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NCT Member Profiles (As requested)

Chenle: The wildest. His pre-debut photos are actually insane and his laugh is a loud cackle. Can speak many languages and will insult you in them all. 

Doyoung: Drags everyone. Actually loves all the members so much but doesn’t show it often.

Haechan:  Doesn’t talk about feelings and can be a little shit to his members, but he’s sensitive and gets a lot of hate from ‘fans’. He’s gorgeous, protect him at all costs. 

Hansol: Not debuted yet but has been around since ancient times and has a strong fanbase. All you need to know right now is he’s incredibly attractive and will end you in a dance battle.

Jaehyun:  Intelligent and not always equipped socially. Sometimes says dumb shit and has a heart of gold. 

Jaemin: Debuted with Chewing gum but then left due to injury. He is a lovable cutie-pie and will be returning soon. Don’t forget about him this smiley sunshine. 

Jeno: A triple threat who has the potential to take over the world with his talent. He’s adorable. Helps mark keep the dream members in check.

Jisung: Sweet but can be a little shit when older members aren’t supervising him. Constantly looks tired or clueless. 

Johnny: Seems mature but is secretly a dirty jokes factory and knows how disgusting us fans are. Shitty pun guy.

Kun: Shy munchkin. Was around near the beginning but has disappeared into SM’s basement. 

Yukhei: aka Lucas who is a newly revealed future member ready to slay us all. 

Mark: Actual sunshine. He is the nicest, most kind member of the group and full of talent. The whole fandom and his members would kill for this boy so be careful what you say about him. He has enough to deal with as he has a 24/7 schedule and never complains.

Renjun: He can actually be really competitive and loves to sleep. He’s basically on the ground a lot and can be really shy. 

Taeil: Incredibly intelligent and mature guy with an insane IQ. He can actually be really silly and gets on well with younger members. Needs more love. 

Taeyong:  Secretly the mom friend, but doesn’t want anyone to know that. Acts tough but is the cutest cinnamon bun. Clean freak.

Ten: Dance god and a fluff ball but is secretly emo trash, please don’t look up his pre-debut pictures, you will be scarred. 

Winwin: The sweetest angel who all the members love.  Might use members with ulterior motives, but is grateful for them nonetheless.

Yuta: Guy whose good at football and politics. Will end your life with a single roast sessions. Beware. 

those videos about how german sounds to other languages
  • english: *sophisticated, calm, collected, quiet, polite* football
  • french: *sophisticated, calm, collected, quiet, polite* football
  • spanish: *sophisticated, calm, collected, quiet, polite* fútbol
  • portuguese: *sophisticated, calm, collected, quiet, polite* futebol
  • swedish: *sophisticated, calm, collected, quiet, polite* fotboll
  • german: *angry 65-year-old bavarian, seven thousand ounces of phlegm in his throat, cursing the lord above, through a megaphone* FUẞBALL
Why CBS' Madam Secretary Will Fill the West Wing-Shaped Hole in Your Heart

In college, I used to roll my eyes when my good friend, Courtney, welled up while watching NBC’s critically acclaimed White House drama The West Wing.

“Are you crying because something happened, or are you just crying because of America?” I’d ask sarcastically. I was a casual viewer, and usually hadn’t paid much attention to what President Bartlet and his team were up to on any given week.

“America!” she’d respond, dabbing at her eyes and laughing. I laughed, too, because — even while in the thrall of a brilliantly written, expertly acted TV series — who gets all sappy over political footballs like healthcare and the national debt ceiling?

Cut to 16 years later. This past Sunday night, in fact. Witness me trying to hold it together while Madam Secretary‘s Elizabeth McCord watched a wrongly imprisoned, recently freed American journalist reconnect with his family for the first time in years.

Who cries at uplifting political dramas? In this age of Muslim bans, Mexican walls and pregnancy as a pre-existing condition, I do.

All I can say is: Thank goodness for the CBS drama, which has picked up The West Wing‘s mantle of believing in the best parts of American exceptionalism. Téa Leoni’s character, the titular government official, is a smart and savvy — and above all, not jaded — believer in the good that her country can do in the world. And she fuels my hope that I can feel that way about the United States, too, even though my national pride has taken a beating in the last year or so.

If you’ve never seen an episode of the series, now in its third season, let me quickly fill you in. Elizabeth is a former CIA analyst and college professor who reluctantly accepted the Secretary of State gig when her former colleague, Conrad Dalton, needed her to. She’s married to Tim Daly’s Henry, himself a religion-and-philosophy professor who now works with the National Security Agency.

