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“alt-left” is not a thing

Don’t use it, don’t let others perpetuate it. Shut it down. The Alt-right is a self-named, self-identified group that has existed for years. “Alt-left” is a false-equivalence invented and “named” by the Trump administration. No progressive or antifascist group created this identity. This is anti-progressive propaganda. 

never forget that julius caesar had an affair with the king of turkey. never forget that caesars political enemies called him the “queen of bithynia”. never forget that there was a saying that in short called caesar the submissive one in the relationship. never forget julius caesar was a bottom.

Let me heal him!

Context: As my Paladin, I needed to heal one of my comrades with Lay on Hands because he just took a nasty hit. I also needed to get into a particular position to give my other comrades a flanking bonus. Unfortunately, this would mean I would have to provoke an attack of opportunity. I wasn’t afraid; I was counting on my high Armor Class (23) and Damage Reduction (-8) to keep me safe. So my enemy rolls for attack…

The enemy rolled a 1.

The DM allowed me to make a quick counterattack.

I rolled a 20.

So basically what happened was this. My Paladin politely pushes past the enemy.

PALADIN: Get out of my way. I need to heal my friend.

ENEMY: Hey, don’t ignore me! I will bash your brains in-


My Paladin socks him in the chest and he falls down unconscious.

PALADIN: I will fight you in a minute.

(note: US-centric, but probably applies everywhere with some details swapped around)

the main thing that worries me about the inevitable destruction of the value of unskilled human labor by machine labor, is that public opinion- democracy’s last hope of resisting fully-automated extinction capitalism- will turn in a very predictable and completely disastrous direction

what we want is, when human labor collapses, for the human population to vote in favor of humans continuing to exist even though most humans don’t need to work, thanks to automation. a basic income guarantee, or something like that, funded by taxes on automated labor (or, just, by normal taxes.) we want robots to take over all the jobs, because most jobs are worked more or less involuntarily, and they suck, and it would be great if people didn’t have to do them anymore

but what i’m worried will happen instead, is that the human population will vote in favor of restricting or outlawing automated labor, so they can still have jobs. our culture is fixated on this idea that human dignity and worth is earned through labor. the US is a majority christian nation with puritanism in its cultural roots- 2 Thessalonians 3:10-12, “For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat. For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies. Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living.” it’s in the cultural DNA, and i don’t know if we can get it out quickly enough.

my prediction is that, within my lifetime, we’re going to see a sort of neo-neo-luddite movement- with strong bipartisan support- to regulate and restrict how corporations are allowed to use automation, in order to force them to maintain human jobs. both parties will make big promises to crack down on job-killing robots, and neither of them are going to be very good at actually legislating this. big companies with lots of money and lawyers will find loopholes and lobby to have their automation protected, conveniently driving their smaller, robotless competitors out of the market. 

please don’t become a part of this movement. please make sure that the language of the political discourse around automation is in terms of how best to tax and redistribute the wealth from automation. otherwise, we will, uh, probably die.

Do you know what else we needed in the Hamilton musical? Washington roasting Alexander after the Reynolds Pamphlets.

- Alex is in his office when someone knocks at the door.

- Since Eliza won’t talk to him and his political enemies are done with him, he thinks it’s his son.

- So he goes to the door, apologizing while he opens it, and saying that all this mess will end soon.

- But when he looks who’s there it’s George who's standing in front of him with a dead glare.

- Alexander shivers because it’s even worse than when they shot Lee with Laurens.

- GWash just pushes the papers against his chest and say in a very low and slow voice “Have you ever thought of the consequences.”

- And Hamilton goes like “It was- it was for my legacy! I thought that if I was honest, people understood!”

- Georges just grabs him by the shoulders and says “Alexander, you don’t get the point! ‘Protecting my legacy’ always those words in your head! But for having a legacy, you first need to grow-up a bit! You acted with egoism! Like a child!" 

-There’s a silence, Washington let him go and he says "And Miss Reynolds. Have you thought of her?”

- “You were her lifeboat. She trusted you. And betrayed them in the most disgusting way, only for your little privilege. You lied to her. You call that being honest?!”

