political awakening

To Those Feeling Drained

Many souls are feeling drained emotionally, physically, spiritually and energetically, due to the current social and political climate.
This energy transference happens via heart, mind, spirit and direct contact.
The great news is that you are feeling!
You are empathetic to the world of hurting souls around you. You are not closing yourself—or your gifts, off to the world in its time of need.
Times like these are why we do the work. A mass awakening is happening, as it must. A sacred fire has been started.
Chaos comes before order. Pain before birth. We are experiencing an energetic detox on a mass scale. Human parasites who mean us no good, are being revealed daily.
These times evoke a change in the course of history, every great period has had one; this is ours.
So, how do we feel, connect, share our gifts, light and works with the world in this current state without becoming drained in the process?
We vibrate higher daily. That simple.
There are endless modalities for vibrating higher. You may already have your favorite routine in practice; if so, keep up the great work. If not, may you be inspired and fired up to begin yours.
No mistake about it, this country is at war—with itself, an energetic war, a moral war, a vibrational war, and an ethical war.
In the human body, this is known as disease; at war with itself.
How to cure and overcome dis-ease? We cure and overcome dis-ease by creating a suitable environment for healing and renewal to take place. Through vibrating higher daily in our food choices, physical fitness, stress control, routines, thoughts and overall mindset and lifestyle—healing, restoration, and renewal organically take place.
To sum it up…..
do more of what makes your mind, heart, and body come alive, restore and come back to center…..and do less of what does not.
The world and your life work need you strengthened and vibrating higher now, more than ever. So feel, connect, show love, have compassion and be a light to the world.
Just be mindful to vibrate higher through self-care. Recharge, release, restore, renew, nourish, and find your heart, mind and soul’s balance.
Vibrating higher daily is your protection.
—Lalah Delia | VibrateHigherDaily

Hold the phone...

You guys remember Paralogue 3 from Awakening, right?

The one where you have to try to protect those unarmed villagers from the Risen?

It was a bit of a pain in the butt, but nothing wildly difficult and not terribly memorable either. Well, putting it into the context of today, this chapter is slightly prophetic, if not freakishly coincidental… 

Let’s start with the villagers you’re trying to protect. These guys are running for their lives from monsters who are trying to kill them, and the people holed up in the village have barred their gates and refused to let them in. They all break for the southwest corner of the map, and some of them might get killed along the way. At first, this seems like something your typical brain-dead NPC would do, but the village isn’t an option for them and they’re terrified…

Of course, the people in the safe village are all too happy to accept help from you, but…

Is it me, or does all of this sound familiar?

Eh, it’s food for thought…

Two years ago, Taylor pulled her entire library from Spotify after a dramatic “open letter” to Apple Music about valuing artists work and paying them for it. She didn’t care about herself, she claimed. It made no difference for her. She was valiantly taking on the Big Bads of the music industry like Jimmy Iovine for the sake of the little guy, the artist who relied on album sales to make a living.

What she wouldn’t tell you is that no artist makes money off of album sales if they’re signed to a label. Album sales are money for the label, not the artist. And no, money for the label does NOT mean money for the artist. What she wouldn’t tell you is that she underestimated the staying power of streaming just like almost every other major artist in the industry at the time. She underestimated Spotify and Daniel Ek like everyone else did.

This supposedly “woke” Taylor Swift, who proudly branded herself a feminist and penned manifestos about intellectual property and equal compensation unraveled faster than a rug with a loose thread from a discount bin in the charged political climate of 2016. And that was what she underestimated most of all– 2016’s ability to expose her. Because as much as she wanted to pretend like she’d had some sort of political awakening, she stayed silent in the face of a Trump v. Clinton face off. The reason for that isn’t difficult, her entire family are privileged white people who voted for Trump. She was smart enough to know that publicly aligning herself with someone so against her brand spanking new feminist image would be career suicide so instead she chose the route of silence.

Oh unless we’re not counting the ridiculous spat with Nicki Minaj where she came out looking truly disgusting and ignorant, where her white feminism was blatantly exposed. Or her run-in with Kim and Kanye where once again she exposed herself as a cold, calculating businesswoman instead of her darling best friend image she’d been working nearly her whole life to cultivate and shill. Or the train wreck known as Hiddleswift that was laughably see through even to people who don’t usually scream publicity stunt from the off.

