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ID #85164

Name: Rose
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hey! I’m Rose. I enjoy hot sauce, political sciences, great books (particularly classic literature and magical realism), jasmine tea, scrabble and other word games, spirited debate, honest poetry, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, cinematography, existential questions, the work of Toni Morrison, avocados, paintings of Klimt and Grandma Moses, House of Cards, high heels, love, and friendship. That’s me, in a nutshell, but I am far more interested in forming a meaningful friendship than I am talking about what I like. I’m interested in getting to know someone from somewhere else. I grew up in a very diverse, fast-paced, accepting place, but life has taken me to a culture which is slightly homogenous and occasionally restrictive. I just really want friends who can show me their world views and allow me to see things from another perspective. A few other things about me: I am comfortable using English or Spanish; I like talking about fandoms and politics to an extent, but I kinda just want to talk about life sometimes yanno??; and I love love love to write. So yes, let’s talk, future friend <3.

Preferences: I would prefer 17+. Any gender, orientation, religion, etc is completely fine! English or Spanish communication :)


some highlights from my most recent playthrough of mass effect 2… what a good damn game.


its probably not even your bday anymore in the uk and im sorry but yeah 

i love you and normally i don’t write long shits like this cause i’ll know you won’t read it but its more for myself. 

idk why I’ve grown to love you and admire you this much. your not gandhi or buda or jesus or einstein or neruda but all your stupid tweets are like poetry to me. you may not have done a big action to humanity worth noticing, but you did leave a mark on me, you teach me that being weird its okay, being different doesnt mean that nobody will never accept you, that you can be a cool nerd with interests in politics, video games, complicated word and social media. 

and honestly you and phil, doesn’t matter if you’re not together, you will forever be the best fairytale I’ve heard. i mean you showed me that real friendship does exist. that you can find someone with who yan can share almost all the aspects of your life. 

its simple, i love you. i LOVE everything you do, i support every step you make and you make me happy, and i don’t even know you but you are one of the most important persons in my life, in many life’s actually. 

happy birthday. i wish you the best.