So who would follow a Barack Obama/Bill Clinton ship blog if I made one?

ship it?

i’m sure there’s plenty of pictures (not to mention quotes!) out there.

I could activate the “submit” button too, so that everyone could help.

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107 Gold + Shipping Icons

Woo so I made a bunch of Icons through my time of having Gold. And i’ve made quite a few shippy ones as well. I’m just gunna throw all of them up here for people cause yeah, it’s december why not share a little. If you use them just like or reblog the post. 

None of the art in these icons are mine, at all, i’m not calming them for myself I just cropped them.

Single Gold Icons - 28
Mangaquestshipping Icons - 10 
Polishipping Icons - 20
Preciousmetalshipping Icons - 50 [holy crap….]

Here is a link to a zip folder in dropbox


The general clusterfuck of my mind when I try to think about non fandom things, when I listen to music, when I try to think of fandom things, when I’m just doing anything.
Because I’m a teenage girl with an internet connection.