polite sherlock is polite

  • Mycroft: The Americans are keeping codeword-level intel from us. Our analysts are out of their depth.
  • Sherlock: Boring.
  • Mycroft: You know Eurus can't help us anymore. Five minutes on Twitter, that's all I'm asking.
  • Sherlock: Hashtag Go Away.
  • Mycroft: Sherlock. Please.
  • Sherlock: Ah. Desperate, are you? Your people handle my dry cleaning for six months.
  • Mycroft: Fine.
  • Sherlock: Fine. Show me.
  • Mycroft: Just this. What do you make of it? "covfefe"...?
Teaser for new Sherlock fic

Here’s a little teaser for my new Sherlock x Reader fic “Political” (working title). 

A political marriage isn’t for everyone, but for (Y/N), it was perfect. A rising star on the political stage, (Y/N) had one flaw. She was single. A single woman, no matter how competent, doesn’t win elections. She was neck and neck in the running for Prime Minister, a title she’s been working for since college. A title she deserved. One where she could enact real lasting change.

They met in college, and needless to say, did not get along. That was years ago, and while the animosity hasn’t faded, things have still changed. Now he was Sherlock Holmes, Britain’s favorite detective and pseudo-celebrity.

Drive and the prospect of power really can force people to do anything, even marry their sworn enemy.

Here’s a snippet from the first draft:

“Never thought I’d see you again.” Sherlock spoke once Mrs. Hudson was out of earshot. Both of his hands were behind his back, straightening his posture and giving the illusion that he was taller than he was.

“Oh believe me the feeling is mutual.” You crossed your legs from your seated position in ‘his chair’.

“Then why are you here.” Sherlock asked, raising an eyebrow and taking a careful few steps forward.

“I’m surprised you haven’t deduced it. You were always so good at that.” You teased but kept your composure.

“You’ve always been hard to read.” He mumbled. His eyes danced around your frame, clearly making another unsuccessful attempt to read you.

“Does that make me special?” You asked, seriously. You maintained your professional air, you needed the upper hand in this situation. With Sherlock, everything was always about control.

“Perhaps.” He admitted, squinting his eyes before taking a seat across from you.

“You’ve seen the polls, Sherlock. As much as you try to avoid current events I’m sure you’ve heard. If things don’t change, I won’t survive this election. Apparently I have one gaping character flaw.” You spoke, changing the subject, taking charge.

“Besides the fact that you’re a power hungry, opportunistic, tabloid whore?” He asked, rudely, but not entirely false.

“Yes, aside from that.” You said sarcastically and rolled your eyes.

“Well enlighten me, (Y/N).” He steepled his fingers under his chin, a habit he picked up many years ago and has adopted as routine.

“I’m single.” You stated plainly.

“Single?” He asked in disbelief, his hands moving to the arms of the chair to lift himself slightly and lean forward.

“Yes, single people, especially women don’t win elections.” You told him, mimicking his actions.

“Edward Heath was single.” Sherlock argued.

“Heath only served 4 years and was publically assumed to be gay.” You countered, this banter reminded you of when you first met Sherlock.

“Fair point. That still doesn’t explain why you’re here.” He leaned back slightly, unsure of the situation.

“Do you really need me to spell it out for you? We’d both stand to gain from this Sherlock.” You leaned forward to maintain the close distance between you.

“From what?” Sherlock asked, his head turned to the side in curiosity and his brows furrowed.

“A political marriage, you idiot.”

Let me know what you think and if you want to see more of this story or be added to my tag list! 

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I don’t care if I get hate and or backlash from this but I feel like it needs to be said.

I don’t know when and I don’t know how but all of a sudden fanfiction has become about a certain type of race, religion, sexual orientation or what ever. News flash fanfiction is something that people turn to, to take themselves out of their lives for a moment and be with their favourite characters. Now most people when writing fanfiction put (y/s/c) which is your skin colour or something like that, like eye colour, religion, race. Stop hating on writers if you don’t like it make a suggestion for them next time or better yet write your own stuff and see what happens then, because you will find it is so difficult to please everyone. If you don’t like it than don’t read it and don’t give unwanted opinions. I am so sick of political correctness it’s not funny. Fandoms and fanfiction is a safe place for people to turn to in a crappy world don’t take that away from them.

