The named victims so far:

Georgina Callander, 18

An 18-year-old college student from Lancashire, was the first victim to be identified following the Manchester attack.

Many of her friends have paid tribute to the teen, alongside Runshaw College where she was studying, and a number of celebrities.

“Georgina Callander was a former Bishop Rawstorne pupil studying with us on the second year of her Health and Social Care course.”

Saffie Rose Roussos, 8

She had been at the Ariana Grande concert with her mum Lisa Roussos and sister Ashlee Bromwich when the explosion shook the venue. Her mum and sister were rushed to hospital, but lost contact with Saffie. Saffie-Rose Roussos died from her injuries at the concert on Monday night.

Chris Upton, headteacher at Saffie’s school, said in a statement: “Saffie was simply a beautiful little girl in every aspect of the word. She was loved by everyone and her warmth and kindness will be remembered fondly. Saffie was quiet and unassuming with a creative flair.”

John Atkinson, 28

28-year-old John Atkinson from Bury was the third victim to be identified.

It’s understood that John had been leaving the concert when a lone man detonated a suicide bomb shortly after 10.30 on Monday evening.

Megan Hurley, schoolgirl

It is not known how old Megan was, but earlier this evening the chair of governors at Halewood Primary School said a girl who went to the school had died in the suicide bombing, according to Liverpool Echo.

He added that she had attended with her older brother who was seriously injured.

Olivia Campbell, 15

A heartbroken Mrs Campbell had broken down in tears on ITV’s Good Morning Britain earlier in the day, when her daughter was missing.

She spoke of how she had not spoken to her daughter Olivia since she set off for the event. "I can’t get through to her. I’ve called the hospitals, I’ve called all the places, the hotels where people say that children have been taken.”

"I’ve called the police. There’s no news, I’ve just got to wait. I’m waiting at home just in case she turns up here,” she told the morning program.

Alison Howe, 45 and Lisa Lees, 47

Two mums waiting to collect their teenage daughters after the concert were among the victims of the bomb attack. Their daughters, both aged 15, are understood to be safe.

Angelika, 40 and Marcin Klis, 42

Marcin and Angelika Klis, Polish parents of a student at the University of York, have been confirmed dead after the Manchester attack.

The pair posed for a selfie in the city centre just before going to the concert to pick their daughters up.

Their 20-year-old daughter had posted a plea for help on Facebook after they didn’t contact her following the attack.

The pair leave behind two daughters, Alex and Patricia.

Martyn Hett, 29

Martyn Hett, a Coronation Street superfan who had a tattoo of  Deirdre Barlow on his ankle and with his boyfriend won Come Dine With Me, has been named as one of the dead.

Kelly Brewster, 32

Kelly Brewster was at the concert with her sister Claire and niece Hollie Booth. She died shielding her niece from the blast and leaves behind a young daughter, Phoebe. Hollie has two broken legs but is safe.

Jane Tweddle-Taylor, 51

Jane Tweddle-Taylor had gone to the Arena with a friend to pick up the friend’s daughter. She was a mother of three: “One of the biggest challenges we’ve had is one of my daughters was away travelling in Australia, so we were trying to pick a time to notify her.”

Nell Jones, 14

Her family and friends had posted appeals on social media saying she was missing following the concert. A student at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.  She had been recently using crutches after suffering a ligament injury.

These are the 13 out of 22 named victims as of Wednesday, 24th of May at 2pm (GMT)

So I never thought I’d make a post about Yakov Feltsman, but here we are XD

Yakov has made it very apparent throughout the season that he thinks Victor’s just messing around for fun, “playing coach” like it’s a game. Until now, I’ve just thought that the writers made Yakov so angry about Victor dropping everything to go be Yuuri’s coach because Victor is literally the most talented ice skater he’s ever coached.

Of course, Yuri Plisetsky is up-and-coming crazy talented, but Yakov has history with Victor; he’s possibly even known him since before Victor’s Junior debut. This is Victor’s career, and Yakov is upset because from where he’s standing, it looks like Victor is throwing everything away on some selfish hunch. Watching Yakov’s attitude slowly warm to Yuuri over the course of episode 9 was really interesting.

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Why Polish orthography is important? #4

Today I would like to introduce you to words that are pronounced in the same way, but using a wrong digraph or letter, the meaning will be changed. There is no sound change here (rz=ż, u=ó - the pronunciation is the same), so you have to focus on the context. We call them homofony (homophones).

  • mażę - I smear/wipe out/rub out
  • marzę - I dream

  • każę - I order/command
  • karzę - I punish

  • wieżę f - a tower (accusative)
  • wierzę - I believe

  • warzyć - to brew/to cook
  • ważyć - to weigh

  • może - maybe
  • morze n - sea

  • żyć - to live
  • rzyć f - an ass

Two last pairs have no explenation - you just have to learn it by heart if you don’t want to say “Kocham rzyć - I love an ass” instead of “Kocham żyć - I love to live”.

But let’s take a look at mażę - marzę, każę - karzę and wierzę - wieżę.

Every Polish primary school student learns that rz changes into r and ż changes into g, dz, h, z, ź, s. This works with words mażę, każę, karzę, wierzę and ważyć.

  • mażę (I smear/wipe out/rub out) –> mazać (to smear/wipe out/rub out; infinitive)
  • każę (I order/command) –> kazać (to order/command; infinitive)
  • karzę (I punish) –> karać (to punish; infinitive) or kara f (a punishment)
  • wierzę (I believe) –> wiara f (belief, faith)
  • ważyć (to weigh) –> waga f (scales, weight)

These are only examples - you have to check out declension or conjugation because sometimes almost every forms are pronounced in the same way!

