After two years of square nails, I’ve finally taken the plunge and given myself almond shaped nails! Or round.. But they are pointed round.. Not stiletto.. So that would be almond, right? -shrug- Anyways, I love them. And they hurt me less because there aren’t any sharp corners to worry about. And now, I don’t have to worry about corners dulling out.



Guest Poster #9 - Megan from POLISHOPHRENIA!

Megan’s nails are always crazy beautiful! Her fiercely long nails are always colorful, awesomely illustrated, and feature unique designs! Not to mention the line quality is something to be admired! So check out Megan’s talons here —-> Polishophrenia.tumblr.com

Here’s megan!


Alright! So.. Hi everyone! I’m Polishophrenia, or Megan. I’ve never done a guest post before, so this is pretty exciting! I wish I could describe my excitement when I got the message asking me to do this.. But yeah. :D

To make this design, I used Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri ‘Blue-Away’ and a ton of Stripe Rites.. Black, White, Light pink, Pink, Magenta, Green, Dark Green, Yellow, and Orange. I also used China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat and Seche` Vite. Since Spring is around the corner and pastels are the thing, I was all over using pastels. I just couldn’t figure out the Spring part. On one of my nail wheels I had done a butterfly so I figured that could be my next design before I start the Easter designs. And since this is a guest post, I wanted something that would be like, “Woah! Yeah super cool!” and just be pretty awesome. I like to think it’s awesome.. Then another part of me thinks I still could have gone further with more detail.. Oh well. I hope everyone enjoys it! “How is she gonna do her dominant hand?”

Let me tell ya’.. I have no idea. :1


Thanx Megan!

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