political idiots

Fucking idiots

“Hi there, I’m a fucking idiot. I’d like to petition the government to reduce liberties for people under the age of 18 by forcing a curfew after 9pm. I’m a sack of shit and I hate young people. As a member of the public in today’s political climate I’m going to act like a collaborator so the government can say that it was the public that came to them with the request to introduce the curfew. Like I said, I’m an absolute waste of oxygen. Thank you.”

Green Day posted this picture on their Facebook page:

Which, given their history of political opinions, makes sense.

But the comments are fucking wild, man.  Like, did these commentators even listen to any of Green Day’s work?

Buddy, you used Green Day as an escape from politics?  I don’t think you understand how that works.

Yes, yes, Green Day should stay out of politics.  They’ve really been known for the quietness on political events (*sarcasm*).

What are Green Day’s music or public statements makes you think they are willing to sit by and let an authoritarian demagogue rise without protesting that?  He hasn’t said “mean things,” he’s a fucking dictator-in-waiting.

But at least some commentators got it:

Trump is such a horrible president.

Anyone defending him is completely ignorant to what he’s actually doing. A few times a week he is doing something that sets us backwords and people refuse to see it and actually do research. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why he has people defending him with everything they have.

I’m honestly embarrassed for our country. I have been relatively quiet because I wanted to “give him a chance” and hoped our Congress would keep him at bay but the unchecked executive orders has me giving up on the miniscule hope I had that he wouldn’t set us too far back.

  • me: Police Brutality is a serious issue we need to -
  • One Of Those People: HAH! Bleeeeding heart liberal... Still crying from Brexit, snowflake? I care about PROTECTING OUR WOMEN FROM RAPIST IMMIGRANTS! Ever thought about THAT? Also stop taking my money for your precious welfare. We don't need public services, I DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR SOME GYPSY'S TATTOO REMOVAL... All Germans are Nazis and I support nuking the entire middle east to kill a few terrorists - EVERY MUSLIM IS A TERRORIST BY THE WAY. Why not just let everyone into our country? Give them our food and let them kill our children. Also I hate faggots and trannys, they're all rapists and paedophiles. The wage gap doesn't exist. I identify as helicopter HAHA get the joke? Go cry into Killary's loser liberal pantsuit shoulder, libtard, I actually have forgotten what your original point even was I HATE EVERYTHING!!!

Guys, idea for tomorrow: Call up your local radio station(s) and request American Idiot by Green Day. Let’s make this a thing, please, imagine every radio station people tune into being this song in protest of the Cheeto in Chief

Strange Swans

I was rewatching The Swan Princess and got an idea for a Strange Magic AU. 

Roland is a sorcerer who wants to marry a princess and become a king. He’s not picky about which princess, but his first attempt is with Marianne. 

Roland is Bog’s court wizard and Marianne is betrothed to Bog to unify their kingdoms, which share a border. Roland assumes Marianne will be glad to marry him instead of “that ugly cockroach” and is unaware she genuinely loves Bog. (They got to know each other during the betrothal rather than meeting for the first time on their wedding day.) 

When Marianne refuses to marry Roland, he spirits her away to his private estate and turns her into a swan. 

This was a terrible idea. 

With the physical power of a swan backing up Marianne’s own innate ferocity, she attacks him. Fearing for his face, he changes the spell and makes her a frog instead. She still won’t marry him. 

Bog assumes Marianne ran away because he was too ugly to marry. Roland helps this impression along. Griselda is suspicious but has no evidence. Tension increases between the kingdoms since they are both suspicious the other is responsible for Marianne’s disappearance, but because they are also both deeply dependent on one another for trade and defense, war is avoided. 

A few years later, Roland tries his luck with another princess, Dawn, whose small and isolated kingdom also hoped to forge ties with Bog’s kingdom through a royal wedding. Dawn is in love with one of her court minstrels, Sunny, but willing to marry Bog for the good of her people. Bog is reluctant and trying to avoid her because he’s still pining for Marianne. 

