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Trump Signs Bill Making it Legal to Kill Hibernating Bears: Even Hitler Liked Animals

If you’re reading this, you already know it should have been President Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland filling the ninth SCOTUS seat. And you’re up to speed on how the GOP changed Senate rules to get DJT’s nominee Neil Gorsuch confirmed after Democrats filibustered. 

Gorsuch was sworn in today, rendering one ninth of the U.S. Supreme Court illegitimate. 

What got overlooked in today’s news cycle: DJT signed into law a bill that now makes it legal to shoot hibernating bears and bear cubs and wolves in dens. The same bill makes it legal to shoot all three from helicopters, too. 

You know, even Hitler liked animals. 

I can’t tonight. 

After the deadliest mass shooting in American history and Americans are still trying to defend their right to bear arms, an amendment that is more than 200 years old… all I know is that last year I tried to cite a source from 1995 and my English teacher wouldn’t accept it because it was “too old to be relevant”


Seven years ago, the Navajo tribal council in southeastern Utah started mapping the secret sites where medicine men and women forage for healing plants and Native people source wild foods. They wanted to make a case for protecting the landscape known as Bears Ears, a place sacred not only to their tribe but to many other tribes in the region, going back thousands of years. In one of his final acts in office, President Obama late last month created the 1.35 million-acre Bears Ears National Monument, a move that proponents say will safeguard the area’s ecology and guarantee food sovereignty for the region’s Native Americans.

“Up to 20,000 Natives of various tribes live within 45 minutes of Bears Ears, including 10,000 Navajos that live just across the border in Arizona,” says Gavin Noyes, director of the Utah Diné Bikéyah, the Navajo nonprofit that developed the initial draft of the monument proposal in 2013. “It’s one of the wildest, most intact landscapes in Utah.”

About 16,000 people live in San Juan County, where Bears Ears is located. Roughly half are Navajo, and many in the tribe lack running water and electricity, says Noyes. But the land still provides.

Bears Ears Monument Is A Win For Tribal Food Sovereignty. Will Trump Undo It?

Photos: Josh Ewing/Courtesy of Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition

Call your elected officials to protest. Even if you don’t live near them the national parks (including the two national monuments mentioned) are the collective heritage of ALL Americans and our gifts to the world. These public lands belong to you, if the President and his ilk get their way the only people who will have access to land are those wealthy enough to own large estates.

Camping with Bears ONESHOT

Synopsis: You take the gang camping but feelings escalate quickly between you and another camper
Pairings: Jugxreader, Archie x reader, bettyxveronica and kevinxJoaquin mentioned
Wairings: Swearing, fluff, light smut…not so light smut

A/N wrote my first smut piece and it is not great at all 😂 that’s alright though, it’s just practise for the Wrong side of the tracks. I quite liked this idea but maybe not the execution….. also this is really long I’m sorry

Camping with bears- 3rd POV

You all pulled in to the site in the late evening.

“That’s the last time we let you give the directions Jughead” Archie laughed as he hopped out of his truck and directed Betty and Veronica where to park with Kevin and Joaquin following close on Joaquin’s motorbike.

“it’s not my fault that Y/N picked the farthest possible campsite she could find” Jughead bumped you playfully as you hauled the cooler out of the boot. Playful banter was kinda your and Jugheads style although others may argue it was more flirtatious than playful. You two had been friends forever but both silently hoped for more.

“Well it’s a holiday weekend so everywhere else was booked up!” you pushed the cooler into his chest coming face to face before letting go of it causing him struggling under the weight of it.

“Good god, is all of Archie’s hair care in this or something?” Jughead laughed

“no no, that’s in this” you smirked as you toss a gear bag on top of the cooler watching him struggle more.

“Come along my little alpaca, to the hills we go” you grinned.

Your friends and you began pitching the 4 tents. Archie had started with a fire and it occurred to him, what were the sleeping arrangements?  Would he finally get to cosy up to you?

“So what’s the situation with us sleeping together” he asked you oblivious.

“Umm excuse me? “ you laughed “ummmm excuse me?” Jughead asked more seriously.

“no no I…I..I meant the sleeping situation” he stuttered as his cheeks began to heat up. You laughed again, unlike Jughead who continued to glare at the red-headed boy. You decided to put him out of his misery as the others gathered around the now blazing fire to listen.