- Georges stands a little further. “What happened to you. How did you become like that?”

- Alex just lowers his head, in shame. Few minutes or few seconds pass and suddenly GWash says very coldly: 


- “Sir, I-”

- “I won’t call you son anymore.” Alexander’s starts to shake because this sentence remembers him of his childhood.

- “I don’t want any monster in my family.”

- And he leaves Alexander who shatters

Remember, don't ever ask the Democratic Party to change. Don’t ask them to do better. Don't ask them to fight harder for you. Don't ask them to go back to their populist progressive roots. Don’t question any neoliberal policies. And never ever criticize them. Ever. DO YOU WANT THE REPUBLICANS TO WIN? It's important to just blindly accept whatever they say or do, without question.

Remember, it’s YOU who needs to change, not the Democratic Party. If you disagree with any of this, then obviously you’re gullible, or probably a Republican operative. Nothing less than unconditional love, obedience and constant adoration is acceptable. Be a good little neoliberal. Just shut up, don’t question anything, and fall in line.

THAT’S the game neoliberals are running right now. As if progressive voters are somehow incapable of fighting Republicans and wanting Dems to move over to the actual left. I guess for some people, it’s either love the Democratic Party unconditionally and without reservation, or you’re the enemy.

But don’t fall for it. Don’t fall for the okie doke. DEMAND BETTER. 

Right-Libertarian: why care about the lower classes when we’re the ones raining down social and economic wealth in the country?

Communist: mainly because the lower classes can never afford the same quality and quantity of luxuries “created” by you.

Right-libertarian: that’s because the state intervenes in our businesses and taxes the people and bleeds us all dry!

Communist: no, the state intervenes in the capitalist system because dozens of historical social movements led by the people demanded it–if the state never intervened and never gave concessions to the people, the state risks constant revolt.

Communist: also if it weren’t for these movements in the first place, individual capitalists would shift worker wages around, forcing laborers to work either long hours or short hours for variable pay; enforced workplace condition standards would disappear, child labor would still exist, mandatory breaks wouldn’t exist, legal business practices wouldn’t exist, monopolies would be everywhere and on everything, recurring great depressions would happen, unethical business practices would largely go unpunished, etc.

Communist: honestly without a state apparatus, capitalism would be a truly chaotic system.

Right-libertarian: okay but why would Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul lie to me :/

Communist: because you wanna be edgy but not lose daddy’s credit card privileges.

Shut up and listen to my romance headcanon, please.

Teb: He’d try to marry you ASAP, would stay up late sewing your wedding attire, would be the best damn wedding garb any Nora has ever seen because a gift from the Goddess deserves the best you can offer and more.

Would want children, but he isn’t going to pressure you for them, has baby clothes put away just in case. Knows that you need your time in the wild, and that you can handle yourself, but would still be a worry wort.

A very loving husband indeed.

Varl: Would take things slow, wanting to know everything about you before he even mentions the possibility of marriage. Would be your best friend before, during, and after the wedding. Would look forward to hunting with you, and might even stir up some friendly competition while you’re out together.

Would be a total goof who flirts with you while you’re trying to focus on your tasks. Eventually wants children, would like to name them after his sister and mother.

Would follow you to the ends of the earth and back with only minor to moderate complaints.

Vanasha: She isn’t one for committed relationships due to her role as a spy for the King, but would happily spend her down time with you. Would always try to help you out with your quests, pulling strings and send aid whenever she can.

Will always be grateful for what you did to help her, and will happily show whenever you swing by.

Petra: Is down for whatever, but don’t think she’s going by ‘forgewife’ if you marry her. Her work is her baby, but wouldn’t mind adopting an older child as her forge apprentice, and she would definitely spoil them whenever they did well with their training.

Thinks of you as a gift to the Heap. With the amount of hunting you do, she never has to worry about running out of supplies, and that helps her rest easy at night.

Knows how you need to wander, and only fusses at you whenever you’re gone for too long.

