polite vega

this happens at least once a week let’s be real


How long do you give yourself before you run the Strip into the ground?” 

Rage bubbles in his core and the hole on the side of his head throbs slightly. He won’t give them the satisfaction of an answer. He stops at the doorway, not bothering to turn back, “when the NCR inevitably decides to try and send another envoy, remember who it was that finally slit Caesar’s throat. And, you’re right. I’m not a politician. I’m just a wastelander who’s seen too much bullshit come from politics.” 


A Figure in the Wastes:

A modern mix for the detached drifter; wanderers not enraptured by the neon beacons of The Strip; for the Couriers for whom the desert dust has become a second skin.



It’s time for Friday Reads! Here’s what we’re working on:

Correspondent Karen Grigsby Bates: An advance copy of Joe Ide’s second Isaiah Quintabe (call him IQ) novel. Crime. Identity politics. Satire. Las Vegas. What could possibly go wrong? (If someone hasn’t bought the rights to this series – Helloooo, Netflix? HBO? Amazon? – I would be deeply surprised. And disappointed.)

Boss Lady Ellen Silva: Poems, Protest, and a Dream by the amazing, ahead-of-her-time writer and feminist Sor Juana  Inez de la Cruz.

Producer Jessica Reedy: I’m planning on tearing through Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud: The Rise and Reign of the Unruly Woman by Anne Helen Petersen this weekend.

News Assistant Sydnee Monday: PEN America Best Debut Short Stories 2017

My tumblr buddy Petra says she’s reading “COMICS. SO MANY COMICS,” and I just started Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See.

How about you??


"Oh. I don't know if you recognize me from the Strip, when I handed you the Mark of Caesar? I wasn't wearing a dog's head at the time."
Vulpes Inculta
"Oh. I don't know if you recognize me from the Strip, when I handed you the Mark of Caesar? I wasn't wearing a dog's head at the time."


anonymous asked:

Will the story and possible endings of New Vegas and 4 be ignored?

Since Seattle is geographically pretty isolated from the Southwest by multiple mountain ranges, the factions and politics of New Vegas aren’t really going to come into play. 

We’re doing all we can to ensure none of the story we create contradicts endings of NV or negates player choice there- but that mostly means we simply aren’t touching on those factions in our own story.

To put it into perspective… Seattle was founded as a city almost 100 years after San Francisco, and the city founders arrived by boat because of the mountains.  And we’re talking about the mid-1800s.  The age of steam engines for boats, of railroads, of telegraphs. The transportation and communication technology was actually superior in some ways to post-bomb Fallout universe.

We get a lot of questions about New Vegas integration and really, the geographical isolation of the Pacific Northwest cannot be ignored in this case.  I mean, all those yellows are “major undertaking to climb, death or disaster is a very real possibility if you don’t know your shit” level mountains.  The brown gets into some “ever hear of the Donner party” territory. 

My beautiful Communist son
  • Arcade Gannon: *Upon entering the Strip.* I'll never understand the allure of giving away your money to the rich.
  • Arcade Gannon: *When the Courier says they want his help putting the Legion in power of Vegas.* My political beliefs are a bit more progressive than outright fascism, so I'll pass. Thanks
  • Arcade Gannon: *When asked if he always deflects personal questions* Only to obfuscate my past association with a fascist paramilitary organization.
  • Arcade Gannon: *Upon being told the Courier is interested in knowing about him and not to put himself down* Oh... and I like medicine and reading books about failed Pre-War socioeconomic policies.