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Hi, I read that you've dealt with with impostor syndrome in the past, and I'm really struggling with that right now. I'm in a good place and my friends are going through a lot, and I'm struggling to justify my success to myself when such amazing people are unhappy. I was wondering if you have any tips to feel less like this and maybe be kinder to myself, but without hurting anyone around me. It's a big ask, I know, but any help would make my life a lot less stressful

The best help I can offer is to point you to Amy Cuddy’s book, Presence. She talks about Imposter Syndrome (and interviews me in it) and offers helpful insight.

The second best help might be in the form of an anecdote. Some years ago, I was lucky enough invited to a gathering of great and good people: artists and scientists, writers and discoverers of things. And I felt that at any moment they would realise that I didn’t qualify to be there, among these people who had really done things.

On my second or third night there, I was standing at the back of the hall, while a musical entertainment happened, and I started talking to a very nice, polite, elderly gentleman about several things, including our shared first name. And then he pointed to the hall of people, and said words to the effect of, “I just look at all these people, and I think, what the heck am I doing here? They’ve made amazing things. I just went where I was sent.”

And I said, “Yes. But you were the first man on the moon. I think that counts for something.”

And I felt a bit better. Because if Neil Armstrong felt like an imposter, maybe everyone did. Maybe there weren’t any grown-ups, only people who had worked hard and also got lucky and were slightly out of their depth, all of us doing the best job we could, which is all we can really hope for.

(There’s a wonderful photograph of the Three Neils even if one of us was a Neal at http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2012/08/neil-armstrong.html)

i decided to make a little thing for pride month!! it was something i wanted to draw since i don’t even know, so there it is: little fusions with pjo/hoo characters!

JERCY (jason and percy):

- gorgeous ace boy

- such an amazing leader. he’s very persistent and  most of the time work with fun to make his point. life’s boring, but he doesn’t need to be

- king of hot&cute face

PIPABETH (piper and annabeth):

- bi queen

- she’s the leader of everything. get out of her way. seriously

- “please kill me softly”

NANK (nico and frank):

- very gay

- he’s so polite. literally the biggest gentleman in the world

- doesn’t talk much, but if you need him, he’ll be there for you. anytime

LEYNA/REO (reyna and leo):

- handsome trans boy

- no one beats him at anything. it doesn’t matter what you’re playing, you will lose

- the world is his. bow down, please

HACHEL (hazel and rachel):

- pan-cutie

- art!! queen of drawings

- small and sweet, but will never tolerate any of your shit

i LOVE this. actually wanted to do more with another characters like will, grover, clarisse, etc.

She’s Just Not That Into You » Part II (A Harry Styles Miniseries)

Miss the first part? Find it here.

Once again, this miniseries is dedicated to @stylesunchained​. I love you, B! This time around, the ever-so-lovely @chrissy22787​ helped me out, and I thank you - immensely - for that, my dear friend. 

Let me know what you think! Happy reading.

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Even if Nick did piss him off, Harry couldn’t help but be proud of his best friend whenever he was awarded opportunities. He worked hard, and it was nice to see that hard work pay off in the end. So, when Nick mentioned that you were having a viewing party for his appearance on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, Harry feared that he wouldn’t be able to celebrate the milestone with him.

“Ask her,” he demanded one afternoon.

Nick laughed, his eyes widening at Harry’s insistence. After little pleading from his friend, Nick sent a text asking you if Harry could be his plus one for the dinner party. Once he’d sent it, Harry forced Nick to show him the text for proof, figuring that it was just like him to say he’d asked you when he didn’t, instead showing up to the party with Harry anyway, thinking it was funny to throw both of you for a loop. Nick’s phone dinged minutes later, your name lighting up the screen. Your response of “Sure.” had caused Harry to go into an existential crisis, the wrinkle in his brow deep as he pulled at his lips.

“She doesn’t want me there,” he grunted. “‘m not goin’.”

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Headcannons on how lance, shiro, and Keith flirt? I guess we all know how lance flirts tho...😅 Love your work!!

thank you! here you go!!


