political flyer

College!AU Seungkwan
  • major: journalism 
  • minor: vocal performance 
  • sports: was on the table tennis team until their funding was cut 
  • clubs: campus journal - he critics music albums and reports on student activities (sports, musicians, events)
  • seungkwan is pretty well known on campus because he’s interviewed just about e v e r y o n e
  • anyone who heads a team or a club or organized a fundraiser/bake sale whatever like seungkwan has emailed them to talk about their activities 
  • and like his enthusiasm isn’t matched by anyone else in the major, like seungkwan will do the most to get a story and he’s never shy of approaching people or getting them to share what they know and like he’s a complete PERFECTIONIST when it comes to reporting because not a single thing can be a lie, he has to report exactly what he knows
  • and sometimes this can get on people’s nerves and people always whisper behind his back about his over-the-top nature but seungkwan could literally care less
  • sometimes seungcheol or hoshi will hear someone say something and they’ll be like “cheer up seungkwan, they’re just being assholes!” and seungkwan, whose eating with one hand and taking notes from one of his interviews with the other is just like “hmm? they said something? i didn’t even have time to hear them.”
  • and like his true passion is writing musical critique because aside from being a journalist, he’s also a practiced singer and even minors in vocal performance 
  • and every time the journal comes out the music section is the longest because seungkwan is passionate and yes he totally reviewed vernon’s secret mixtape and that one cover song jeonghan put up on his soundcloud and when both people found out their names were in the journal they were like sEUNGKWA N and he was just like 
  • “listen i gave you pretty decent scores, you should have seen how i tore about this other album-” and they’re like oh my god
  • and seungkwan has sent in a couple formal pieces to local magazines and things like that and he’s really hoping for an internship soon because just writing for the campus journal isn’t too big of a deal
  • especially considering the fact that almost every time someone joins the journal - they like drop it a semester in because the work that you actually have to put in is a L O T
  • the editor in chief also is like seungkwan maybe you shouldn’t,,,,be so hard on the newcomers you kinda scare them away
  • and seungkwan is like “just because i told ken his fiction piece about flying squirrels wasn’t that good doesn’t mean im being hard on people. it was a story about flying squirrels you guys.”
  • and the thing is seungkwan really does love his major and he really loves the act of reporting, of hearing people talk about things they love or things they hate, and being able to share that small snippet with the rest of the campus through his words - like that impact is the reason he’s so obsessed with putting out only perfect work
  • and so when the campus directors send the journal a letter about how if it doesn’t find new members it’s sure to lose its funding, seungkwan is beyond devastated 
  • and everyone’s like “seungkwan that’s not gonna even wo-” and seungkwan’s already opening up photoshop and being like “comic sans would be a good font, but let’s be real helvetica is more classy.”
  • and that is actually how you meet intense journalist seungkwan, through some flyers and im not saying he hands you a flyer and politely introduces you to the student journal
  • im talking you’re running down the hall to the printing room and seungkwan is holding a wobbly pile of 100 flyers that all say PLEASE SAVE OUR SCHOOL JOURNAL on them
  • and once you two collide all those flyers come down like rain around you
  • and you’re hfowskdf oh my god im SORRY and seungkwan doesn’t even answer you he’s like “the flyers, pick up the flyers, the flyers, we’re ruined, the flyers, flyers, flyers, fLYeRS” and you’re like 
  • watching him try to gather everything with panicky hands
  • and you know you were running because you had to print something super fast because you were in class but you can’t leave him like this so you start helping him pick up the flyers and he doesn’t even notice
  • until you two are both out of breath, sweaty, each holding a crooked pile of papers and you’re like “here!!! sorry again, i hope none are ruined!!”
  • and he’s like “oh-” because he didn’t notice you were helping him he got too caught up
  • and then,,,like you two thought it was over riGHt but all at once it’s the end of classes and before you know it there’s a stampede of like students coming from this way and that and you and seungkwan are caught in the middle and their are elbows being pushed into you and peoples backpacks swinging at you
  • and seungkwan wobbles and once again….the papers going flying
  • except this time you guys cant hurry to pick them up, instead they’re stepped on and tore apart by people trying to get the hell out of the building
  • and when you look up at seungkwan you can see the Utter Defeat in his eyes and like you feel so bad that that just happened and you’re like
