in schools
- easier/cheaper access to birth control
- better women’s health programs
- allowing women to decide what to do with their bodies, not the government
- making it easier for women to get permanent sterilization/reproductive health surgeries