polish youtube

we still always need more polish music and youtube channels, right? right! 

(part 1

disclaimers apply as before!


beksa - artur rojek
w dobrą stronę - dawid podsiadło (i know i put them on my last list but now i actually listen to them and this song is my fave)
autobus - oksana predko ft. nut cane
gdybyś była - paweł domagała
nie chcę prawdy - mjut
ona ma broń - bobby the unicorn (i couldn’t find the one i really wanted to put on, which was koń trojański. check it out on spotify)
ptaki - create
jestem kimś - kuba badach
safari - piotr ziola
głodny - sonbird  
dom - bitamina
babcia mówi - maja koman
tarantino - julia marcell
nie czekaj - barbara wrońska
ładny - lorein
opowiem ci o mnie - paweł domagała
nigdy nie jest za późno - wilki (another band that appeared on my last list, but i thought this song had a v different feel)
dalej - karolina artymowicz
ile udźwignie niebo - moa
kocham być z tobą - the dumplings 
poranki - yann 
uzależniony - smolasty feat. otsochodzi 
niedopowieści - patrick the pan ft. dawid podsiadło (it’s… different, i’ll give it that)


arlena witt - language. they make vids about english (e.g. common mistakes poles make or explaining english words) and i love the,. 
emce - science
mówiąc inaczej - language. channel about polish (mistakes natives make/how things should be said correctly). they also do some vids about health, exams etc.
historia bez cenzury - history
to już jutro - technology/future
uwaga! naukowy bełkot - science
maturatobzdura - education? they interview poles to find out what they know about certain subjects (often very little, hence: “matura to bzdura”)
cyprian! - about cartoons
waksy - comedy (similar to beksy from the last list so if that was your jam…)
scifun - science
tivoltgames - gaming
mnięj więcej - random? they have a vid where they try out kitchen gadgets and watch the top ten vids in poland for example.
cydi - gaming
pink candy - sex ed
judimakefun - gaming (i’ve only watched their HP playthroughs but i quite like them – i find them very understandable)
astrofaza - science
polish sausage - comedy. it seems to fall very much in that “adult cartoon” vibe, so i can’t wholeheartedly recommend but if you like that stuff then dig in! it has english subs too.

enjoy folks!

so we always need more polish music & youtube channels, right? right!

disclaimer: i can’t claim to love everything on this list, but some previous music lists i’ve seen floating around have “popular polish songs” which quite frankly  consists mainly of shitty rap (or so it seemed). so everything here is at least considered listenable by my own standards. in terms of youtube channels the same applies. also i find it difficult to understand what others like in gaming channels so i put a bunch down in case someone likes them

p.s. i apologise if any of these songs have offensive lyrics - i did my best to listen out but i will miss some

also huge thanks to @szysia who threw a ton of suggestions my way, this list would not have been as long or varied in genre without you! also thanks to @ atychifobia666 for theirs!

(part 2)


kapelanka - pociąg
B.R.O. - mówiła mi
taco hemmingway - deszcz na betonie
mrozu - rollercoaster
dawid podsiadło - pastempomat
jan traczyk - już wiem
jopel - katharsis
coma - spadam
wilki - love story
kult - madryt (it’s certainly a different kind of polish rap, i’ll give them that!)
bartas szymoniak - alarm
elektryczne gitary - killer
big cyc - facet to świnia (i like this one, v bouncy)
kacper hta - w tej grze
kasia nowak - jesteś jestem (i hate the video but the song’s decent)
extra - kino
lady pank - tacy sami
bajm - biała armia
enej - lili
piersi - bałkanica (i’m not sure how i feel about this song… i definitely liked it more the second time i heard it though)
maria peszek - ej maria
coma - sto tysięcy jednakowych miast (i prefer the live version but here’s the album one if live stuff puts you off)
daria zawialow - malinowy chrusniak
sylwia grzeszczak - karuzela
sylwia grzeszczak - tamta dziewczyna (i think the above song is better but apparently this is really popular in poland right now and poles get annoyed if you start singing it so i had to add it :P)
extra - wyjechać (i’m not sure how likeable the song is, it took me a few tries, but i really like the video so….)
feel - a gdy jest już ciemno (this has a very killers feel to it which i like)
myslovitz - nocnym pociągiem aż do końca świata
ich troje - tobą oddychać chcę


abstrachujetv - comedy. they recently about grandmas/grandsons switching roles and also what you think at the hairdressers that i really liked
rezigiusz - gaming
agnieszka grzelak vlog - food. they eat various japanese food and review it.
ponki - comedy. i really liked the interactive one (worst day of my life). they also seem to do videos of jokes sent in by viewers which is v good for getting an understanding of double meanings/puns!
5 sposbów na - how to. does what it says on the tin
katie x - vlog
madzio - gaming. they post a lot (twice a day it seems)
red lipstick monster - beauty/how to
poszukiwacz - entertainment. they seem to talk about videos they find on the internet?  (like a better version of you’ve been framed) 
deejaypallaside - vlog/entertainment 
tvgrypl - gaming. not a gamer, but top tens and game info etc.
polimaty - education. the first polish channel i ever subscribed to :’) they do language-ish videos occasionally which are really interesting
blowek - entertainment? i liked the one where they tried to see if a quiz could guess their name haha
disowskyy - gaming
vege tu jemy - cooking (vegan)
beksy - comedy
hvis - kids. seems to upload english programs in polish. idk why but i really liked the marta mówi ones (these regularly explain synonyms/turns of phrases which is v useful!) 
dealereq - gaming. minecraft
wiśnia - education/entertainment. top tens and information/explanations 
isamuxpompa - gaming
topowa dycha - education/entertainment. top tens and information
martin stankiewicz - comedy 
jakub król - beauty/vlog 
smiechawatv - comedy