  • “,,,,,,,,im so sorry.” and he just sighs and as the crowd disperses he walks over to the wall and slides down against it and is like “it’s fine, it was a stupid idea anyway. who on campus even looks at flyers anymore?” and you’re like ): because like you’re not friends with seungkwan, but you know who he is and you’re like 
  • “i assume the flyers are about the journal?? is it closing??” and seungkwan explains that they’re gonna lose their funding if they don’t get more members and you’re like oh,,,,,im sorry
  • and he just shrugs and he’s like “it’s not like anyone reads that journal anyway.” and you’re like “i read it!! i especially like the music page, all your stuff is so in-depth and not half assed.” and seungkwan suddenly gets a hint of happiness on his face
  • and he’s like “really??” and you’re like “yeah!!! i even checked out that cover your friend did…..jeonghan? you wrote about it and when i listened to it, it was so relaxing!!”
  • and suddenly seungkwan perks up and he’s like “if you think jeonghan hyung sings well, you should listen to-”
  • and long story short you don’t ever print your thing and instead you end up talking for some time with seungkwan until once again he’s like “i really don’t know what to do about the journal.” and you’re like “i could try to join??;” and seungkwan thanks you for the sentiment but one new member probably won’t appease the school
  • and so you’re both standing there with frowns on your faces and seungkwan is like 
  • “it’s funny but i used to wish that someone in the journal would finally ask to write an article about me,,,,don’t you think that’s kind of selfish?” and he’s trying to laugh it off but you see that he’s faking and you’re like
  • “wait? are you also a musician?” and seungkwan bites back his lip and shakes his head
  • and he’s like “my sister and i both sang a lot when we were younger so i took up vocal performance as my minor because i like it a lot. i wouldn’t say im a musician, but ……it’d be nice to have someone acknowledge it once in awhile.”
  • and he like starts to get up and you’re like “wait.” and he’s like ??
  • and you  scramble to your feet as well and you’re like “let me do it. let me write something on you as a singer, at least for this last issue.”
  • seungkwan kind of looks at you flabbergasted and he’s like ????? do?????do you know what you’re signing up for???
  • and you’re like “hEY look midterms are over for the most part and aside from stuff i have to do for myself, i could devote some time to this. especially if it means a lot to you.”
  • and seungkwan for a second stares at you as if he still can’t believe you’re offering to do this
  • but then he takes your hand in his and is like “well, finally we’ll have another persons opinion in the music section!”
  • and you’re like giggling but you’re also like “just tell me a time when you’re free so i can hear you sing.” and seungkwan’s like here give me your number so i can contact you
  • it’s cute seungkwan’s background is the famous singer junsu and you’re like “oh” and seungkwan’s like LISTEN he’s my idol,,,,,,,, and his eyes get all sparkly it’s adorable
  • but yeah you give him your number and you’re like “ill look forward to it and ill do my best!!”
  • and then you figure out holy shit your class is over, you never printed your  thing time to run and see if the teacher still hung around for office hours
  • and like as you make your way down the hall, seungkwan holds his phone and he can’t help but finally feel a little better about everything 
  • and as he watches you disappear around the corner he reminds himself that he owes you a thank you when this is all over
  • and so a week passes and seungkwan texts you finally to meet him in the performance center on campus and he’s like “i booked one of the recording rooms!!” and you’re like cool let’s go
  • and like to be honest you’re sitting on the other side of the glass with your notebook out to maybe take notes like ??? really you don’t know what you’re doing here you’ve never written a review but you’re not like worried
  • but then, seungkwan who seems so shy putting on the headphones and adjusting the mic
  • like when he starts to sing the pen you’re holding literally drops from your hand because his voice???????
  • it’s the voice of a real Angel 
  • and from the moment he starts to the last second of the lyrics, you can’t help but just be completely wrapped up in his voice
  • and when he asks you what you thought of it you can only try to snap yourself out of it and ask him
  • “did you play a recording into the microphone? was that really you?”
  • and seungkwan puts a hand over his mouth to laugh and he’s like WHAT is up with your facial expression you look so confused
  • and you’re like “seungkwan, seriously why aren’t you a singer? why are you in college? why aren’t you selling albums with your face on the cover holy hell you sing better than anyone ive ever heard before???”
  • and seungkwan shrugs and he’s like “nahh, it’s just a hobby.” and you’re like if i had a hobby that i was THAT good at. i wouldn’t be here. i’d be trying to get jyp or sm to notice me hoyl HELL
  • and seungkwan comes out and he asks if you took any notes or have any criticisms and you’re like