“Okay so I guess B and V….for obvious reasons” you grinned “ehhh then Kevin and Joaquin, again for obvious reasons, Juggy and Archie-doodles and then I’ll just take a tent to myself good?”

“No!” Archie and Jughead said in unison, turning to look at each other puzzled, with the group exchanging glances.

“emmmm okay then….. that was a little weird….” you looked between the two and laughed.

“yeah y/n come sleep in B and I’ tent?” Veronica offered.

“Nope nope noppidy nope nope, not doing it, ye are so handsy with each other, i’m not getting between you two lovebirds. I’m fine by myself”. The two girls blushed as the rest of the group giggled.

“But what about bears?” kevin genuinely looked concerned.

“BEARS?!” Betty screeched

“well if there weren’t any there to begin with they’re coming now” you laughed as you rubbed your ears.

“Don’t worry I will protect you from the bears” Archie laughed.

“And I will protect you both from the bears…..even though it’s really the bears that need protecting” you grinned.

“see y/n/n knows I could take a bear on” Archie threw his arm around you and looked at the group proudly.

“Oh no no Archie-boppers trust me, you’d be bear munch, I’m protecting them from a tired groggy Ronnie wielding her heel at them” the group laughed along and Archie smirked keeping his arm over you. Jughead shuffled in his place uncomfortable with the distance, or lack of, between you and Archie.

You all sat around the campfire on logs, eating and talking, talking and eating to the start of the new day.

You were starting to feel the cold as the fire died down. You pulled the blanket that was thrown over Jughead and yours lap up further but the bite of the air was still there. Before you could say anything a Varsity jacket was thrown over your shoulders. You smiled in thanks to Archie.

As you did this you felt Jughead next to you shuffle and tense up in his seat. Noticing his discomfort, but thinking it was just the cold getting to him also, you pushed over closer to him.

He sat dead still afraid to move in case it pushed you back away. Tiredness started to sneak in and you rested your head on his shoulder and barely closed your eyes as you felt the weight of his head on yours. As the group stories continued Veronica  looked at the two of you and smirked hard, nudging Betty to look also.

You began to slouch back with the tiredness so Jughead snaked ((punnnnnssssss)) a hand around your waist and pulled you even closer to him, both relishing in the moment.

You woke to Kevin’ voice and Jughead cursed him in his head.

“Okay guys, 2 am,  time for bed especially if we’re going for that hike tomorrow, let’s go come on”

You stood up slightly shaking as the cold air replaced Jughead. All of you said your good night’s and you slipped into the tent crashing to the floor almost immediately falling into a deep sleep as you balled yourself up in the opened out sleeping bag and Varsity jacket.

“Hey…hey y/n/n…wake up” you sat up groggy and rubbed your eyes “I swear to god you better be a super polite bear about to rip my head off otherwise I’ll rip your head off” you whined.

Jughead slipped into the tent zipping it closed as he sat down by your feet.

“Jugggggyyyy” you drone checking your phone “it’s 4.30 in the morning you better be dying or bringing me be food”

Jughead produced biscuits grinning. “Finnnnneee” you smiled as you pushed over allowing him to sit next you throwing some sleeping bag over him. You both sat in comfortable silence for a moment as ye finished the biscuits.

You lightly punched him in the arm “you’re seriously not going to tell me why you’re in my tent at 3.30 am?” you whispered at him quitely laughing.

“Archie was snoring and” he started but you cut in lying back down “oh honestly say no more stay as long as you like”

“Okay I won’t say any more” he smirked. You were about to offer a smart remark about how that was talking when you felt is warm lips meet yours gently.

He pulled away looking anywhere but you as he sat back up straighter. You also sat up beside him. “Jug….” “I’m sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry” he genuinely seemed panicked and apologetic while he continued to ramble apologies until you cut across him and kissed him again, this time more passionately. “Jug” you whispered and he pulled you on top of him as you smiled into the kiss while straddling him.

There was rustling from outside the tent and you both reluctantly pulled apart.

“Do you think that’s a bear” you whispered as you slipped off his lap and back to the tent floor.

“Hey y/n you awake?” Archie said sticking his head in the tent door. “oh” he looked at both of you sitting up.

“Emm there….there you are Juggy I thought maybe a bear got you.. hah…it was just y/n” Archie said half somber half annoyed but definitely not happy about the situation in which he found you.

