“Angry Atheism”?

Angry atheism. Let’s chat about it. Would you like to know why vocal atheists might seem so angry? Because religious leaders can be (though they tend to be somewhere in the middle of this) either wonderful human-beings, or individuals who believe that their beliefs enable them to deprive the rights of their fellows based off of whatever book they happen to follow.

Atheists are angry because religious fundamentalists kill, even when they aren’t violent. Children of these fundamentalists live without vaccines, and more directly they live without receiving life-saving treatments if they have conditions which are easily curable and preventable.

Atheists are angry because we live in a world where believing in a book that claims to know the origin and purpose of all life in the universe, written before the people who wrote it knew about the Americas, is the norm and true, and somehow not believing in the “evidence” makes you seem “arrogant”.

Atheists are angry because in most churches women cannot be priests, but men can decide what women can do with their bodies, using the same religion which says that if a woman is unfaithful her husband can test her and if she fails she’s getting an abortion, but apparently she cannot decide it for herself (yeah, yeah, yeah, “Numbers is Old Testament Luciano! Christians have a new convent with God! Some of the Old Laws were changed”, the POINT is that in the book of Numbers, Moses says it’s cool to go and force your wife into getting an abortion but somehow if it’s her choice that’s the end of the world).

Atheists are mildly annoyed that the man who claims “Tides go in, Tides go out, you can’t explain that!” Is more liked and respected than the head of American Atheists, (P.S.: Yes Bill O'Reilly did actually say that.) despite the fact that David Silverman is a mild mannered man and activist, and O'Reilly is literally a known and documented liar.

Atheists are mad because a Christian pastor can literally call Obama, Hitler, and a Muslim kid gets arrested for making and showing off a clock, but somehow no one mentions that the pastor compared mothers who willing get abortions to the holocaust (nor does anyone talk about the fact that abortions have been legal for decades AND THAT WE’VE BEEN FUNDING PP SINCE 1970.), while the kid faces scrutiny from the right wingers, and only one of these two is on the news.

Atheists are mad because if we are unlucky enough to be atheists AND children at the same time we can be made fun by TEACHERS.

Atheists are mad because people don’t understand the difference between secularism and atheism. And because in this country some Christians want their worldview to be made into law but somehow fear a “theocracy”.

I’m personally mad because we live in a world where somehow it’s okay to risk not offending an entity that has never proven itself definitely, and objectively, even if it means offending REAL PEOPLE. It isn’t okay to use your religion as an excuse to be a jerk.

If you ever chide an atheist for being angry, you need to realize that we as a group have plenty of stuff to get angry about. I can assure you we don’t WALK AROUND fuming about the separation of church and state, but when you ask us questions about our take on the world, we can get angry and be entirely justified in our anger. We’re not saying everything that’s wrong with the world is because of religion, but we are saying that some people definitely conflate religion and world events. We’ve got plenty of fuel for our anger. And frankly we’ll continue being angry until EVERYONE lives in a world where religion is a truly personal matter.

I’ll stay mad until someone else’s religion doesn’t impact law. Until the law reflects the idea that religion isn’t a proper justification for depriving OTHERS of their natural rights. Until the law shows that everyone and all ideologies are equal in the face of justice, and that being a religion, or another one, will not grant you special favor, while you live in a secular nation.

I’m an “angry atheist”. And that’s okay.

Tony Abbott and the right to dissent from the new morality
Ironically, the reaction to Tony Abbott's decision to speak to the Alliance Defending Freedom proves that group right when it claims that our religious freedoms are under threat as never before.

Conservatives, please stop acting like victims. Your religious freedoms are not (repeat, not) under attack. Okay? 

You are the only people trying to force your ideology on people. You don’t believe in same-sex marriage so you try to prevent those in same-sex relationships from getting married simply because you don’t believe it is right. You don’t like abortions so you try to prevent people from accessing them. You believe everyone’s assigned gender is the correct one because you were born in your correct gender, so you try to prevent people from being able to legally change theirs. 

Now you see if we achieve marriage equality and if those people who want to marry people of the same-sex can do so and you and your church can still believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. If you believe that person’s assigned gender is their correct one, then you don’t have to change genders and you don’t necessarily have to accept their transition. If you believe abortions are morally wrong then you can believe that too, you don’t ever have to have one and you can attempt to (peacefully) persuade those considering to do so not to.

