political graphic design

In 1987, Donald Moffett created He Kills Me in response to Ronald Reagan’s inaction and smugness about the HIV/AIDS crisis that was leaving people for death. The image itself remains unmistakable today - for its visual contrast and its ability to say so much while using so little. I think about this tonight because Donald Trump is set to take the stage at the RNC tonight. 

“He kills me” is the only appropriate descriptor for what his presidency can bring. Surely for queer people, if he has Mike Pence as his VP, and for the millions of immigrants and people of color that call this country home. We have to remember this now, and come November. There’s nothing good a Trump presidency can bring.


All Equal (15) by Peter Rea
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"Have one hobby that will make you money, one that will keep you fit, and one that lets you be creative."
  • Aries: Engineering, Kickboxing, Action Painting
  • Taurus: Interior Design, Hiking, Makeup
  • Gemini: Journalism, Bicycling, Writing
  • Cancer: Caretaking, Gymnastics, Poetry
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