  • “criticisms? this review im going to write is literally going to be like : BOO SEUNGKWAN OF THE JOURNALIST MAJORS HAS THE VOICE OF GOD”
  • and again seungkwan is just laughing because wow you’re so silly he’s not that good but like a sense of pride swells in him because no one’s really ever praised him so much like this before
  • and like he asks if you’d like to listen to him some more and you’re like yes please!!!
  • and it’s amazing he has such a good range and he even says he’s written his own original lyrics
  • and you two spend a good 6 hours in their together until one of the professors needs the recording room to teach and as you’re walking back onto campus you’re like
  • “seungkwan, what if……..you busk?” and he’s like “on campus?” and you’re like “sure, or even better like in the city? like whats a day you don’t have classes or club we could go out and set up in a park or somewhere and you could sing and maybe if we do it a couple of times we could scrap up some many for the journal???”
  • and seungkwan brightens up instantly and he’s like !!! that’d be so cool and you’re like right??
  • and you two start basically jumping up and down in excitement just talking about it and seungkwans like “maybe i could ask my friend joshua to come out and play guitar too??” and you’re clapping your hands like yes!!!! that’d be amazing
  • and seungkwan is like “you’re a genius, we should have thought of this SOONER” and you’re like ok ok text joshua and see when he’s free and then tell me so we can plan more
  • and it’s like really adorable because you and seungkwan, who met literally a week ago are talking like you’ve been friends for ages
  • and you get so happy at the thought of being able to help him and he gets so excited being able to share what he loves with you
  • and maybe neither of you know it yet but listen, this is the beginning of CRUSHES
  • and when seungkwan asks if you’re free tomorrow after 4 because joshua can come out then you’re like yes!!
  • the next day you’re leaving your dorm and your roommates like woAH you look so cute - going on a date? and you’re like huh??? no?? why does it look like i put in effort? and your roommates just like (—–: yes it does. is it for a bo-
  • and you’re like BYE GOING NOW
  • and you meetup with seungkwan and joshua near the subway station off campus and joshua introduces himself and when he turns to seungkwan he’s like 
  • “your significant other is really sweet, why didn’t you introduce them to me before?”
  • and seungkwan is like “oh they’re not - we’re not -”
  • and you’re like YEAH we’re nOT 
  • and joshua is like oh?????? really???? it’s just the way seungkwan was talking about you made it seem-
  • and seungkwan like jumps up to cover joshua’s mouth like HAHAAH so funny hyung let’s get on the subway
  • and you don’t notice it but joshua nudges you closer to seungkwan while you guys are squished on the seats on your way to the city
  • and seungkwan holds you steady when you get up to get off and the train jerks
  • and the whole time joshua’s looking off to the side like he’s on the office with the mOST SMUG EXPRESSION 
  • because you two are all cute and innocent, just like a young couple in love and you don’t even KNOW IT
  • and like once you get to the park you help joshua and seungkwan set up and you guys use joshua’s guitar case as a way to collect money and you’re basically in charge of attracting peoples attention so you run around asking people to gather around seungkwan because !!! hey hEY the best vocalist is about to perform
  • and like you give seungkwan a thumbs up after you manage to get like 15-20 people to come around
  • and when he starts to sing along with joshua’s guitar you can see the shock on the faces of the audience
  • and people even start getting their phones out to record
  • and sooner or later that crowd of 20 turns to a crowd of even more
  • and seungkwan is such a natural people person like in between songs he asks the people if they’re resting well after work and if they’ve eaten
  • and it’s like watching a soloists performance, he’s so professional and good
  • and people even ask if he has albums or a site where they could listen to him sing like a youtube or something
  • and seungkwan is like !! im not that great- but seriously everyone is complimenting him
  • and seeing him light up with happiness and bow in thankfulness it makes your heart beat with joy,,,but also
  • the smile on seungkwan’s face,,,,,,,it gets you so,,,,,,,soft
  • like you want to protect that smile forever
  • on your way back you count all the loose change and bills and you’re like it’s over a hundred dollars and seungkwan is like WHAT NO WAY and joshua’s like “im not surprised, you sounded really good seungkwan”
  • and you’re like “i told you!!! you’re so talented and lovely - people are bound to like you!!”
  • and seungkwan looks at you and he’s like,,,,, “lovely?”
  • and you kind of turn pink and stutter and you’re like “yEAH you know like idols,,,,,,,,,,very lovely your look,,,,,,you look approachable and nice and,,,,,”
  • and seungkwan is like “oh! you just mean im nice!” and you’re like mHMM!!! and joshua is like PFFT UHUH OK 
  • and so you accompany seungkwan a couple of more times when he goes out to busk