* ok so obviously we know how Lance flirts right??
* you’re wrong.
* that’s just harmless flirting he does with people he knows he most likely won’t see again.
* when it comes to people and their terms of flirting, there are also different preferences and circumstances.
* Lance does not flirt with every breathing female in the universe, buuuut, he does at the same time????
* ok so if he really does know someone, like knows more about them as a friend and such, then I feel like his flirting would be a lot different
* Like, say you’re close with him, but not BFF close, then he’ll probably say something’s like “oh really now?” “Make me.” y'all know how those are when it comes to flirting I assume
* if he really really reallllly likes you, he will be the most polite gentleman ever.
* lance: are you gonna [eat/drink/do] this? you: should I?
lance: well it’s up to you of course, if you don’t wanna you don’t have to. I can get something else for you [or ‘I can do it for you instead’]
* crying would totally at one point get really awkward and go back to being a crazy flirt and you’re just like “ohmymgodjj”


* shiro??? I think you mean the purest being to walk and breathe and LIVE????
* call out post: shiro is a babby
* will only flirt if you really know each other and would never flirt if you had just met because he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable
* he’s either extremely quiet and shy or just straight out bold when flirting
* “Uhm, I uhm, like, uh, can I, get, uh, uhm, like,” and you basically just break down into tears because you don’t know if you should help him or laugh???
* “Your eyes are gorgeous.” and you’re just eating w/ him and he says this out of no where after staring lovingly at you for minutes on end now and you’re going to cry
* hi once he was really confident, but like Lance confident and when you guys were hugging he squeezed your ass and you both gasped so fukccn loud Keith thought you both were suffocating
* shiro just sat down and covered his face for an hour and you started to think his Galran Arm absorbs water AKA his tears
* you weren’t wrong yet you were right because his tears just seeped through the joints


* save this boi
* once he tried flirting with this girl while on a field trip, because 1) said girl wasn’t from his area and he probably wouldn’t see them again. And 2) said girl doesn’t know that he’s an awkward bean
* it did not work out to say the least (he went to buy her some popcorn and started eating it on the way back and wasn’t paying attention and watched as he tripped and seagulls ate the popcorn and he just didn’t meet back up with her
* if he was in a relationship it would come slowly and surely
* probably a large gentleman if you’ve been together a short time
* holds open doors and helps you cook
* I headcanon he cannot cook full meals
* once he kissed you for the first time you were used to it but before that he kissed the top of your head once and he could’ve sworn you were on the verge of tears
* it was so soft and sweet n pure and you just got so happy because it was just such a comforting feeling and you didn’t know how to react
* my gosh if u ever see him with Lance and they aren’t arguing get him out of there he is ASKING LANCE FOR TIPS
* if he listened to Lance he’d come up to you and mix it all up
* “Did u sit on a pile of sugar????? cus you’re from Tennessee.”
* save him

Mine (M)

gif credits to Smuttyfairy

Summary: When your shower-drying session gets cut short and you’re left with nothing but a towel, Jungkook couldn’t help but indulge in his thoughts when he saw you. He opened his mouth to speak what was on his mind just before you ran off to your room and slammed the door shut, only to have your fretting thoughts interrupted as Jungkook entered the room uninvited with eyes darker than sin.

Genre: smut w/ plenty of dirty talk c:

Insert Versions: Noona | (Y/N)

Word count: 5613

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy & Admin Kookfairy

A/N: So this scenario is based on a dream I had long ago in which I did tell Admin Kookfairy about to which in turn she made this soft, innocent & somewhat comedic dream into a turn for the dirty. The dream was basically me having friends (BTS & others) over and at some point I go and take a shower, get kicked out of the bathroom by my friend’s older brother (played by Yoongi in this) and find Jungkook sitting outside in front of my room to where I freak out inside because I’m in nothing but a towel and then I go to my room and see the mess that it is and freak out more. Then I wake up. LOL. At the time I didn’t think to write out the dream in any way but since I had almost forgotten it completely I considered the idea of it. So here it is now, my fluff dream + Admin Kookfairy’s rude words inspired this scenario to fully be written. We hope you all enjoy another collaboration of ours. ~ Admin Smuttyfairy

P.S. How many times have you seen “Mine” as a title??? xD (def fitting for this scenario)

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Exposed || Jack Maynard

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Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1.3k+

A/N: this is just a burn on basically all of us and i’m so sore; ALSO I’M BACK AND FULFILLING REQUESTS WHOOO!!xo

It was embarrassing for you to even think about; the way you used to be before you actually met Jack at a club in London and really got to know him as a person and not as his brand. He was handsome, but you’d always known that, but he had a way with words that made you feel as if you weren’t talking to the boy whom you’d previously run a blog about, but he was a completely different guy. He was polite, a gentleman, and you came to the conclusion that photographs did not do his eyes any justice.

You exchanged numbers that night, and proceeded to spend hours upon hours texting non-stop, realising only when your eyes began to droop that you’d been messaging each other until three am, sometimes even later. It was one of your wildest dreams coming true, and you had to pinch yourself every so often to remind yourself that you were actually talking to him, and weren’t just dreaming.

When you started dating for real, and became ‘official’, that was when you met the rest of the boys. You played it cool, but couldn’t help the wide smile that remained on your lips all night long. But after a few months, you completely forgot about your blog, and the obsessive girl you’d been before you actually met Jack. You became a huge part of the buttercream squad, or 'gang’, as a few of the boys liked to insist it was originally referred to as. You would shake your head and press your lips together in amusement, thinking back to the time when your friends in the tumblr fandom all lost it over them tweeting such nonsense.

When you appeared in one of Joe’s vlogs, even if it was only for a split second as he turned around with the camera and caught a glimpse of you sat on his countertop with a juice box in your hands; the fans caught it without any issue at all. People began to speculate on who this mystery girl was, and why you seemed so comfortable in the company of all of the boys. As you read through all of the conspiracy enthused tweets, you couldn’t help but smile softly and think back to a time when that was you, messaging your friends in all caps and making up wild stories just to amuse yourselves.

They gave up eventually, especially when Joe liked a tweet that a fan account had tweeted, telling everyone that they needed to calm the heck down and understand that the boys were entitled to a private life. You thought for sure that it was all over and done with, until one morning, you rolled over in bed and reached your arms out, expecting to make contact with Jack but to no avail. You open your eyes groggily and jut out your bottom lip into a pout, yawning as you stretch your arms and legs out wildly before standing up and wrapping your dressing gown around your shoulders.

You walk out into the living room, and seeing as you’d heard their voices before, you simply smile sleepily at Joe, Oli, Mikey and Josh before walking into the kitchen and wrapping your arms around Jack from behind, absorbing his warmth. “Why didn’t you wake me up?” You mumble into his back before taking a step back and walking over to the fridge to grab a bottle of water.

As you walk back over to him, he kisses you softly and gestures down to the food he was preparing with a tilt of his head. “The only reason I’m up is because the boys blackmailed me into making them all breakfast, and you looked really comfy in bed.”

You roll you eyes and grin, nudging him slightly before walking around the counter and collapsing onto one of the couches, forcing the boys to make space for you. You laugh and grin at them all, taking a sip of your water. “Morning.”

You received a few grumpy 'mornings’ back, and you looked down at your watch to check the time. it was only half past time in the morning, and you couldn’t help but wonder why on earth the boys thought it was a good idea to get back at Jack for goodness knows what, by punishing themselves with an early morning.

You didn’t understand these boys sometimes.

An hour later, you found yourself cuddles into Jack’s side with your legs laying over Josh’s lap as you all watched the screen intently, having mutually decided that Prison Break was the way to go. Jack was scrolling down his phone, not the biggest fan of Prison Break unlike the rest of you, and mumbling incoherently under his breath ever now and then, a habit you noticed he’d carried since the day you met him.

The boys left at around twelve, most of them only having free’d up their mornings and then had meetings to attend or videos to edit and/or film. With nothing to do with the rest of your day, you snuggle further into Jack and turn the TV onto YouTube, scrolling through your subscription box and frowning when you realised none of your favourite’s had uploaded.

“Hey, babe, is this you?” Jack asks just as you decide on a video, and you hardly look up at the slightly old photograph of yourself before nodding and humming without thinking. It was only a few seconds later when it dawned on you, that the only place that you’d ever posted that picture was on your old blog, and you swore that in that moment, you heart stopped.


“What on earth does 'smol’ mean?”