Erend: Would take things slow, show you around, treat you to all the wonders Meridian has to offer. Isn’t ready for marriage, but the idea is certainly nice. Would insist on you staying with him once you two start getting serious.

Would try to make his house more accommodating for a Nora: cool water filled jugs, open windows with think shades to block out the blazing sun. He’d even try decorating with Nora carvings and knot work, only to be told that most of it is Banuk carvings.

Knows you’re highly capable, but still wishes you wouldn’t wander off without at least telling him where you’re going.

Avad: Things would be awkward between you two at first, he still feels terrible for trying to have you replace Ersa, but after a while, he’ll move past it.

After all you did for him, his city, and his people, he definitely wants to marry you. The people can’t help but approve of the idea after all you’ve done for them.

However, marriage to the king comes with many inconveniences: Needing a personal guard wherever you go, the political enemies, the political debates, the lack of freedom to go and do whatever you choose without hassle.

Nil: He isn’t looking for a committed relationship, just a hunting partner. He knows wherever you go, challenges arise, so he’s inclined to follow so long as there’s bandits to be fought. His affection doesn’t come easy, but after months on the road and some bonding over the hunt, he eventually begins to see you as more than a hunting partner.

He doesn’t want to marry or have children, he just want to wander with you until the end. He’s still waiting for that duel, but he’ll settle for a kiss instead.

The Enemy of the World takes place in 2018.
There’s an evil dictator, Salamander, plunging the world into disaster and convincing a public whom he keeps intentionally ignorant that he’s their only possible savior but all he really wants is power and he’s a total liar.

It’s 2017 now.
Trump is Salamander.

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reasons to hug aaron burr?

  • He was an orphan by age two. 
  • In a little over a year, Burr had lost his parents and his grandparents. 
  • John Trumbull’s Death of General Montgomery in the Attack on Quebec, December 31, 1775 (1786) is a famous Revolutionary war painting. General Montgomery, Burr’s commander falls into the arms of a devoted aide. For some reason, Trumbull decided to paint Burr’s close friend Matthias Ogden into the scene, where Burr should of been. (Isenburg 19)
  • Burr had a best friend named Jonathan Bellamy who always opened his letters with, “My Dearest Soldier” and once recounted a dream that he had visited Burr in his tent. He described Burr as a man who was “Agitated by every emotion” in having “come to the resolution to risk his life for his country’s freedom”. There was definitely some underlying attraction to their friendship- but Bellamy would die in 1777. 
  • He worked really hard in college and studied for up to eighteen hours. (Isenburg 11)
  • Burr waited until Theodosia Prevost was single before pursuing a relationship with her. (Isenburg 63)
  • Burr was the only one of Theodosia’s admirers who did not see her as a damsel in distress. (Isenburg 68)
  • His constant symptons- migraine headaches, “eye trouble” and spells of depression- suggests some kind of nervous disorder. His sister suffered from the same ailments. (Isenburg 72)
  • He was a really nice step-father to Theodosia’s five children. 
  • He was a very serious parent towards Theodosia jr. 
  • Theodosia sr. gave birth to four Burr children in total. Only one- Theodosia- would survive past a few days. 
  • Theodosia jr. was probably the smartest kid you would ever meet and was her father raised her in the words of Mary Wollstonecraft.
  • He opposed three different laws that restricted the right of free blacks to vote, serve on juries or to testify against whites- and he also fought a statute that penalized a black money for marrying  white. (Isenburg 90)
  • While Burr did make sure his slaves were well educated (He got angry at someone who mocked his idea that one of his slave boys- Carlos- should learn to play the violin) it doesn’t make up for the fact that Aaron Burr owned a few slaves. (Isenburg 90)
  • He drafted the act “for the relief of Widows, Orphans and Invalids”. (Isenburg 108)
  • Maria Reynolds put her daughter in the care of Aaron Burr and Burr took extra care to make sure she was educated and well brought up (Isenburg 121). 
  • He was the one who introduced Dolley Payne Todd to James Madison. (Isenburg 124)
  • Theodosia sr. died, leaving him a widower. 
  • After the Church-Burr duel, people began sending fake letters signed by Burr to Burr’s close political enemies and friends telling them he wanted to duel. (Isenburg 88)
  • Burr’s reputation was shattered after he was involved in the duel with Alexander Hamilton. The one time Burr was the only one to lose his cool- it cost Burr the murder of another man. 
  • Burr defended women’s rights to education, politics, divorce and suffrage. (Isenburg 373)
  • Theodosia jr. died in 1813, in a boat sinking. Her eleven year old son died with her. Burr lost both his grandchild and his daughter. 
  • He married a second time into a terrible marriage, he died the same day the divorce was finalized. 
Short Stack (Reader x Jefferson)