  • and by the end of the semester you’re sure you’ve raised enough for the journal to fund itself just a bit longer without having to get new members
  • and seungkwan is like “it’s time for our next issue to come out!!” and you’re like “can you wait to see what i wrote on you?” and he’s like HONESTLY NO
  • and so when the copies get made, seungkwan rushes to see and he’s like 
  • “why isn’t your piece in the review section, it’s just my review of vernon’s mixtape - where is -”
  • and you’re like “silly, look at the cover!!”
  • and seungkwan flips it back over and he sees that on the cover it’s a photo of him singing in the park, a photo you took and he’s like “wh-”
  • and he sees that the main story that was printed is about how his performances helped save the journal
  • and it’s written by you (with help from the journals members who all love seungkwan too) and it’s literally just you praising his hardwork and humbleness 
  • and ask seungkwan reads it you see him stop at the last line 
  • “….and somehow, this all made me fall in love with him.”
  • and he looks up at you and he’s like 
  • “is it true?”
  • and you can only looks to the side sheepishly like,,,,,,, “reporters shouldn’t lie? right?”
  • and seungkwan literally just puts the journal down and takes you by the waist and kisses you and you’re like oH!!
  • but it doesn’t stop there he’s just kissing you on your temple and your cheeks and your nose
  • and you’re like seungkwAN THE other MEMBERs of the JOURNAl Are WATHCING 
  • and he’s like OOPS but it’s cute they’re like “we’ll leave you two to it ^^”
  • and seungkwan is just like,,,,,, “i don’t know how or why i got lucky enough to meet someone like you who wanted to help me right from the get go, but god im so so so thankful”
  • and you’re like “im thankful too, to have meet someone so talented and passionate. you have the capacity to do anything seungkwan. really.”
  • and you two are looking into each others eyes and he leans in and he’s like
  • “right now, i want to use all that capacity to kiss you again.”
  • AND LIKE you two are the cutest thing ever seungkwan is so proud of dating you and he shows it off all the time
  • like literally a minute after he sends his mom an excited message about how he thinks he’s found the person of his dreams
  • he also mails her a copy of the journal as always and he’s like “here, do you wanna talk to my mom when i call her???” and you’re like isNT IT TOO early to talk to her like this,,, and seungkwan is like “no no she’ll love you i know it because i love you.”
  • and the journal is up and running ok and tbh seungkwan’s busking on campus has kind of made it pretty popular like more people are coming to meetings and submitting writing or songs 
  • and you even join but not really as a reporter but more as like an editor every now and then
  • and you’re the only person seungkwan trusts to show drafts too 
  • and like you’re his number one hype squad like you’re always like seungkwan your writing is so good, your singing is so good, your face is SO GOOD
  • and seungkwan’s like ‘i know my face is good because you keep kissing it’ and you’re like YOU’RE RIGHT
  • that background photo of junsu on his phone is replaced with a photo of you when you fell asleep on his shoulder after you two were coming in from the city after he busked
  • and one day he actually writes a song for you 
  • and performs it for the first time outside on the campus quad
  • and when he sings your name you literally fall to your knees with your face in your hands and like seungcheol and joshua and vernon and jeonghan are all elbowing you like AYEEE and it’s cute 
  • seungkwan serenades you when you’re a little pouty with him and you’re like STOP we’re in the cafeteria and he’s just in his sing-song voice like “i don’t care~~~ i love you~~~~”
  • sarcastically told jun off that one time he tried to ask you to get coffee with him since seungkwan was busy writing for the journal and literally it was like this;
  • seungkwan: if i had to do a review on your hair jun, i’d give it a bacon sticker because it’s so greasy.”
  • it hurt jun and he held a grudge for quite a while
  • as he is with reporting and singing, seungkwan is a perfectionist in dating 
  • and sometimes it’s a bit too much because if he takes you on a date and something goes wrong he blames himself and you’re like “baby, we don’t have to go see that movie. we can just go to the arcade.” and seungkwan’s like bUT i know you wanted to see that movie and you just pinch his cheeks and tell him that yes, but you also wanna kick his butt at dance dance revolution and that gets him fired up
  • you didn’t believe he was good at table tennis until you guys finally had a match and he won even though you guys played like 12 matches and you’re like seungkwan is their anything you’re not good at
  • seungkwan; hmmm im not good at resisting you?
  • depending on if you like to sing or not you and seungkwan do a duet during his busking one time and an elderly couple is just like “you two should hurry up and get married!!”
  • and you’re like blushing but seungkwan is like “my ideal wedding would be getting married on the beach at jeju, are you cool with that?”
  • you: seUNGKWAN we’re IN COLLEGE PL E A S e