ID #19891

Name: Mo
Age: 17
Country: Germany

So, I’m always kinda awkward at writing so I guess I’ll just start quickly, like ripping off a band-aid, right?
So, my name is Mo, I am a 17 year old, pretty average girl from Germany, who loves a lot of things honestly. I currently speak four languages fluently and am trying to learn a fifth, but it’s kinda hard right now because I’m on exchange and even dream in Spanish.

Music is my life. I like almost all genres but I really love rock. Also, I love to listen to Pink Floyd, Fall Out Boy, Coldplay, Panic! At the Disco, those songs from IAMX that were featured on How To Get Away With Murder, Classical Rock and all this but sometimes I just sit there and listen to Disney Songs. It all depends on my mood, honestly.

I am a huge nerd, as you may have noticed. My favourite books are forever the Harry Potter Series (Snape was a great character but an awful person), mainly out of nostalgia, honestly, but I read, like, a lot.
My favourite movie is Now You See Me, I guess, but I have seen a lot and it’s difficult to choose. I also love marvel and expecially Guardians of the Galaxy!

Reading fan fiction is one of my hobbies and have been a writer since I was ten (Just saying: Marauders, OC. You can imagine how that ended) but I thankfully deleted all of them before I could start a new My Immortal. I still have a lot of ideas but I know that I never make it to the fifth chapter so I seldom write them out.
I also had a poetry phase, an impressionistic phase and right now I’m into archery. I know.

I also watch/watched a lot of series, like Scorpion, Sherlock, Brooklyn 99, The Librarians, Criminal Minds, Merlin and a lot more that I can’t remember right now.

I am the kind of person you would probably hate to watch a movie with because I always have to add my sarcastic and incredibly smart-ass comments.

I’m also very interested in politics, memes as well as the serious stuff even though I’m pretty desilusioned right now.

I hope, this gave you a sneak peak into my personality and if you’re interested in writing me, feel free to do so! I’m always there to fangirl or just to write about daily life problems!

Preferences: I’d like someone around my age, let’s say 15 - 20. Otherwise I’m pretty open, but I guess it would be great if you shared some of my interests so we have something to write about:) I prefer to first write emails and maybe later send each other small packages? Also I’d love to do those dorky pen pal challenges, so it would be better if you were up to it! :)

darjeelinglove  asked:

She was Mycrofts niece, a bubbly teenage girl but surprising polite. When she isisted that she wanted to visit him he left her for a moment in his room when she found his sword umbrella. With mischief promising eyes she took that umbrella and fighted with the air like a enemy was standing right infront of her. With a serious expression she made quiet fight sounds. "You never going to win thief!" She said in a dramatic voice. Right in this moment he came in with two cups of tea.

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I’m in love with this concept.


ID #47867

Name: Aurélie
Age: 23
Country: Belgium


I’m Aurélie (pronounced o re lee) and I’m 23 years old. I work in a warehouse to fold, sort and secure clothes. I like Harry potter, orphan black, Orange is the new black, BBC Sherlock and Doctor who (Jodie is perfect, fight me). Apart from that I like walking and politics.

Preferences: Age 18 - 26
No homophobia or racism allowed

Sherlock fans,

okay, here is the deal—here is why we’re upset:

we’re a 30 year old franchise, we multiple continuities (that means tv shows, comics, books, movies, video games, each with unique storylines that are parallel to the original). #TFP stands for ❛ TRANSFORMERS PRIME ❜, which is one of them, a dominant one, and we have been using #tfp for nearly seven years. SO, while Sherlock’s “TFP” may have been written in the 1880s, we have been actively using that tag to share our content. this would be like us taking over the tag for an entire sherlock BOOK for one of our episodes.

we understand that you use abbreviations for episodes as they come out, and i don’t know if you’ve ever come across that conflict before, but there is a serious one now.

we’re not silly, we’re not stupid—EVEN IF our content is about stilly and sometimes arguably stupid robots. our interest is valid…

we’re being told that because we’re supposedly smaller we’re invalid and we should gtfo and gtfoi.

i don’t think you’d appreciate if it someone, like say the Star Wars fandom which IS larger than any of us, told you to move out of the #sherlock tag for whatever reason. you’d ask them to kindly start using a different tag before it became an issue.

PLEASE respect us and the fact that this is our space. we don’t want to be evicted like as though we don’t matter, and seven years of hard work is entirely erased because someone else decided to appropriate a tag we’ve been consistently using for years.

we are just begging you to respect us how you’d wish to be respected, and not to feel entitled to invade the space that we’ve already been using. i understand it is just a tag, but this has been our tag… our home.

now, look at this baby duck & its owl friend: