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Name: Olivia
Age: 13 going on 14
Country: USA

I like to learn about other peoples lives, and not because I like to invade peoples privacy, I just like learning about how others view the world, so, honestly, I would prefer pen palling (is that a real verb?) with someone much different than I. I am a teenage girl who lives on the west coast of the USA. I like to experiment with fashion (which means I dress like a clown 9 times out of 10.) I’m not really into makeup or super into hair, but I’m not really a ‘tom boy’ or anything like that 'cuz I like wearing dresses and I hate sports with a burning passion. I only speak English, but (and the rest of this sentence will be disappointing) I can speak (literally) two words of polish and like two sentences of french. My family’s culture is Polish, but I don’t really know much about it, since my great grandparents were the ones who immigrated from there, so my family is more American then Polish at this point. My parents are divorced since I was 3, so it would be cool if my pen pal had divorced parents too, because then we’d have something in common to talk about. I’m kind of a cynic. My favorite tv shows include: Stranger Things, This Is Us, Bill Nye Saves the Word, The Twilight Zone, The Office, Community, Parks and Recreation, Project Runway, The Middle, and The Guild. I don’t know what else to say. Don’t be a creep or an axe murderer I guess.

Preferences: I would prefer someone from ages 14-16, and possibly someone from a different country or coast as me, as I like to learn about other people’s cultures. If you come from another country that doesn’t speak English, and want to be my pen pal, you don’t have to speak perfect English either. I can always google translate or help you with your English.

Levi wakes to the sound of a car backfiring outside his house. He jolts, suddenly alert and ready to pounce. As he hears the car engine roar outside he breathes a sigh of relief, his eyes adjusted to the soft darkness of his living room the room bathed in burgundy light as the sun shines through the thin curtains. He watched as the dust filters through the light finally standing to open to the early morning.

Began doing the housework at 7am, the cleaning lady will be in during the afternoon for everything he can no longer do, however he remains diligent with his dusting and polishing the television playing in the background some terrible court room show. He leans heavily on his stick as he makes his way through the house dusting and tidying as he goes. How does it even get this messy!? He thinks and scolds himself. The walk up the stairs is always the hardest. Oh, how he used to fly, but now his knees prevent him from too much activity. The upstairs remains untouched, all but the wardrobe and bathroom his clothes he cannot remember the last time he fell asleep in his bed. The bathroom is filled with natural light as he begins shaving. He pulls and pushes on deep wrinkles across his face, his grey hair still falling how it did all those years ago. Running old fingers through the back of his hair he makes a mental note to see the barber today.

When he returns down stairs dressed with a small overcoat and his shopping bags he swears softly to himself pulling on a flat cap he makes his way into the early morning and to the bus shelter. It is only a short distance away, around the corner by the new agents. He watches as young children run past bags on backs and skateboards in hands. Shouting to one another as they wait for also make their way to the bus stop.

When the young boys see Levi approaching the all offer him a seat. “Mr Smith! Please sit down, we can all stand it’s okay!”

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so this is a small headcanon I have had for a while and I know I have’t drawn for a while. I like the idea of Erwin having a formal uniform too. I was also experimenting with colouring in photoshop which I have never done before. But I prefer it. The hat reference I pulled from pinterest a while ago. I hope you enjoy the story.  I forgot to say. I didn’t Draw the wings of freedom I just pulled a transparent one from Google

This is a screenshot from one of Polish websites, announcing the air date for Sherlock s04 in TVP2 (Polish TV channel) and it says:

On Sunday March 5, TVP2 will start airing series 4 of Sherlock. The next three episodes will air on Sundays at 8:05p.m.


I don’t know if it means anything or if it’s just a typo BUT if BBC would release The Lost Special on March 8 (the date ACD revived SH) that would give abroad broadcasters (such as TVP2) enough time to make subtitles/dubbing/voiceover etc.


Happy International Cat Day! 17/02

yass, Polish TV broadcasted it like 2 years ago