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it's alright if you don't answer this; I just needed to say it-- there is a feeling of such deep pain to see you make light of the us political situation. Trump winning would mean, among other things, my girlfriend and I losing the right to marry, means LGBT conversion therapy, means, essentially, people like me becoming second-class citizens. I feel like people don't care, and it makes me feel sick with fear.

I understand what you’re saying and absolutely sympathize with the fear you are feeling.  I generally try to keep my blog more RPG/nerd-humor focused than politically oriented, so that’s why I’m pretty flippant about this election.

Donald Trump is a horrible, terrifying man that will do untold damage to our coutnry, its citizens, and the citizens of the world if elected president.  He is an evil man.  Hillary Clinton is a professional politician whose every move is designed to improve her power, career, and political influence.  Every seemingly progressive policy she claims she does for her own benefit and not for the benefit of the margianlized or oppressed.  She is an evil woman manipulating our system of government to her own ends.

While both of these two individuals I find morally reprehensible, Trump is a far greater threat to the stability of the country, our economy, and world events.  The fact that HRC’s primary guiding principle is the advancement of her political career does not mitigate the fact that she is an evil, self-serving woman, but it does mean she has a self-imposed restriction on her behavior: look like a respectable politician.  Trump does not have this restriction.  That means, Clinton’s self-serving nature puts fewer people at risk than Donald Trump.

I will not vote for Trump and will do everything I can to discourage the people I know from voting for Trump.  But I also have no judgement to cast on people whose consciences will not allow them to vote for the lesser of two evils.  I have no guile for those who vote for 3rd parties, cast blank ballots, or conscienciously abstain from voting in this election.  At the same time I can recognize that Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils, and will continue wrestling with the best way to serve my country and my own conscience.

I don’t understand my fellow Bernie supporters who say they won’t vote for Hillary. I trust Bernie sanders and if he himself tells us to vote for her I will do so. She is not my preferred candidate and I have some real problems with her but she is far from the enemy. Voting for anyone else in this election is just putting us one step closer to a trump presidency, which is something that scares me beyond words. Please, if you can, go vote and vote for the party that supports the people and equality. Vote for Hillary Clinton.

Why I believe a lot of gun enthusiasts are psychopaths.

First off, I believe in the right to own a gun. It’s in the constitution, we use them for hunting, and they’re a part of our society. What I don’t  believe in however, is solving all your problems with a gun. 

The most common scenario that’s brought up with guns are home defense. While that’s a reasonable argument, there are some huge flaws with it. In most states, there’s a law that states that you have a duty to retreat. You can’t just open fire on anyone that comes into your home unless you have absolutely no other options AND your life is on the line. There isn’t a single possession that you could possibly have that’s worth taking someone’s life over.

 There are so many stories of people who have gone into the wrong house by accident or were going to a friend’s house and got lost on the way or stuff similar to that and ended up being killed because of trigger-happy “gun enthusiasts” with no regards to human life.

Just because someone enters your home DOES NOT give you the right to put a bullet in their head. I wish they’d teach this in gun safety lessons.

Simply racking a gun or shouting out that you’ve called the police will make most intruders flee out of fear.

If they come at you with a weapon of some sort, your first instinct should be to run. jump out a window, go out a back-door, hide in your bathroom. stuff like that. Your next action if they’re still coming at you is to fire a warning shot if the situation allows you the time to do that. After that, if for some reason they’re still coming at you, and ONLY if you have absolutely no other options or any other way out, should you shoot to incapacitate, not kill. I wish they’d teach this stuff in gun training classes.

Remember, you’re bargaining with someone else’s life. If you kill someone then you have to live with that burden for the rest of your life. Think before you act.