“Oh my god.” You exhale slowly, shuffling away form him and curling up into a small ball on the other end of the sofa. “Please st-”

“’Jack is precious and needs to be protected at all costs. Don’t fight me’, spelt, f-i-t-e.” He reads out the post, and your cheeks begin to burn in embarrassment. “Babe, I can’t believe you used to run a fan blog about me!” You part your lips, but you were completely speechless as you watch him continue to school down the page. “Oh my god, you have like, hundreds of people tagging you in posts asking you if you’re dead and so many people are worried about you because you haven’t been online in a long time.”

“Well I wasn’t exactly going to continue running a blog about the guy I was dating, especially not because when people do eventually find out about us, they’ll probably trace me back to that.” You gesture to the phone, you face scrunched up as you try not to cringe into yourself. “Please put it away, it’s really embarrassing.”

He looks up at you over the screen and frowns at the look on your face, reluctantly putting the phone down onto the coffee table before tugging you into his lap and cupping your cheeks softly. “I’m only teasing you, you know that right? I don’t really care if you were a fan of my video’s or if you weren’t, but honestly? Knowing that you liked me even before I knew you, that makes me really happy.” He speaks softly, looking down at you and brushing the delicate skin under your eyes with the pad of his thumb.

You nod and scrunch up your nose again. “It’s still horrible to think back. Like, that blog used to be my life, and I met so many amazing people through you without you even knowing who I was.”

He smiles and presses his lips against your for a moment before pulling away and laughing slightly. “But seriously, what does 'smol’ mean?”

You chuckled, the tension falling away from your shoulders slowly as you sit up and rest your head on Jack’s shoulder, scrolling down your old blog and feeling incredibly nostalgic as you read through your conversations and looked at your cheesy edits, all he while explaining to Jack the way of the average 'fangirl’ language.

Later that night, when Jack had left to go pick up some food, your phone lit up, notifying you that he’d tweeted.

@Jack_Maynard23 tweeted:

If your girlfriend used to run a fan blog about you, don’t be sad, be rad, go pick up some chinese food for her, and proceed to tease her about it for the rest of her life #boyfriendgoals

My Burden: Part 1 of 2

So i made a prompt about an EF AU where Deckhand Hook and Dark Hook are one of the same a la Jekyll/Hyde split… and it wouldn’t leave me alone, so i made an attempt to write it. 

I hope you like it, if not, I tried lol. A very very special thank you to @teamhook for being truly inspirational. She gave me the encouragement to give it a go and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. They really meant a lot to me. So this is for you. 

My Burden

SUMMARY: Emma falls for the shy deckhand, Killian Jones. But secrets are soon revealed and Emma finds herself face to face with his Darker self. The fight to mend the two halves of this broken man begins.


She’d never met someone quite like Killian Jones.

She’d been running an errand for Johanna down by the docks, collecting the herring she needed when she almost tripped over the man in question.

He’d been sitting on the edge of the pier, staring out onto the horizon when her legs almost collided with his back. She’d never met a man, much less a pirate, who could apologise so profusely for an accident that didn’t manage to happen.

His ears burned red and his eyes danced across the ground as he spoke to her, nervous hesitance in his speech. He intrigued her from the start, and a brave yet foolish move on her part had her asking him to carry the herring for her back to the inn where Johanna waited.

He was shy, introverted, polite; a complete gentleman in wolf’s clothing, so to speak. His garments were that of a fearsome pirate. All black and leather, harsh jewellery, kohl framing his eyes and a sharp, heavy hook braced on his left arm… but his manner was nowhere near the image he donned. Where other men would boast and brag or flaunt their egos before her, he remained reserved and unsure of himself. He was self deprecating; the meekest man she’d ever come across.

She couldn’t understand why people were weary of Killian Jones.

Johanna was the first to pull her aside when she entered the inn with the pirate.

“Don’t mix with the likes of him, Emma. He’s bad news, my dear. Trust me.”

But she ignored the woman’s warning and dragged the bumbling man to a table, sharing a bowl of fruit  with him and talking well into the evening twilight.

She found him quite often down by the dock, milling along the boardwalk where she’d greet him and make him blush before whisking him away to help her on her errands, or leading him around the village.

“So if your old crew abandoned you here, why haven’t you joined another crew?” she finally asked him as they sorted through a sack of potatoes.