“Sure Im nearly worse than a bear ha.ha.ha.” you tried to soften the mood as the two boys glared at each other.

“So emmm what did you need Arch” you attempted a smile.

“yeah arch what do you want” Jughead half bit out.

You suddenly felt Jughead hand slide onto your thigh protectively under the sleeping bag.

You looked at him with wide eyes and bit your lip hoping Archie wouldn’t notice any of it it. He did.

“I just woke up and couldn’t find Jug so I’d thought you’d want to come find him with me….but I see he found you” his tone was harsh.

“Arch…” before you could say anything else he swung his head out of the tent and stomped off.

You stuck your head out the door after him and watched him throw himself inside his tent. You sighed and closed back over the door and fell backwards onto your back and exhaled loudly.

“He’s…he’s just being dramatic Y/N/N it’ll be alright” Jughead lied down to face you  but your eyes stayed fixed to the condensation forming on the roof.

“Do….do you…do you regret kissing me?” you could practically hear his heart start to break.

You rolled over on your side coming face to face with the raven-haired boy. You put your hand to his cheek and he placed his hand over it keeping it there.


You woke up completely cuddled and tangled up with Jughead,  completely full of bliss. You looked up at him with nothing but happiness.

You stretched to meet his lips. Jughead moved slightly away before waking up a bit more and and kissing you back.

“Good morning Sleeping beauty” you smiled.

“Good morning y/n/n”. You snuggled back into his chest and he wrapped his arms even tighter around you. “I have wanted this for so long” he whispered sweetly against your head.

“Y/N! Y/N! TIME TO RISE AND SHINE SUNSHINE” kevin said banging on this side of the tent causing the both of you to be soaked in the condensation.

“Jesus!” you shouted rubbing the cold water off you with the Varsity jacket instantly feeling guilty for doing so.

“Nope not Jesus, just Kevin, come on we’re going hiking in 10, we’re all just going to the camp shop to get tea….oh! Also apparently there’s a river we can swim in so wear your swimsuit!” you heard him step away from the tent.

Jughead waited a moment before kissing your head and sneaking out of the tent.

The both of you had decided that it wasn’t quite the right time to announce what’s going on between you two and also you weren’t entirely sure what was going on between you two.

You met up with the group a little later at the start of the trail. You walked with Kevin and Joaquin and Jughead walked with the girls and Archie.

You all hiked all up hills, through trees just laughing and talking and being carefree teens.

The group arrived at the edge of the path. Below was a lagoon of water with a waterfall pouring into it. Beautiful.

“Come on guys let’s go” Veronica said as she kicked off her shoes and pulling her shirt and shorts off. Betty, Kevin and Joaquin followed her. They all held hands and took the leap from the edge into the lagoon. Screaming and laughing as they go.

Jughead, Archie and you all laughed. “Come on guys let’s go!” you took off your shoes and pulled your sundress over your head. The boys watching you closely.

“Cooommme oooonnnnn” you caught Jugheads and Archie’s hands and pulled them towards the edge. “no no no no no not today Y/N” Jughead laughed as he dropped your hand reluctantly. Archie just held your hand tighter making Jughead uneasy.

Archie took off his shirt and ran to the edge with you.

“Scared?” you asked looking out of the side of your eye at Archie.

“Emmm n…nnnn…no” he stuttered in reply.

You caught back up his hand and counted down from 3 before leaping off hand in hand both screaming as you go.

Jughead walked to the edge and watched the two of you splash and mess with each other.  Jealously growing he attempted to push it down.

Archie lifted you onto his shoulders and you you flew into Kevin who was on Joaquin’s. You all laughed until ye were almost in tears at the fun. Archie moved and you slid down his front and into his arms . You leaned back in his arms with the laughter. Closer than ever.

Next thing you knew a splash covered the two of you. Jughead swam back to the top of the water and to you. Jughead glared at Archie and he returned the sentiment as you laughed at Kevin falling off Joaquin’s shoulders.

“Hey Archie you can let go now games over…..Jughead did you actually jump into the water with your beanie still on” you giggled swimming over to him.

“Arch come on lift V, I’ll ref” Betty said splashing Archie out of his anger.

As they play fought, Jughead pulled himself out of the water helping you as he went.