Fluff Fluff Fluff Fluffity Fluff Fluff. This story revolves around the height difference between reader x Jefferson. I can relate to this, being smoll and all. (Please see recent video post for reference) Today is my first day on vacation by the way, I’m at LBI! And I’d like to take a second to thank you all for your incredibly sweet responses to my recent pictures of myself. I know I say this a lot, and it may sound fake, but I really do love each and everyone of you. Enjoy!

You reached for the bowls on the top shelf of the cabinet. Why did Thomas have to stack them up so high? You huffed as you shifted your weight to the balls of feet, standing on your tippy toes and stretching your arms out, desperately clawing at the wooden shelf in the cabinet. There was no use. You were still several inches below what you wanted. You huffed and turned to the kitchen table to grab a chair to aid you.

“Looking for something?” you heard a familiar voice ask.

“I’ve already found it, I just can’t reach it, Thomas.” you said, the frustration obvious in you voice.

He chuckled as you drug the chair over to the cabinet, and prepared to boost yourself onto it.

“You know, you can always ask me for help.” he declared, sauntering over to you.

“No, Thomas. I’m a full grown woman. I can reach a bowl by myself.” you said, boosting yourself onto the chair.

“I’m not sure I’d call you full grown…” he joked, mocking your size. 

“It’s not my fault I’m a few inches shorter than most people, okay?” you declared as you reached out for the bowl. Unfortunately, your arms were too short. Even with the height boost, you still couldn’t reach it.

“A few inches shorter?” he began, grinning. “(Y/N), you’re a pipsqueak.”

“Shut up!” you retorted, thinking of no better come-back. Thomas was right. You were a shorty. Not that you were ever going to admit it, though. 

“Come on, let me grab it for you.” he said as he watched you pathetically refused to deny that you would ever be able to reach the bowl.

You shook your head.

“Let me at least boost you up.” he suggested.

Defeated, you sighed and slowly rolled your eyes to meet his.


He chuckled as he bent down, and wrapped his arms around your thighs. He gently lifted you up, setting your butt onto his shoulder. He then stood up, raising you. You finally clasped your hand around the bowl.

“I’m tall now!” you cheered, bowl in one hand and throwing the other one up in the air in celebration. 

Thomas laughed beneath you.

“Don’t get used to it,” he joked, slowly bringing you down and setting you on the ground.

You looked up at him. You only came up to his chest, which wasn’t the worst thing in the world. You buried your chin into the middle of it, taking full advantage of the height difference.

“Thank you,” you smiled sweetly, burying your face into him.

“Anything for you,” he replied, swooping down to press his lips onto the top of your head.

You both stood there for some time, he kept gently kissing your scalp.

You stood there for some time, and began to reflect on what others had said about your relationship. Thomas was a very important political figure, and his enemies always tried to tear him down. Unfortunately, they knew the large sweet spot he had for you, and attacked it constantly, often dragging you down with them.

It seemed like nothing was positive.

“Look at Thomas, there he goes with that child again.”

“Thomas, naughty boy, there isn’t a chance she’s anywhere near his age.”

“Lock him up!”

“Thomas, how do you even fit yourself in that, lad?”

You sighed and pressed your head further into his chest. 

“You don’t mind, do you?” you suddenly asked.

“About what?”

“This.” you replied, miming the size difference by placing your hand flat on the top of your head, and rising it to his.

“No. Why would I?”

You sighed. 

“We just…. look a bit peculiar to other people. That’s all.”

He was silent. 