He doesn’t answer, just simply shrugs and gives her a sweet smile before ducking his head and piercing a rotten spud to discard of. She’s rather glad that he doesn’t appear to be in a rush to leave.

It becomes apparent that merchant and pirate ships alike were less than reluctant to hire the poor man.

She assumed he wasn’t cut out for the seafaring life, thinking his mild, sensitive nature was deemed too weak for the rough living on board.

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HYFR - 1.

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok
Genre: Fratboy/Fuckboy AU, comedy, smut and mild angst in later parts
Summary: For the past couple of years, the Phi Kappa Psi boys are quickly rising on the list as the best frat on the USC campus. They’re all gorgeous, intelligent, fit, and just swell dudes. But it’s with their new pledges, the guys they call THE SUPREME SEVEN, that they’ll kick those Lambda Chi Alpha tools off their number one spot.

Chapter 1: They Lovin’ The Crew

It’s a new year, and that means new pledges.

It’s not really a period of time that Kim Seokjin, the president of the Phi Kappa Psi chapter at the University of Southern California, is really thrilled about, but after a disastrous bunch of pledges last year – when only one got initiated to stay in the house – he was glad for this year’s crop of fresh faces. Seokjin calls them the Supreme Seven because all of them seems to exhibit all the qualities that every Phi Kappa Psi brother should have – Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent - or something like that… (Hey, It’s not Seokjin’s fault that Rupaul’s Drag Race is a very entertaining show!)

There were over 350 rushees this year and these seven were some of the best of the bunch. Each of them ranked a place on the list of ‘Top 20 Rushees Every Frat Wanted to Acquire’ and with 20 fraternities on campus, that puts Phi Psi in the lead as the most desirable frat because those seven boys accepted their bid.

Seokjin knows with all his heart and soul that these seven new pledges will bring glory to Phi Psi name – if they get initiated, that is.

So let’s do a little introduction, shall we? Right here, right now, during this killer toga party that only the Phi Psi boys could throw and still make it feel fresh and new even though it has been done and beaten to death a billion times before.

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Mine (M) - (Y/N insert vers.)

gif credits to Smuttyfairy

Summary: When your shower-drying session gets cut short and you’re left with nothing but a towel, Jungkook couldn’t help but indulge in his thoughts when he saw you. He opened his mouth to speak what was on his mind just before you ran off to your room and slammed the door shut, only to have your fretting thoughts interrupted as Jungkook entered the room uninvited with eyes darker than sin.

Genre: smut w/ plenty of dirty talk c:

Insert Versions: Noona | (Y/N)

Word count: 5600

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy & Admin Kookfairy

A/N: So this scenario is based on a dream I had long ago in which I did tell Admin Kookfairy about to which in turn she made this soft, innocent & somewhat comedic dream into a turn for the dirty. The dream was basically me having friends (BTS & others) over and at some point I go and take a shower, get kicked out of the bathroom by my friend’s older brother (played by Yoongi in this) and find Jungkook sitting outside in front of my room to where I freak out inside because I’m in nothing but a towel and then I go to my room and see the mess that it is and freak out more. Then I wake up. LOL. At the time I didn’t think to write out the dream in any way but since I had almost forgotten it completely I considered the idea of it. So here it is now, my fluff dream + Admin Kookfairy’s rude words inspired this scenario to fully be written. We hope you all enjoy another collaboration of ours. ~ Admin Smuttyfairy

P.S. Here’s to the younger readers (hopefully not too young) and same-aged readers <3 The contents of the scenario are pretty much the same with a few tweaks to make it interpreted in a way that the reader is same-aged or younger as Jungkook.

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alo1212  asked:

You writing is amazing! Can I ask you to write something about Sidon being jealous? Maybe someone is being a bit flirty to his s/o? What will sidon do? Will he be mad? Sad? Or he will pout like a child? What will s/o do to comfort sidon? Thank you for answering this :)

(Jealous Sidon is one of my guilty pleasures…~ I like thinking that he’d be kind of possessive, but more on that in this story~ Enjoy!~)

Jealousy Bites

Word Count: 2019
Warnings: Unwanted flirting, unwanted touching, Anger

The ballroom was radiant with the light of the crystal chandelier and many lanterns that dangled from the ceiling basking the room and the mingling guests in its glow as it reflected off the metal walls. Walls adorned with intricately engineered metal work done by those that had constructed the great Zora Palace many centuries ago. The entertainment, a band of minstrels, gave the room a dignified atmosphere as they played a classical tune fitting of the many royals and other prominent figures in attending. The sound of the rushing water outside providing a calming accompaniment to their symphony. Long tables circled around the dance floor, filled with expertly crafted dishes from all around Hyrule suited for the different races with different tastes courtesy of the Zora chefs. Everyone was chatting amongst one another or indulging in the minstrels’ music as they danced in the center of the room making it feel much livelier.