The two of you snuck off a bit further into the woods. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he pushed your bare back against a tree. You passionately kissed each other.

Jughead ran his hands down your sides. You shivered beneath them. He lifted you so your legs were wrapped around his torso. He began to kiss down your neck. You moaned slightly and Jughead quickly abused the spot. You moaned again louder.

“Jug” you breathed. He pulled away allowing you to drop back down to the floor and met your eyes thinking he had done something wrong.

“As much as I want you to continue…” you ran a hand down his bare wet torso. His eyes were full of lust as he looked at you. “I…” you shook your head trying to concentrate, Jughead grinned ear to ear at you losing your train of thought. He moved back to your neck. “No no no” you pushed him away a little  with your hands on his shoulders regaining your self control.  “ I really really want to but not here “ you say leaning your head against his. “I understand….tent tonight?” he eagerly asked, hanging on your every word. You laugh and playfully push him and begin walking away knowing he was watching you carefully in your swimsuit, driving him crazy.

“Hey y/n where’d you and Jug go?” Betty asked innocently as Archie eyed you.

“Bathroom at the shop. It’s close enough to here” you say as you pulled back on your sun dress

“where’s Jughead now?”

“oh I don’t know, bears?” you teased.

“Don’t worry guys I fought him off and it was epic” Jughead appears and throws back on his t shirt as the group roll their eyes.

Ye set off but this time you were with Kevin and Jughead while Archie was with the girls.

“my feet are so soooooree” you whined.

“Ah now not long left” Jughead attempted to appease you

“But my feet hurt now, I think I cut the sole of my right in the lagoon”

On hearing this Archie whipped around and threw his shoulder into your waist picking you up fireman style

“ARCHIE! PUT ME DOWN FOR CHRIST SAKE” You shouted between laughs.

“no no come on now m’lady is injured I shall carry her” he beamed knowing that Jughead was watching with tempers rising. “Okay okay but can’t you just carry me on your back I think you winded me” you crow.

He drops you briefly before you jump onto his back and he carries you there laughing  continuing the hike back.

“Aww they’re kinda cute together don’t you think?” kevin cooed to Jughead


“Wait what?”

“I…I meant they’re nothing alike yanno?”

“yeah but he’s the perfect boy next door,, who wouldn’t want him?   HEY JOAQUIN MY FEET HURT TOOOOO” Kevin screamed at his boyfriend playfully before running  off leaving Jughead trailing behind alone, Kevin’s word resonating with him strongly.

When you reached camp it was dark. Joaquin and Archie built the fire while you changed.

The cold chill came back with vengeance so you emerged from your tent wearing Archie’s warm Varsity jacket and your sleeping bag.

Archie beamed at this sight, Jughead..well Jughead not so much.

The group gathered around the fire once again exchanging stories while cooking dinner.

However it wasn’t long before the tiredness hit you all like a brick wall. Groggy and sore you all practically crawled into your tents.

*sms:Jugx: Juggy come to my tent?-2.34am

*sms:Y/N/NxX: No. -2.36

You stared at your phone confused. Did you do something?  

*sms:Jugx: But I’m freeeeezing- 2.38

*sms:Y/N/NxX: why don’t you just snuggle up to Archie’s jacket then-2.39

And there it was. The root of the problem. A jealous Juggy. You rolled your eyes so hard they almost came out of your head.

*sms:Jugx: Forsythe Pendleton Jones the  III. You better get your moody ass over here.- 2.41.

Nothing. You waited and sure enough you heard a distant zipper open and close and the rustling of leaves and twigs before Jughead opened your door and zippwd it closed before sitting down next to you. Silence while he looked at the door and you looked at him.

“Archie and I are just good friends juggy”

“didn’t we start that way before..whatever this is happened” he gestured with his hand when he said  “us”.

“Yeah so? I liked you more than just a friend. I don’t like Archie more than just a friend”

“I don’t think he knows that”

“I.don’t.want.him.Jug.” you said with emphasis on every word

“why wouldn’t you he’s the perfect guy next door” Kevin’s words echoed in his mind.

“I don’t want that I want you, you tool!” you shoved him and he gave a small smile.

“I want you too…in more ways than one” his eyes full of lust looked at you and you bit your lip in response. “any way you want

Forsythe, any way you want”

*terribly written smut warning*

You pushed Jughead back to the floor of the tent and sat on top of him.

