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hey i'm a little lost because I just started following (thanks ScriptMedic!) but what is DiscWorld??? Did I even spell it right? Your blog is awesome, I'm just a little confused lmao

Hi! Welcome, don’t worry, a “little confused” is the default setting for everyone reading this blog, including me :P

Discworld is a series of 41 fantasy novels written by the late Terry Pratchett, they’re rooted heavily in satire, social and political commentary, and exceptionally funny while also capable of delivering an emotional gut punch without warning. Because that’s how Terry liked to roll.

I write a lot of meta and rambling about Discworld because I did my thesis on the series, I’m also active in the fandom where I can sometimes be found posting fanfic or being prodded off into tangents by friends who know I am easily lead. The scoundrels. 

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Thank you so so much for tagging me @harryskinkyside  !!!! 💕 💕  💕 

Nickname: Booooo I don’t have one. 

Zodiac sign: Libra 

Height: 5′4 (5 and ¾ but we’re I’m putting down 4) 

Last thing you Googled: A pair of shoes… 

Favorite music artist: Don’t make me choose….😭

Song stuck in my head: Shining by Beyonce, Jay Z and DJ Khaled. 

Last movie you watched: A scientology documentary

What are you wearing right now: A jumper and leggings. 

What do you post: Harry, memes, pretty things, political posts, funny text posts, etc. 

Why did you choose your URL: I’m always trying to write something. 

Do you have any other blogs: Yeah, I have a bunch of saved URLs. 

What did your last relationship teach you: Not everyone has the same heart as you. 

Religious or spiritual: I don’t consider myself religious but I do practice some aspects of Judaism. 

Favorite color: I think it’s red right now. 

Average hours of sleep: 5-8. Depends what’s going on. 

Lucky number: I don’t have one……….

Favorite characters: Frank Underwood from house of cards. 

How many blankets do you sleep with: A duvet and sometimes another one if I’m feeling chilly.

Dream job: I wanna work in the UN or just work with an international organization. 

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