The guests uttered many compliments to their hosts - the Zora royal family – everyone seemed to be thoroughly impressed by the display and both the king and his son graciously accepted their gratitude. However, the Prince was rather distracted while he greeted the guests when they entered through the throne room to offer their gifts and kind words before they were directed through the large doors the lead to the ballroom. This would be the first ball since the defeat of Calamity Ganon and while that alone was enough to make the event special, this would also be the first ball that you would be attending.

Now while he was out here greeting all the guests, you were somewhere in the grand ballroom likely trying to mingle or perhaps just sticking to the walls waiting for him to come and join you. That thought alone was enough to make Sidon’s attention wander until he couldn’t help but wonder what you were up to and worrying that he was keeping you from enjoying yourself because you were anticipating his arrival.

“My son, your mind is elsewhere,” Sidon’s gaze turned to his father after shaking hands with another guest, welcoming them to his home. He knew now that there was no hiding from his father’s watchful eyes.

The prince nodded his head with a sheepish smile as he met eyes with the large Zora sitting upon his throne. “My apologies father, but yes. I was just wondering what my treasure is doing,” he confessed turning his eyes back to the doors left ajar giving him just a peek at the people conversing and dancing with one another.

“Why not go find them then?” Sidon looked up wide-eyed wondering if he had heard the older Zora correctly. When he saw the smile on his father’s face he knew that he didn’t mishear and quickly thanked him before walking hastily into the ballroom to seek out the treasure that he had been longing to see all night. The guests offered him more kind words as he made his way through the separate groups of chatting people, trying to get the prince to join in on their conversation but Sidon had to politely excuse himself as he was set on a mission to find you.

When his golden eyes finally spotted the figure of his dearest, looking absolutely amazing in the new outfit that he had tailor made for this evening, and he was relieved to see that you had not been confined to the wall anxiously waiting for him like he had feared. Instead you were talking to someone near the banquet tables. The Zora was grateful that you had found someone to keep you company in his absence but that relief only lasted a second. He remembered welcoming the man you were chatting with as the son of a governor from an influential Hylian village, popular for its trade, and he also noticed how he was getting a little too close for comfort.

When you seemed to laugh at whatever comment the Hylian made the Zora felt a small pang of both anger and worry that drove him to quickly close the distance between you and him. However, Sidon did not fully encroach on your conversation with the Hylian man reminding himself that you were likely just being polite and humoring the gentleman. Yes, that had to be it. There was no need for him to get so upset.

Sidon situated himself at the other end of the long table, kindly engaging in a conversation with a group of guests nearby so that he would not stand out. So, while he busied himself talking to these fine men and woman about he situations in their homelands, he made sure that he remained in earshot and could keep a close eye on you and that Hylian man.

“I’ll admit, I wasn’t really looking forward to coming here because I thought that it would just be another boring political meeting,” Sidon had to clench his fists behind his back to keep any visible signs of frustration on his face hearing the man’s rude words. Nonetheless, he must not have hidden it very well because one of the Hylian guests that he was talking to asked him if he was alright and he had to politely excuse his behavior and assure them that he was just fine. The man speaking to you was not making it any easier to keep his cool.

“I have to say I’m glad that I found such a treat to keep myself entertained,” the Hylian said and Sidon’s eyes narrowed seeing him move even closer to you while grinning, “Tell me what’s someone like you doing in a party like this?”

“I’m actually here with someone,” the Zora perked up with a proud smile figuring that you were going to set this stranger straight. One he heard that you were already taken he would surely cease their advances. “It’s my first time attending one of these, he said he’d be with me as soon as he was finished-!”

The Hylian cut you off. “Your first time? And he left you by yourself?”