And the combination of the two combined with an ill-timed hiatus has left a sour taste in a lot of mouths. She knows it, and still she chooses the drama play. She only knows how to deal in petty, backhanded headlines about girl spats and beefs and ex-boyfriends. She simply doesn’t have the chops to exist in this industry without using other people as her fodder.

It’s as transparent as freshly Windexed glass that she’s returning to Spotify because she can’t achieve a #1 without it. So much for the little guy. And look, if Taylor made no bones about herself I might be more inclined to respect it. As it is, I’m left remembering what Cristina Yang told Meredith Grey in the first season of Grey’s when she stole a first surgery assist out from underneath her: “You wanna be cutthroat, that’s fine. But don’t pretend you’re everyone’s best friend. At least I’m honest about it.”

Any male nerd that chews out a female nerd for not knowing the exact details of Star Wars or Star Trek is a male nerd who is not getting laid anytime soon, we understand.

*Me* “All I said was I thought The Phantom Menace wasn’t so bad. I mean if you take out Jar Jar and clean up the script a tiny bit. Darth Maul was cool, wasn’t he?”

*Him* “You’re a fake geek girl!”

Oddly, I was open to sleeping with him. Just before he said that. 

THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES (2004). Walter Salles directs Gael García Bernal as a young Che Guevara during his political awakening over an epic motorcycle ride across South America.

It’s time to wake up. The people in power go out of their way to make sure you are perpetually mislead and manipulated. The majority’s perception of reality, especially in the political arena, is not their own. It is shrewdly imposed upon them, without them even knowing it.
—  Zeitgeist: The Movie

I watch a lot of documentaries. I think they are incredible tools for learning and increasing our awareness of important issues. The power of an interesting documentary is that it can open our minds to new possibilities and deepen our understanding of the world.

On this list of mind expanding documentaries you will find different viewpoints, controversial opinions and even contradictory ideas. Critical thinking is recommended. I’m not a big fan of conspiracy documentaries but I do like films that challenge consensus reality and provoke us to question the everyday ideas, opinions and practices we usually take for granted.

Watching documentaries is one of my favorite methods of self-education. If I find a documentary inspiring, I usually spend more time researching the different ideas and interesting people interviewed in the film. I hope you find these documentaries as enlightening as I did!

[1] Life In The Biosphere

Explore the wonder and interconnectedness of the biosphere through the magic of technology.

How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth
The Magical Forest
Ants: Nature’s Secret Power
Mt. Everest: How It Was Made
Mariana’s Trench: The Deepest Spot On Earth
Natural World: The Andes
Shining Mountains: The Rockies
Grand Canyon: How It Was Made
The Intelligence of Plants

[2] Creativity and Design:Advertisements

Learn about all the amazing things that people create with their imaginations.

Everything Is A Remix
The Creative Brain: How Insight Works
Design: The New Business
PressPausePlay: Art and Creativity in the Digital Age
Infamy: A Graffiti Documentary
Influencers: How Trends and Creativity Become Contagious
RIP: A Remix Manifesto
Design: e² – Sustainable Architecture
The Genius Of Design

[3] The Education Industrial Complex:

The modern school where young minds are moulded into standardized citizens by the state.

The College Conspiracy
Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk
The Forbidden Education
Default: The Student Loan Documentary
College Inc.
Education For A Sustainable Future
Networked Society: The Future of Learning
The Ultimate History Lesson With John Taylor Gatto
The Education System in Communist China
The War On Kids

[4] The Digital Revolution:

The Internet is now the driving force behind change and innovation in the world.

The Age of Big Data
Resonance: Beings of Frequency
Life In A Day
Networked Society: On The Brink
Us Now: Social Media and Mass Collaboration
WikiRebels: The WikiLeaks Story
The Virtual Revolution: The Cost of Free
How Hackers Changed the World


[5] A New Civilization:

We are at the dawn of a new golden age of human inventiveness.