Devils trained as tempters are given a broad (if somewhat unorthodox) education that theoretically facilitates hiding in plain sight among humans. In practice, the curriculum is half a century out of date and most young devils spend weeks sorting out how buttons work before they graduate to minor existential crises over the merits of leeching. The apprentice system was put in place to remedy the educational system’s most glaring deficiencies, but nonetheless an unacceptably high number of apprentices are burned as witches or perish in preventable horse and buggy accidents before they complete their training.

The tempting curriculum is weighted toward subjects thought to enhance a devil’s ability to manipulate humans, and over time has evolved into something resembling an infernal charm school. History and math are required subjects, but painting, dancing, music and etiquette are afforded equal weight. The ability to sustain a conversation without inadvertently committing blasphemy or outing yourself as an archfiend is an essential skill, while knowing the proper temperature for steeping black vs. green tea is just plain useful. The most accomplished devils might play several instruments, know at least half a dozen popular dances, and can identify a desert fork in a line-up of cutlery. The plum assignments are usually awarded to the most polished students, so young devils spend as much time perfecting their curtsys as they do memorizing ancient curses. Better to be assigned to a cushy court position than a tour skulking about in a slum.

Unfortunately, the tempting curriculum isn’t always cohesive or particularly relevant. Devils sent to Istanbul aren’t well served by three semesters of French court protocol and a short-course in Irish idioms. Young devils do their best to tailor their course loads appropriately, but to say that the instructors aren’t deeply invested in student success is a bit of a cruel understatement. Established tempters assigned fresh apprentices are often befuddled by the disconnect between their charges’ magical aptitude and utter lack of relevant cultural knowledge. Apprentices capable of summoning a modest plague of locusts often don’t have the common sense to get through market day without openly trying to recruit a cat as a familiar or casually eating a raw egg.

Ludwig double majored in Wrath and Music Composition, and minored in Greed. His scientific studies were entirely unsanctioned, although his instructors would have likely approved of the dissections and destructive forays into amateur chemistry. He was considered an excellent student, and his general aptitude for efficiently dismantling and settling things ablaze was much remarked upon. That, and his lovely baritone.

Polish Literature: To Shoot Into The Eyes of a Man by Anna Świrszczyńska

i.m. Wiesiek Rosiński

He was fifteen,
the best student of Polish.
He ran at the enemy
with a pistol.

Then he saw the eyes of a man,
and should’ve fired into those eyes.
He hesitated.
He’s lying on the pavement.

They didn’t teach him
in Polish class
to shoot into the eyes of a man.

Drodzy piszący matury- powodzenia!

Matura jest bardzo stresującym okresem, nie tylko dla tych, którzy piszą je pierwszy raz, ale i dla tych, którzy z najróżniejszych powodów podchodzą do tego egzaminu po raz kolejny- pamiętajcie jednak, że przygotowywaliście się do tego miesiąca przez ostatnie tygodnie, miesiące, a nawet lata i jesteście super gotowi!

Dziś odpuście sobie powtórki- teraz jest już czas na dobrą kolację, spakowanie dowodu i długopisu (+4 długopisów “na wszelki wypadek”), nastawienie na jutro budzika (+ jeszcze jednego “na wszelki wypadek”) i położenie się wcześniej spać. Zobaczycie, wszystko pójdzie super!

Trzymamy kciuki!

olga i zuzia- gomedorgohome team

[Tomorrow hundreds of Polish students will sit down and write their very first ‘matura’- a final after-higschool exam. Over the course of next month they will face exams from subjects they chose earlier this year- and their results will be crucial during university enrolment in the summer. You can’t retake this exam up until next year, so it’s a pretty stressful period in life of a Polish student. Please keep your fingers crossed for all of them <3 ]


april study challenge / 21-22/04/17

What are some of your subject-specific study tips?

For like maths/statistics.simmilar shiz my only tip is literally PRACTICE, like you have a class do your homework after or if you dont have homework find exercises to do anyway, it helps so much, i wish i followed it more. for any type of class where you have an essay to write on exam - read the answer keys. if you are good at essays good for you but read them anyway, if youre not so good its gonna help you a lot by seeing the pattern of things they usually want you to write about.

How much noise do you like when you’re studying? Do you like to listen to music/white noise, or does it need to be silent?

I do prefer just having no noise and distraction but if im in a place where like people are talking or theres sth else going on i listen to some loud upbeat music (preferably things i dont know). ive tried white noise but sometimes energetic music gives me more energy to work as well. i really like ‘women of rock’ playlist on spotify, yay!

btw, HAPPY EARTH DAY! 🌳🍁🌷🌈💧🍄

I won’t be very active in 1-23 of July. It’s high time to start vacation! Apart from small things like concerts and my beloved festival with wonderful people, I’m going to…


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I’ll have a chance to talk to some Russian native speakers. I don’t want to use English at all, only Russian. It’s a trip of Poor Polish Students, so we don’t want to spend our money on fancy food, typical souvenirs - we rather want to buy a lot of books, visit significant places for Russian culture and try some simple and cheap dishes. And vodka, of course.

I’ll be a whore for Mikhail Vrubel’s artwork. I can’t wait to see his paintings *.*

You know that your whole family has a lot of Slavic genes, when even your mother (who never drinks vodka) wants you to bring at least one bottle of vodka with you.