“Well, he was busy greeting the guests, I really should go find-!”

Once again you were cut off, right when you were about to break away from him too. Sidon was quickly growing sick of this Hylian that he could not quite recall the name of. “If he was too busy to accompany a gem like you inside then I’m sure he won’t mind if I show you around. How about the two of us get out of here and go somewhere a little more private?”

As the Hylian said this, he wrapped an arm around your waist pulling your body closer to his own. At this sight, Sidon could not stop himself. He didn’t even bother to restrain himself as he pushed through the group and quickly closed the gap between himself and you two. “There you are my pearl, I have been looking for you,” he said with a forced smile as he approached. He took hold of your arm preventing the Hylian from taking you away to carry out whatever crude thought he had been planning to execute.

The man stopped in his tracks but did not seem fazed by the Prince’s intrusion, in fact, he only looked up at the Zora annoyed. A grin appeared on his lips and Sidon watched enraged as he tightened his grip on your waist. “Ah, Prince Sidon, I was just escorting this fine gen to a nice quiet place to talk. Was there something you needed?”

Sidon scoffed but that sickly-sweet smile remained plastered across his face; he didn’t know why he was still bothering to be polite when he wanted nothing more than to tear you away from this scoundrel’s grasp. The Hylian knew that he was angry, no, Sidon was beyond angry at this point; either way he knew that he was reaching his breaking point and now he was trying to see just how far he could push the Zora before he fell. It made him all the more sick and irritated that the Hylian’s plan was working. His fins were flaring out and all of his muscles were taut in attempt to restrain himself.

“Why yes there is. If you would be so kind, I would like for you to unhand my partner and never speak to them again,” Sidon’s words were laced with a venom he never thought he could manage but seeing that smug grin on the Hylian’s face was infuriating.

“Now why would I do that? They were enjoying my company, I was hoping to show them such a good time.” That hand on your waist drifted lower and lower down your hip until it touched your rear. He gave a small squeeze making you yelp softly. “Jeval is going to take good care of you.”

That was it.

Sidon lost it.

The Zora pulled you towards him, a little rougher than he had intended but if it meant getting you away from this scoundrel then it was worth it. At the same time, he pushed Jeval backwards all force intended as the Hylian was sent falling flat on his back. Jeval looked winded as he pushed himself up into a sitting position, groaning and glaring up at the Zora who gladly glared right back at him.

Two Zora guards rushed towards Sidon’s aid when they saw the commotion and they both encompassed Jeval holding their spheres at the ready. Sidon dismissed their actions with a wave, still fuming with rage but feeling your tight grip on his arms and faint whispers of wanting to leave he restrained his anger once again. “Please have this young man escorted out of the building, his presence is no longer welcome here.”

The guards nodded their heads and helped Jeval to his feet but the Hylian shook them off, trying to preserve the little dignity that he had left. He dusted off his clothes and head towards the exit with the guards following close beside him clearing a path through the crowd of people. The entire party had come to a screeching halt to witness the scene that had just unfolded; even the minstrels had silenced their tune in order to watch the scene unfold. It may have interrupted the festivities but Sidon did not regret it.

He silently excused the two off you and lead you to one of the guest rooms in the palace where the two of you could recover from such an ordeal. In the beginning, Sidon had just felt jealous that some stranger was stealing your attention away from him. It upset him to see you laughing and smiling while in the company of someone else, especially someone so obviously flirting with you, his darling dearest. You were his, and nobody else’s. However, now he realized just what a fool he was to think you had enjoyed that kind of attention from Jeval.

You were not too upset, a little shaken but you assured him that you were okay and everything was fine. When Sidon confessed his motives, you were no less upset. Sitting on the guest bed wrapped in his arms sitting on his lap, a position that comforted him to have you so close, you even assured him that he was the only one you could ever love. As if he had been the poor victim in all of this turmoil.

No matter what you were feeling you were always there to comfort him and Sidon could only smile as he held you closer. Your lips connected before either of you could register it, and neither one of you wanted to break it. So, you allowed yourselves to indulge in each other’s company, comforting the other with this sweet and loving kiss that sapped all of Sidon’s prior worries from his body.

Eventually the two of you would have to leave and join everyone back in the ballroom, but for now you just wanted to enjoy this time you had together. Reassuring Sidon that you were all his, and he was all yours.

