This is yet another addition to my collection of nail polish reviews, and the brand I will be testing today is Dynamite Nail Lacquer in “Glass Slipper”.

I borrowed this polish from my friend because the color intrigued me when I noticed it on her shelf. 

This brand is purchased at its brand name store with the same logo, and there have been sales in the past for “3 for $10”.

Pros: It is a unique and elegant grayish blue that can be removed with ease.

Cons: It is strongly recommended to wear a top coat for the finished product, as it will chip and leave unpleasant marks if not done so.

I have gotten compliments for this color, but I personally was not content with the quality of the product, although that was caused by my own mistake of not using top coat due to the fact that it was not available at the time. I do encourage others to try out the polish for themselves, since it works best depending on skin tones and factors of base and top coats.


Due to my hiatus of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, I will now be posting more nail polish reviews instead. 

This brand is Ruby Kisses High Definition Nail Polish in HDP05 “Electric Purple”.

I purchased this from Beauty Supply Warehouse for about $2 and it is available on E-bay for $2.28 and Amazon for $7.90 (includes glow-in-the-dark wristband and is shipped in a corrugated box) with free shipping.

Pros: It is a nice color with a smooth finish. It is not difficult to remove.

Cons: It looks more like a reddish pink color instead of electric purple. The formula is very thick and gooey, so it may not last as long as other polishes.

I was not a fan of the color because I had different expectations, and therefore it let me down. There is not anything special about this polish and the color looks very different from time to time. There is nothing terribly wrong with it because it is still a decent polish. However, keep in mind that it may not work for/be pleasing to everyone. 



This is a post separate from the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge that I am currently taking a break from, so I will just be doing a nail polish review of a color that I recently spotted my friend wearing and asked her what she used and how she liked it.

This nail lacquer is by Essie in the name “Bordeaux”. It is a deep red wine polish that caught my eye the second I noticed her nails. It is not an obnoxious color at all, but rather seems very sophisticated when used for the right events.

It can be found at Target for the price of $8.49, and has been given a five star review by other users.

Pros: The color glides onto the nails for a very smooth application. It is effortless to remove and does not leave stains on the nails as long as base coat is used prior to use. The Essie brand rarely turns gooey and thick, and lasts for about 3-4 years depending on how much you use it. 

Cons: The price is on the more expensive side, and is thinner than the average nail polish, so it may require more coats than usual.

I recommend this brand and color because it is a gorgeous deep red wine that is perfect for the Autumn season. There are rarely any complaints against Essie and my personal experience with it has never let me down. Continuing to purchase this brand is a must for nail polish users.


Due to my tumblr app causing issues on my iPod, I was not able to upload posts on here. I am now continuing the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, and this is day 6 (Violet nails) as well as a nail polish review since I have not done any designs. 

This brand is Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel in “Grapevine”. It is a lovely sheer metallic nail polish that can look opaque with multiple coats. The price can range from $4.59 to $7.39 depending on certain stores, such as Walmart or Target.

Pros: The brush is not too small or wide, and is decent for application. The formula is not as thick as other polishes, so it does not get gloppy if you do not use it in a while. This polish allows for a very smooth application and is quick and easy to remove.

Cons: It does not become opaque as quick as other polishes do, so you may need to apply a few more coats.  

I am personally a huge fan of the polish as the colour matches my skin tone well and it is my favourite hue of purple. I will definitely continue to purchase this brand as I have seen great results.


I have started Day 1 (Red Nails) of the 31 Day Challenge, and since I haven’t done any nail art yet, I will write a review on the brand I used, Kiss Brush On Nail Art Paint.
The cost is very reasonable around $1-2, and can be purchased at various beauty supply stores.

Pros: The polish is very easy to remove, glides on smoothly, with a very decent brush used primarily for striping. It is a beautiful glossy red colour that becomes opaque after just 2 coats. This polish definitely lasts for more than a year if it is used mainly for striped nail art.
Cons: The brush packs on a lot of polish at once, so it may drop and create a mess if not used properly. I would not recommend this product for people who are looking for full coverage rather than a few stripes, unless they have their own nail art brush.

I am personally very satisfied with this product and have continued to use this brand for almost 4 years with very little complaints.