As I’ve said before (and as recently as earlier today), I could fill a dossier with how much I love Mr. and Mrs. McCord’s mature, sexy, intelligent, respectful, fun on-screen relationship and the way they raise their three kids. But for the sake of my argument, let’s just focus on this: Elizabeth and Henry are morally and ethically upright creatures who struggle mightily with some of the planet’s toughest problems yet somehow make the right decisions when it matters most.

And when Elizabeth has to deal with a power-hungry Russian president… or figure out who stole uranium in Eastern Europe… or weigh how schooling the newly elected leader of an Asian country for his misogynistic tendencies will affect his participation in an important treaty… or — as she did in Sunday’s episode — track down the country really responsible for an ailing reporter’s unjust incarceration, you can rest easy in the notion that she’s doing so in a way that’s good for the American people as well as forAmerica as a whole.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Elizabeth’s staff, who — like West Wing‘s Sam Seaborn & Co. — frequently do the heavy lifting and detailed legwork for whatever international crisis or diplomatic quandary comes her way. They are sharp, dedicated workaholics (played by Erich Bergen, Patina Miller, Sebastian Arcelus, Geoffrey Arend and Bebe Neuwirth) who are so good at their jobs because they care so damn much. It’s inspiring.

Sec. McCord’s support team also often bears the burden of the primetime drama’s less-believable storylines; Miller’s Daisy, for instance, is now pregnant thanks to a fledgling relationship with an undercover CIA agent who was murdered before their romance really got underway. Absurd? Kinda. But the performances are so good — Elizabeth’s reassuring reaction to her press coordinator’s impending motherhood, for instance — you just kinda roll with it.

One last note: Just in case the words “liberal” and “snowflake” have crossed your mind in the last few minutes, you should know that Madam Secretary has never once declared whether President Dalton’s administration — and Elizabeth, by extension — is Republican or Democrat. The show’s decision not to affiliate with either party was a “kicky idea” in the beginning, Leoni told CBS News in 2015. “It’s become something more interesting than that now, to me, because I think on [Capitol] Hill, there’s such polarization.”

Translation: Madam Secretary is not a Democratic thing or a Republican thing. It is an American thing, a soothing balm when your faith in the country and its leaders is scraped-up and raw.

Somewhere, perhaps in his presidential library, Jed Bartlet is smiling.


Charges have finally been brought against six individuals who were responsible for the Hillsborough Disaster, the 1989 tragedy in which 96 Liverpool fans were killed, and which was subsequently the subject of a sprawling cover-up by police, the press and national politicians.

But retribution is only part of justice. There is no doubt that the families of those who lost their lives deserve the satisfaction of seeing those responsible brought to book. But there’s an unmissable irony in the very same punitive institutions of state claiming to be champions of justice for the 96, when they have spent the better part of thirty years obfuscating and prevaricating so as to throw all public accountability into the long grass.

Real justice for the 96 will require fundamental change. It will require addressing the operation of class power in South Yorkshire and elsewhere in the country: how a police force was paramilitarised during the Miners Strike, and given its own fiefdom by a rabidly anti-working-class Tory government; how high-ranking officers gave orders to tamper with evidence and to massage witness statements; how the shady nexus between organised crime, the police and the press facilitated the vilification of the victims of the Disaster; how national politicians, both Labour and Tory, created a deeply classist narrative to prevent the true shame from becoming public currency.

As long as the dark corners which contain the answers to those questions remain unscoured, the struggle for justice continues.


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Isn't Tom Brady a Trump supporter?

I know for a fact I’m going to get more messages about this, so I’m going to answer it all in one convenient ask.