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High School Band AU: Ch. 12

Your cheeks hurt, how long will you have to keep this smile on your face? As you grin to every visitor, you wonder if people are buying it, you definitely aren’t as you’ve been avoiding any mirror ever since you got to the professions fair at school.

Smiling, being polite, handing flyers and answering the most stupid questions like they are the most brilliant statements you’ve ever heard, that’s basically your role as a volunteer. Well, it’s better than staying under the same booth for the whole afternoon, following the professionals like their personal puppies. And it’s definitely better than dealing with all the hard work like setting up tents and carrying boxes up and down the hallways. Well, not really, you wouldn’t mind doing this… as long as Zen wasn’t doing the same.

Yes, you’re not exactly comfortable around Zen after what happened at Jumin’s party. It was a different kind of discomfort that you would feel around him when you two met officially, it was something more like… being nervous for messing things up when a celebrity is by your side, now it’s more like avoiding him in order to not be lectured by a jealous big brother.

Seriously, you’re so mad this isn’t even worth a flashback. To put it blunt, Zen yelled at you when he caught you hugging Jumin. “Don’t let him fool you! He’s a two-faced jerk!” “Have you forgotten that day when he wanted to punch me?” “What do you think you’re doing, MC?” were just a few things you could recall from his lecture. Things that made your blood boil and tell him to mind his own business.

Were you harsh to him? Yes. Could you have been harsher? Also yes. Because, really, what does Zen know about anything? It was an innocent hug from a very emotional you, there was nothing lewd about it, it wasn’t even romantic, for that matter. So, honestly, Zen should get his mind out of the gutter and never try to scold you again like he has the right to!

“Wow, easy there, MC!” he says, getting his hand all wet due to water dripping from the bottle you crush in anger. “The bottle has no fault in this.” He smiles, getting really flustered as you don’t smile back. “Hey, uhm… I gotta talk to you, MC.”

“Of course, sir. What working field would you be interested?”

“What? No, MC, this is…”

“The arts and human sciences related professions are in the left booths, the exact sciences related are in the right, there are also biological related professions if you walk ahead. Anything else I can help you with?”

“You could stop ignoring me, MC.”

“I’m not ignoring you, Zen, I’m working. Shouldn’t you be doing the same?”

“There’s nothing else for me to do until the fair ends and I need to help setting down the tents.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty obvious you have nothing else to do rather than bother me.”

“Ah, come on,  babe. I… uush!” he backs away when you shove a bunch of fliers against his chest.

“Don’t ‘babe’ me and help me with these, then.”

“Okay, then you’ll talk to me about what happened?”

“There’s nothing else to talk, Zen. You saw a situation that you got totally out of context and jumped into your conclusions, yelling at me like I was stupid.”

“That was not my intention, MC. I was just worried because you don’t know Jumin that much, you don’t know who you’re dealing with.”

“Oh, like you’re the one to talk!”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not totally honest with me either, Zen. Giving me that ‘my skin would never be too thick for you, babe’ and not even telling me you got expelled from your previous school? That you can totally flunk this year?”

“How do you know that?”

“Well, I definitely haven’t heard from you. And look, I’m not judging you, I don’t know what’s happening in your life right now, but… you act like you’re so perfect, Zen, so virtuous, and you didn’t even tell me about this after saying you could feel vulnerable around me? And then you yell at me for no reason?”

“I get what you’re saying, MC, but it’s not that simple, believe me. I don’t want to drag you to my mess with my family, and I don’t want you to drag yourself to Jumin’s mess.”

“And what would be this Jumin’s mess you keep talking about?”

“I… I can’t tell you… I…”

“Because you don’t trust me.”