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?
Zeitgeist III: Moving Forward
Paradise or Oblivion
2012: Time For Change
The Crisis of Civilization
The Collective Evolution II
The Quickening: Awakening As One
2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning
The Awakening

[6] Politics:

Explore the politics of power and control and how it affects your life.

Owned and Operated
The Power Principle
The True Story of Che Guevara
Earth Days
Capitalism Is The Crisis
WikiLeaks: The Secret Life of a Superpower
The Putin System
The War On Democracy
Rise Like Lions: Occupy Wall Street and the Seeds of Revolution

[7] Biographies of Genius:

The biographies of modern geniuses who pushed humanity forward.

Isaac Newton: The Last Magician
The Unlimited Energy of Nikola Tesla
The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla
Richard Feynman: No Ordinary Genius
How Albert Einstein’s Brain Worked
The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein
Leonardo Da Vinci: The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything

[8] War:

War is history’s oldest racket for stealing from the powerless and redistributing resources to the powerful.

Psywar: The Real Battlefield Is Your Mind
The Secret History of 9/11
Robot Armies in the Future
The Never Ending War in Afghanistan
Shadow Company: Mercenaries In The Modern World
Why We Fight
The Fog Of War
The Oil Factor: Behind The War On Terror

[9] Economics:

Learn about the financial system works and how people and societies are enslaved through debt.

The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power
Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis
The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World
The One Percent
Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street
The Last Days Of Lehman Brothers
The Four Horsemen
Inside Job: The Biggest Robbery In Human History
Capitalism A Love Story
Money and Life

[10] Digital Entrepreneurship:

Profiles of the entrepreneurs who used technology to change the world.

The Life Of A Young Entrepreneur
Profile: Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Profile: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg
Starting-Up in America
Steve Jobs: One Last Thing
Steve Jobs: The Billion Dollar Hippy
Elon Musk: Risk Takers
The Story of Twitter

[11] Sports:

Watch the inspiring stories of amazing athletes.

Fearless: The Jeb Corliss Story
Carts of Darkness
Usain Bolt: The World’s Fastest Man
Wayne Gretzky: The Life and Times
Mike Tyson: Beyond the Glory
The Legacy Of Michael Jordan
We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding

[12] Technology:

Find out more about the impact of exponential growth and the approaching Singularity.

Ray Kurzweil: The Transcendent Man
How Robots Will Change the World
Human 2.0
Trance-Formation: The Future of Humanity
The Venus Project: Future By Design
Bionics, Transhumanism And The End Of Evolution
The Singularity Is Near
Car Technology Of The Future

[13] Origins of Religion:

Explore the original religious experience of mankind at the dawn of civilization.

Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within
Manifesting the Mind: Footprints of the Shaman
Ancient Egypt and The Alternative Story of Mankind’s Origins
The Hidden Knowledge of the Supernatural
Re-Awaken: Open Your Heart, Expand Your Mind
Shamans of the Amazon
The Root of All Evil: The God Delusion
Ancient Knowledge
The Naked Truth
Before Babel: In Search of the First Language

[14] Western Religion:

The fascinating history of the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Secret Quest: The Path of the Christian Gnostics
The Secret Gate of Eden
Forbidden Knowledge: Lost Secrets of the Bible
Banned From The Bible: Secrets Of The Apostles
The Road To Armageddon
Muhammad: The Legacy of a Prophet
A Complete History of God
Gnosis: The Untold History of the Bible

[15] Eastern Religion:

Expand your mind by also studying the entirely different religious worldviews of the East.

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds
The Life Of The Buddha
The Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World
Mysteries of the Cosmic OM: Ancient Vedic Science
Where Science and Buddhism Meet
The Yogis of Tibet
Taj Mahal: Secrets To Blow Your Mind
Light at the Edge of the World: Tibetan Science of the Mind
Myths of Mankind: The Mahabharata
Ayurveda: The Art of Being

[16] Consciousness:

Learn about the basic unity of existence and the miracle of consciousness.

Athene’s Theory of Everything
Theory of Everything: GOD, Devils, Dimensions, Dragons & The Illusion of Reality
The God Within: Physics, Cosmology and Consciousness
5 Gateways: The Five Key Expansions of Consciousness
Return to the Source: Philosophy and The Matrix
The Holographic Universe
DMT: The Spirit Molecule
Neuroplasticity: The Brain That Changes Itself

[17] Mysteries:

Indiana Jones-style explorations into the unsolved mysteries of the past.