“(Y/N), I’d love you if you were taller. I’d love you if you were shorter. I love you the height you are now. Your size isn’t going to define my feelings for you.”

“Yeah, but…” you started “What people say, it doesn’t bother you?”

“Does it bother you?” he shot back.

You were silent for a bit, wondering what to say.

“I mean, the difference doesn’t bother me…. but I feel like no one takes you seriously when I’m around you…”

He stepped back from you, looking down at your somewhat crestfallen face.

“So you care more about what other people think than what you personally feel?” he asked, making you sound somewhat ridiculous. He was good at doing that.

“No..no. I’m just….” you trailed off, afraid to finish the sentence.

“Go on.”

“I’m afraid you’ll start listening to them.” you admitted.

He stared down at you blankly. Slightly embarrassed, you let your focus fall off of Thomas’s face and onto the ground. You didn’t want him to be mad.

Then, he suddenly dipped down, hooked his arms around your thighs, lifted you up and placed you on the counter. Both his arms came down on each side of you, boxing you in. 

“To hell with ‘em.” he said, before pressing a kiss to your lips.

“(Y/N)…” he breathed as he parted, “I take their words and brush them straight off my shoulders. I look at you and I see the most beautiful, talented, intelligent woman I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes upon. None of the assholes trying to tear down my ego by using you as a weapon could ever make me feel any different. I’m so blessed to be your husband; you’re my whole world. Don’t ever worry about losing me.” he said as he stared longingly into your eyes.

This time it was you who initiated the kiss. Soft and sweet, your lips moved and you felt his fingers interlace with yours. It was incredible. Your husband always had a way of making you feel so attached, wanted, and secure.

“I love you,” you said as you parted.

“I know,” he said as his lips planted a small kiss to your forehead. 

He began to raise his head up as he smacked the top of it into the above cabinet.

“GAH.” he exclaimed, rubbing the back of his head to try and mend the pain.

“I really need to stop doing that.” he said as he brushed himself off and stood up, like a cat that had just walked into a sliding glass door and tried to play it off.

You giggled.

“Well maybe if you weren’t so damn tall-” you started with a smile.

“Don’t you dare start.”

five hundred years hence, archaeologists are gonna come to the conclusion that Todd Howard was a game design god-king of sorts, painted as a tyrant and a demon by his political enemies/successors, and it’ll all be because Bethesda wouldn’t fucking stop releasing Skyrim

The nobility of your forbears magnified you, O Edith,
And you, a king’s bride, magnify your forbears.
Much beauty and much wisdom were yours
And also probity together with sobriety.
You teach the stars, measuring, arithmetic, the art of the lyre,
The ways of learning and grammar.
An understanding of rhetoric allowed you to pour out speeches,
And moral rectitude informs your tongue
– Godfrey of Cambrai, prior of Winchester Cathedral (1082-1107)

Edith of Wessex was born c. 1025, the eldest daughter of Godwin, Earl of Wessex, and his wife Gytha. Her family was a formidable one: Godwin was one of the most powerful men in England, while Gytha was the sister-in-law of Cnut.

She was raised at Wilton Abbey, which she later had rebuilt as a sign of gratitude. There she learned Latin, French, Danish, and some Irish as well as grammar, rhetoric, arithmetic, weaving, embroidery, and astronomy. There is little else we know about her early life apart from her education, but she seems to have been especially close to her brother Tostig.

Edith’s father, Godwin, had a troubled relationship with King Edward the Confessor because Edward believed that Godwin was responsible for the death of his brother. Even so, Godwin was the most powerful man in England and Edward needed his support, and so married Edith at Godwin’s behest on 23 January 1045.

The relationship does not seem to have been a particularly romantic one. They were 20 or so years apart in age and he disliked her family, but all the same she had some influence and it was said that she always advised Edward wisely, and did a lot to improve his kingly image.

