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~Jensen wakes in the middle of the night to find your side of the bed cold and empty…~

Jensen x Reader

745 Words

A/N: A little Fluff Drabble to apologize for the angst yesterday :) Thanks @jpadjackles​ for the prompt :)

A sweet, buttery aroma wafted through the dark room, tickling Jensen’s nose as he slept. He stirred, taking a deep breath, pulling in the scent and rolling over onto his side. His left arm tucked underneath his pillow, and his right reached out for you. When his hand dropped onto nothing, suddenly falling a few inches onto the mattress instead of your stomach like he had planned, his eyes shot open, his mind filling with panic as he looked over at your empty pillow.

“Y/N?” he called out, his voice thick with sleep. He sat up and inspected the room; no light came from underneath the door to the adjoining bath, and you were nowhere to be found. Some nights he would find you sitting up in the chair by the window, reading in the moonlight when you couldn’t sleep. But tonight the chair was vacant.

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Name: Olivia
Age: 13 going on 14
Country: USA

I like to learn about other peoples lives, and not because I like to invade peoples privacy, I just like learning about how others view the world, so, honestly, I would prefer pen palling (is that a real verb?) with someone much different than I. I am a teenage girl who lives on the west coast of the USA. I like to experiment with fashion (which means I dress like a clown 9 times out of 10.) I’m not really into makeup or super into hair, but I’m not really a ‘tom boy’ or anything like that 'cuz I like wearing dresses and I hate sports with a burning passion. I only speak English, but (and the rest of this sentence will be disappointing) I can speak (literally) two words of polish and like two sentences of french. My family’s culture is Polish, but I don’t really know much about it, since my great grandparents were the ones who immigrated from there, so my family is more American then Polish at this point. My parents are divorced since I was 3, so it would be cool if my pen pal had divorced parents too, because then we’d have something in common to talk about. I’m kind of a cynic. My favorite tv shows include: Stranger Things, This Is Us, Bill Nye Saves the Word, The Twilight Zone, The Office, Community, Parks and Recreation, Project Runway, The Middle, and The Guild. I don’t know what else to say. Don’t be a creep or an axe murderer I guess.

Preferences: I would prefer someone from ages 14-16, and possibly someone from a different country or coast as me, as I like to learn about other people’s cultures. If you come from another country that doesn’t speak English, and want to be my pen pal, you don’t have to speak perfect English either. I can always google translate or help you with your English.

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Do you mind telling us a little more about the other animated snufkins? Thank you!

I never mind writing about Snufkin!

Currently, Moomin stories have been adapted to 15 different TV shows. I will admit to not having seen them all as many are not available in Finland and/or it would be time consuming. I can address some adaptations which I’m most familiar with. I would like to invite all other Moomin fans to pitch in and contribute further analysis on their favorite Snufkins!

Originally posted by troominmoll

Snufkin in Moomin (ムーミン, Mūmin) is surprisingly similar to the character in the books, as the adaptation is famous for being nigh unrecognizable from the original work. He now owns a guitar instead of a harmonica, but he is also unsociable and upright rude to Moomintroll when they first meet but warms up to him eventually. This makes this Snufkin somewhat similar to the final version seen in last Moomin books like Moominvalley in November. Like noted in an earlier post, Japanese people like to play up Snufkin’s coolness and this version really shows it.

Originally posted by professoroakward

 Because Tove Jansson greatly disliked the original Japanese animation, the new version called (quite fittingly) New Moomin (新ムーミン, Shin Mūmin) was made very different and closer to Jansson’s original idea. Snufkin’s character was changed moderately between these adaptations and even their color schemes of red and yellow are similar. On a side note, Snufkin is only ever described/drawn wearing green in original material by Tove Jansson. New Snufkin is aloof and serious but also capable and skilled. He can be warm and shows some genuine caring towards Moomintroll in particular. It would be understatement to say that this Snufkin is famous for being very cool, as evident by his epic Samurai-like song.

Originally posted by troominmoll

Perhaps the second-most famous Moomin adaptation is the The Moomins (Polish: Opowiadania Muminków, German: Die Mumins) series, made for Polish, Austrian and German television. It stop motion animatedchildren’s television series and widely believed to be the most faithful adaptation out of all. Tove was personally involved with the production and she and Lars approved each script. This blogger is not too familiar with this particular animation so I would appreciate if more devoted fans commented on this Snufkin. From what I’ve seen, he resembles his literary counterpart a lot, mostly around the mid-part of Moomin books.

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And I cannot make a comparison without returning to Moomin, 1990s TV series (楽しいムーミン一家, Tanoshii Mūmin Ikka). It’s without a doubt the most popular adaptation and to many people today, characters in this version are also the only versions they know. Snufkin in this adaptation is still cool and knowledgeable like all Snufkins before him. He is still much softer and kinder individual who takes time to comfort and support others around him. He needs solitude and freedom but takes time to patiently explain this to Moomintroll. Snufkin here is less aloof and despite having all the answers to all the problems, he is not immune to embarrassment.

Originally posted by troominmoll

Snufkin makes the briefest cameo in the film Moomins on The Riviera. It is hard to find much to say about him except that he has gotten his pipe back after losing it for many years in most of the merchandise.

Snufkin is listed among the main characters just below Moomin family in the indiegogo campaign for a new animated adaptation, set to premier in 2019. This means all his fans can eagerly wait to see Snufkin return in a prominent role.

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Lately i’ve come to one important realisation about my life, and how big of a role Undertale played in this.

What all four pictures have in common? Rant below!

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ID #83789

Name: Magda
Age: 17
Country: Poland

Hi. I’m Magda and I’m 17.
I’m type of introvert but I want to meet new people and new cultures. I’m part of LGBTQ. I have very strange type of humour.
I can speak polish and english (but it isn’t my first language) fluently; some german, french, korean. I like bands: The Pretty Reckles, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Maroon 5, Panic At The Disco) and also other types of music (EDM, pop, jazz, etc).
I also love TV series: SuperGirl, Friends, The Walking Dead and this list could go on and on.
I love musicals, football, computers, books, movies, tea, coffee, fruits.

Preferences: Age: 15-19. I don’t care what nation, religion, orienation, but I say NO to homophobic, racist xenophobic and intolerant people.