Alchemy: Sacred Secrets Revealed
The Day Before Disclosure
The Pyramid Code
The Secret Design of the Egyptian Pyramids
Decoding the Past: Secrets of the Dollar Bill
Origins of the Da Vinci Code
Forbidden Knowledge: Ancient Medical Secrets
Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings: The New Atlantis
Secrets in Plain Sight

[18] Mass Culture:

Learn about how our thoughts and opinions are influenced by mass culture.

The Century of the Self
All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace
The Power Of Nightmares
Starsuckers: A Culture Obsessed By Celebrity
Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century
Obey: The Death of the Liberal Class
Motivational Guru: The Story of Tony Robbins
Bob Marley: Freedom Road
Radiant City

[19] Corporate Media:

Discover how the mass media and advertisers channel our irrational impulses.

Weapons of Mass Deceptions
Secrets of the Superbrands
Orwell Rolls in his Grave
The Esoteric Agenda
The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News
Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
Symbolism in Logos: Subliminal Messages or Ancient Archetypes
Edward Snowden: A Truth Unveiled
Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism

[20] Art and Literature:

Explore the lives of famous artists and how art opens people’s minds.

Cosm: Alex Gray’s Visionary Art
Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop
New Art and the Young Artists Behind It
Salvador Dali: A Master of the Modern Era
The Day Pictures Were Born
Off-Book: Digital Age Creativity
This Is Modern Art

[21] Health:

Explore issues in health, how our bodies work and the incredible power of our brains.

The Human Brain
The Truth About Vitamins
How To Live To 101
America’s Obesity Epidemic
The War On Health
The Beautiful Truth
Food Inc.
The Truth About Food
The Living Matrix

[22] Drugs:

Documentaries on the effect of drugs — legal and illegal — on the body and mind.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High
The Drugging Of Our Children
How Marijuana Affects Your Health
Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging
Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis
LSD: The Beyond Within
The War on Drugs: The Prison Industrial Complex
Are Illegal Drugs More Dangerous Than Legal Drugs?
The Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic
Run From The Cure: The Rick Simpson Story

[23] Environment:

Thought-provoking documentaries on the environmental movement and the growing threats to our biosphere.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars
Shift: Beyond the Numbers of the Climate Crisis
All Things Are Connected
The Fight For Amazonia
Flow: For Love Of Water
Here Comes the Sun
The World According To Monsanto
The Story of Stuff

[24] Cosmos:

Expand your mind by exploring our indescribably large and beautiful Cosmos.

The Search for Planets Similar to Earth
Cosmic Journeys : The Largest Black Holes in the Universe
The Mystery of the Milky Way
Fractals: The Hidden Dimension
Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking: The Story of Everything
Pioneer Science: Discovering Deep Space
Carl Sagan’s Cosmos
The Strangest Things In The Universe

[25] Science:

The history of scientific discovery and how scientific instruments expand our perception.

The Complete History of Science
Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell
Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Time
Quantum Mechanics: Fabric of the Cosmos
The Light Fantastic
DNA: The Secret of Life
Parallel Universes, Alternative Timelines & Multiverse
What Is The Higgs Boson?

[26] Evolution:

The story of our evolution and the emergence of self-aware human beings.

The Origin of Life
Homo Sapiens: The Birth of Humanity
Beyond Me
The Global Brain
Metanoia: A New Vision of Nature
Birth Of A New Humanity
Ape Man: Adventures in Human Evolution
The Incredible Human Journey
The Human Family Tree

[27] Psychology and The Brain:

New research is shining a spotlight on how we can improve our brains.

How Smart Can We Get?
The Science of Lust
The Secret You
What Are Dreams?
A Virus Called Fear
Beyond Thought (Awareness Itself)
The Human Brain
Superconscious Mind: How To Double Your Brain’s Performance
How Does Your Memory Work?
Secrets of the Mind

[28] Modern History:

The story of the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and the rise of the modern world.

