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I love awkwafina and dumbfoundead I've never really been a fan of rap tho

Same. I really loved rap back in the day but once you start learning about systems of oppression and things like that, you start to see how hyper-masculine and misogynistic it is. It’s like men in the mainstream rap world are so fragile, they have to talk down to other men and treat women like sex objects just to boost their ego. When women enter the rap world, they emulate the men so they rap about misogynistic stuff too.

In my opinion, mainstream rap has become a culture of toxic masculinity and misogyny that constantly reinforces itself into toxic masculinity and misogyny regardless of who enters it. That’s why I only like politically-conscious rappers. Rather than perpetuating and contributing to systems of oppression, they address these issues. Nomi, a Filipino American, is personally one of my favorites and I believe that most if not all his songs are about social justice.

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See Barack Obama’s video at Chance the Rapper’s surprise concert Saturday night;

“I am hopeful that everybody who is at the concert today, everybody who is getting involved, everybody who’s been part of the parade, that all of you are in the mindset that you could do anything that you want to as long as you put your mind to it.” (X)