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As someone who wants to go into the mental health field as a mentally ill person themselves...

Split is gonna be an amazing movie.

Hell my Psychological Adaptations teacher BADLY wants to take a small group of kids to go see it with her. We watched the trailer in class and kids who knew nothing about mental illness asked questions on how DID affected someone.

We’ve watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, read the book it’s based on and even watched Bates Motel. We’ve gone into the nitty gritty of what kind of trauma it takes to get to this level. And let me tell you the kids in this class LOVE breaking down why the human brain deals with trauma like this. Kids who all(except for the few mentally ill in the room) had an ableist point of view when it came to mental illness

(I stated I was bipolar during a discussion and immediately got looks but they all did ask for me to explain it more and they realized they were misinformed)

They’ve managed to understand that this is purely fiction IN LITERALLY THE EQUIVALENT OF 3 HOURS.



For fucks sake my final paper is even gonna be about if Anthony Perkins(Norman Bates in Psycho)is accurately portraying the body language of someone who has DID according to the DSM-5. Mind you THE MOVIE WAS MADE IN LIKE THE 60’S.

A lot of kids are doing a creative writing piece about Normal Bates seeing a psychologist and are going to be graded on if it is a normal sensible piece.

My teacher (who has a masters in Psychology a masters in English and is working on a PHD and is also mentally ill) is so excited about this movie she’s patiently waiting for the DVD so she can base a whole class around it like she did with Psycho(and is doing Lolita in three weeks I’m so mad I don’t need more English credit after this)


Instead of yelling why this is ableist, take a moment to ask the person if they know any facts about DID. If not kindly explain that this is a work of fiction instead of yelling at them.

I never rant about anything on tumblr but I can’t stand all this “boycott” bullshit.

Edit: A vague call out by someone who blocked me immediately afterward is now a thing. Funny. Edit 2: I have officially gotten my first “kill yourself” anon. Thank you for your compassion.
the signs careers

aries - actor, personal trainer, ceo
taurus - chef, financing, forest ranger
gemini - comedian, novelist, public relations
cancer - care taker, nutritionist, teacher
leo - actor, politics, director
virgo - therapist, detective, editor
libra - law enforcement, travel agents, wedding planner
scorpio - secret agent, surgeon, model
sagittarius - teacher, journalist, non-profit worker
capricorn - manager, architect, engineer
aquarius - photography, entrepreneur, scientist
pisces - doctor, musician, psychologist

I don’t think you’ll ever understand what a remarkable person you are, and how rare it is for someone like you to come along. You often seem like the eye of the storm, calm and unreadable and somewhat bemused in the whirlwind you’ve created. 

But I think that’s why we all try so hard to remind you just how special you are. Because it’s people like that who are often the first to forget. 

Happy Birthday, Misha <3 

Sebastian’s controversy

I see so many people complaining about how people are dying and how he’s part of what is wrong with society and that his white persona doesn’t understand shit. I find it so ridiculous.

He was fully aware of what the picture meant, but he has a satire as sense of humor, doesn’t fit everyone but it fits him. He didn’t make the picture (fucking hypocritical the creator doesn’t even her one once of hate for it). And the issue the movie talks about it’s just as important as the issue the protest are about. This protest have been going on for months because we talked about it in one of my classes back in February, so the excuse poor timing is just stupid to me. This is why I’m not offended, I found it funny. Does that make me a heartless bitch? No, because I’m still against police brutality and discrimination against people of color. I work with organizations and I’m very vocal about it.

Now, instead of peacefully and with manner explain the different points of views, people are attacking each other and insulting each other. Even as far as sending death treats. Like what the hell, can we not be civil toward each other? I got called mayo white ass, bitch, and some many other things today for expressing my point of view in a civilized way. If you want to educate people, no matter what it is or the side you’re own, you do it civilized or else you look like a moron.

This is not about being far up his ass, but if you’re gonna complain about how this doesn’t help you better be actually doing something that is not just sitting around and complaining. To me, and this is by experience, protest don’t do shit. They won’t fix the issue, they won’t help to make the country better. Which is why I am also not fully supportive of this whole movement. I love what it stands for, but I don’t agree with the way its handle.

Now this is my opinion, you want to talk about it or educate me? Fine, but be civilized.

Edit: He has now deleted the picture and posted an apology.

‘Liberal values: it doesn’t mean you don’t have a core. It means you are open to inclusivity and tolerance. We have to be prepared to defend those things and when we’re called on those values by the likes of T***p, we need to stand up for them.’
—  Ralph Fiennes, 2016, in The Evening Standard 

When you’re offended about actors getting political even though you are a fan of a political show where the actual plot revolves around criticising the Government in favour of truth and justice………………………..

fae-ble  asked:

What are your thoughts on the people saying Wonder Woman is bad because of the actress's beliefs on Palestine and such?

I wont pretend to be an expert on the Israel/Palestine situation or gal godots position on that. Its complicated, and i am ill informed. (Like, yes i think Israel should, like exist. Also yes, i take deep issue with many of the things the government has done to the Palestinian people, etc) its a whole messy thing and im really not like, a fountain of informed analysis on this topic. And i really dont know much about gal godot or anything she has said or done personally.

However, I think people are allowed their feelings about actors, and actors politics, and how that impacts their movie going choices.

I, personally, am excited to see the film and i hope it is good. If others are not, then they are more than entitled to their opinions about it. I wont hold it against anyone.

adam driver talking about playing a villian: Oh hes motive is really interesting and he has a tragic backstory™ and etc etc…

Domhnall Gleeson talking about playing a villain: Him evil.