“No, it’s not because of this, MC. I trust you… I just think you’re too young to deal with some stuff and…”

“You didn’t think I was too young to get me into a bar, Zen. And you didn’t think I was too young when you flirted with me at the nursery. So tell me, I’m a child just when things get serious, but I’m not a child when you…” you look around, making sure people aren’t listening “want to get into my pants?”

He widens his eyes and blushes furiously, his reactions makes you flinch for a moment.

“You really are too young to understand, MC.”

“And you are a hypocrite!”

You grab the fliers back from his hands and walk away from there, stomping and fighting the urge to look back if he kept that shocked expression.

This is what happens when you decide to be harsher. And maybe that is the reason you should never be.

Well, it’s not like he was right in this either. He was being a hypocrite, and he had no right to tell what to do if he won’t even come clean about whatever Jumin is doing that could be so wrong. At this point, you even doubt if there is a thing Jumin could have done wrong, look at the guy. He talks like a robot, wanders around his father’s parties being treated like a gigolo and a bro by the most superficial people you’ve ever seen, and… he can be really sweet when comforting someone. That’s quite a surprise, a very good one.

You’re not even that uncomfortable being around him anymore, well, maybe a little, because you don’t want to mess things up with him, but that’s progress considering you used to get uncomfortable by being sure the guy would make you practice your singing skills until you could feel the taste of the blood from your vocal chords in your mouth.

Yes, things are different with him now. So it wouldn’t be a problem if you decide to do some small talk to him when you spot him behind one of the booths, drinking water all alone.

Oh, but he’s not alone. There is someone else you’re not seeing there, all you can see is a… locket of golden hair moving due to the breeze. Hum…

“This has to stop, Rika.”

“Jumin… I…”

“What if V finds out? We’ll be both in big trouble, you know that.”

“I know, and the last thing I want is to hurt V. So do you, right?”

You hear him sighing.

“Yes, of course.”

“So you won’t tell him anything, right?”

“I won’t, don’t worry.”

“I never do thanks to you, Jumin.” She sighs sweetly.

Okay, it’s pretty obvious your curiosity made you spy on this, and it was so wrong! What are you doing? No, what are they doing?

You walk away of there, you don’t have to keep standing there to know what’s happening now. He’s hugging her in the same way he did to you the other day.

What is wrong with you? Why didn’t you go on your merry way when you noticed he wasn’t alone? Why did you think that listening to this would be a good idea?

And, most importantly, what exactly were they talking about? What could Rika and Jumin hide from V? Oh… could it be…? No, they wouldn’t do this to V. Jumin would never do that.

No, he couldn’t. Because he can be a little weird, but never a cheater. So is Rika, how could she cheat on V? Oh god… this feels like a soap opera, and you are the confused and shocked viewer, feeling guilty for seeing something inappropriate… for your age?

Good lord, Zen was right!

Yes, Zen knows about… whatever is going on between Rika and Jumin. He probably got as shocked as you, and there wasn’t anybody to spare his feelings like he tried to do with you. Ugh… you were such a bitch to someone who was really well intentioned. You called him a hypocrite! You said he wanted to get in your panties! What is wrong with you? And what is wrong with them?

You need to apologize right now! You were really childish to him! Well, probably because you are a little child, aren’t you? Ugh…

“There you are, MC! Chop chop! We need you in the information booth!” you bump into your class representative when you’re looking for Zen. Oh yes, there is a professions fair happening aside all this drama, you almost forgot that.

So there you are standing in the information booth again. Ugh… you shouldn’t be giving any information when you’re the one looking for them! Did you hurt Zen? Well, of course you did! And for what? For defending someone you’re not even sure it’s worth of your defense. Will Zen forgive you? Not if you don’t apologize. But how can you if the event is almost over and soon he’ll get busy wrapping things up? This can’t wait and you can’t apologize through texts! Ugh… fucking stupid professions fair!

You thought it would last forever! When it was over, you strolled around every tent being dismantled, looking for Zen. Only to find a guy’s shoulder against your face as you bump into him.

And since this can get worse, despite of what you thought, you just bumped in the last person you would like to see right now. Jumin? Rika? Worse!

“V! What… what are you doing here?”

“Oh, hi! I was checking the photography booth, one of my seniors was the shower. It’s good to see you!” would he smile that beautifully if he could see your memories from the last hours?

“You too.”

“Are you okay, MC? You look a little pale.”

“M-me? Yes, sure.”

“Really? Have you eaten today?”

“Yes, I… no. But I’m about to, you know? Just as soon as I get home.”