History of the World in Two Hours
The Industrial Revolution
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
The French Revolution
Big Sugar
The American Revolution

[29] Pre-Modern History:

The story of the Americas and European history in the pre-modern world.

Socrates, Aristotle and Plato
The Medici: The Most Influencial Family In The World
A History of Celtic Britain
The Crusades: Victory and Defeat
The Vikings: Voyage To America
Copernicus and the Scientific Revolution

[30] Current Events:

Become more informed about current events that are shaping the world.

Syria: The Reckoning
Empire: Putin’s Russia
The New Arms Race
The Killing of Yasser Arafat
Egypt In Crisis
Inside Obama’s Presidency
The Untouchables: How Obama Protected Wall Street
Behind The Rhetoric: The Real Iran
A History of the Middle East since WWII
Climate Wars

[31] Ancient Civilizations:

Fascination explorations into the ancient civilizations of our past.

The Persian Empire : Most Mysterious Civilization in the Ancient World
What The Ancients Did For Us
What the Ancients Knew
Egypt: Beyond the Pyramids
Secrets of the Ancient Empires
Graham Hancock’s Quest For The Lost Civilization
Atlantis: The Lost Continent
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

I hope you enjoy watching some of these mind expanding documentaries! If you have a personal favorite, please share it with everyone in the comments.

Credits: DIY Genius

“For me, the most ironic token of [the first human moon landing] is the plaque signed by President Richard M. Nixon that Apollo 11 took to the moon. It reads, ‘We came in peace for all Mankind.’ As the United States was dropping seven and a half megatons of conventional explosives on small nations in Southeast Asia, we congratulated ourselves on our humanity. We would harm no one on a lifeless rock.”    ~ Carl Sagan   

The Rothschilds… they and their banking cartel have also funded all sides in virtually every war since about 1800 - wars that their agents in government, the military and intelligence agencies have manipulated into being. This has cost the lives of at least hundreds of millions (75 million in the two world wars alone) and allowed governments and people to be controlled through debt payments on the loans. When the wars have devastated countries, the Rothschild banking cartel lends more money to rebuild them - plus interest, of course. They also own the armament companies that supply the weapons at staggering profits, secured by direct sales and still more loans to governments to buy them. As Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife, said shortly before she died in 1849: ‘If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.’
—  David Icke - Human Race Get Off Your Kness

Initially, I was embraced by the stakeholders of the mainstream LGBT movement. I quickly noticed that despite the unifying acronym, the people at the table often did not reflect me or my community. These spaces and conversations were dominated by men, specifically upper-middle-class white cis gay men. Women, people of color, trans folks, and especially folks who carried multiple identities were all but absent. I was grateful for the invitation but unfilled by the company. This was my political awakening.

I was tasked with speaking out about these glaring disparities, about how those with the most access within the movement set the agenda, contribute to the skewed media portrait, and overwhelmingly fail at funneling resources to those most marginalized. My awakening pushed me to be more vocal about these issues, prompting uncomfortable but necessary conversations about the movement privileging middle- and upper-class cis gay and lesbian rights over the daily access issues plaguing low-income LGBT youth and LGBT people of color, communities that carry interlocking identities that are not mutually exclusive, that make them all the more vulnerable to poverty, homelessness, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, hyper-criminalization, violence, and so much more.

—  Janet Mock, Redefining Realness

“The problem with the politicians of both parties in the US is that neither of them have a real agenda except to feather their own nests. They both have their hands deep in corporate pockets. All the rest is sleight of hand and distraction to keep the public occupied with trivia, divided against each other, and thinking their vote matters.”  

The World Deserves To Know The Truth! A full Disclosure is on the horizon, but only YOU can bring it about.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, we are awake now… We may not know the truth, we may not all agree on what’s going on behind the scenes, but the majority of the population agrees that there is a behind the scenes, and we are being lied to on a global scale. Revolutions are taking place across the globe, conspiracy communities abound from the verifiable banking cartel driving the world economies into the ground to the speculative and ludicrous like flat earther’s. Whether you think Nibiru is about to trash our solar system or Obama is the antichrist you know something is up.

I’m not going to tell you what the truth is because in all honesty, no one individually knows the full story, but I’m going to tell you how you can help flesh out the truth, and bring about a global change to free the world from all of this secrecy and confusion.