  • Tom has been seen wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat in the Patriots locker room, but he has never confirmed or denied voting for Trump. He has also never confirmed or denied support for him.
  • In fact, Tom Brady prefers to not talk politics at all: “Like I said, yeah, I don’t want to express any emotions or feelings of how I feel […] You know what I am? I’m hopeful and optimistic that our country can, you know, move forward. I’m happy the election’s over. I’m sure a lot of other people are. And I’m going to focus on football.” x
  • At a rally in 2016 in New Hampshire, Donald Trump read a letter that was allegedly from Belichick, claiming he and Brady gave him their full support and were both voting for him. Belichick’s response: “I’ve received a number of inquiries relative to a note that I wrote to Donald on Monday. Our friendship goes back many years and I think anybody that’s spent more than five minutes with me knows I’m not a political person. The comments are not politically motivated, I have a friendship and loyalty to Donald.[A] couple of weeks ago, we had Secretary of State [John] Kerry in our locker room. That’s another friend of mine. I can’t imagine two people with more different political views than those two, but to me friendship and loyalty is just about that. It’s not about political or religious views. I write hundreds of letters and notes every month. [It] doesn’t mean I agree with every single thing that every person thinks about politics, religion or other subjects. I have multiple friendships that are important to me. That’s what that was about. It’s not about politics, it’s about football. We’ve got a huge game this week against a great football team and a great organization . . .” x
  • At that very same rally, Brady stated he never gave permission for Trump to speak about his political beliefs or views. He also said in the same interview that he will not talk about politics anymore, a decision made for the good of his family. x
  • A fan asked Brady’s wife Gisele on Instagram if Brady voted for Trump, to which she responded, “NO!” x

“But he’s obviously a Trump supporter!” you cry. Here’s my response to that:

  • Brady lives in Massachusetts, also known as a Blue State. In other words, if he did vote for Trump, it didn’t even count in his state. His state went for our girl Hillary.
  • Tom Brady refuses to talk politics. He hates it, actually. He is a man who wishes to focus on his career in football, raise his kids, and be a role model to young athletes across the nation.

“But Ken, you’re a Democrat! A Trump supporter owns the Patriots! The Patriots are white supremacists! They’re fascists! It’s the whitest team in the NFL!”

  • Actually, 46/68 members of the team are POC. If you’re really going to shit on the Patriots for being a “white team” (which they really aren’t), I have an article for you.
  • The Patriots are hardly the only team to pledge support to Trump’s campaign:
  1. Woody Johnshon, owner of the New York Jets
  2. Rex Ryan, Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills
  3. Terrell Owens, 6 time NFL Pro Bowler
  4. Mike Ditka‘85 Chicago Bears Head Coach
  • The Patriots are not fascists or white supremacists. This was a movement started on twitter because of Belichick’s friendship with Trump. In fact, the Patriots do a lot of good in New England through the Patriots Charitable Foundation. You can find out more here.

As for myself, I will continue to love my team. I am a New England fan, and I am in it for the football. I will not answer another ask about this again. Go Pats.

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You think Obama was a good president? Honestly after reading what you say lately and searching a little about it, i think i could hes not the best, BUT neither the worst, i think is really more far away of being the worst. Just asking your opinion, you are my one of my favourites blogs here because i know more of the issues thanks to you.

Take social issues out of the equation, and what is left over is the same person when you look at Obama, the Bush’s, and the Clinton’s, and Nixon. Their accomplishments are primarily this:

>Hand democracy, government, diplomatic decisions, bill proposals, and crime management away to corporate CEOs, especially banks, and unelected international organizations

>Enable manufacturers to take production and the job market from American citizens, causing mass poverty and crime to increase.

>Change policy to enable corporations to manufacture in US prisons (where work conditions dont need to meet the same standards, including wages).

>Through “free trade agreements” enable manufacturers to be able to manufacture in third world countries that dont yet have enough independence and power to stop our corporations from systematically exploiting them and their government, to stop them from violating their rights, or to stop them from hijacking their governments indefinitely thereby preventing them from having protections of their human rights which dont serve the interests of unlimited neo-liberal profit.

>Increase policing, and mass surveillance and/or prohibitions for victimless “crimes”, in order to increase the prison population for the prison lobby that pays their campaigns to keep them in power

>Excuse Saudi Arabia for all human rights violations, political acts of aggression, and military operations, so that our corporate/political class can middleman their oil (been happening since ). Excuse them for pumping billions of dollars into radicalization mosques that they “charitably” build in their surrounding nations and any nation with growing muslim populations (whether due to already existing populations or due to immigration and refugees) including European countries, all while Saudi Arabia takes on exactly 0 refugees in their massive empty refugee camps. Buy weapons from the private military industry who lobbys for you to do so, then arm the Saudi-radicalized groups and have them fight eachother in order to destabilize the region, and help them along with drones and US military invasion. Destabilize the oil-rich neighbors of Saudi Arabia so our corporate/political class can middleman their Oil, and sell weapons in the process.