“I want revenge for this” you pull back your hair revealing a hickey left by Jughead from your earlier…excursion. He exhaled loudly and pulled down to meet his lips.

You began to kiss him roughly, moving your hands to pull off his shirt. He sat up with you still between his legs and took the tee off only breaking the kiss for a second. It still felt too long and ye met back with fiercer passion.

You bit his bottom lip and he groaned. Moving further down his neck after nibbling his ear you moved to pepper his neck with love bites, his groaning encouraging you along.

“you’re wearing too much clothes” he breathed as you removed your shirt smirking. He caught your jaw and it was his turn to kiss down your neck. You pushed down on his member causing you both to moan at the friction.

“Jug” you breathed and he pulled away slightly worried this was the end “yeah?”

“the uh the kissing and bitting is great and all…”

“But…” you could hear the sadness in his voice.

“I…I just really want you right now and I mean…I want you” you looked at him darkly.

He flipped you over so he was on top and kissed down your chest. You leaned up slightly so he could unclasp your bra failing a little at the start but soon you were bare. He kissed, sucked and bit at your boobs being spurred on by your soft moans.

Your hands moved for his pj pants and they were soon gone exposing his bulging member attempting to break free from his boxers. Your hand moved to stroke it and he groaned.

“Do you have a…a” he asked getting impatient.

“no…I’d thought you might have one”

“no…..” you both sounded out of breath and sad

“Wait…” you leaned over to the long discarded Varsity jacket and checked the inside pocket producing a condom. You couldn’t help but laugh.

“wow I take his girl and his condom” Jughead joins.

“I was never his to begin with so really you’re only kinda terrible” you say before ripping the packet open with your teeth diving Jughead crazy. He slipped it on removing his boxers. You moan at the full sight of him. He removes your pants and you were left in your underwear.

Jughead kissed your lips before moving down your body and stopping to look you in the eye when he meets your entrance kissing your thighs before pulling down your underwear. Your body trembled under his touch begging for more.

You feel his hand play with your clit and you tangle your hands in his beanie-less hair and moan.

“you’re so wet y/n” he begins to lick your entrance hard as your breathing quickens. He slowly moves two fingers into you catching you by surprise. He starts off slow and then quickens. He sucks your clit hard as you leave out breathless moans. “J..j…Jughead im so close”

“are you sure you want to do thi”

“Just fuck me already Jughead. Don’t be a tease” you whined with shaking legs.

He pulls you into a searing kiss removing his fingers. You grab his shoulders before wrapping your legs around his waist feeling his throbbing member.

He slowly moves inside of you and doesn’t move allowing you both to adjust. He then slowly rocks back and forth causing your back arch.

Your hips began to buck involuntarily at first as jughead pants. Jughead bites his lip and quickly moves back to suck your neck more while still thrusting into you.

You moan his name as he guides your hips enjoying the control. Soon you are in perfect  sync, hitting thrust for thrust.

“Jug I’m really close” “Come for me babe”

He begins to thrust harder and deeper until your walls tightened around him and you released the knot in your stomach, him following close behind.

He fell next to you panting, you both still riding out your highs. You put your head on his chest and pull the sleeping bag over you both

“y/n” he panted


“I don’t want you doing that with anyone else…ever”


“will you be my girlfriend?”

“I thought you’d never ask” you say kissing him sweetly.



“I’m glad you weren’t eaten by bears”











- 20 year old university student
- Japanese
- blood type: AB
- hair: black
- eye color: light purple/ blue-ish
- ace but hella gay for Mikami (yes, they are boyfriends and he’s the top LOL)
- cold, indifferent, straightforward, extroverted, manipulative and twisted
- can be charming but is mostly very blunt and cold, is still polite 
- likes foxes, bears
- always wears glasses (non-prescription), the only time when he doesn’t wear glasses is when he’s at home or together with people he’s close to
- has a younger brother (Hachiko), lives with his parents
- he treasures the people he loves a lot, especially Hachi and Mikami
- used to smoke, but stopped when Hachi saw him and told him to stop

- clothing style: chic, fashionable, wears expensive brand clothes 
- normal body type (neither too muscular/skinny/fat), is a perfect dorito, broad shoulders & slim hips
- favorite colors: black, bordeaux red
- no piercings (yet hoho)