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Dylan/Green and Charles Manson - Part 3

Apart from his paper on Manson, Dylan’s behavior suggest that he was deliberately following in the footsteps of Manson and his family.  Besides Eric and Dylan’s well-known nicknames (VoDka and REB), the boys had other nicknames they apparently only used between themselves.  Dylan was “Green” and Eric was “Indigo.”  In the 1970s, Manson created the Order of the Rainbow and assigned his core followers nicknames: Squeaky Fromme was Red, Sandra Good was Blue, Susan Atkins was Violet, Leslie Van Houten was Green, Patricia Krenwinkle was Yellow, and Nancy Pitman was Gold.  It appears that Eric and Dylan copied the Order of the Rainbow.

Various forms of the word “pig” were favorite terms of Manson and his family.  At one murder site, the followers wrote “Political Piggy.”  At another, they wrote the word “Pig.”  At the third, “Death to Pigs.”   Each time the words were written in the victim’s blood.  On the same page of Eric’s yearbook where Dylan addressed Eric as Indigo and signed himself as Green, he wrote about looking forward to killing “pigs” and a “piglet.”  Dylan also used the word “piggies” in a short story about the mass murder of students he wrote foTr school several weeks before the attack. The most obvious imitation of Manson’s followers occurred when Dylan spray-painted “Death to Pigs” on a pawnshop.

Finally, Manson and his followers referred repeatedly to a coming “judgment day,” which apparently was going to be a day of mass murder.  On the morning of April 20, 1999, Eric filmed Dylan saying, “Hey Mom, I gotta go.  It’s about a half hour till judgment day.”

Perhaps once again Dylan was following in the footsteps of Manson and his family. 

Dylan not only surrendered his identity to the influence of Eric Harris to become a pseudopsychopath, but was also shaped by what he read about Manson.  Dylan’s comments in his journal about death can be seen in a new light when read alongside his paper on Manson.  In addition, his use of terminology adopted from Manson’s family suggests he used them as models.

Why Kids Kill - Chapter 3: A God of Sadness - Peter Langman P.H.d.

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Thanks to Rebdomine for pointing this out:
indigo and green is a DOOM reference not freaking Manson!
It makes all the more sense for the double meaning.

[‘Political Piggy’ was written on the wall at the Hinman crime scene.]

On July 25, 1969, Manson family member Bobby Beausoleil brutally murdered Gary Hinman. According to Beausoleil, Hinman had supplied him with a batch of bad mescaline that Beausoleil in turn had sold to the Straight Satans motorcycle gang, and that when the bikers demanded their money back, Manson ordered Beausoleil to Hinman’s residence to get the money. Instead, Beausoleil stabbed Hinman multiple times, killing him. He wrote ‘Political Piggy’ on the wall with Hinman’s blood to make police believe that the murder was committed by a group of radicals.
Not a joke: Time magazine publishes Miss Piggy, “Why I am a feminist pig”

And people wonder why we don’t take the mainstream media seriously any more. It’s because of stupidity like this

Miss Piggy is an international celebrity, best-selling author, and fashion icon.

Miss Piggy might be some sort of fashion icon, but she’s most certainly not a “best-selling author.” 

Some Internet opinion givers may question whether moi deserves such an honor. After all, some might say moi is just a mere Hollywood celebrity who cares more about her appearance, her star billing and her percentage of the gross than about women and women’s rights.

To which I can only respond: “Oh yeah!?!” By which, of course, I mean that moi is now and has always been an ardent feminist and champion of women’s rights.

I believe that any woman who refuses to accept society’s preconceived notions of who or what they can be is a feminist. I believe any woman who is willing to struggle, strive — and if necessary learn karate — to make their mark in the world is a feminist. And, yes, I believe that any woman, who cares about her appearance, her star billing and most especially her percentage of the gross, is a feminist.

Moi is all of these things.

Can we all, just for a moment, bask in the irony that Time magazine printed an article about “feminism” and ascribed it to a television character that is voiced by a man?  Yes, Miss Piggy can’t say a word unless the great Frank Oz says it for her.  How’s that for feminism?

On one hand I don’t consider myself a part of the united states so I shouldnt really care much for their political issues.

On the other hand, Puerto Ricans ARE United States citizens BUT WE CANNOT VOTE…

So for my sake, and the other 3 million of us on this island, plus all the other US territories with no control over who leads them…

Plz vote! And if its okay with you, plz vote for someone that can look at a map and pin point where Puerto Rico is, and not the guy that can buy it with his daddy’s money.


If you remember my last post about Living in Puerto Rico, the recent episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver talks about the economic debt and explains it better than I ever could.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a guest and his rap pretty much sums up EVERYTHING that needs to get done. “Your citizens are suffering, stop the bleeding, stop the loss. Help Puerto Rico, its just a hundred miles across.”