political belives

His favorite color is green because it is the color of life 
His favorite power ranger is also the green one, because when he was little he used to have it’s dagger and the kid across the street had a sowrd so they would fight each other. but sadly chris would ussually lose. 
He smokes some weed, but never in front of fans. 
He smokes ciggarets since he was 14. Weed he started at 16. 
He has 2 sister’s and one brother.
He lived in Joplin since he was 11. 
He dropped out of high school to pursue music. 
Because of this he was kicked out of his house. 
He is straight despite popular opinion. 
He belives in Gay Marrige 
He loves everyone and everything. 
He does not wear shoes. 
He has a theory that if no one wore shoes there would be no litter and everything would be comfortable to walk on. 
He smokes American Spirits 
He doesn’t bath as often as most people. 
He wears the same outfit for long portions of time, and when he gets tired of it he finds another one. Sometimes he just leaves his clothes places. 
He would rather talk to you then take a picture. 
He doesn’t belive in politics. 
His birthday is Febuary 11th 
He’s extremly good at tennis. 
He tried out for basketball in the 8th grade. but sadly he did not make the team. 
He used to cut himself. 
He thinks the media is ****** up. 
He wrote his first song in 8th grade for a talent show. 
He likes Thai Food. 
In Joplin when he;s home he likes to have lunch at a thai restaruant called “The Magic Noodle" 
He loves the Waffle House. He esspecially likes the one on Rangeline in Joplin. 
He is vegan. 
He is single. 
His dad is Edward Ingle and his Mom is Nancy Kiefner. 
They are divorced. 
He lost his virginity when he was 16 to a girl who had cheated on him MANY times during there relationship. 
He likes weird hats. First it was the sailor hat, then the airplane driver dude hat, then the bear like wild hat, then mohawk, and recently i’ve seen alot of the indian headress. 
He used to have blonde hair.
Tattoos. He has lots.
His first tattoo was faith in hebrew on his wrist.