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We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights. We truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us.
—  The cast of Hamilton

Ya know what?

If cishet aces want to be LGBTPN”A” right now, sure. Go ahead. I wanna see y’all at marches. I wanna see you on the front lines when pence starts pulling the shit he pulled in Indiana nationally.

I want to see you protecting the LGBTPN people in your communities. I want to see you do more than go to an alliance meeting and talk about how you’re oppressed. I want to see you in the marches and parades when it’s dangerous, when the police are bold. I want to see you protecting trans women, esp trans women of color. 

If you wanna be with us you gotta care about us and now’s a hell of a time to start caring.

i think the problem with Palla’s attack art is that it looks like someone drew all the sections seperately, then glued them together without proper resizing to make them match

like her legs, on their own, are okay. her torso is okay, her arms are okay (though i still think her sword looks like it’s about to slide out of her hand) and her head is okay


none of them are the proper size relative to the other sections of her. 

Untitled – This really has very little purpose beyond pretty (and something I’ll probably use in a title graphic) and keeping my hands busy while listening to the news/politics (really, distractions are needed these days), But I kinda like it.

While reblogs and likes are great, PLEASE DON’T REPOST, POST ON YOUR BLOG, TWITTER INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST OR OTHERWISE USE ONLINE WITHOUT PERMISSION! In short, please don’t do anything in which you download the picture to your hard drive, then take that version and post it somewhere.

See if on AO3

Solas Taking Briala’s Eluvians

In the end conversation in Trespasser, Solas mentions having to override the magic of Briala’s eluvians personally. What if he did that at Halamshiral (Wicked Hearts quest)! During that quest, in the very beginning you talk to Cullen, he mentions Solas is already gone inside (if you listed Solas as one of the companions to take in) and you cannot find him until after the Halamshiral Introductions are done. When you do find him, he’s happy and slightly drunk.

I think he went in early while Briala is distracted with politics and took the eluvians then. She wouldn’t even know they were gone from her until after the party. And that meant the whole night was a success no matter what the Inquisitor does, though he’ll still care about that. Hence, the servants being happy to refill his glass. The servants who could also have been his spies even then. Briala would not want to admit their loss, so she’d keep it to herself.

Working With Autistic Students


• Firstly stims are to be allowed so long as they aren’t a disruption for the class.
• If a stim is distracting than politely ask the student to stop or move to another location.

• A lot of stims are movement based so allowing the student space can be helpful.

• Be slow and calm when approaching stimming students. They are often zoned out and easily startled when stimming so it is very important to be calm and quiet.

• Try your best to accommodate and even praise safe and non disrupting stims. Not all people are capable of stims that don’t distract others so try to accommodate those too.

Sensory Overloads

• Any person with autism is likely to have at least one sense that is more sensitive, perhaps even hypersensitive. For example my sight and sound senses are highly sensitive and I get uncomfortable when view neon colors or when there is lots of noise. Be willing to work with students who are easily overwhelmed and attempt to modify assignments so that the student can still learn but isn’t feeling uncomfortable.

• If a child has already reached the point of an overload the best thing to do is leave them alone unless they specifically ask you not to. When a student is overwhelmed they will need time to calm down and return to a state of mental well being and it is best not to stress them out with work. Some children may try to get away with faking overloads to get out of work and in these situations it is important to negotiate calmly and clearly with them.

• Choose a space in the building where the students can go when overwhelmed. Dedicate it as a “quiet room” for student to go to when they need a less noisy environment and insure that all students(autistic or not) are aware of this room and its location.

• Allow students to listen to music or wear noise canceling head phones if they are sound sensitive or wear sunglasses if visually sensitive.


• If you think anything a student has said is “rude” than calmly inform them and give them a chance to rephrase what they’ve said.

• There is high chance a student will ask YOU to rephrase or reword something so always be prepared for that possibility.

• Sometimes you or the student won’t know how to rephrase something. That’s ok. Drawing it out or finding pictures can sometimes helps.


• From my experiences autistic people tend to struggle with homework for multiple reasons. If homework must be assigned try to explain it to them before they go home.

• Even when you explain the assignment the student may not be able to complete it. Be flexible and understanding.

Group Work

• Many autistic kids tend to hate group work when split into smaller groups. However occasionally doing whole class discussions or assignments can be a good way to help students become less stressed.

• Small group projects are best when the autistic student is placed in a group with people they know and trust.

Distracted by mini-skirts, Kansas legislator proposes dress code for female witnesses

On Thursday, Kansas Sen. Mitch Holmes introduced a code of conduct for witnesses testifying before the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee, which he chairs. According to the code, “For ladies, low-cut necklines and mini-skirts are inappropriate.“ At what depth does the plunge of a neckline or the length of a skirt become distracting? Holmes has an answer — sort of.

Happy and bright Hobi is still my favorite cause he’s such a sunshine, okay?

But do you ever just stop and look at Jung Hoseok (not J-Hope) and appreciate his calm casual demeanor? His distracted polite smile when someone jokes about him? His serious expression while being concerned about his members or when he’s focused on something? The side of him that is calm and mature and responsible and serious.

I’ve said this, and I’m going to say it again: Jung Hoseok is such a boyfriend material.

porcelainandmetalflowers-deacti  asked:

Can you do Percabeth in an exchange student AU please? I'm just imagining Percy really uncomfortable in his new uniform and squirming around in front of Annabeth while Annabeth tells him politely to stop distracting her. Thanks. Your headcannons make my day. :)

  • Percy, who is from New Zealand, goes to study in New York for a year
  • he stays with his cousin Jason and attends Olympic Hall, an elite private school
  • he meets Jason’s best friend Annabeth and is immediately enamored of her
  • she thinks his accent is the cutest thing she’s ever heard
  • she just about loses her mind when he invites her to see a rugby game one weekend and she sees him do the Haka
  • Piper never lets her forget about how red her cheeks got

Obama on the political distraction of the GOP’s obsession with “radical Islam.”