polished wheels


Polishing a piece of Blue John Fluorite on a spinning lapidiary wheel - creating a pendant here.


Ford Mustang Pony Pack, 2018. A new option pack which includes a number of retro-inspired styling features including including a “pony-in-corral” chrome grille that traces its origins back to the original Mustang, bright window surrounds, side stripes, and 19-inch polished aluminum wheels. There is pony badge on rear decklid and special floor mats with an embroidered pony logo


Queadlunn- I’ve tried a couple new methods for my polycarbonate gem faceting. I cut another gem (the shape turned out a lot better this time too!) and this time I used iDye Poly to color it.


The method of how I made the gem out of poly is pretty much the same as the last one (LINK), I had a cylindrical piece about 1x3” in size and I ground it into a (base) 3-sided pattern that worked pretty nicely. The disk sander we have currently has 80-grit on it, from there I moved to 220-grit, then 400-grit, then a felt polishing wheel (just sitting on my desk), then burnishing with cloth. This got me to image #4 which was looking really nice.

Since my last attempt to dye poly with standard fabric dye was a failure, I used some synthetic-compatible dye that Cata had bought me (iDye Poly, see image #5). I got the dye ready on the stove and dipped the gem in it for about 3 minutes total in 2 runs. I was really careful with the temperature this time (might have been around 85c or 90c or so) since the first test gem ended up with tiny thermal fractures on many facets. After the dye bath I was at image #1.

One drawback with the dyebath is that while it does seem to penetrate, it’s less than 0.2mm (with solid plastic this is understandable) and the dye process does take a bit of the luster from the earlier polishing off and it’s not something you can get back with polishing since you’ll just wear through the dyed plastic.

Since the gem wasn’t quite as shiny as I wanted now, I added a thin coat of Future to bring it back to a nice shine (image #1). Worked pretty well but I’ll need to airbrush the future on next time.

Overall, I think this is a great process, given that you have access to a bench disk sander and access to larger pieces of polycarbonate.

I’ve got one more of these planned, a larger one. I’m thinking of taking video of the faceting process but I’m still figuring that, and the material, out. Also thinking of trying a long-term soak dye (cold) to see if that gets the color farther in the plastic so I can re-polish without having to topcoat the gems.

Fic, Sun Boy

I think we all remember that thread about Thomas being a sun nymph that fell out of Apollo’s court or something. Well… I don’t usually feel good about writing about real people so let’s just say this is a fictional character based on Thomas to make me feel better. Because that’s what it is. The real Thomas Sanders is probably not a sun nymph. Probably

Warnings: Falling. 2,490 words.

Abstract: Apollo makes a tough decision.

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The Proposal

Summary: Felicity and Oliver continue their time on the Gambit. A face from the past shows up in Starling City.

Chapter: 7/?

Word Count: 3882

Tagging: @wrongshipper @releaseurinhibitions @scu11y22 @lovelycssefan @pleasantfanandstudent @sakura-blossom62 @almondblossomme

Felicity’s outfit for the chapter: At Queen Consolidated


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‘An Unexpected Friendship’ - a short comics I made for ‘Zeszyty Komiksowe’ nr 20 (You can read my article ‘Dojin in Poland’ in this issue). The whole of this comics wasn’t published, so you can see it now ;)

(Yeah, I know the older girl looks like Laura from WicDiv - it was unitentional but probably my deep love for Laura’s design took a wheel.)

This ring is a wug.

This is a wug.

Now there are two of them.

There are two ____.

The answer, of course, is friends.


  • 18 gauge copper wire, textured with a rawhide mallet
  • 20 gauge copper sheet, cut with jeweler’s saw
  • Solder for base metals
  • Sealed with Protecta-Clear

Lessons learned:

  • Annealed copper is surprisingly soft. Remember to work harden before finishing.
  • Protect fingers while sawing.
  • Move pieces out of puddles of sealant before it can dry.
  • Nail polish remover makes removing sealant easy.
  • Silicone polishing wheels take off hard edges. Try bristle brushes or felt in the future.
  • Silicone polishing wheels do not take off excess solder. Try needle files or sandpaper on a split mandrel.
  • Prepolish flat surfaces.
  • Simple projects are good! This didn’t take long and linguists approve.