Dawn is as indignant at Roland’s proposal as Marianne was. If she were going to break the contract it would be for the one she truly loves, not for some guy she just met! 

Dawn’s gentler nature, however, means Roland feels safe turning this princess into a swan. 

Trapped on Roland’s estate if she wants to continue turning human by night, Dawn meets Marianne, who immediately adopts her as a little sister. They test the ‘kissed by a princess curse antidote’ by having human-Dawn kiss froggy-Marianne on the cheek. It works, and Marianne breaks into the estate’s house to steal food, clothing, weaponry, maps, and travel supplies. They set off to try and get to Bog’s castle before sunrise, since they have no way of knowing until moonset if Marianne’s kiss on Dawn’s cheek also broke that curse. (Unfortunately the estate does not have horses for them to steal.) 

They both turn back into animals by day and conclude their curses got tangled up with one another. Marianne rides in Dawn’s claws and they fly back to Bog’s castle. Dawn doesn’t turn human that night, but Marianne does, and finds Griselda. 

Griselda is shocked and thrilled Marianne has returned, and happily lends her armor and a sword so she can storm the throne room and attack Roland, while Dawn and Griselda go looking for Sunny, who was part of Dawn’s retinue when she came to meet Bog. They’re hoping True Love’s Kiss will work, since Kissed By A Princess has so far had mixed results. 

Marianne takes Roland down (again) with some help from Bog. It is unclear if Roland’s death (remember, he committed treason by sabotaging Bog’s political marriage and risking the kingdom going to war, twice) or Sunny’s kiss that breaks the curse on Dawn. 

After revealing to her family that she’s alive and well, Marianne sets up ties between her kingdom and Dawn’s, officially since she “owes” Dawn for helping break the curse, but mostly because she cares about her adopted sister, and also so Dawn’s kingdom won’t get annoyed at Bog’s kingdom for turning down the marriage contract in favour of renewing the original contract between Bog and Marianne’s kingdoms.

There is a double wedding.

Donald Trump just gave two incredibly bizarre (and fact-free) interviews
By Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

1. He did zero preparation for these interviews. Trump appears to be, essentially, winging it in both interviews. In the case of the CBS interview, he had to know that the topic of his baseless claim about wiretapping was going to come up. And yet, his answer is, to paraphrase, you have your thoughts and I have mine. In the interview with Zito, Trump has the most basic sense that Jackson is the president he most reminds people of. And so, he has latched on to the idea. But he lacks even a basic understanding of where Jackson fit in the timeline of the Civil War. And he doesn’t feel the need to do any research to make sure he gets the facts close to right. Which brings me to… 

2. He makes up his own reality. In both interviews, Trump is, literally, making up a version of facts that suit him. In the Dickerson interview, he insists “our side has been proven very strongly” despite the fact that there is zero evidence to back up that claim. In fact, the opposite is true. Everyone from the FBI director to the former Director of National Intelligence to the heads of the House and Senate Intelligence committees have said there is no proof of any wiretapping of Trump Tower ordered by the Obama White House.

In the Zito interview, Trump wants to make the case that if Jackson had been president the Civil War wouldn’t have happened in order to make the case that he, like Jackson, will be able to make deals and avert crises by dint of his unique background. That the facts don’t back up that assertion is besides the point for Trump; it’s real to him, and therefore it’s a version of the truth.

To me, the most telling line in either of the Trump interviews is this one to Dickerson: “I have my own opinions. You can have your own opinions.” What Trump is doing here is conflating opinions with facts. The facts do not come close to bearing out his claims on surveillance. But, if you make opinion and fact synonymous you can do or say whatever you want because, in the immortal words of Jeffrey Lebowski, “yeah, well, that’s just like your opinion, man.”

Opinions, of course, aren’t facts. The problem is that Trump doesn’t know or doesn’t care about that. And his supporters believe whatever he tells them to believe.