But what if the princess was in the tower because she was the dragon?

Like the queen gives birth and oops it’s this adorable little scaley lizard with tiny wings that she can never quite seem to fold right

None of the King’s advisors or doctors can explain it, no one can remember anyone who might have cursed the royal family, plus sire she’s clearly yours still I mean look at those eyes

They just kind of accept it and keep her in a tower so no one tries to slay her

The queen or castle servants reading bedtime stories to the toddler princess, who’s made a nest of her favorite toys and some jewelery she stole off her mother, and when she laughs little puffs of smoke come out of her mouth

The king being so proud when she flies across the room for the first time

And once the princess comes of age, confused knights breaking into the tower to find a twenty foot long dragon sitting at the vanity getting her horns polished by her handmaidens


oh wow, I was not expecting this to be popular at all @_@

Due to popular demand I am… going to attempt writing this. By all means, that doesn’t mean anyone else who said they wanted to or who might already be doing so has to stop, especially because I’m sure we’ll have different takes on it. Just, yes, I am going to write it, and yes it will probably take a while but you’ve all gotten me excited enough that I really want it to be a thing, one way or another.

hi guys! just a quick introduction, my name is iga, i’m a 20 years old criminology student studying in scotland and i’m from poland! i love books and decided to make a separate blog only for bookish stuff! on tumblr you can find me here: @study-in-crime (studyblr) or @delphinescarol (fandom stuff)! i’m also in the middle of creating bookish blog and i might make a separate instagram account as well! hope you’re having a lovely day/night and enjoy!

p.s the book in the picture is the polish edition of donna tartt’s ‘the secret history’!

Polish gothic - Cracow edition
  • There is more pigeons than humans. Do not feed them, your parents taught you. What happened to those who did not obey the rule? And why no one has ever seen the young ones? Where did they come from? Don’t ask. Keep going. Don’t ask.
  • There was a dragon once, living under the hill, ruling over the city. They slayed him, and he’s gone now. His dead eyes are watching you.
  • City tour! Join us! We will make you see.
  • There are strangers everywhere. Tourists, people say. Or so they believe. But who are they, really? Their faces are empty. Their eyes dead. Staggering through the streets, watching. What are they looking for? You know it’s you.
  • “Beer!”, “coffee!”, “pierogis!”, barkers are shouting, day after day. Remember this shy girl from high school, the one you did not heard of since graduation? She is one of them now. Do not look. Do not change your pace.
  • Unfinished building towers over the city, empty and deserted. But the shadows are there. Are they moving? Did you blink?
  • Black clouds above the city like the sign of impending doom. Suffocating fingers made of smoke and despair. There’s no hope. There’s no hope.
  • Why there is a church on every street? What do they guard? Who built them? The bells wake you up. Your dream is fading. You knew, for a moment, what was the meaning of this.
  • Do not listen to the Butterfly man. Do not approach the Butterfly man.
  • You are trying to run, but you are losing your breath, smog damages your lungs. There is no escape. You will stay here forever.

anonymous asked:

22 with yoongi please:) if it could be hybrid!reader x normal yoongi smut i would offically die

Hey, I am sorry this took so long because I accidentally turned this into a oneshot rather than a drabble so I hope you’re fine with that. 

I got really excited about this ask, I had never tried to write something like this before, so I read a few other hybrid au fics and while I am on the way I am going to recommend the fic that mostly inspired my own Take it like a puppy by @mochijamz if you haven’t read it yet and it’s probably way better than mine. 

Don’t hesitate to send in any requests from the drabble game :3

I hope you enjoy your read :) 

22. “Did you just hiss at me?”

-4 029 words 


Pairing: Hybrid!Reader x Human Yoongi 

Genre: Hybrid AU 

~You’re college roommate turns out to be a human..~

masterlist - drabble game

disclaimer: this needs to be polished so i’ll edit it sometime soon if i don’t forget

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It may be a Monday, but this Monday is about to get a whole lot better.

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Massive dramatic reading of the best-written Scooby-Doo fanfiction ever.