See! See how little this issues impact your religious freedoms! You can still hold those religious beliefs while other people can live their life the way they want to. Progressives, such as myself, only want to give people the freedom to live their life the way they want to. We do not care whether you personally agree with what they are doing but we do care when you actively try and stop people from living the way they want.   

Lastly, please remember religious freedom cuts two ways. You might have the freedom to have a religion and believe in your god but I also have the freedom not to have a religion and not to have your religion force on me. 

Political atheism: The movement grows

Political atheism: The movement grows

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   This letter was received anonymously.  We don’t know who actually wrote it.  It was too good not to post!


“Your country is collapsing; and not because of two men sleeping together and not because of exhaust coming out of a tailpipe and not because of lack of photo-voltaic cells, not because we’re over or under-taxing the…

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Just in case any one LGBTQ+ was thinking about voting Ted Cruz for president:
  • Life, Marriage, and family are the fundamental building blocks of society.
  • Life is a precious gift from God. We must cherish and defend it. Without life, there is no liberty; without life, there is no pursuit of happiness.
  • Marriage is a sacrament between one man and one woman, it has strengthened societies for millennia, and we must uphold the truth of marriage.
  • Extreme leftists — activist judges, the Obama Administration, and academic elites — are trying to extinguish these most fundamental, God-given rights.
  • Ted Cruz will preserve life, marriage, and the family, and he has the record to prove it. If Ted is elected president, he will instruct his Attorney General to investigate Planned Parenthood on day one.  And rather than enacting policies that tear down these pillars of our society, he will work to restore a culture of life, marriage, and family.

This is what he believes. This is his stance.I ask, if you believe that you have the right to marriage, the right to safety, the right to self,and the right to love, I ask you rethink your position. No one should be forced back into a closet because of a presidential campaign. 

Also: What’s in Ted Cruz’s stance that isn’t in the Constitution? God.  

Meet the atheist who quizzes presidential candidates about their faith
“Hi. I’m an atheist.” The room went silent.

When confronted with a real live atheist, Trump, Paul and Kasich all acted quite shitty. Rubio, Bush and even the extreme Christiany candidates Santorum and Huckabee were reasonable. (thank goodness he was a white male, or they would have all pooped their pants!)

Clinton and Sanders both confirmed their support for the separation of church and state. 


Interesting results from Pew Research Center regarding religious beliefs.

Here are some of the things that stood out to me:

More females than males are religious/spiritual in a variety of ways. This isn’t a surprise to me. Most studies come to this conclusion, and it goes way back. I remember reading in my American history textbook last semester that Puritans noted that there were many more religious women than men. Cotton Mather (1691) wrote: “There are far more Godly women in the world than men.”

So, why are more females than males religious? I recall one Christian newspaper saying that females “have a heavier cross to bear” and on average I’d say that is true. Dealing with pain on a regular basis, we may turn to religion for relief and coping - especially since religious organizations provide community. Furthermore, our reproductive struggles - because they are so connected to creation & the miracle of life - may bring us closer to the Divine.

Jewish people are more different from adherents of other Abrahamic religion in a variety of ways than I thought - and on average, they are much more liberal. People have a tendency to lump all Abrahamic religions together as patriarchal. Throughout history, it may have been true that Judaism was patriarchal; but we should realize that today, Jewish people (as well as Buddhists) are nearly as liberal as atheists. Jewish people (and Buddhists) are among the most pro-choice demographics - they are just as likely to be pro-choice as non-religious people, which shows us that religion in general does not have to be oppressive to women. Furthermore, Jewish people (and Buddhists) are among the LEAST homophobic demographics. 

Mormons are both the most likely to have witnessed a divine healing and also the most content with their lives. Does this mean they’re onto something?! Possibly, but the former fact may have to do with the fact that they are most likely to attend religious services.

Most Americans believe that there are multiple paths to God. This one surprised me. It seems Americans are more tolerant than I expected.

Most people are generally satisfied with their lives. So now people can stop being negative neds and saying that the world is “full” of misery! The world does have some misery but overall there’s more good in the world than bad. (This is supported by cross-cultural surveys.)