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#BeingBlackandMuslim Portrait Series by Bobby Rogers

Visual artist and photographer Bobby Rogers’ latest portrait series #BeingBlackandMuslim taps on members of the Black Muslim community to share their harrowing experiences with, well, simply being who they are. 

The eyeopening series exposes stereotypes and stigmas plaguing the community; further proving we all have more work to do when it comes to bringing awareness to squash these century-old, derogatory ways of thinking. 



Paul Ryan’s latest Instagram post reveals a major problem with political representation

On Saturday, House Speaker Paul Ryan snapped a selfie with a large — and largely homogenous — pool of Capitol Hill interns and posted it to Instagram. In light of the picture’s racial makeup, his caption struck many users as somewhat tone deaf. Unfortunately, the photo reflects the very white reality of Capitol Hill.

46% of Trump voters think there should be a White History Month, compared to 36% who don’t

  • Nearly half of voters who supported Trump think there should be a special month set aside to celebrate white history in the United States, according to a pollpublished Friday by Public Policy Polling.
  • Apparently dissatisfied with white people dominating nearly every aspect of American life and culture for the past 250 years, 46% of Trump voters now desire an official white history month. Only 36% of Trump voters oppose the idea.
  • Additionally, only 47% of Trump voters are aware that legendary black abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass is dead. Read more (2/10/17 11:52 AM)

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