First don’t be quick to believe anything you hear about “The truth” accept your limitations around what you KNOW and what you THINK YOU KNOW, and what you can possibly know. It is okay not to know, it is actually better to admit you don’t know something rather than preach something as truth when you yourself haven’t verified through research and personal experience what you believe. For those in the know the cabal who’ve high jacked the economy and government solutions feel fleeting, and even if a solution were to be formulated not enough people would be informed enough or would agree for a solution to be effective.

That is why the most important thing you can do to free the world and bring about a full disclosure of the truth is simply talk to other people about your suspicions. “Conspiracy” has intentionally been given a negative stigma, those who speak of conspiracies have often been chastised and mocked by society creating fear around opening up and telling people what you think might actually be going on. This is what divides us, what keeps the 99% from unifying. But now a large majority of the 99% are thinking the same thing “There is some bullshit going on”. So go out, talk to your family, talk to your friends, research your assumptions both to build your understanding and allow you to convey your thoughts to others in a more solid fashion. You will likely find yourself surprised what similar suspicions your family and friends may have, or how receptive they might be to these ideas. The more people you talk to the more comfortable it will become, and the more people will feel free to share there thoughts with others as well as you. Be open to other people’s ideas and conceptions about what they believe is going on behind the scenes. See how their picture lines up with your own, in this way you both get to receive feedback and confirmation on what you believe as well as exchange insights and information the other may not have heard.

We don’t need to fear eachother anymore. We are all on the same sinking ship, and though some think it was an iceberg that damaged the ship and others think it was a terrorist, if we all start talking with one another and disclosing what we know the truth will flesh itself out. Speaking out and connecting with others is your part in this global revolution. This revolution can and should be peaceful, all we have to do is put aside our fears, take a social risk, and start to talk to those around you.

You are the resistance, you are the force of change, only you can change the world. You won’t be doing this alone, by speaking out you give others the opportunity to follow and join your side along with us. This is the front line, we either unify now, begin to listen to one another and swallow our convictions, or remain fearful, keep to ourselves, and lose this glorious opportunity to change the world for the better.

i just read this little book put out by JVP containing stories by members about how they arrived at anti-zionism, and a few things stick out. most writers come from academic and middle or upper-middle class backgrounds. many writers connect anti-zionism to other movements rhetorically, but not materially; they have no conscious political ideology underpinning their anti-zionism or connecting it to other political movements. most writers recount the same story: zionist upbringing, personal moral awakening, political activism through JVP.

for a movement so often called radical or leftist, the more i learn about JVP the more they look like liberal jews using activism to assuage their moral guilt over israeli occupation of palestinians. guilt cannot form the basis for any meaningful political program (it’s time for INN to retire the “moral disaster” refrain and find a material basis for its politics). it’s ridiculous that they have a near monopoly on the jewish left.

Who could challenge the contention that the world is an asylum when you observe the place for even a few minutes? – We have bankers lending us money that doesn’t exist (‘credit’) and charging interest on it – We have doctors supposedly healing the sick when the biggest killer in the United States is the treatment – We respond to cancer by killing the patient with chemotherapy and radiation which destroys the immune system and opens the door to even more cancer and much else – We have vaccines allegedly boosting the immune system when they are actually destroying it – We have scientists telling us how everything works, when they have not a clue about the true nature of reality and thus not a clue about how everything works – We have teachers telling children and young people whatever an insane and ignorant system dictates, no matter how flawed and mendacious it may be – We have men in frocks telling their congregations that all they need to know is between the covers of a single book, the Bible, Koran, Talmud, whatever; even crazier than that, we have billions believing them – We have political parties competing for office when behind the scenes all are controlled by the same force, which is why the same agenda unfolds no matter who is officially in government – We eat and drink chemical poisons in food and water and most people appear to think that this is perfectly okay – We have genetically-modified food that is genetically modifying us and yet most people never even consider the possibility or the implications – We have a media with no idea what is going on in the world telling us what is going on in the world – We have our freedoms constantly deleted to protect our freedoms – And we have civilians pepper-bombed from the sky to protect them from violence.
—  David Icke - The Perception Deception