That’s Obama. That’s Bush and daddy Bush. That’s Hillary and Bill. That was Nixon. The list of politicians is much bigger than that, but those are the ones I can give you the most elaborate details about (if you were to ask for them and need sources), their exact policies on these matters, and the effects of those policies as they relate to mass systemic violations of human rights nationally and internationally. But essentially, that is neo-liberalism, crony capitalism, the force that will ultimately obscure liberal values and human rights. It is the systematic replacement of liberals & protected people with masses slaves. That’s it. The end goal of neo-liberalism is slavery, and they have the technology to do it, but not quite the will and guts to outright take aggressive action directly for it. All of these things are intwined and there is no wall between what is a political issue vs business issue.

And I’m not arguing it’s a grand conspiracy, it’s not, there is no single inner circle of people conspiring, it’s just the nature of power at work, it’s multiple sects and many powerful people working their own common interests and justifying what they can get away with and trying not to suffer the grave consequences of rocking the boat. Regradless of whether it is the intent whenever they make a decision, that is effectively what the ruling class is doing. Many of them likely dont even know what this system is heading toward for everyone. People are sheep, even the shepherds. Justification on top of justification buries the truth, even from the liar. It’s called a shut-eye (1:45). Good intentions pave the road to hell.

I wanted to add more about how religions and identity politics and neo-marxism plays into things, how the media is a propaganda machine, and how the media plays both sides of the chess board and essentially plays the role of divide and conquer toward the people who take it willingly and unwittingly, how the media is controlled by (literally 6 families) the same people who actively work to maintain as much control of the government as they can, how the two parties effectively work against all interests of the American people and people of foreign nations, both parties do so in the exact same ways as the other party, how both parties support corporations and banks the exact same ways, some stuff about the environment and food supply and energy industry, how Nixon’s free trade deal allowed China to sustain itself as a totalitarian state at the expense of the Chinese people and american workers (sorta covered that already), some side notes about Nixon’s reason for the drug war as well as corporate lobbyists who wanted to crush their the hemp industry competitors, some info about specific weapons deals, info about Saudi Arabia’s money in the US, some stuff about the “Federal” Reserve Bank, and some things about the drug war and private prisons and the Clintons in particular, some more things about Reagan’s similar involvement with these things, the history of our relationship with Saudi Arabia, and specific authoritarian bills that are typically blamed on one party but were passed with a ‘yes‘ by Bush, Hillary, and Obama. And on and on and on, but I could go on forever.

So instead, in short, I’ll just say that the position of President of the United States has been almost solely a racketeering business for a long time, that social issues are a carrot on a stick leading us this way and that for the interests of someone who does not care how it affects us, and politics are swayed more by a single corporate CEO or former CEO -on a state and federal level- than many entire states combined, especially if we started naming names of specific influential people. And also, things are not all black and white either, there’s a lot of nuance to all of these issues, and also also, don’t just take my word for everything or anything.

Also, on Barack Obama specifically, here is a list of his accomplishments:

-He is the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to bomb another Nobel Peace Prize winner

-He is the first US president to bomb a charity hospital, and with 100% collateral damage no less, killing 42, injuring over 30, with 33 people missing.

-He dropped 26,171 bombs in one year, in a war he was elected on the promise of ending

-He is the third president in a row to bomb more nations than any other president since WW2, and was ongoingly bombing all 8 of them at the same time at one point

-He is the 5th president in a row to have increased government debt to a massive new threshold. He raised the government debt from 10 trillion to 20 trillion. Tick tock

-Before presidency, Obama voted ‘yes’ to a bill written by a Bush administrator -who was a former Wall Street banker, btw- written to give themself the authority to spend 700,000,000,000 dollars on banks who were going to fail due to their own illegal business practices that had just destroyed the economy. The banks pocketed most of the money. And don’t forget the 800 billion dollar stimulus bill on top of that, passed when he made it to office.

-He is the first president to hire a private advertising company as a PR team, yes, he is the first president to have literal propagandists telling him and his circles how to be in order to keep a fals image of who they are to the american people. This is was brought to Hunger Games level on the Orwellian meter when he slowjamed propaganda about how wonderful the TPP is on a late night talkshow. Yes, the TPP, the most imperialistic bill that has every been conceived by corporations (and Hillary Clinton).

-Also, first black president, and he didn’t do shit to help black people, he often made them more upset. And just look at race relations now.

So yeah, fuck Obama.

He did everything the left hated Bush for. And for some reason, they praise him for it when he does it, because politics is fucking football apparently, and football is apparently politics. Did I mention Obama bombed an award winning charity hospital with 100% collateral damage, 0 targets in the building, and people literally burned to death? OH, and fuck me, I actually DIDNT mention the torture that the military is still doing. I’m just going to end this here for health and mental stability reasons.

Remember, with great power…. comes


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Here’s to the next chapter

We started a football report in 2009 to tell the stories that move us about the game we love.

In the years since, we’ve been very fortunate to tell many of them, all across the globe, and to connect with a tremendous community of football lovers—many of whom we now count as dear friends.

This sport has many virtues, but none quite so magical as the ability to forge powerful connections.

It may seem hollow to some, but football builds common ground and understanding like no other language. It does so across oceans, cultural fault lines, and even battlefields. It proves that in an age increasingly defined by calls of division and isolation, there are forces that bind us together that can never be overcome.

Football is more than a game. It is a way of understanding ourselves and our world.

A firm belief in this notion led us to start the hashtag #whereisfootball a few years ago. We asked our community to upload pictures from all over the world, showing what the beautiful game looks like in their backyard. Together, we’ve created a stunning catalogue of over 20,000 photos from every corner of this Earth. It’s a kaleidoscope of football that truly showcases the depth and breadth of the world’s love for the world’s game.

In the years following, Where Is Football became its own entity, with separate social accounts and its own website, which we’ve run (sometimes not so diligently) in tandem with AFR. We’ve gone all over the world to gain a first-hand understanding of just how incredibly diverse and rich this game is.

But, while the sites lived separate lives, their impetus, in many ways, remained the same: An unquenchable thirst for the stories that make football more than just a sport, but the powerful language of expression, connection, and culture that we know it to be.

In truth, we always felt like we were running two different sites with one heartbeat.

So, today, after eight years of AFR, we’re going all in on Where Is Football.

Our mission, team, and dedication remain the same, as ever. Where Is Football will continue to be at the heart of the sport and all of its elements. That means the pure joy of the game. The passion of fandom. The expanding presence in fashion and street culture. The overlap with creativity, design, and photography. The inextricable link between football and politics. The artistry and ritual of the beautiful game. The sublime things we witness every single week, on and off the pitch.

We want to thank you for eight magical years of AFR. Everything that’s ever been on the site (our archive is here) will make its way over to Where Is Football.

We hope you will, too, wherever you may be.

Thanks for being a part of the adventure, and here’s to the next chapter.

okay so we always talk about how bad the new kids shows are now, which is true they are corny and awful but let me tell you how proud I am of nickolodean. They made a show about a GIRL quarterback on a team full of boys. The motto of the show is “she’s showing what it really means to ‘play like a girl’. Like I am sooo proud

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Prompt: The store's sign requested that customers pay attention.

“I only have American bills,” she said.

“Those things are worthless, you can only spend them on TV and politics.”

“And American football.”

“I listed TV and politics because I might ever buy those.  You don’t have anything else?”

“I have a Canadian penny.”

“Great.  I can watch one maple leaf fall.”

“Can’t you just take Bitcoin?”

“Didn’t you read the sign?”

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Idk what to think about how Zayn and Louis treated Harry cause we barely saw Larry and zarry moments(although I think everything with Larry is fine now) but I'll defend Niall and Liam 100% in this, you're blind if you can't see that Niall loves Harry a lot and would never do anything to hurt him, and Liam was always super nice and encouraging towards Harry and wouldn't backtrack in private, and Harry seems to have good relationships with both of them so what she says makes no sense lmao

Exactly. Like- A rift between Louis and Harry is understandable given all the shit certain people put them and their families through. And I don’t know much about Zarry as a thing at all, but- Liam? No. And Niall? HELL NO. 

Niall is still good friends with some of his ex-flames/rumoured ex-flames. That boy doesn’t have a mean bone in his body – unless he’s talking politics, or football. 


Football was a big deal in the Kennedy household. The Kennedy family demanded intense physical and intellectual competition among the siblings—the family’s touch football games at their Hyannis Port retreat later became legendary— President Kennedy himself enjoyed watching football and was scheduled to go to the Army-Navy football game a few weeks after his visit to Dallas in 1963.

“Politics is like football; if you see daylight, go through the hole.” - John F. Kennedy