Altean shiro being a polite gentleman and always kissing the princess’ hand in greeting. However, after sleeping for so long and then falling for Lance takes up the habit of doing the same for the blue paladin.

Lance absolutely adores it. Especially with how much affection put into it in comparison to when he sometimes still gives allura the quick kisses as a show of respect.

I’ve heard a lot of women say that if a man really wants you he’ll chase you and make it obvious. But to be honest with you I don’t think that’s always the case and believing that could potentially mean you miss out on the love of a lifetime. The truth is that a CONFIDENT man will chase you and it doesn’t always mean that he’s into you at all. Believing in this misleading ideal overlooks the masses of confident men who are playing you – and sadly discounts the possibility that there may be a wonderful shy guy out there who thinks you’re amazing, but lacks the confidence to put himself on the line and make a move.
If you want to know if a guy really wants you, you simply need to look at the way he treats you; if he treats you differently than everyone else, then he’s into you. With a confident man it will be obvious and with a shy guy it will be subtle - but the fact remains that if a guy is into you, you will be his number one. So even if he’s a polite gentleman that treats all people in a friendly manner - women included - if you are the special one he will treat you just that little bit better than the others and will look at you just that little bit differently. He might be afraid to say it, but it will be written in his eyes in the way he looks at you. Don’t shoot the poor guy down just because he didn’t skywrite it out of a plane.
Accustomed to her Face

Prompt: @cinema212 - Hey hey hey!!! So idk if you are accepting request right now but I just found out that Chris Pine sang with Barbra Streisand and it’s all I listen to anymore it’s amazing and wonderful and feed my soul. I was curious if maybe you were feeling up to it if you could possibly write something that included Jim kirk and the reader at a big fancy Starfleet event and he takes her on the dance floor and sings to her just quietly while they’re dancing and then that leads to fluffy fast forward to the next morning and she comes downstairs and he is cooking breakfast while humming a song from last night. Sorry this is super long I just love your writing and immediately thought of your blog with this request.
Word Count: 2535
Tags: (strikethroughs mean I couldn’t tag you) @dolamrothianlady, @supermoonpanda, @kirkaholic123, @shewhorunswithfandoms, @starmission @emmkolenn @sugarshai @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl @pinkamour1588 @aamaxraph99, @anyakinamidala @dirajunara @anotherotter @little-study-bug @rampant-salamander @goodnightwife @flirtswithdanger
Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long, @cinema212! I hope it’s what you were hoping for! (this is the song referenced in the prompt, by the way)

You smoothed down the front of the stiff taffeta, fingers itchy with anxiety. You’d never worn anything so formal. The dress was gorgeous, an almost midnight blue, crisp with just a little shine, so that the light reflected off the subtle details - a gather at the waist, embroidery across the bust, tiny sequined stones throughout the skirt. It felt almost too much, but Uhura had insisted that she’d felt underdressed when she’d attended the ball last year. Your hair was piled in a strategically understated jumble of carefully pinned curls, a few loose tendrils sweeping your cheeks. And despite the fact that you worried your face might crack from the weight of the make-up on it, you glowed with a natural radiance that showed off the heightened pink in your cheeks from the nervousness you were feeling. You looked, by your estimation, like a better, more beautiful version of yourself. Like how you would imagine you looked if you were a storybook princess, free of blemishes.

There was a knock at your hotel door, startling you out of the trance you’d fallen into, staring at yourself. You flushed with embarrassment to be caught admiring your reflection, and then realized no one had really seen you doing it. You opened the door to see Jim standing there, looking more handsome than you’d ever seen him. Handsome enough that you felt just a little pinch of wistful desire for the man you considered one of your closest friends. What if? It was almost as though your heart was asking it with every accelerated beat. You took in the crisp pressed seams of his dress uniform, the shiny brass of his rank insignia on his chest. You hadn’t seen his hair so neat since he’d been awarded his captaincy so long ago.

“You look exquisite.” “You’ve never been handsomer.” You spoke at the same time and both cut short your compliments with a short laugh. Had he called you exquisite? The word brought a flush to your cheeks. You glanced up through your eyelashes at him and saw that the tips of his ears had pinkened from your compliment.

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