political amnesia

Each election now becomes a moment of life-or-death urgency that precludes dissent or even reflection. For liberals, there is only one option in an election year, and that is to elect, at whatever cost, whichever Democrat is running. This modus operandi has tethered what remains of the left to a Democratic Party that has long since renounced its commitment to any sort of redistributive vision and imposes a willed amnesia on political debate. True, the last Democrat was really unsatisfying, but this one is better; true, the last Republican didn’t bring destruction on the universe, but this one certainly will. And, of course, each of the “pivotal” Supreme Court justices is four years older than he or she was the last time.
—  Adolph Reed, Nothing Left- The long, slow surrender of American liberals

I painted a welcome message to Hillary Clinton and the aerial news media on my South Philadelphia roof, just blocks from where the Democratic National Convention kicks off today, in the inimitable words uttered 16 years ago by a fearless and furious voice that is sorely missed in these dark times. 

Lesser evilism has brought us to this point where we are faced with two very lethal options that fundamentally represent the same interests, and it isn’t ours. And WikiLeaks confirmed on Saturday what we already knew about the DNC colluding with the Clinton campaign to secure her nomination well before any votes were cast. It has become abundantly clear that elections are not much more than political theater while our hopes and fears are being packaged and turned into a commodity that is sold right back to us. 

We must stop settling and find some alternative, any alternative, to this god forsaken slow death march. Otherwise in 4 years we will once again fall victim to political amnesia, like clockwork, and we’ll repeat this same old tired dance. And make no mistake, the extremism of one candidate shall not render the alternate candidates beyond reproach. Taking two bags of garbage out at the same time is not an impossibility.

“Elections are just a quiet, peaceful dance, for the things they will never let us have.”