“What if you pass out before getting there? No, no, no, come on!” he grabs your hand.

“Where… where are we going?”

“Getting something for you to eat.”

“But V, I have to… no, I…”

“Don’t worry, I can give you a ride home right after.”

“But Rika, she…”

“Oh, I texted her, she is busy wrapping things up, I don’t think I’ll meet her today, anyway.” Oh God… the way he talks about her makes your heart yearn, this poor guy…

The least you can do is grabbing some food with him, right? So that’s exactly what you do before accepting the ride on his car.

“I haven’t seen anyone else from the band. Where was everybody?”

“Oh, I… only saw Zen.” Well, that’s not technically a lie, you haven’t seen Jumin and Rika, you most heard them. Oh god… stop thinking about this before it’s too obvious!

“I wish I could see everyone. It’s been a while, you know?”

“Do you miss it? High school?” you ask, staring at him while he keeps his eyes on the road.

“A little… I like my friends from college, but… it’s different with your high school friends, right? I don’t know, but… it feels more like… having accomplices, partners in crime, and it’s… exciting, I miss this excitement. So… feel excited for me when you’re with them, okay?”

“Well, I… sometimes I get too much excited, you know?” he laughs “And that sounded dirty, didn’t it?”

“A little, yes.  But I’m glad you’re enjoying this. It makes me feel really proud of my instincts about you.”

“That also sounded dirty, V.” you both laugh. “Nah, I’m…I bet you didn’t expect I was such a mess.”

“Because you’re not” your body moves a little forward when he stops the car, it’s your building. “You are… adorable in so many ways, MC. And… you’re talented, and funny, and sweet, and so cute.”

“And you’re too generous.”

“Nah, I’m the mess here. So I hope you forgive my mess…” he leans towards you.

Your first kiss was with a college guy, and it tasted like the spicy sausage from the hot dog he bought you. Your first kiss made you forget you needed to apologize to Zen.

Or maybe not, since the whole point of it was because you, like Zen, got shocked to find something about Jumin and Rika. But you shouldn’t be shocked if you’re doing almost the same thing with her boyfriend.

Your first kiss made you realize you’re the hypocrite. But now, you couldn’t focus on anything else rather than giving your second kiss.

I’m such a terrible human being…

Chapter 11 | Chapter 13 

njpw punk scene au

(feel free to add anyone I didn’t)

Kazuchika is the guy with a different color hair every week, and style changes day to day. Cheeky son of a bitch who likes a good time.

Tana is one of the older guys, who had to fight for his place bc people argued he wasn’t ‘punk’ enough, too pretty, too put together. He shut that shit down

Kota is accepted, by everyone, no scene appropriate clothing required. wild af.  Don’t bet him he can’t do anything bc he CAN and WILL

Kenny is his preppy ass boyfriend who came in looking like a cute lil twink, but soon traded his hollister wardrobe for something that felt more like himself. He grew into himself and it’s adorable.

Hiromu is everyone’s little brother, and the weirdest mf you can find. Has bullshit feuds with a few dudes but really everyone knows he just wants to fuck em. Colorful wardrobe. Cat named Daryl is the only animal ever allowed in the bar.

Naito is dirty. Nobody says shit about his mullet. Calmest mf. Wants you to think he doesn’t have feelings. Has a family of the biggest weirdos to make up for himself feeling left out a lot of the time.

ZSJ is the guy having political conversations. Handing out flyers for the protest tomorrow. Political pun pins.

Bushi matches his outfits to his makeup, does not hesitate to stand up for his friends, will spit beer at you.

Misu. don’t even fucking look at him. Throws punches in the mosh pit.

Evil looks like he belongs somewhere else. Sits in the corner, but really is appreciating the music and making sure no one is mean to Daryl.

In high school around 2001 my gay friend helped form a Gay-Straight Alliance at our school in Portland, Oregon. I joined to support him and other kids in our school. I printed out a rainbow flyer that I put on my locker, advertising the club name and meeting times.

Almost every day until the end of the school year someone ripped my flyer off and threw it in the trash. Almost every day I reached into my locker, pulled out another flyer from a stack of fifty, and reached for my trusty painter’s tape to stick a new one up. One day alone I went through four copies.

Someone was out there, actively stomping on the very idea that people might support gay people, that they would dare meet together and care about each other. Those people exist. They think of people who are not themselves as less than. That’s real.

But we gotta keep putting that flyer up.