In 1051, Godwin and Edward’s relationship significantly deteriorated. Rather than risk arrest, Godwin fled the country with his sons. Edith was sent to a nunnery and all her lands confiscated, perhaps because he didn’t like her, thought they had little hope of conceiving together and wished to remarry, or simply wanted to get revenge on her father. The next year Godwin returned to England and civil war looked likely, but Edward lacked support and was forced to restore Godwin’s lands to him and reinstate Edith as Queen.

Though the two were still unable to have children (probably not because Edward had taken a vow of chastity, as is often said), Edith’s influence as Queen grew, as is shown by the increase in the amount of charters she witnessed, and she joined the circle of Edward’s most trusted advisers. 

In 1055, Edith’s brother, Tostig, became Earl of Northumbria but his rule was hugely unpopular and 10 years later the local Northumbrian population rebelled, killing Tostig’s officials and outlawing him, asking instead to be ruled by a member of the leading Mercian family. There is some evidence that many of the Northumbrian people viewed Edith as complicit in Tostig’s tyranny, and indeed it’s likely that she herself had one of Tostig’s political enemies assassinated. Finally, one of Edith’s other brothers, Harold was sent to deal with the matter. He agreed to the rebels demands, depriving Tostig of his earldom, and Tostig, who fled to Flanders, never forgave Harold, nor did Edith. 

On 5 January 1066, Edward the Confessor died, leaving Edith’s brother as King Harold II. The main chronicle on Edward’s reign, commissioned by Edith herself, actually attempts to discredit Harold’s claim, showing the extent of the rift between the siblings. Some historians, such as James Campbell, even believe that Edith was in personal danger from Harold, who wanted to placate the still restless Northumbrians by treating Edith harshly.

Harold successfully fought off Norwegian invaders that year at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, in which Tostig died fighting on the side of the Norwegians. Edith’s reaction is not recorded, but it is easy to imagine that she must have been heartbroken. Harold’s next major battle, the Battle of Hastings, was fought against William, Duke of Normandy. Harold and 2 of Edith’s other brothers died that day, and William was proclaimed King.

William sent men to Winchester to demand tribute from Queen Edith and she willingly complied. As a result, William allowed her to keep all her estates and income. Following this, Edith lived a comfortable life and when she died on 18 December 1075, she was recorded as the richest woman in England. She was laid to rest next to her husband in Winchester Cathedral and given a funeral befitting a queen. 

As with so many women in history, Edith is often overlooked, but we have much to thank her for. Because she commissioned the Vita Edwardi Regis, she is responsible for much of the information we have on this period, and art historian Carola Hicks even suggests that she commissioned the Bayeaux Tapestry. Regardless of whether this theory is true, Edith is a person worth remembering. She was strong, determined, and loving, though some of her more corrupt actions are utterly deplorable. Nonetheless, her influence and contribution to Edward the Confessor’s reign is not one that should be forgotten.

you: gguys pwease be careful about bomb blasts uwu we wouldnt want any cuties to be hurt by nwuclear wadiation!


None of this is an original insight or anything, but:

The people who beat other people at Berkeley engaged in appalling behavior, and while they seem to have been a tiny minority not even associated with the school and with the peaceful protestors, it looks like peaceful protests need to be prepared for this kind of shit. I don’t know how to plan a protest in a way that protects against violent assholes using you as cover to do serious bodily injury to strangers who look like they might be their political enemies, but since I do not want violent assholes doing that when I’m protesting I intend to figure it out. 

It is good for universities to expose students to different perspectives. Not inviting Milo Yiannopoulos because he is a right-winger would have been a bad idea. Not inviting Milo Yiannopoulos because he singles out innocent uninvolved students to bully and harass, shows their pictures on stage and tries to rile up his audience against them, is a perfectly good reason to not invite him. He should never have been invited. If someone has nothing of value to say, free speech (the civic virtue, not the legal principle) does not demand you extend them invitations to come talk. 

Free speech the legal principle is totally irrelevant here and everyone talking about free speech is talking about the civic virtue, except for the people who keep interrupting them to say ‘free speech just means you don’t go to jail for it!’ As a big fan of free speech the civic virtue I wish we had different words for these two things, but we don’t, so saying ‘by the other definition of that concept the concept is irrelevant to this debate’ is not very helpful.