political idiots

Green Day posted this picture on their Facebook page:

Which, given their history of political opinions, makes sense.

But the comments are fucking wild, man.  Like, did these commentators even listen to any of Green Day’s work?

Buddy, you used Green Day as an escape from politics?  I don’t think you understand how that works.

Yes, yes, Green Day should stay out of politics.  They’ve really been known for the quietness on political events (*sarcasm*).

What are Green Day’s music or public statements makes you think they are willing to sit by and let an authoritarian demagogue rise without protesting that?  He hasn’t said “mean things,” he’s a fucking dictator-in-waiting.

But at least some commentators got it:

Guys, idea for tomorrow: Call up your local radio station(s) and request American Idiot by Green Day. Let’s make this a thing, please, imagine every radio station people tune into being this song in protest of the Cheeto in Chief

When the president #lies – and lies about the voting actions of ‘millions’ of Americans – he directly threatens democracy. We’ve heard this nonsense from some, but from the president? It’s outlandish and worrisome.

We hope state legislators have better sense than to pick up on these lies and introduce suppressive measures. If nothing else, they should be deterred from doing so based on what the courts are starting to say. Strict photo ID laws are discriminatory, keep people of color from the voting booth, and are a proposed ‘solution without a cure.’ Any legislature following up on Pres. Trump’s remarks with strict photo ID laws should be prepared for a losing battle.
—  Allegra Chapman, director of voting and elections and senior counsel at Common Cause.

Donald Trump Is Helping Republicans Make It Harder To Vote

Kellyanne Conway and Ted Cruz deride Trump protesters as “snowflakes” and “idiots”

As protests and condemnations of the president-elect continue to roil the country, Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway said America needs to toughen up on tender millennials. On Thursday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz echoed Conway’s contention. Conway pointed to Obama and Biden as examples for the country.

I figured I’d leave this here for all of the bitter, crybaby, violent, hypocritical Hillary supporters who apparently have never heard of this word. Read it, learn it, memorize it, live it.
You’re welcome.

“Also, I want to be serious for just a moment.  Last week, it was Holocaust Remembrance Day, and, as you know, six million people were at my inauguration.  I mean there were just so many people at my inauguration, but the media refuses to cover it.  It’s so unfair.  And one day I’m going to write a memoir about this struggle and call it My Struggle.  What would that be in German, Angela?”

-Donald Trump, “SNL”