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3+ hours of reading, distilled into a half-hour of the funniest moments, plus numerous extra shenanigans.

It took 25~ hours of editing and polishing, but the wait is almost complete.


Polish Gothic: Łódź Edition
  • There is a boat in the coat of arms. There is no sea nor large river anywhere near. Ex navicula navis. You wonder where would that boat go if it weren’t land-locked.
  • In winters air turns to pure poison. You breathe in, air feels fresh. Woman next to you wears a gasmask.
  • Derby is coming, so you don’t leave your home. From the window you observe police cars pass by, you stop counting at eight. The monsters are out, bloodthirsty. They hunger. You double check the locks.
  • There is now a tunnel under the city. You peek inside. You wonder if those that enter, come out the same. When you drive through, you try to not look. Lights slide against your eyelids. 
  • Old ruins is where hipsters run, or at least they look like it. What crawls under their skin, you don’t know. Soon their colourful nest will be gone, it is on attractive grounds and some see a skyscraper here. You wonder where will creatures resembling hipster go.
  • Trams and buses pass you by. The older the vehicle is, the further away it will take you. Away from the city, into the unknown. Sometimes you see the tram that could just as well be functional during nazi occupation. Where is it going to take you, if you were to enter?
  • Magenta, Cyan and Yellow flood your senses. Everything bleeds in primary colours.
  • An old railway station got rebuilt. It’s now always empty. There is an empty bus that circles between this station and the airport. The airport is empty as well. Ghosts need to leave this city, but this privilege is not for you.
  • There is art on walls. You don’t understand, but such were always things with art. Somehow it doesn’t surprise you. The colourful splashes help hide the rot.
  • Everything was a factory once. You walk the city. You wonder if you were part of a factory at some point in the past. Sound of tram passing by resemble sound of old machinery and you feel calm.
  • There is man standing at the Freedom Square . His stare is judgmental. You can’t escape it. You were never free anyway.
  • Old woman at the bus stop shows you photos. Black and white, of bad quality, you barely recognize your own city, and yet you know. This is it. The Past, such strange concept, as how can the past exist if you live in it?
  • Cranes are rising above the rot. They must feel so proud, trying to raise above all the crumbling buildings, reducing them to dust.
  • There is no Old Town. What people call Old Town is barely seen, doesn’t compare at all to glorious Old Towns of Kraków or Wrocław or Gdańsk. This city is not old at all. Towns surrounding it are much older. There used to be more, but anything younger got devoured by metropolis. Only old ones still stand, borders pressing against each other painfully.
  • Once upon a time you could go into the market and buy anything. Now the witches that traded their fares here are caged in glass and steel. You miss old times, when you passed by an old woman selling things you never saw before. You dreamed of those things for weeks, but now all of this is gone.
  • You sometimes ask yourself what would happen if Nazis stayed a little longer. You fear the answer. When new tram tracks were set, workers found bodies of Jews from occupation times. 
  • On cold autumn evening, lights flash across buildings. The Museum of Archeology and Ethnography crumbles in front of your very eyes. It rises again. People grin in the darkness and leave. There are lifeless lights hiding in the park on this very day. You are not sure if it’s safe to look.
  • Unicorn Stable, they call it. You never saw any unicorn, and yet rainbow falls on your irises. Here, many just pass by, it’s a mere tram station. Maybe if one were to wait a little longer, one could see something otherwordly. More people get in and out of trams, cars around you move slowly. Nobody stops to look for unicorns. Maybe that’s why they are gone.
  • You walk in the park, between your feet goes the line that once separated world of living and dying. Litzmannstadt Ghetto Border. You are straddling a thin line between world of living and the dead, as you know no one survived life on the side your right foot stands on, dying in gas chambers or out of overwork. You glance to the right and shopping mall greets your eyes, another old factory remade.
  • The city is dying and you can feel it. Years earlier it has been second largest city in Poland. Now you don’t even want to check. The rot is everywhere, but you’re not sure if it will ever truly die. “Promised Land” will live, even when all the citizens will be dead.